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Columbus Post Office
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Colonel Andrew O. Bailey bought two 160-acre homesteads near the Mexican border south of the present Columbus town site in March, 1891. With the view in mind of establishing a town there, he was able to establish the first post office at his ranch house in June 1891, with his son Lester Franklin Bailey as post master. A school for the local ranch children was also opened at the Bailey ranch house. The post office was closed two years later on June 14, 1893, to be opened again on February 14, 1896, by Birdina Belle Bailey, Col. Bailey's daughter; Lester Franklin Bailey having died April 13, 1894. Birdina married William Carl John Quast on April 16, 1901, hence the change in name of the post master to Birdina Quast on May1, 1901. The El Paso & Southwestern Railroad arrived in Columbus in 1902, and a railroad station was built there during its construction. When Jefferson D. Keith became post master on July 24, 1903, it is probable that the post office had been moved to the depot building. In May, 1909, the present Columbus town site had been surveyed and platted, and lots were being sold by the Columbus and Western New Mexico Town site Company. A new post office building south of the railroad station was complete with fixtures purchased by Miss Grace Goebel by September 10, 1909, and the mail service was moved to this new facility from the railroad depot. Col. Andrew O. Bailey was post master at this time and Miss Goebel was his assistant. The post office has been moved to several different locations in Columbus since that time. This area was originally part of Grant County, but Luna County was established in 1901. The Columbus post office was discontinued on 14 June 1893 but reopened on 14 February 1896. Postmasters (PM), Officer-in-Charge (OIC) and Acting
Lester F. Bailey 06/18/1891
Birdina B. Bailey (Quast) 02/14/1896
Jefferson D. Keith 07/24/1903
Frank M. Gough 07/06/1905
George L. Vaughan 11/23/1905
Walter W. Arnold 06/07/1906
Arthur P. Gendening 05/24/1907
Andrew O. Bailey 03/09/1909
Perrow G. Moseley 07/14/1910
Wallace J. Huchinson 08/14/1913
Louis L. Burkhead 09/16/1914
Jessie M. Paschich (Reed) 07/03/1930
Mrs. Thelma J. Servis, Acting 03/16/1941
Mrs. Edna B. Evans 08/21/1942
Mrs. Fannie T. Matthews, Acting  10/09/1943
Mrs. Fannie T. Matthews 10/11/1944
Mrs. Margaret P. Epps, Acting  10/31/1958
Mrs. Margaret P. Epps 05/31/1960
Francisco C. Vigil OIC 10/03/1977
Mrs. Carmen A. Baca OIC 12/09/1977
Erminio R. Sandoval OIC 05/12/1978
Raul V. Smith OIC 09/27/1978
Mrs. Velva L. Samuel 08/25/1979
Joyce Goodin OIC 09/30/1991
Enrique Viramontes 12/14/1991