1860 Taos Census
By Virginia Gomez Baca Grace
Submitted November 11, 2010
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This exhibit is based on files transcribed by Virginia Gomez Baca Grace. The 1860 census included the name; age; sex; race; occupation; value of real estate;
value of personal estate; place of birth; if person was married during the year; and if the person were deaf-mute, blind, insane, idiot, a pauper, or a convict.
* The number of names shown below includes blank lines, therefore, totals are slightly over stated.

Precincts Website page Website page Website page Website page Census pages Number of names Enumerator
Chamisal One Page Page Two     pp324-342 706* Pedro Valdez
Conejos Pct. 18 One Page       pp164-168 173* Pedro Valdez
Conejos Pct. 20 One Page       pp191-202 443* Pedro Valdez
 El Llano Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four pp280-324 1,754* Pedro Valdez
El Rancho Fernando de Taos Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four pp85-122 1,638* Pedro Valdez

Los Cordovas 

Page One Page Two     pp41-62 893* Pedro Valdez
Placita de Los Luceros Page One Page Two     pp62-84 81* Pedro Valdez
Quick Index Abeita-Fresquis Gallegos-Martinez Martinez-Ryan Salas-Zamora Total = 6,455(actual) Pedro Valdez
Abbreviations used in this exhibit:
DDBI = Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Insane
REV = Value of Real Estate
PPV = Value of Personal Property
MIY = Married in current year
SIY = School in census year
CRW = Can read and write