R. L.  Lee Lincoln County, New Mexico ~ Hoax?

I completed the task of extracting names and relevant reports in the 1907 publication of the Carrizozo Outlook newspaper of Lincoln County to affirm or disaffirm the alleged event in 1907 near Oscuro, Lincoln County, New Mexico which claimed that a cowboy named R. L. “Shorty” Lee was killed by lightning and was buried where he fell. A highway sign was erected at the alleged spot many, many years later.

That story has been embellished over time stating that two Mexican cow hands were also killed; and their horses were killed; and several head of cattle were also killed. The embellished stories did not provide the location of the graves of the two Mexican cow hands, or their names.

I have never believed that story. I have objectively searched for the truth. I searched the 1907 newspaper issue by issue, column by column, and paragraph by paragraph for the R. L. Lee report. I found no reference to R. L. Lee. I searched the United States censuses for said cowboy without success. I searched the New Mexico death index, again, with complete failure.

An average of forty-nine people are killed yearly from lightning in the America. July is the peak month of lightning fatalities. June is the second highest month and August third. (Source: weather.com) In no other instance in America could I find that a highway department erected a roadside sign stating that a person was killed by lightning at that spot, --and at tax payers’ expense. Worse yet, the Highway Department erected the R. L. Lee sign based entirely on handed-down hearsay, not on any official record.

New Mexico is next-to-last in lightning deaths each year. Only one death occurred in 2015 in New Mexico. On May 15, 2015 Kalina Jinzo was riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend. They were both struck by lightning near Carrizozo. (Source: kob.com). In the case of Kalina Jinzo, the highway department of New Mexico did not place a roadway sign stating that Miss Jinzo was killed by lightning at that spot. Yet, that death was a documented fact unlike the hearsay of the alleged death of R. L. Lee.

I am asking the highway department to take down the highway sign east of Oscuro or place a similar sign for other people killed on the highways in New Mexico.

The following names were extracted from the 1907 Carrizozo Outlook newspaper. All names copied as spelled. Births, deaths and marriages are underlined for genealogy researchers.

