Land Grants in the Taos Valley
Compiled by Alberto Vidaurre 7-7-2011
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The following information is from the Booklet by Rowena Martinez Land Grants in the Taos Valley (NM). Publication No. 2. Taos County Historical Society, 1968.
Land Grants in Taos County, New Mexico which were confirmed by congress and for which patents were issued. There were fifteen other land grant claims in the
county which were not confirmed nor patented, in additional to the ones that the New Mexico Governor refused to grant.

Name  Grantees  Date  Acres in Taos County

Antonine Leroux Pedro Vigil y Santistllano, 1742 56,437.41
Juan Bautista Vigil, Cristobal Vigil

Arroyo Hondo 44 Families 1815 20,000.38

Cristobal Dela Cristobal Dela Serna 1710-1715 22,232.57

Don Fernando De Taos 63 Families 1796 1,817.24

Francisco Antonio Francisco Antonio
De Gijosa De Gijosa 1715 16,240.64

Las Trampas 12 Families 1751 14,065.83

Lucero De Godoy Antonio Martinez 1716 61,605.48

Ojo Caliente 53 Families Resettled 1768-1769 640.00**

Picuris League Pueblo of San Lorenzo Pre- 1680 17,460.00
De Picuris

Rancho Del Rio Grande 10 Families 1795 91,813.15

Sangre De Cristo Lee & Beaubien 1843 228,663.24*

Santa Barbara 4 Men and 63 Others 1796 30,638.28

Sebastian Martin Sebastian Martin Serrano 1712 3,750.00**

Taos Pueblo League Pueblo San Geronimo de Taos Pre-1680 17,360.00

* Additional Lands in this grant located in Colorado.

** Additional Lands in this grant located in Rio Arriba County.

By Alberto Vidaurre