School Records, Lincoln County 1880-1900

Student names from the early Lincoln County New Mexico newspapers.

Between 1880 and 1900 no census survives. The newspapers sometimes published a run-down of student names and grades. This may be the only written record of the child in Lincoln County, if they moved away before the 1900 census.

Report of "A" grades in the White Oaks School on February 29, 1884
Students enrolled 56
Principal; Jos. Collier, Jr.

Blanchard, Clara
Blanchard, Willie
Blanchard, Willie
Collier, Elbert
Collier, Joanna
Collier, Lizzie
Hope, Jennie
Lacy, Robert
Lacy, Robert
Lane, Bruce
Lane, Ida
Lea, Carrie
Miller, Anna
Parker, Morris
Wanchop, George
Wanchop, Ina

"B" students

Biggs, Mary Joe
Culver, J. C.
Davis, Paulie
Green, Mamie
Kelly, Alexander
Kelly, Jenny
Lane, Mary
Schaffer, Frank
Sperlin, Albert
Tucker, Gabrel
Tucker, Robert
Wells, Nona

School Report White Oaks Golden Era, April 10, 1884 (48 Students)
"A" Students
J. Collier, Teacher

Blanchard, Clara
Blanchard, Willie
Collier, Elbert
Collier, Lizzie
Green, Albert
Hope, Jennie
Hudges, Willie
Lane, Anna
Lane, Bruce
Lane, Ida
Lea, Gertie
Miller, Anna
Parker, Frank
Parker, Morris
Wauchope, Ada
Wauchope, Ina
Wells, Sam

"B" Students
J. C. Culver, teacher

Lea, Gertrude
Kelly, Minnie
Kelly, Alexander
Sisneros, Rebecca

White Oaks Eagle April 6, 1844
Misses Austin praised
Misses Gilmore praised

Class 1

Hamilton, Richard 72
Lane, John 87
Taylor, Julian 90
Trent, Roy 79
Walsh, Mabel 99
Wharton, Florence 98

Class 2

Capuano, Rosa (unclear) 92
Gallacher, Willie 93
Kastler, Gusseta 91
Keith, Pearl 89
Parker, Edith 99
Stewart, Mabel 94
Walsh, Ethel 94

Class 3

Little, Della 93
Parker, Marshall 99
Reid, Bessie 91
Treat, Ralph 89

Class 4

Capuano, Minnie 84
Paden, Melvin 79
Ridgeway, Clarence 88
Taliaferro, Jones 83
Tompkins, Ruth 92
Uebrick, Emma (unclear) 80
Wharton, Gordon 90

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Source: White Oaks Golden Era, March 6, 1884. Transcribed by Charles Barnum for the AHGP.

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