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January and February 1907

January 18, 1907:
Page One:
Ira O. Wetmore, Alamogordo Improvement Company.
G. B. Greer, agent for Northern Nurseries of Denver.
John A. Adams, elected J.P.
Milton E. W. Morton, killed by crane.
Harry F. Ackley, killed by steam.
J. C. Redfield, scalded to death.
F. L. Carson, in town.
Walter Wooner, off duty.
R. French, in Albuquerque.
Ira O. Wetmore, in Alamogordo.
Charles Lemens, in town today.
M. S. Parker, off sick.
D. W. Brown, day job.
V. C. Johnson, night job.
J. C. Bolton, in town.
R. P. Pope, on business.
J. B. Burrell, business.
Dr. Paden, business.
L. F. Avant and John Bryant are in town.
A. L. Shecky, estate matter.
T. B. Meek, visiting J. A. Adams.
Robert Bourne, on a trip.
J. H. Canning, yard work.
D. C. Morris, repair shop.
Messrs. Walker, Porter, Lewis in town.
Harley Spence, in a wreck.
Joseph Spence, an uncle.
Page two:
None mentioned
Page three:
William W. Norton, accidently killed.
Harry F. Ackley, train engineer.
C. J. Redfield, Train foreman.
F. L. Carson is ill.
Page Four:
Leo Oswald, in town.
R. French, visiting.
Ira O. Wetmore, in Alamogordo.
Charles Lemens, land matters.
M. S. Parker, ill.
D. W. Brown, day job.
V. C. Johnson, night job.
J. C. Bolton, in town.
Rev. R. P. Pope, in town.
J. B. Burrell, business.
Dr. Paden, new office.
L. F. Avant and John Bryant, in town.
Al. L. Shecky, estate.
T. B. Meek, visiting J. A. Adams.
Robert Bourne in Kansas City.
J. H. Canning, building fence.
D. C. Morris, repair shop.
Messrs. Walker, Porter, Lewis, moving.
W. C. Walker, strayed horse.
N. S. Rose, reward offered.
End of January 18, 1907 issue.
January 25, 1907:
Page one:
Mr. Wetmore, investing.
C. B. Eddy, business.
Henry Pfaff, old shack.
W. C. McDonald, lease.
Harry E. Hans, visiting.
Harry Dawson, injured.
Bob Fitzsimmons, local athlete.
Mrs. Kelt, sister of Allen Lane.
W. T. Stewart, host.
George Spence, visiting Charles Spence.
A son of George Spence, died.
Hon. A. H. Hudspeth, traveling.
Page two:
W. C. McDonald erect a building.
Page three:
C. W. Houston, in town.
Charles McLelland in hospital.
Engineer Dixon, out of hospital.
Messrs. Thomas and Baker, are in town.
Page four:
L. H. Saul, in El Paso.
M. B. Murphy, visiting.
O. L. Henry, visiting.
Mrs. W. C. McDonald, short visit.
Felix Guthrie, accepted job.
Arthur Rolland, visit.
P. T. Long, visit.
Frank Mares, business.
M. L. Goodin, business.
George Roslington, land agent.
Mrs. Rhomberg wife of F. M., visiting.
Perry L. Stanton, druggist.
Henry Pfeff, saloon.
Sly Anderson, moved business.
Mrs. Eakers and Mrs. J. A. Adams, traveling.
George L. Ulrich, in town.
Mrs. W. G. W Weaver, visiting Mrs. W. J. Pope.
Lee H. Rudisille, business.
H. A. Thompkins, in town.
F. G. Queen, in town.
Robert Bourne, business.
W. C. Walker, reward for lost stock.
J. G. Hicks, reward for lost stock.
End of January 25, 1907 issue.
February 1, 1907:
Page one:
J. W. Owens, sheriff.
F. Gomez, killed sheep herder.
J. J. Vernon, contest.
P. E. Lacey, resigned.
Page two:
M. B. Foreman, visiting.
Page three:
Ira O. Wetmore, found Silva dead.
Jose Vega, ranch.
Page four:
J. W. Holman, business.
J. Y. Simpson, contractor.
S. H. Campbell, business.
Frank Mares, visitor.
Fireman Williamson, in Alamogordo.
L. H. Saul, new job.
A. J. Hale, building.
C. C. Bourne and Charles Hinton, building
George Roslington, new corral.
H. J. little, working.
Frank M. Hill, business.
N. E. Stevens, Odd Fellows.
P. T. Long, business.
W. C. walker and N. S. Rose, strayed stock.
J. G. Hicks, lost stock.

