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Groom Bride Date of Marriage Place Submitter
Barnum, Charles W. Greer, Janet A. September 2, 1965 Nogal C. W. Barnum
Bourne, Cleveland Columbus Henley, Lula December 10, 1885 County Janelle Foster
Bourne, Robert H. Phingston, Josephine December 30, 1891 County Janelle Foster
Bourne, William Stephen Zumwalt, Ada Annie E. January 27, 1901 County Janelle Foster
Branum, Lin Henley, Nellie June 4, 1894 Nogal Barbara Branum
Clarke, James A. Barnum, Fay T. May 9, 1905 Carrizozo C. W. Barnum
Corn, Peter Clinton, Mary S. Jan. 1, 1894 Seven Rivers Janelle Foster
Hubbard, Rueben Rhea Skinner, Eunice Estelle July 2, 1920 Carrizozo Janelle Foster
Hudson, Edward Corn, Mary 23 December 1884 County Janelle Foster
Jennings, Luther Corn, Mary Elizabeth January 11, 1894 County Janelle Foster
McDaniel, Homer D. Barnum, Shirleen F. June 30, 1951 Carrizozo C. W. Barnum
Neighbors, Fred Corn, Mary "Molly February 4, 1907 County Janelle Foster
Paxton, George G. Barnum, May N. May 19, 1956 Carrizozo C. W. Barnum
Reily, William Grey, Nellie October 31, 1894 County Barbara Barnum
Skinner, Floy William Zumwalt, Dora Alice May 15, 1907 County Janelle Foster
Skinner, John Willis DeArman, Dora Mae January 21, 1921 Capitan Janelle Foster
Skinner, Lute Archie Corn, Ella January 10, 1897 Parsons Janelle Foster
Skinner, Robert Conda Greer, Ethel August 24, 1904 Nogal Janelle Foster
Skinner, Roy Gordon Adams, Clara S. March 12, 1911 County Janelle Foster
Smith, Floyd Chester Zumwalt, Carrie Dell March 12, 1939 County Janelle Foster
Zumwalt, Andrew Bowen Skinner, Effie Julia February 13, 1898 County Janelle Foster
Zumwalt, Clifton DeArman, Dollie Day January 19, 1918 Capitan Janelle Foster