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By Sheryl McClure 7 October 2011©
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The directory below is from the book "Southwest Business Directory" published 1889 by the McKenney Directory Co., Denver CO.  This book only listed the Socorro Co. towns that were on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe R. R., and I have reproduced it as written, odd punctuation and all. The only thing I changed was that some of the entries were in capital letters which meant the business owner had paid for an add in the directory. I have attached a page from the book so you can see how it looked.  Sheryl McClure. [Webmaster's note: Socorro County in 1889 covered a vast area including Lincoln County.]

CARTHAGE, Socorro County. A postal town reached by the  Railroad. Its nearest banking town is Socorro.

Bond G W & Bro, gen mdse

Crane J H & Co, gen mdse

Glasson S S, druggist

Irvine & Marsh, butchers

McIntyre Thos, saloon

Philipps Dave, saloon

Phillips P T, saloon

CUCHILLO, Socorro County. A postal town reached by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad to Engle.  Nearest banking town, Socorro.

FFest Edward, merchant, farmer and proprietor Black Range Stage Line

Garcia Jose J, freighter and gen mdse

FRISCO, Socorro County/b>. A postal town on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad.  Its nearest banking town, Socorro.

Chares B, gen mdse

May J K P, blacksmith

Milligan W R, gen mdse

Sarracino P & Bro, gen mdse

KELLY, Socorro County. A postal town on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad via Magdalena. Its banking town is Socorro. Population 500.

Abernathy H J, physician

Church I S, notary public

Clark B B, hotel, mining broker, examiner and reporter on mining in Arizona and New Mexico

Graphic Mining and Smelting Co

Hollenbeck G W, notary public

Ida Hill Mining and Smelting Co

Jackson W E, butcher

Magdalena Store Co

Marsh W Q, physician

McGee J A, saloon

Mitchell W H, physician

Moore B B, transfer

Morslander R, hotel and saloon

Olson H A, confectionery and tobacco

Patterson W H, drugs

Robison H A, gen mdse

Rosenbaum J B, public hall and saloon

Smith A G, butcher

Stoneking J T, public hall

Stott & Bishop, mining

Thomas A B, assayer and concentrating works

Troselle Anton, saloon

Williams & Lindley, saloon

LUNA, Socorro County. A postal town on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad.  Nearest banking town, Socorro.

Allen E, hotel

Curtis C G, blacksmith

Davidson J H, physician and surgeon

Lee J D, saw mill

Sperling Bros & Taylor, gen mdse

Watson L, wagon maker and carpenter

SAN ANTONIO, Socorro County. A postal town.

Anderson David, restaurant

Banks B M, railroad operator

Dufley J Mrs, propr Hotel San Antonio

Fawcett J G, propr Mountain Queen Saloon

Groenendyke S, agt A, T & S F R R

Hilton A H & Co (A H Hilton and Edward Price)

Perez D, gen mdse

Price Bros & Co, gen mdse

San Pedro Coal and Coke Co, W VV Allen gen supt, John James supt, main office Carthage

SAN MARCIAL, Socorro County. A postal town on the Atchison, Topeka. and Santa Fe Railroad. Its nearest banking town is Socorro. Population 1,000.

Allen Charles, deputy sheriff

Armstrong Bros (Frank and William) saloon

Broyles J N, groceries and provisions

Broyles L C, drugs, stationery and jewelry

Dean -, carpenter

Depot Hotel, Fred Harvey propr

Ely A B, meat market

Featherston & Keith, groceries and provisions

Freudenstein Joseph, dry goods and clothing

Haggerty A, saloon

Horn Fred, shoemaker

Kane A L, Montezuma Restaurant

Leyser Simon, gen mdse

Montgomery T M, meat market

Nattress W K, blacksmith

Nichols J E, barber

Oliver W M (Scott & Co) justice of peace

Parrett J W, tailor

Rockwell E O, grocer

Russell & Southgate (F H Russell and T A Southgate) saloon

Scott & Co (Wm J Scott and Wm M Oliver) Ranch Saloon

SANTA FE ROUTE EATING HOUSE, Fred Harvey proprietor

Shaw A A, physician and druggist

Southgate T A Mrs, propr San Marcial House

Sweigert W H, agt A T & S F R R

Vencill M A Mrs, postmistress

Whitmore J R, propr San Marcial Reporter

Wilton B F, saloon

SOCORRO, Socorro County. It is one of the oldest settlements in America, an ancient pueblo settlement having been found upon the site of the present modern city, by the first Spanish expedition, which, coming north, traversed the Rio Grande Valley. The Spaniards, being quick to perceive the climatic advantages of the location and the varied wonderful resources of the surrounding country, very soon established a permanent settlement, and the first American travelers through these regions found Socorro a thriving and prosperous Mexican plaza. Upon the advent of the railroad during the summer of 1880, the town had a population of 1,200, but since that date the growth has been steady and rapid, so that today the city, which was incorporated in January, 1882, has a population of 4,500. The city of Socorro is situated in the Rio Grande Valley, on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, about one thousand miles west of Kansas City, and is almost the geographical center of New Mexico. Almost immediately after the advent of the railroad, rich mineral,  chiefly silver and lead, was discovered in the Socorro Mountains, now  within the city limits, and also in the Magdalenas, Gallinas, Mogollons, Ladrones,  Limitars, Black Range and other mountains on the west, and in the San Andres, Oscuras, Nogals, Jicarrillas and Manzanas on the east, so that the city is now surrounded by scores of tributary mining districts, containing gold, silver, copper, lead, iron and manganese, also coal, salt, mica, soda, gypsum, lime, kaoline, sulphur, plumbago, marble, fire-clay, and the finest and most durable kind of building stone, etc. Iron, lead and coal abound in inexhaustible quantities in the immediate vicinity of the city.