July ~ August 1907

July 19, 1907:
Page one:
Ben Horner, manager.
Robert Irving, mine work.
Messrs. Rapp, building.
Mr. Laughlin, building.
Lee Noz, switchman.
Trinidad Carrillo, killed by train.
C. H. Brown, corporate.
Allen Lane, corporate.
M. L. Gordon, corporate.
S. Chenault, visiting.
H. B. Tompkins Mrs., visiting.
Page two:
Fictional stories.
Page three:
Fictional stories.
Page four:
International news.
Page five:
H. K. Roundtree, business.
A. J. Atkins, repair shop.
T. M. Dubois, miner.
Page seven:
Page seven: Food recipes.
Page eight:
Henry Lacey, sprained ankle.
P. G. Peters, business.
M. L. Goodin, in from Oscuro.
F. A. English, visiting.
I. M. Harkey, injured.
William Fergusson, business.
J. M. Rice, visitor.
Miles May, business.
Mr. Thompson, shoe shop.
Engineer Dawson, a run.
Kit Carson, 500 attended.
Miss Jennie Brockway, arrived in town.
John A. Laughlin, contractor.
Arthur P. Green, miner.
J. B. Cavender and John Kahler, new houses.
S. G. Anderson visit Don Scipio.
Messrs. Holister and Chandler, oil tank.
Misses Nettie Lee, Ruth Tompkins, Lena Boyd, took part.
Messrs. English, Dawson, Tompkins, Chase, Rev. Roberts, took part.
William S. Bourne and Clark Hust, estate office.
B. F. Adams, buy lots.
F. A. Dubois, president.
July 26, 1907:
Page one:
George Curry, visit.
W. B. Childers, visit.
W. S. Hopewell, visit.
E. W. Dobson, visit.
W. S. Stickler, visit.
A. A. Keen, visit.
Elfego Baca, visit.
T. Booth, RR.
G. A. Bush, brick kilns.
George C. Hopkins, visit.
Van Schoyck and Orr, show.
Frank Diebert, RR.
E. C. Anderson, Pastor.
Carrizozo 9, Nogal 8, baseball game.
Mrs. W. C. McDonald, new home.
Page two:
Stories, fiction
Page three:
General interests.
Page four:
Page five:
Joseph Spence, business.
Bob Owens, business.
Max Nordhans, business.
D. C. Keer, business.
Mr. Martin, business.
Ortiz, U. S. Court.
J. H. Jump, traveled.
Hugo, Goldenberg, foreman.
Tom DuBois, shot mountain Lion.
W. S. Garvin, foreman.
President Diaz, speech.
Page Six:
General stories.
Page seven:
General stories.
Page eight:
Ira O. Wetmore, visit.
O. L. Henry, in El Paso.
B. M. Donaldson, business.
J. M. Rice, business.
Mrs. Joe White, visit.
F. W. Brockway, resident.
H. B. Tompkins and John Lee, home.
A. H. Hudspath, business.
A. H. Wormack, in El Paso.
J. E. Tompkins, moved away.
Miss Hazle M. Harver, stenographer.
S. C. Weiner, business.
Al. Roberts, visit.
Ira O. Wetmore, lost a coat.
J. L. Wiggins, from Bonito
S. G. Anderson, business.
Mrs. W. R. Ellis, visit.
Miss Bessie Read, visit Miss Helen Canning.
Engineer Anderson, injured.
G. B. Greer, buying fruit trees.
S. C. Hall, report good news.
J. Murray Bastido, miner.
A. H. Carr, manager.
P. T. Long, visit.
Miss Georgia Lesnett, traveling.
Miss Jennie Brockway, post office.
