Albuquerque Review, New Mexico

The first newspaper to be published in the English language in the old town of Albuquerque, so far as can be learned, was established about 1860 by Theodore S. Greiner, and named the Review. It was published weekly. He sold it two or three years later to Hezekiah S. Johnson, afterward judge of the district court, who in turn sold it to M. Ashe Upson.

The latter changed the name to that of Rio Avajo Press. In the meantime Johnson had gone east, about 1865, and upon his return in 1867 he purchased the paper from Upson and published it under the name of the Albuquerque Review. In 1869 Major H. R. Whiting took possession and published it as a semiweekly in English and Spanish. The year following it passed into the possession of Dr. John Symington, and a year later was purchased by Norberto Saabedra, who published it in Spanish, but under the name of the Review. Saabedra sold it soon afterward to William McGinnis, and the latter sold it to W. H. Bailhache, who continued its publication until J. G. Albright moved the Santa Fe Democrat to Albuquerque, in 1882, when the Review was merged with the new paper under the name of the Democrat.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, VolumeI, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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