The Old Abe Eagle Extractions - 1895

January 3, 1895.

Page one:

Married: Ed. S. Henson, Miss Lena Hearn yesterday.


Tooley’s Dancing Academy.

Hall’s Catarrh Cure. 75 cents per bottle.

Ziegler Brothers.

Jessee Vandevoort repairman.

S. M. Wiener & on. First class goods.

News Depot, Cigars, Tobaccos, Confections, Novels, Books, Stationery, School supplies, Firman’s Ink. W. H. Reynolds.

Pianos and Organs. The Clark Whitson-Leitch Music Co. El Paso.

The Ladies’ Aid Society.

Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder.

New Home sewing machines.

Sanden’s Electric Belt, Rheumatism, Lame back, Lumbago, Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver.

W. L. Douclas Shoes, $3.

Ozanne’s Passenger & Express Line.

Marlin Repeating Rifles.

John Y. Hewitt, Attorney at Law.

Sidney M. Parker, Justice of the Peace and Notary Public.

H. B. Fergusson, Attorney at law.

B. H. Dye, Attorney at law.

J. E. Wharton, Attorney at law.

J. P. C. Lanston & Sons, Real estate.

W. F. Blanchard, Notary Public.

D. J. M. Jewett, Attorney at law.

M. B. Parker, Assayer.

Paul Mayer, Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable, good rigs.

A. H. Hilton, Mercantile Co.

Barney R. Suder’s Harness and Saddlery shop.

White Oaks Building and Supply company.

Exchange Bank. $30,000 capital.

E. G. F. Uegrick, Baker & Grocer and soda water.

W. M. Lane, Well driller.

Little Casino, A. Schinzing.

$300 reward for ore thieves, Old Abe Co.

Ridgeway’s goods.

Schools reopen yesterday.

E. R. Burlingame, Assay office.

Weed’s General Store.

Page four:

Died: Oliver Lacey, Friday, Texas Park, Brain fever, died.

January 10, 1895:

Page one:

Married soon: Mrs. Nellie Grant Sartoris will marry an American this time.

Page four: Sam Barnum and G. W. McFarlin old timers. (Should that have been Sam Branum?)

January 17, 1894:

Page one:

Died: Son-in-law of Juan Analla, murdered, died.

January 24, 1895:

Page one:

School honor roll, to blurry to read. 137 total students.

Page two:


R. C. Parsons,

John E. Wilson, deceased.

Eugene Sandoval, deceased.

Canuto Trujillo, deceased.

Ellen E. Casey, widow.

Ed. R. Bonnell, deceased.

Ma. G. H. Chaves, deceased.

William Martinez, minor.

W. W. Fenton, deceased.

Henry Farmer, deceased.

Annie Weaver, deceased.

January 31, 1895:

Page four:

Died: Bonita Grieshaber, age 8 girl, today, diphtheria, White Oaks, died.

February 7, 1895:

Page four:

Card of thanks regarding death of Grieshaber girl, by Joseph and Mrs. C. B. Grieshaber.

February 14, 1895
Page four:

Died: Mary Magdalene Lee, age 6, Monday buried together, diphtheria, died.

Died: Mary Esther Cox, age 3, Monday buried together, diphtheria, died.

Died: Jamie Sligh, diphtheria, Sunday, died.

February 21, 1895:

Page four:

Birth: Mrs. Andy Mays, boy, Friday.

Marriage: Miss Joanna Collier, George L. Hopping, Tuesday.

Died: Lottie Watson, age 8, Tuesday, diphtheria, buried yesterday.

February 28, 1895: NVS, schools closed, dancing school closed, spread of diphtheria and scarlet fever rampant.

March 7, 1895:

Page one:

Died: Mrs. Wm. Alexander’s child, Monday, scarlet fever, Texas park, died.

Died: Bob Payne, killed by revolver, died.

Page four:

Died: John A. Woodland, age 49, born March 10, 1846, died Tuesday, Bright’s disease, died.

In Memoriam K. of P. for George Sligh, died.

In Memoriam I.O.O.F. for John A. Woodland, died.

March 14, 1985:

Page one:

Died: 8 men, The Old Abe Hoist House and Shaft burned,

Frank Wilson, W. J. Williams, Charles Sherrick, John Davis, George Baxter, Frank White, Gerry Conover, W. B. Mitchell, died.