Philip Magdalena, homestead.
Don Sipio Salazar, illness.
Mrs. S. G. Anderson, visit.
Robert Bourne, business.
M. T. Dye and R. M. Yarbrough hold services.
H. H. Hurt, visit.
Various advertisements.
August 2, 1907:
Page one:
Zozo Imperial Minstrels
J. W. Raynolds, filed record.
A. H. Harvey, S. B. Reas, N. S. Rose, legal business.
Ira O. Wetmore, Notary Public.
H. P. Flint, Assistant Secretary.
George Roalington, C. C. Bourne, C. W. Hyde, livery stable.
Ira O. Wetmore, T. B. Orr, John Gallacher, Base Ball.
Methodist Church music, sixteen names.
H. J. Simmons, business.
Page two:
Miscellaneous, ads.
Page three:
Miscellaneous, stories.
J. W. Raynolds, etc., State business.
Page four:
Miscellaneous, news.
Page five:
John Holzman, visit.
Mr. Tipton, business dissolved.
Joe Simpson, overseer.
W. R. Beaty, business.
Joseph Spence, buy stock.
Tom DuBois, prospecting.
Omer Owen, cattle.
Frank Lovelace, sold stocks.
J. A. Cox, farming.
Page six:
Miscellaneous, stories.
Page seven:
Miscellaneous, stories.
Page eight:
W. G. Erving, clerk.
E. F. Futzgerald, clerk.
Miss Reed & Mrs. Thaer, moved.
J. O. Nabours, visit.
Mrs. Brockway, visit.
Henry, Lacey, Brakeman.
Zeigler, business.
W. J. R. Cowell, Senator Brick, J. S. Fulmer, Eagle mine.
George Roslington, agent.
D. M. Richards, teacher.
Scarlet Fever, epidemic.
B. T. James, Rev.
J. H. Canning, manager.
Womack, phone line.
M. T. Dye & R. M. Yarbrough, tent meeting.
Pearl V. McKee, consumption.
Thomas Mc Donald, accident.
B. B. Bagley, doctor
Mrs. Ira Wetmore, sewing circle.
N. S. Rose, made to order.
August 9, 1907
Page one:
Governor Curry, train ride.
Thirty-five guests listed, train ride.
Extensive listing of contributors.
W. M. Tipton, investigates fraud.
G. A. Bush, brick business.
Page two:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page three:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page four:
Col. Frost, business.
N. S. Rose, editor.
Notice of suit, several names listed.
Page five:
P. C. Baird, letter.
LeLand S. Tebnne, murdered.
Moses L. Lewis, murderer.
Bobby Ortiz, died.
Mrs. Francisco Marquez & daughters, drowned.
Miss Emogene Hart & W. E. Johnson, married.
George Dunlap, Rev.
Mother Lucile, appointed teacher.
Page Six:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page seven:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page eight.
B. F. English, visit.
N. S. Rose, trip.
J. V. Tully, visit.
F. W. Gurney, visit.
W. C. McDonald, in Santa Fe.
Mrs. A. H. Harvey, in California.
Wm. Riley, visit.
Mrs. Dora Kahler, in town.
Mr. Ben Horner, visit.
H. Hudspeth, at inauguration.
W. W. Arnold, new roof.
J. M. Rice, business.
B. J. Martin, Bonito pipe line.
Wm. Kennedy, ice cream parlor.
R. B. Rice, engineer.
T. H. Williams, dentist.
George Spence, visit.

