Some Obscure Facts About Oscuro, New Mexico

Carrizozo Outlook 4/17/1908 Oscuro Cemetery. Mr. N. L. Davis died Sunday. (April 12, 1908)

“Mr. N. L. Davis died at the home of Jack Nelson of our City last Sunday night. Mr. Davis was known from his work here as operator last summer and had returned to take up the same work here again but died upon his arrival of heart disease."

I have searched for years for proof of that cemetery. It had to be there. The county might have the lot description. Any help to find the cemetery location from county records is greatly appreciated. I suggest that the N. L. Davis grave, and perhaps the only grave in that Cemetery, was later confused as the resting place of R. L. Lee. I seek any photo of the Oscura/Oscuro settlement. Oscar officially became Oscuro in 1901 when the Post office changed the designation. In 1906, Mr. E. G. Rafferty purchased the land for a townsite because the area was beginning to grow. The layout may exist in the county records. 

Carrizozo News 9/10/1909 Oscuro school teacher was Miss Alma Martin. By 1910 Oscuro had its own Precinct number and  School District number. 

Carrizozo Outlook 12/30/1910 Oscuro Teacher is Miss Helen Jones.

Carrizozo News 8/20/1909, Oscura was being called Oscuro as is currently done. Other: Lincoln County teachers at the “Lincoln County Normal” session for teachers. L. M. Mathis-Corona. Samuel Kelsey-Nogal. Howard W. Hall-Carrizozo. Mr. Irene Peters-Lincoln (the village). Miss Jennie Peppin-Lincoln. Mrs. Elizabeth Gumm-Carrizozo. Miss Elsie Mountz-Carrizozo. C. L. Kennedy-Carrizozo. Miss Carrie Worthington-Ruidoso. Miss Alda Anglin-Mt. Park. Miss Mary Adams- Corona. Miss Callie Thompson-Corona. Miss Annie Hensler-Carrizozo. Miss Pearl Taylor-White Oaks. Miss Cora Kelley-Carrizozo. Mrs. G. W. Smithson-Capitan. John Henley-Nogal. Miss Eula Collins-Carrizozo. Miss Margueritte Moody-Carrizozo. Other: Ancho gets a new school house.

Carrizozo Outlook 5/19/1916 mentions a school house at Oscuro and building new class room. 5/26/1916 Oscuro School’s teacher was Miss Mary C. Monroe from San Antonio. 11/30/1917 Miss Broadhead was an Oscuro teacher.

Oscuro 6/2/1916 Mrs. Maud Blaney was local teacher. By 1920 Maud Blaney lived in Carrizozo, occupation teacher, listed as Superintendent. The 1920 Oscuro census listed 159 people with about 30 of those being school aged. Her husband Dr. Robert Blaney was a dentist and was also known to be part owner in the Lincoln County Oil Company.

The 4/9/1915 Carrizozo Outlook reported that the Oscuro School added a board fence, a Spanish cedar hedge, a windmill, and cottonwood trees. Oscuro cast 23 votes in the 1915 general election. In 1916 the County Supervisor ordered 8th grade graduation examinations in Carrizozo, White Oaks, Capitan Oscuro and Ruidoso.

Miscellaneous Facts about Oscuro. In 4/8/1910, Oscuro held a school election for school trustee in which E. F. Jones won three years, Robert Young won the two-year term. Joe Ashford and Charles Thornton also received votes. In 1910 continued, Joe Ashford was a merchant in Oscuro and also owned the Oscuro Hotel. Oscuro obtained a telephone line connecting from from Socorro in February 1910. Oscuro had a Women’s club in 1916. In 3/2/1917 Fred Roberts was town Constable and shot dead by Lum Bayfield. Teachers listed in Oscuro on 9/8/1916 were Miss Ida Schimpf and J. M. Smith. Oscuro had a Saloon. In 9/10/1909 Miss Alma Martin was in charge of the Oscuro School. In 1/22/1905 W. P. Doughrey was elected Constable. Oscuro Merchantile Company existed in 1920. In 2/6/1920 the Oscuro school was still open. 4/2/1909 a post office and store were built, same building. 1/23/1920, County School Superintendent visited Oscuro School. Oscuro had a doctor in 1920 Dr. Guide Ranniger. 9/1/1916 Albert Ashford was a student.

Some facts about Oscuro above, Charles Barnum

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Source: Carrizozo Outlook Newspaper, Lincoln County, New Mexico, compiled by Charles Barnum.

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