Early Photos of Luna County
Submitted by Patricia Bailey Poore August 30, 2006
Hidalgo County was part of Grant County until 1919
Luna County was part of Grant County until 1901
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Patrica is the great great granddaughter of Colonel Andrew Osmond Bailey and Charlotte Mellon Bailey who owned the A.O. Ranch. She asked, "I noted in the post office history that you note he did not purchase the homesteads until 1891. Do you have copies of the deeds you could share? I am working on the family genealogy, and have recently come across some pictures which might be of interest to the town, and so have attached here. The two well pictures are dated 1888 and 1889 in my great-great grandmother's writing. Andrew Osmond is the tall gentleman. The picture of the buggy is my G.G. Grandmother Charlotte Mellon, and great great aunt, Berdina Belle Bailey Quast. dated 1913. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Regards, Patricia Bailey Poore

Crater, New Mexico, Post Office
From Ghosthiker, Mar 22 to Barnum. Thanks, Charles, you are a workaholic. It's been a long time since we exchanged emails. I still have a file of some of the things you wanted to locate. If you have more I'll add them to my list. We have been looking for the location of the Crater NM PO. A picture of it is attached and below. The photographer wrote that it was on NM 80 (now NM 549), in west DAC near the Luna County Line. I'm thinking it may have been at I-10 exit 116 (the Burris or Lazy E exit. Here the old highway is crossed by I-10).

Crater, New Mexico, Post Office.
Benjamin Scott February 9, 1933; DETRIT [Detroit is misspelled. The "o" is missing.]
Adam Telfer July 15, 1889 Dona Ana Philitus M. Thompson January 5, 1854 John H. Hollingsworth September 7, 1916.
Submitted by Eric Fuller March 22, 2013.