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Latecomers to New Mexico, 1801-1821
Submitted by Gloria Cordova

The People of the Camino Real: A Genealogical Appendix
Hispano New Mexican families identified according to the time of their arrival in New Mexico.
Source: Preston, Christine & Douglas and Esquibel, Jose Antonio, The Royal
Road: El Camino Real from Mexico City to Santa Fe (1998). Albuquerque, NM:
University of New Mexico Press.

Latecomers to New Mexico, 1801-1821 (excerpted from pp. 157-158)

Fewer people immigrated into New Mexico as the Spanish colonial era closed. Families grew and there was steady expansion of settlements along the Rio Grande Valley. In the early decades of the 19th century, descendants of earlier families established new family names. The following list includes those names found in the genealogy of Hispano New Mexicans today.

C de BACA/Cabeza de Baca (1803, a branch of the early Baca family that came to New Mexico in 1600)

DE la O (1805, Presidio de Guajoaquilla, Nueva Vizcaya)

DIMAS (a branch of the Jiron/Giron de Tejeda family, who adopted the surname from their ancestor Dimas Jiron de Tejeda, a native of Mexico City who came to New Mexico with his parents in 1694)

LUERA/LUERAS (1805, Valle de San Bartolome, Nueva Vizcaya)

MONTES/MONTEZ (1805; two distinct families of the colonial period, one founded by members of the Montes Vijil family, 1693; and the other from members of the Belmontes family, 1796)

NAVARRO (1816)