September 6, ~ September 27, 1907

September 6, 1907:
Page one:
J. H. Canning, school open.
Mrs. Zane Ogden, teacher.
Brother Roberts, Women’s Home Mission.
Mrs. E. G. Patterson, Mrs. Julia Tompkins, Mrs. Carrie Humphrey,
Mrs. Dr. Bagby, Mrs. M. J. Taylor, officers.
Page two:
Miscellaneous, ads.
Page three:
Miscellaneous, ads.
Page four:
Many names, legal matters.
Page five:
W. H. Gleason, saloon.
Page six:
Miscellaneous stories, ads.
Page seven:
Miscellaneous stories, ads.
Page eight:
William Kahler, trip.
Paul Griffeth, Forest Ranger.
Henry Lutz, to California.
C. C. Bourne, in Tularosa.
George Spence, Jr., in El Paso.
S. G. Anderson, Carrizozo Bar.
J. O. Nabours, business.
John Skinner, visit.
Charles Lemon, buy fence.
Mrs. J. W. Prude, guests of Mrs. Ira O. Wetmore.
Judge Koonce, invoicing.
Francis Canning, in college.
J. H. Canning, manager.
Agent Bergen, RR.
Mrs. Bertha Vega, Dau. of Don Jose Vega.
P. T. Long, business trip.
Mrs. M. G. Paden, in W.V.
Miss Bertrha Mayer, college.
Will Gallacher, college.
M. G. Paden, Jr., NM Military Institute.
Paul Mayer, Jr., college.
Fort Stanton v. Carrizozo baseball.
Henry Lutz children, in Loretto Academy.
Mrs. Fritz, with Lutz children.
William Gregg, visitors.
Fred Pfingston, back home.
Dr. Carrington, Fort Stanton hospital.
C. E. Buchert, business.
Jones, Taliaferro, dog poisoned.
Misc. ads.
September 13, 1907:
Page one:
Carrizozo v. Ft. Stanton, Zozo lost.
Miss Virginia Heber, teacher.
S. M. Roberts, sermon.
George Spence, new store.
D. W. Roberts, visit.
Page two:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page three:
Miscellaneous ads.
Page four:
Law suit, many names.
Page five:
Robert Owen, buy property.
Miss Callie O. Thompson, graduated
Wm. Thompson, father.
Miss Minnie Holzman, in Colorado.
H. G. Beason, building.
Mr. Dignole, house repairs.
G. B. Pops, house repairs.
H. R. Roundtree, in Mexico.
Will Thompson, Jeff Roundtree, Leonard Marshall visit Mexico.
William Aton, of Corona.
Mr. Owens, dipping sheep.
Mary C. Adams, teacher.
Solomon Luna, old resident.
Page six:
Mostly cooking ideas.
Page seven:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page eight:
Loe Oswald, building stone.
W. A. Hawkins, in town.
Don Sipio Salazar, visit.
Martin Gilmore, business.
Geo. B. Barber, business.
W. K. Stalcup, in town.
H. J. Clemmons, in town.
W. C. McDonald, business.
A. S. Mayes, in town.
D. Del Curto, in town.
Ruth Tompkins, teacher.
George Roslington, in Oscuro.
Fred Roberts, Oscuro.
Mrs. H. B. Tompkins, church.
Mrs. George Spence & Grace, traveling.
J. B. Burrell, hotel.
Arthur L, Cheever, special agent.
John Skinner, business.
Miss Minnie Bourne, is home.
R. P. Pope, Rev.
Mr. Lutz, is home.
Carl J. R. Rose, in Estancia.
Edward Dow, died.
W. E. Brockway, new home.
