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Vuelva a Rastros Hispanos

Second Wave Of Colonization
Submitted by Gloria Cordova

The People of the Camino Real: A Genealogical Appendix
Hispano New Mexican families identified according to the time of their
arrival in New Mexico.
Source: Preston, Christine & Douglas and Esquibel, Jose Antonio, The Royal
Road: El Camino Real from Mexico City to Santa Fe (1998). Albuquerque, NM:
University of New Mexico Press.

Second Wave of Colonization, 1600 (excerpted from pp. 147-151)

In March 1599 don Juan de Onate wrote the viceroy of Neuva Espana and requested additional soldier and families to help strengthen the colony that had been established.

With approval, the recruitment began in late summer of 1599. 65 Spaniards and 25 servants were recruited at Mexico City. By October 1599, recruits, including women, children, and servants, were at the outpost of Santa Barbara in the Valle de San Bartolome in Nueva Vizcaya. After some delay, these settlers began their journey to New Mexico in late September 1600 on the route of El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, the route that Onate had taken in the original expedition of 1598 and which by now had stopping places about every ten miles. The group arrived at Onate’s colony on December 24, 1600. Many of these settlers became discouraged and disappointed and left in late October 1601. The families that remained from the second wave of colonization are common ancestors for people with Hispano roots in colonial New Mexico.


Cpt. Cristobal Baca, native of Mexico City, Nueva Espana, and his wife, dona Ana Ortiz y Pacheco, also native of Mexico City, Nueva Espana, brought 3 daughters and a son with them to New Mexico. Another son, Alonso Baca, was born in New Mexico. Through him the Baca family name was passed on to following generations.


Don Pedro Gomez Duran y Chaves, native of Valverde de Llerena, Extremadura, Spain, married in New Mexico. He married a daughter of Cpt Cristobal Baca & dona Ana Ortiz y Pacheco. Don Pedro and his wife, dona Isabel de Bohorquez, Cpt. Baca’s daughter, had one daughter and two sons and were progenitors of the Chaves/Chavez family of New Mexico.


Alvaro Garcia Holgado married Juana de los Reyes in New Mexico. They had 3 sons and a daughter. This family name was shortened to Garcia through the decades of the 1600s.


Juan de Herrera, native of Mexico City, Nueva Espana and his wife, Ana Lopez del Castillo, a native of New Mexico, had at least six known children.


Juan Lopez Holguin/Olguin y Villasana, native of Fuente de Ovejuna, Extremadura, Spain, came to New Mexico with his wife, Catalina de Villanueva, and 2 daughters. Through at least one son born in New Mexico, this family was the progenitor of the Olguin family of New Mexico.


Bartolome de Montoya was born in Cantillana, a Castillian town near Sevilla. He married dona Maria de Zamora y Abarca in Mexico City. This couple came to New Mexico with 3 sons and 2 daughters. From this family the Montoya surname was established in New Mexico.

Additional Settlers of 17th Century New Mexico 1601-1680.

El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro brought wagon trains of good to trade as well as new settlers into New Mexico. The Spanish government kept strict control over travelers coming into and leaving New Mexico. Very few family groups arrived in New Mexico in this period. Mainly single men were the new settlers. They married the daughter and granddaughters of the earlier settlers. In parenthesis is the earliest known year for which those families that can still be found in New Mexico appear in New Mexico records, with place of origin if known.

ANAYA Almazan (1626, Mexico City, Nueva Espana); married into the Perez de Bustillo family.

De APODACA, Gonzalez (1655)

CANDELARIA (before 1680)


DOMINGUEZ de Mendoza (ca 1650, Mexico City, Nueva Espana); married into the Duran y Chaves family.

FREQUIS/FRESQUEZ/FRESQUES (1616, Flanders/Belgium)

GALLEGOS (1677, Parral, Nueva Vizcaya); married into the Baca family.

GARCIA de Noriega (1660, Zacatecas, Nueva Galicia); married into the Varela family.

GOMEZ (1604, Coina, near Lisbon, Portugal); married into the Robledo family.

GONZALEZ Lobon/GONZALEZ Bas (1617, Portugal); married into the Carvajal and Griego-Bernal families

GUILLEN (1608)


HURTADO (1661, Zacatecas, Nueva Galicia)

LEYBA Nevares (1661, Valle de San Bartolome, Nueva Vizcaya); married into the Garcia Holgado family.

LOPEZ (before 1680)

LUCERO de Godoy (1616, Mexico City, Neuva Espana); married into the Montoya family.

LUNA (1854)

MADRID/MADRIL (1603); married into Marquez family


MANZANARES y Sandoval (1636)

MESTAS/MAESTAS (1655; Asturias, Spain)


MONTANO (1640)

NARANJO (between 1600 and 1643)

NIETO (1616)

PACHECO (1628); married into the Cadimo family.

PADILLA Villasenor (1668; Queretaro, Nueva Espana)

PEREA (1655)

SAEZ/SAIZ/SAES (1665, Valle de San Bartolome, Nueva Vizcaya)

TAPIA (1607)

TORRES (1619)

TRUJILLO (1632, Mexico City, Nueva Espana)

ZAMORA (before 1680)

[See Esquibel’s book for additional surnames of families]