New Mexico Interpreter, School Report, 1890

Charles has been gathering these school reports for their value as census records.  As the 1890 census in many areas does not exist, in your search for your ancestors you may find them as a child. 

Public School
Enrollment 70; Average attendance 42
Honor Students
Jodie Biggs George Sepulver
Grade 1 Grade 2
Blyth Biggs
Albert Hice
Gusset Kesler
May Lee
Eddie Queen
Willie Sepulver
Jose Tories
Nick Brill
Seopotdo Parheco
John Sepulver
Grade 3 Grade 4
Lois Andewrson
Irene Chew
John Gallacher
Mause Hice
Margie McCourt
Anna Wallace
Jodie Biggs
Cody Kempton
George Sepulver
Grade 5
Daise Nabours
Albert Sepulver

Notes: The names of children were never published by the newspapers except in the school listings. Also, married women were referred to by their husband’s name.

Lincoln County

Source: New Mexico Interpreter, Newspaper, March 27, 1890, Lincoln County, New Mexico, compiled by Charles Barnum.

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