Deming Headlight, New Mexico

The first paper at Deming was the Headlight, founded in 1880, and disposed of in succession to Edward Bennington, S. M. Ashenfelter, Mr. Walton, George L. Shakespeare, the present proprietor. The Headlight issued a daily during the Spanish American war.

George L. Shakespeare, editor of the Headlight at Deming, came to Grant County in 1876 and has resided in this section since. He is a native of Ohio, but was reared in Illinois and Wisconsin until fourteen years of age. When still a young lad he responded to the country's call for aid in the Civil war, enlisting at Evanston, Illinois, and in 1864 was a member of the Seventeenth Illinois Cavalry. He saw active service in Missouri, Kansas and on the border, the regiment being largely engaged in sup pressing the movements of the Quantrill Bushwhackers in that section of the country. After the war Mr. Shakespeare spent some time in the west and northwest and finally came to Deming in 1876, since which time he has made his home here. For three years he was in the regular army, following the close of hostilities between the north and the south, and he also engaged in freighting and mining upon the western frontier. For some time he drove a stage and was government wagon master, and his familiarity with the experiences of the west has brought him broad knowledge of the history of this section of the country. His attention is now given to the publication of the Headlight, which is an enterprising journal in touch with modern ideas of newspaper publication. He has been active in support of various movements, plans and measures for the general good and was active and untiring in his advocacy of the division of the County and was active in the fight which Luna County won in 1901 after a contest of sixteen years. His political support is given to the Democracy.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, VolumeI, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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