While being one of the chief commercial points in the Territory, it is beyond question the mining and smelting center of the Southwest.

Shortly after the completion of the railroad, seeing the necessity for  more convenient communication with the mining districts of the West.  The company built a branch from Socorro to Magdalena and Kelly, thirty miles distant, at the same time deciding  in the near future to continue it on to Arizona. Grain, vegetables and fruits of all kinds grow luxuriantly and yield abundantly, the vine especially doing well, the soil and climate being eminently adapted to grape culture. Wine of a superior quality is manufactured in large quantities.

Abeyta Manuel, miller

Abeytia Frank, jeweler and Singer Sewing Machine agt

Baca C A, deputy county assessor

Baca Estaban, gen mdse, Fourth Ward

Baca Juan, gen mdse

Baca Leandro, assessor

Baca Lewis M, Park City Hotel, Fourth Ward

Baca S A, gen mdse

Badgett Zack, barber

Bahney A J , postmaster

Blanchard Chas, grocer

Bradford E, mgr Palace Restaurant

Brown Jessie E, propr Plaza House

Brown M W, treas

Breisacher Alex, restaurant

Browne & Manzanares & Co (C W Browne and O N Blackwell) wholesale grocers

Browne, Manzanares & Co, bankers, L P Browne pres, C N Blackwell vice-pres, M W Browne cashier, w s Plaza.

Burlingame W D, city treas

Butler S T, harness and saddles

Byerts W H, furniture, handware and stoves

Chambon H, groceries and fruits

Chase J P, real estate and collections

Collins J J, barber

Collins & Pate (J W Collins and John Pate) saloon

Coon A D, gen mgr Merritt Stamp Mill

Cortesy A, liquor dealer

Crone A J, agt Wells, Fargo & Co's Express and ticket agt A T & S F R R, depot

Cutler W C, with Illinois Brewing Co

Daulton H B, restaurant

De Baun Wm Tell, editor and propr The Chieftain and supt public schools

Dougherty R C, justice of the peace

Duncan O G Dr, physician

Duncan Mrs, propr Opera House

Eddy J S, atty and ins agt

Egger John, harness and saddles

Elliott & Howell (S A Elliott and F S Howell) hardware and stoves

Faddis R P, livery and sale stable

Fisher M, real estate and broker

Fleeman T J, tailor

Fortune Edward, gen mdse

Fox & Morris (Geo W Fox and T M Morris) Smelter Saloon

Fraley James B, propr San Pedro Quarry and Lime Co

Frells G, miller

Gisler Fred, wood, coal and fuel

Graphic Mining and Smelting Co, A F Hatch pres, Thomas A Hall treas and mgr

Guenier August, grocer

Harlow I L, saloon

Harris H R, real estate and live stock

Harrison A T & Co, groceries and gen mdse

Harry J B, plasterer

Hanwood T M, teacher Methodist Parsonage

Heephingstine R P, butcher

Hilburn J H, clergyman M E Church South

Hill J M, gen mdse and butcher

Hilton J H, boots and shoes

Horn Andy, propr Socorro Transfer Co

Howell A E & Co (A E Howell and Thomas Dorsey) druggists

Hult E G, bakery

Illinois Brewing Co, J Hammel pres, G A Hammel sec, W G Hammel treas

Jackson Clifford L, district atty Second Judicial District

James Frank, wagon maker

Jaramillo R, saloon

Jenkins R O, Park House Saloon

Kealer E M, blacksmith

Kelley W E, atty-at-law

Knight H A, milliner

Kornitzer J, physician

Kreft A B, tailor

Leddy P H, cigar mfr

Lesson J J, auctioneer and real estate

Leichman Charles, dry goods

Leonard W E, books, stationary and jewelery

Lestra M, Catholic priest

Lockhart Henry, Grand Central Hotel

Luitz M & Co (M and J K) groceries

Luna J M, recorder

Mains S F, physician

Martin J S, physician

Martin Wm, baggagemaster A T & S F R R

McCuiston R C, gen mdse and saloon, Fourth Ward

McCullough L J, grocer

Meader L A, blacksmith

Miller & Howison (J M Miller and L L Howison) proprs Socorro Tripoli Co

Miller J M, dentist

Monroe R W, city marshal

Moody & Co (Frank Moody and T M Bertrand) saloon

Morris Julia Mrs, milliner

New Mexico Meat and Supply Co, G L Brooks gen mgr, Alex Breisacher vice-pres, Frank Wilson sec

Noake H P, wagon and carriage maker

Nuanez Avaleno, jeweler

Osborne J J, nursery

Pino Esquipula, gen mdse and probate judge

Pino Leandro, gen mdse

Prewett D W, billiard hall and saloon

Price Bros Sc Co, dry goods and clothing

Riggle G W, pastor Presbyterian Church

Rio Grande Smelting Works, Gustav Billing pres and mgr

Robinson C A, deputy sheriff

Russell Chas T, sheriff

Smith J E, photographer

Sniffen John S, atty-at law and city mayor

Socorro County Bank, Thos Dorsey pres, W D Burlingeme cashier

Socorro Times (The), Whitmore, Bull & Co editors and proprietors, L R Whitmore manager

Sperling Bros (Charles and Frank) gen mdse

Strauss A L, jeweler

Tiffiany S S, atty-at-law

Tilly Thomas, architect

Towle J F, city clerk

Veigil Manuel, miller

Walker A C, propr Walker House

Watlette E, gen mdse

Watson William, lumber and builders’ supplies

Whitmore, Bull & Co (L A and J A Whitmore and Chas Bull) proprs Socorro Times

Winkler Aug, baker

Zimmerly E, miller

Zoller J M, Monarch Saloon