Page four: Mrs. Paden’s, infant, this morning, meningitis, died.

Married: Charles H. Spence, Miss M. V. McCord.

March 21, 1895:

Other: Page Four: Owners of burrows, goats, hogs, and sheep must be kept off streets, otherwise they will be prosecuted.

Married: Henry A. Kezer, Miss Anna Nelson, Tuesday.

March 28, 1895:

Page one:

Died: Phil Heffey, Lordsburg, Saturday, killed by W. B. Conners, and four more murders, died.

Died: Ben Holman, Lordsburg, January 1895, killed by W. B. Conners, and four more murders, died.

Died: Three unknown men, in box car, Springer, asphyxiated, died.

Page four:

White Oaks Graded School students, 156 enrolled, honor roll:

John Gallacher,

Lund Robert,

Roy Gumm,

Ella Watson,

Margie McCourt,

May Lee,

Lang Keith,

Jodie Biggs,

Lois Anderson,

Elsie Ricket,

James Lee,

Harry Gallacher,

Cody Kempton,

Elwood Heman,

Pearl Blackhart,

Bessie Taliaferro,

Mitte Cox,

Ernest Keith,

Nettie Lee,

Maud Bailey,

Edgar Stramquist,

May Cleghorn,

Addie Steck,

James Davis,

Edgar Watson,

Claude Goff,

Robert Presely,

Robert Parker,

Carrie Lalone,

Fred Blackhart,

Riley Watson,

Leona Keith,

Fred Lalone,

Anthony York,
Roy Treat,

George Queen,

Omer Owens,

Mary Keith,

Joe Schultz,

Clarence Rickert,

John Lane,

May Wallace,

Necho Capnano,

Frank Kiser,

Julian Taylor,

Addie Lalone,

John Strumquist.


April 4, 1895:

Page four:

Married: Edward Henley, Miss Minnie Hughes, Thursday.

Died: Mrs. W. E. Butler, two baby boys, 2 weeks old, Friday, la grippe (flu), died.

April 11, 1895:

Page four:

Died: Jettie Wallace, age 8 years 10 months, Tuesday, diphtheria, died.

Other: Dr. Paden inoculates anyone against the diphtheria epidemic for $2.00.

April 18, 1895:

Page four:


White Oaks school closes for the year due to scarlet fever, diphtheria, la grippe, croup and other diseases. White Oaks teachers were S. M. Wharton and Mrs. W. P. McComar?(blurry).

April 24, 1895: NVS

May 2, 1895: NVS

May 9, 1895:

Page four:

Died: Obituary of William R. Simms, died 29 April, 1905, died.

May 12, 1905:

Page two:

Probate court:

Jas, A. Allen, deceased.

Paul and William Dowlin, deceased.

Clara McVeigh, deceased.

Ruth and Ada Martin, minors.

R. C. Parson, deceased.

Chas. L. Pearman, deceased.

W. J. Gill, deceased.

Juan Lucero y Salas, deceased.

May 16, 1905:

Page four:

Birth: Mrs. Lee E. McGehee, girl, last week.

Other: The Old Abe Eagle newspaper was offered for sale.

Buried: The Daughter of Mrs. Thomas Williams, Monday.

May 16, 1895:

Page four:

Died: Mrs. J. T. Link, daughter, Saturday, died.

Other: The Old Abe Eagle is to be auctioned to pay mortgage on June 1, 1895.

May 23, 1895:

Page one:

Died: Alex Rogers, hemorrhage of lungs, May 20, died.

May 30, 1895:

Page four:

Married: Manuel Lueras, Joseefita Lopez, May 21.

Died: Walter Q. Gresham, 28th, age 63 years, died.

June 6, 1895:

Page four:

Died: A. C. Rogers, age 57 years, died.

June 13, 1895:

Page four:

Died: Mrs. Roman Garcia, Tuesday, TB, died.

Died: Mrs. R. C. Werts, Sunday, died.

June 20, 1895: NVS

June 27, 1895: NVS

July 4, 1895: NVS

Page four:

Married: Marie Lane, John P. Foley, Saturday.

July 11, 1895:

Page four:

Married: Jack lacey, Miss Alice Bartlett, Sunday.

Other: The Old Abe Eagle stopped publishing.

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Source: The Old Abe Eagle Newspaper, Lincoln County, New Mexico, compiled by Charles Barnum.

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