Coleson's Crossing Cemetery
Submitted by Janet Wasson October 2003
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This cemetery is located approximately 4 miles south of Faywood, on Taylor Mountain Road.  These nine marked graves next to the
east side of the road, with numerous unmarked graves. Three graves on the other side of a private property fence appear to be unmarked,
 one enclosed in a Victorian type fence.

Name                     Date of Birth            Date of Death            Notes
Boone, John O.           2/25/1821                2/13/1900                Born in Louisiana
Boone, Sarah M.          8/28/1860                12/10/1903               Born in Louisiana
Brown, Thomas E          ns                       6/19/1905                Aged 47 years
Donahoo, Annie           ns                       10/7/1896                Wife of M.B. Donahoo-age 31y2m1d
Foster, Pete             1842                     1902
Fowler, Mary Lou         ns                       3/13/1890                age 3m-daughter of W.N. and L.M
Gamble, Charles P.       3/3/1857                 5/8/1891
Moore, Irwin             6/8/1842                 7/23/1889
Vaughn, Estelle          9/27/1871                1/19/1898                Born in Benton Co.,AR