Miss Jennie Brockway, university.
J. P. Perry, business.
J. B. Baird, eating house.
Peoples Brothers, merchant.
H. S. Ervay, in town.
W. N. Kennedy, ice cream.
Hopkins and Smith, miners.
W. A. McIvers, in charge.
H. W. Galbraith, business.
Gov. Curry, home.
Various ads.
September 20, 1907.
Page one:
Oscuro happenings:
S. C. Hall, business.
Niles I. Jackson, business.
E. F. Jones, homestead.
E. G. Raffety, selling lots.
Fred Olsen, manager.
J. B. Leasure, guide.
Judge Labdel, Harry Eckeret, Edward Lindas, miners.
W. D. Lipton, W. C. McDonald, E. L. Ulrick, J. H. Canning, Watt Gilmore, business.
Mrs. H. B. Tompkins, Mrs. C. E. Patterson, church.
Page two.
Miscellaneous stories.
Page three:
Miscellaneous ads.
Page four:
Miscellaneous ads.
Page five:
Page six.
Miscellaneous ads.
Page seven:
More silly ads and stories.
Page eight:
More Ads.
Mrs. A. May, in town.
L. M. Casaus, visit.
Wm. Kennedy, Cook.
W. C. McDonald, business.
A. S. Mayes, in town.
Arthur Rolland, home.
Mrs. Palmer, visit with Mrs. Wetmore.
N. S. Rose, in Oscuro.
Frank Marsh, in town.
J. O. Nabours, in town.
Miss Maggie Dingwall, visit Mrs. O. Wetmore.
Mrs. N. S. Rose, home.
Edward Dow, funeral.
J. V. Bergen, agent.
Miss Jennie Brockway, college.
Miss Georgia Lesnett, home.
Mrs. George Spence, home.
Miss Mary Meeks, millinery.
T. B. Meeks, store.
M. L. Goodin, sick.
Geo. Spence, new furniture.
Samuel C. Hall, in town.
J. H. Ward, Bishop.
Rev. Woolridge, church.
S. M. Roberts, church.
Gov. Curry, back home.
J. D. Thomas, store.
Various ads.
September 27, 1907:
Page one:
Mostly legal news.
Page two:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page three:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page four:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page five:
Oscuro happenings:
E. G. Raffety, in Chicago.
Fred Olsen, in Chicago.
E. F. Jones, buying lumber.
W. D. Martin & John, homesteads.
Braxton Melson, pumper.
Page six:
Miscellaneous news.
Page seven:
Miscellaneous news.
Page eight:
J. H. Canning, in town.
G. A. Bush, business.
Father Girma, church.
Brent Paden, home.
T. B. Meek, new home.
Mrs. Captain Roberts, visit.
H. K. Roundtree, merchant.
A. H. Hudspeth, in town.
S. G. Anderson, home.
Miss Maggie Dingwald, visit Mrs. Ira O. Wetmore.
Miss Lena Boyd, operator.
Judge Burns, visit.
G. E. Spence Dingwald, visit.
W. H. Lumley, business.
Edward Kelly, business.
Miss Minnie Bourne, visit.
J. J. Scott, in town.
James Osburn, in tiown.
Miss Emergene Peters, visit.
R. C. Eyck, trainmaster.
S. M. Roberts, church.
O. L. Henry, new roof.
W. D. Martin, son John, E. F. Jones, business.
William Rogers, visit.
Frank Matts, with Robert L. Ransom.
John Fall, injured.
Green Berry Greer, fruit trees.
H. B. Tompkins, house work.
Various ads.

