Rancho del Rio Grande Grant
Compiled by Alberto Vidaurre 7-7-2011
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Rancho del Rio Grande Grant. Court of Private Land Claims (PLC) Case File # 10 Microfilm Reel # 34, Frame # 682. Surveyor General (SG)File # 58, Microf ilm Reel # 19, Frame # 049. Spanish Archives of New Mexico I.

Genealogy Prepared and filed by H. S. Clancy, Referee, by Court Order. In the District Court of The County of Taos Territory of New Mexico. Vicente Fresques, et al. VS Jose Mirabal, et al. No. 615.Filed Nov. 9, 1908. Thanks to Robert E. Montoya for providing me this genealogical document.


The ninth day of April of one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five (1795), I, Alcalde Mayor and War captain of the Pueblo of San Geronimo of Taos and of its Jurisdictions, Don Antonio Jose Ortiz, in Compliance with what has been ordered by the Honorable Lieutenant Colonel, Don Fernando Chacon, Knight of the Order of Saint James, and Political and Military Governor of this Kingdom, before I, the said Alcalde Mayor, went to the place of Rio Grande, accompanied by 2 witnesses, who were Don Cristobal Vigil and Don Juan Ygnacio Sanchez, the ten (10) families being present. I made known to them and made them understand the petition which they were making and told them that for the purpose of said possession they will have to respect and comply, in all due form of law, with the following stipulations: That said place shall be common, not only for them, but also for all the neighbors who might join in the future. That on account of the perils of the place, they shall remain supplied with firearms or with arrows, which will be inspected at the time of their entry as well as at anytime which may be convenient to the Alcalde commanding them. It isunderstood that after two years from the time of the possession, allthe arms which they may have shall be firearms, under the penalty that those that do not comply shall be removed from said settlement; They stated that they understood what had been explained to them,where upon, I took them by the hand and said in a loud clear intelligible voice, That in the Name of his Majesty (Whom May God Preserve) and without detriment to his Royal Possession nor to any third party, I walked them over said lands. They pulled grass (weeds), cast stones and in a loud voice exclaimed (shouted) "Long Live The King" They took quiet and peaceable possession of said land with out any contradiction whatever. I assigned their boundries to them which are: South The ridge (Cuchilla) of the Oso Mountain,West by the Miranda Valley (Canada de Miranda) and the Picuris Puebloroad, East the ridge (Cuchilla dela Sierra del Rio de Don Fernando) of the Rio of Don Fernando Mountains, North the boundary of Don Manuel Montes Vigil. Warning them that the pastures and watering places are common. And that it may appear, I signed the same, acting as Delegate Judge in the absence of any Notary, there being none, With the two witnesses of my assistance with whom I act. To which I certify.
Signed Antonio Jose Ortiz (Rubric)

Witnesses Cristobal Vigil

Juan Ygnacio Sanchez.

Granted to :

I-Jose Mirabal Spouse of Maria Trujillo

One Child-

1-Felipe Martinez y Mirabal

II-Antonio Fernandez, Spouse of MargaritaRomero

Four Children

1-Jose Mariano Fernandez

2- Clarita Fernandez

3-Juan Lorenzo Fernandez

4-Isabel Fernandez

III-Concepcion Romero, Spouse of Maria Rosa Quintana

Ten Children

1-Jose Benito Romero

2-Jose Antonio Romero

3-Rafael Romero

4-Rosa Romero

5-Chepita Romero

6-Jose Romero

7-Soledad Romero

8-Ana Maria Romero

9-Jose dela Ascencion (Concepcion) Romero

10-Catarina Romero

IV-Ventura Romero, Spouse Not Known

V-Julian Romero, Spouse of Ana Teresa Montoya

Six Children

1-Manuel Romero

2-Manuela Romero

3-Luisa Romero

4-Carmel Romero

5-Dolores Romero

6-Lorenza Romero

VI-Mariano Romero, Spouse of Francisca Armenta

Seven Children

1-Jesus Romero

2-Dolores Romero

3-Manuela Romero

4-Monsorate Romero

5-Carmel Romero

6-Rosa Romero

7-Antonio Romero

VII-Antonio Fresques, Spouse of Reyes Sanchez

Five Children

1-Miquela Fresques

2-Vicente Fresques

3-Madalena Fresques

4-Rumaldo Fresques

5-Maria Ignacia Fresques

VII-Jose Antonio Gonzales, Spouse of Maria Urioste

One Child

1-Jose Desiderio Gonzales

IX-Ana Maria Romero, Spouse of Miguel Coca

Two Children

1-Tomas Coca

2-Juan Coca

X-Catarina Romero, Spouse of Nicolas Leal

Two Children

1-Juan Domingo Leal

2-Manuel Jose Leal

By Alberto Vidaurre