Ima Cemetery
26 miles southwest of Tucumcari
Compiler: Otis O. Boren
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House Cemetery is on Road 252 east of House
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Ima Cemetery; Quay County; NMG 38:1, March 1999; pp 25-26; Project is based on the cemetery surveys published in the New Mexico Genealogist, The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. P.O. Box 8283; Albuquerque, NM 87198-8283. The magazine's volume, date, and and page number is displayed under the cemetery's name. Our appreciation to the New Mexico Genealogical Society and the survey compliers. This material may not be reproduced or copied from this website nor be used for commercial purposes, resale, re-distribution, or used for profit. The copyright remains with the New Mexico Genealogical Society. Some formatting and editing were made to the original presentation to fit this web site format. Some cemetery surveys were continued on following magazine issues. This website presentation may not be copied in any manner for any reason. Our thanks to Dorothy Webb for typing this record. By Otis O. Boren

Ima is a farming and ranching community located approximately 26 miles southwest of Tucumcari or 12 miles south of Montoya on NM 156. T. M. Pearce, in Place Names of New Mexico, states that "I. W. Moncus, with his wife, daughter, and brother-in-law, settled in the canyon used by the notorious outlaw, "Black Jack" Ketchum, for a hideout. In 1908 farmers came into the community, filing on each of 110 acres of land. In 1909 Moncus established a store. He named the post office for his oldest daughter." Otis O. Boren is the grandson of William Burton Payton and Jimmie Marion Kizer (grave 41). William first married Beulah V. Armstrong (grave 47), widow of William Eugene McFarlin (Grave 51). Children of William and Jimmie buried in the Ima Cemetery include: Victor Orlan Payton (grave 10) and William Hoy Payton (grave 11), who married Bessie Mary Olivine Rogers. Parents of Jimmie Marion Kizer are James P. Kizer (grave 9) and Eliza P. Rodgers (Crawford) (grave 8).

Mr. Rex Sparks, an 83 year old resident of Ima, graciously supplied the Society with a map showing the name and grave number of each known person buried in the cemetery. He has cared for the cemetery for several decades and states that the cemetery was started in 1908. This cemetery was also surveyed in 1979 by Don McAlavy and Harold Kilmer. Their listing was published in High Plains History of East-Central New Mexico [High Plains Historical Press, 1979], with Ima Cemetery on pp. 568-569. Names from this list that also appeared in the book are indicated by an asterisk. Additional information from the book is included herein. A copy of High Plains History of East-Central New Mexico is at Special Collections Library in Albuquerque, NM under call no. 978.927 M114c. Additional notes for this article were supplied by Ernie Jaskolski.

Land for the cemetery was donated by George Sparks. The cemetery is located four miles south and one half mile west of Ima [Section 10/T7N-R27E, Ima Quadrangle Map.].

Myers, Amazon     grave 1
Myers, Effie* 2 Aug 1847 2 Nov 1908 grave 2, d. of H. H. and Julia Myers
Myers, Herman H.*   13 May 1918 grave 3, age 75, Co. C 11 Mo. Inf.
Harris     grave 4
Bryan, Etta Davis* 21 Sep 1889 3 June 1913 grave 5, (wife of Tom Bryan)
Thomas, Baby     grave 6
Thomas, Mollie* 6 Nov 1874 31 May 1912 grave 7, w. of W. A. Thomas
Kizer, Eliza P. Rodgers
28 Apr 1850 14 Mar 1920 grave 8
Kizer, James P.* 3 May 1847 19 July 1912 grave 9
Payton, Victor Orlan* 17 Oct 1902 23 Mar 1922 grave 10
Payton, William Hoy* 11 Apr 1906 8 Mar 1927 grave 11
Childress, L. R.* 25 Jan 1875 11 May 1900 Our Brothers, grave 12
Childres, M. L.* 26 Dec 1850 22 Mar 1913 grave 13, Our Mother
Boydson, Baby     grave 14
Brigham, Tobath     grave 15
Terry, Eunice     grave 16
Collins, Baby*     grave 17
Sparks, Idella* 1893 1931 grave 18
Mu_ir M. L.   grave 19
Houston, G.     grave 20
Houston, G. Mrs.     grave 21
Bowls (Bowles), Baby     grave 22
Law, Baby* 22 June 1910 24 June 1910 grave 23
Law, Billy     grave 24
Savage, Evyline     grave 25
Lomas, Viola* 1901 1921 grave 26
Jones, Baby Lucy     grave 27
Cain, William Henry* 20 Feb 1853 8 Jan 1931 grave 28
Cain, Dixie Inez*   1926 infant daughter, grave 29
Logan, Baby*     grave 30
Logan, Mrs.     grave 31
Logan, Mr.     grave 32
Vancickle, Oscar     grave 33
Vancickle, Oscar Mrs.     grave 34
Sena, Anglina     grave 35
Ducan, Baby     grave 36
McFarlin, Kelly*     grave 37
(grave 38 not listed on cemetery map)      
Garrett, John Alvin* 15 Mar 1862 27 Nov 1929 grave 39
McFarlin, Mamie I.     grave 40
Payton, Jimmie Marion (Kizer) 4 Jan 1884 3 Mar 1933 [see Note 2] grave 41
McClary, R. W.* 10 July 1867 20 June 1933 grave 42
Garrett, Francis* 12 Apr 1934 12 Apr 1934 grave 43
Jones, Emmet Edward* 3 Dec 1934 28 Dec 1934 grave 44
Liester, Baby     grave 45
Pacheon, Eunice* and Baby grave 46 [see Note 3]
McFarlin, Beulah V. 17 May 1879 Mar 1946 grave 47
Houston, Mr.     grave 48
Huckaby, Robert E. Lee* 1876 1939 grave 49
Smith, Link     grave 50
McFarlin, William Eugene* 12 Nov 1868 1 Dec 1935 grave 51
Garrett, Tommy     grave 52
Smith, Florence     grave 53
Sparks, R. Flamidin* 1880 1948 grave 54
Garrett, Velma     grave 55
Sparks, Elvin     grave 56

he names below were listed in the book, High Plains History of East-Central New Mexico, but not on the cemetery plot map supplied by Mr. Sparks:
James T. Garrett, 18 Jun 1902 - 22 Dec 1946
Johnie Hoss Lorenzo Max Maben, 1919 - 1929
A name listed in High Plains History is: Johnie M. Payton, 4 Jan 1884 – 4 Mar 1911. This tombstone may have been misread and is most likely Jimmie Marion (Kizer) Payton (grave 41).
Also listed in High Plains History: Eunice L. Jones 17 Oct 1907 – 5 May 1935, and Noel B. Jones 2 Feb 1925 – 3 Feb 1925.
Eunice (grave 46) married a Frenchman named Pacheon (pronounced "passión").
High Plains History of East-Central New Mexico contains listings of a number of cemeteries in Quay and Curry Counties, as well as a number of family histories. Although the book has an index, the cemetery listings are not part of the index and should be checked separately. ©2005