October ~ November 1907

October 4,1907.
Page one:
W. A. McIvers, in town.
Edwin R. Kelly, in town.
John A. Haley, trip.
Dr. Watson, visit.
Mr. Scott, visit.
Chas. Burrell, in town.
Thos. Moore, moved.
Mr. Able, visit.
Juan Romero, fingers cut.
Grandma Peoples, trip.
Misses Lucile and Mildred Peters, trip.
R. D. Haynie, business.
Howard and Lewin Perry, visiting.
Mack McKinney & Minnie Pfingston married.
C. C. Hightower, J.P.
Mrs. Susan E. Wallace, died.
Page two:
Page three:
Page four:
Misc. stories.
Page five:
Corona Chronicles:
H. K. Rountree, postman.
Jeff Rountree, at fair.
H. G. Beason, business.
Carl Dofforronge, claim.
Mr. Slack, business.
Oscar Roberts, in Deming.
Page six:
Misc. stories.
Page seven:
Misc. stories.
Page eight:
The usual ads.
Ed Queen, in town.
Don Jose Garcia, visit.
T. Tipton, visit.
M. L. Goodin, from Oscuro.
P. E. Lacey, sick.
Sam Barber, in town.
Albert Ziegler, in Colorado.
J. V. Bergen, Agent.
Mesdames Wetmore, Henry & Newberry, Miss Mollie Kahler,
Bennett Dingwald.
F. E. Theurer, manager.
E. F. Jones, from Oscuro.
L. B. Chase, H. C. Hanley, from Oscuro.
William Fergusson, from Nogal.
Mudge M. H. Belamy, in town.
Ben Boynton, in town.
Mr. Graham, mining.
George Lee from C. C. Bourne, purchase.
Frank B. Coe, in town.
S. M. Roberts, in town.
R. P. Pope, in town.
A. H. Harvey, in town.
T. Chant, business trip.
Lacy Sims, teacher.
O. L. Henry, mining.
Edward Billups, in town.
Charles Spence, Wife, dau., Geo. Spence, camping.
Various ads.
November 22, 1907:
Page one:
W. H. Llewllyn, legal.
George W. Pritchard, plaintiff.
Helen L. Bell, defendant.
Santa Claus, gifts.
John O. Owens, sheriff.
James. E. Clark, school.
Thomas Donahue, machinist.
Jeff R. Rountree, in town.
John Sales, in town.
Page two:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page three:
Miscellaneous legal.
Page four:
G. A. Bush, in town.
John Crait, home.
R. K. O’Dell, mining.
Santa Claus, supplies.
C. Mills, business.
A. T. Anderson, business.
M. L. Goodin, train.
J. H. Curren, business.
F. B. Thomas, business.
S. G. Anderson, business.
Jas. Hurt, home.
Miss May Burlison, trip.
Mrs. Ira O. Wetmore, home.
Miss Bessie Reid, travel.
Arthur E. Curren, in town.
Joseph Spence, rancher.
Mrs. P. G. P. Peters, died.
Mrs. R. E. Stidham, lost ring.
Misc. ads.
November 29, 1907:
Pager one:
Governor Curry, at Santa Fe.
Judge A. B. Fall, legal.
W. H. H. Llewelyn, resigned.
H. O. Burnam, political.
Mrs. C. O. Balliett, H. W. Grout, John Shaw,
John Emmert, Lister Carson, H. B. White, legal.
Page two:
Misc. legal.
Page three:
Misc. legal.
Page four:
S. T. Gray, visit.
Emmett Barton, in town.
Leroy Lamay, visit.
James H. Kinney, business.
Ira O. Wetmore, travel.
Mrs. Lee’s, church.
J. H. Wigley, contractor.
F. P. Kendrick, mine.
Mrs. Dora and Miss Mollie Kahler, visit.
Edward Kelly, Jr., accident.
Dr. B. B. Bagby.
W. H. McConnell, dinner.
Mr. McConnell, dinner.
Oscuro Notes:
Chas. Cox, homestead.
Jim Neighbors, in town.
E. Amsden, Visit Harry.
Felton Gray, horses.
Joe Palmer, pump house.
D. E. Law, banking.
Mrs. Roberts, teacher.
M. I. Jackson & Lee Chase, lumber.
Bishop Adams, assessment.
Mark Hill, Ed Bald, in Oscuro.
E. G. Raffety & Dr. B. E. Blainey, in Oscuro.
Joseph E. Best, homestead.
Eugene Jones, homestead.
Jack Nelson, build home.
Chas. Blaney, building.
B. C. Pearce, ranch.
Various ads.

December 6 ~ December 27, 1907

December 6, 1907.
Page one:
Miscellaneous ads.
Page two:
Miscellaneous Legal.
Page three:
Miscellaneous Legal.
Page four:
Albert Ziegler, travel.
George B. Barber, legal business.
Ira O. Wetmore, visit.
Jacob Ziegler, groceries.
R. N. Maxwell, manager.
Lea Kennedy, clerk.
James Woodland, court.
Ed Chew, business.
Manuel P. Martinez, to Duran.
Samual McMlister, business.
Charles Campbell, visit.
E. W. Harries, friend.
Miss Ruth Tompkins, teacher.
Irene Tinnon, clerk.
Thomas D. Caldwell, rancher.
J. D. Tinsley, letter.
Col. W. Prichard, business.
Santa Claus, gifts.
Various ads.
December 13, 1907:
Page one:
Mrs. A. H. Harvey, party.
Misses: Abby Meek, Tinnon, Bourne, Silma, Long, Lee, Burleson,
Mary Meek, Simms, Herbert.
Messrs: Geo. White, Tom Crow, H. B. Dawson, S. Blackman,
John Gallacher, F. English, S. M. Parker, John Right, Cecil Long,
Mrs. Tinnon.
Miss Hattie Chennault, married.
Yancy Wendal Homes, married.
S. G. Anderson, Rev. Joseph A. Land.
George B. Barber, law firm.
Oscuro notes:
Dr. R. A. Morley, ranch.
E. G. Raffety, postmaster.
Robewrt Young, arrived.
Dr. Rangier, building.
Mrs. Roberts, teacher.
M. I. Jackson, teacher.
Capt. W. D. Roberts, visit.
Dr. McCallum, house.
S. C. Hall, home.
Victor Lucier, mail.
H. C. Hanley, cattle.
Harry Shrinner, in town.
George E. Kaseman, miner.
Page two:
Miscellaneous stories.
Page three:
Miscellaneous legal.
Page four:
W. C. McDonald, travel.
W. P. Kendrick, business.
Ben L. Daves, in town.
G. A. Bush, in town.
George W. Harbin, in town.
Mrs. Carrington, in town.
E. S. Wright, in visit E. Babcock.
J. E. Betchel, book keeper.
George Spence, legal.
Harry & Frank Reid, visit J. H. Canning.
E. F. Jones, of Oscuro.
J. J. McCourt, visit.
S. C. Wiener, visit,
J. C. Adams, home.
E. R. Kelly, dance.
Mrs. B. B. Bagby, Home Mission.
Various ads.
December 20, 1907:
Page one:
Nogal Christmas tree, Mrs. Geo. Eakers, Miss Lillie Mae Bythwood,
Miss Lou. Johnson.
Oscuro notes:
Ben Nabours, merchant.
W. A. Pearce, homestead.
Mart Goodwin, in town.
Messers Young, Hanly, Schreiner, visit.
Delmar Law, visit.
Harry Wolf, business.
Mr. E. Edwards, in town.
George Davis, cement houses.
Mr. Young, Club.
Eugene Jones, Robert Young, Dr. Raniker, Dr. McCallum, Jack Nelson, homes.
Captain Roberts, residents.
M. I. Jackson, Elmer, Flint Arnold, travel.
Mr. M. I. Jackson, visit.
Panama Canal, navy concerns.
Page two:
Various ads.
Page three:
Miscellaneous legal.
Page four:
John H. Skinner, flour & feed.
Rev. & Mrs. Joseph A. Land, baby girl born.
Mr. H. Fisher, visit
Dr. M. G. Paden, visit.
W. H. Gleason, business.
J. O. Nabours, visit.
J. B. Cavender, clerk.
G. A. Bush, work.
Mrs. William Smith, in town.
E. R. Kelly, stuff.
David J. Leahy, US D.A.
Leo. Gale, in town.
Charles Spence, in town.
F. P. Kennedy, holidays.
A. D. Childers, travel.
Mrs. King, Mrs. Mudge, travel.
Mr. Geo. H. Wade, in town.
J. M. Rice, travel.
George Spence, travel.
Allen Hightower, in town.
S. A. Neid, baby male born.
J. W. Harding, in town.
R. B. Boylan-wife, Lowell Michigan, in town.
E. R. Kelly, agents.
Various ads.
Christmas novelties, etc.
December 27, 1907
Page one:
Various stories.
Page two:
Various stories.
Page three:
Misc. legal notices.
Page four:
Mr. Elkanah Babcock, married.
Mary A. Read, married.
Misc. ads.
December 27, 1907.
Page one:
Various stories and ads.
Page two:
Political items.
Page three:
Legal items.
Page four:
Charles Spence, business.
Mayes, business.
Hugh Carlisle, at home.
Miss Frances McDonald, home.
P. T. Long, visit.
Mrs. S. E. Hill, visit.
Geo. S. Trent, visit.
Miss Gussie Kahler, sick.
John Sales, in town.
W. D. Glenn, visit.
Ciero Pedroso, sick.
F. E. Theurer, sick.
William Kahler, visit.
Mrs. S. G. Amderson, visit Don Scipio Salazar.
H. Hudspeth, Christmas.
W. B. Crafy, residence.
L. C. Barlow, business.
Mrs. Wallace Gum, Miss Ruth Tompkins Christmas.
William Kahler, arrived.
Miss Grace Spence, home.
E. R. Kelly, agent.
S. G. Anderson, meeting.
E. R. Kelley, dance.
Elkannah Babcock married Mary A. Read.
Walter Wonner, travel.
M. G. Paden, travel.
Dr. L. H. Seteff, doctor.
Various ads.

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Source: Carrizozo Outlook newspaper of Lincoln County, New Mexico, by Charles Barnum.

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