Santa Barbara Land Grant (La Merced De Santa Barbara) Santa Barbara
Compiled by Alberto Vidaurre 7-7-2011
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Following is some information on the Santa Barbara Land Grant (La Merced De Santa Barbara). Surveyor General (SG) Case File # 114, Microf ilm Reel # 23, Frame 1234, and Private Land Claims (PLC) Case File # 96, Microf ilm Reel # 43, Frame # 729. Spanish Archives of New Mexico.

Valentin Martin et. al. of ficial Translation By Dav. J. Miller, Translator, Surveyors General's of fice, Santa Fe, New Mexico March 10,1879.

I, Manuel Garcia, Chief Alcalde of the Village of Santa Cruz De La Canada and its district, in execution of the decree issued by his xcellency Fernando Chacon, Knight of the Order of Santiago, Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Army of his Majesty and Military Governor of this province of New Mexico, its date the eleventh of January, year one thousand seven hundred and ninety six, in discharge of my duties and in obedience thereto, did proceed to the place Santa Barbara, with three witnesses of my attendance, and all the applicants being present, who were sixty seven (67) citizens, did examine the tract, and after being examined; I measured off in the bottom (el Plan) of the river three thousand four hundred vares of land, and upon the prairie, I measured off three thousand three hundred varas more. Leaving set apart at the two points of the river and prairie and the chiquito river the space which I am directed of the tillable land (de Labor) for the increase which this settlement may have in the future, with its pastures and watering places free on all cardinal points(todos sus vientos), and there fell to each one of these sixty-seven settlers one hundred varas to each one, as well to those on the riveras to those in the prairie, and I designated to them (les senale) two towns, one on the prairie and another on the river, of thirty odd families, the one and the other in the vicinity of the cultivable land, as to its boundries are the same which the same tract of Santa Barbara formerly had in its first settlement and they are from east to west from the boundaries of the Pueblo of Picuris, to the south a timbered hill which extend to the foot of the mountain of Lo De Mora, on the north the river which descends towards said pueblo, and having concluded these designation of boundaries and measurements of said land, in company with said witnesses I alighted from the horse and took them by the hand, each one for himself, and I led them over the said tract, and they plucked up weeds and shouted in sign of possession which I gave them of said tract and town lots, in the name of the King, governing myself according to the grant and decree of his excellency the Governor and they well pleased received it, and they ran, firing guns (illegible) and gave shouts of joy, and said Long Live The King Who Protect Us. And that the having given said possession may appear. I signed the same this third day of April year of 1796, acting as special justice, with the witnesses of my attendance, to which I certify.

Signed: Manuel Garcia
Witness Juan Domingo Romero

Antonio Cruz

The Santa Barbara land grant was granted to Valentin Martin, Eusebio Martin, Jose Olguin, Clemente Mestas and sixty seven (67) other unnamed Resident Settlers of the place of San Jose de LasTrampas by Lt. Colonel and Governor, Don Fernando Chacon on the 11th day January 1796. They were placed in possession of the grant by Don Manuel Garcia, Chief Alcalde of the Town of the Santa Cruz Dela Canada on the 3rd day of April 1796. The former settlers having forfeited all rights of possessions to the land due to their abandonment of the grant.

Documents in the Spanish Archives of New Mexico Series I, Microfilm Reel # 3, Twitchell Number 529, Frame # 853, dated 1744 identify the four (4) former settlers as Teniente Alcalde Mayor, Jacinto Martin, Felipe Bustamante, Antonio Martin and Juan Francisco Martin, former vecinos of Santa Cruz Dela Canada.

Antonio Martin (Serrano) and Juan Francisco Martin (Serrano) are brothers, sons of Francisco "El Ciego" Martin Serrano and Casilda Contreras. They married two (2) Villalpando sisters Catalina and Maria Paula Villalpando. Jacinto Martin (Serrano) is the son of Alejo Martin Serrano. Alejo and Francisco "El Ciego" Martin Serrano are brothers, sons of Pedro Martin Serrano y Salazar and Juana de Arguello. Pedro Martin Serrano y Salazar was the son of Luis Martin Serrano and Catalina de Salazar. Luis Martin Serrano was the son of Hernan Martin Serrano and Juana Rodriguez.

The 12 July 1750 Census shows that by the time the 1750 census was taken 27 families resided by the Picuris Mission.

The 1899 Civil Suit (Quiet Title) brought in state court between:

NEPOMUCENO MARTINEZ et. al., Plaintiffs
JULIO RODARTE et. al. , Defendants;

Documents Dated 21 August 1901, # B-291-292-293 list the settlers as follows:
Balentine Martinez,
Eusebio Martin,
Clemente Mestas,
Juan Olgin,
Ramon Martinez,
Andres Sena,
Tomas Medina,
Roque Sanchez,
Felix Martinez,
Juan Jose Martinez,
Manuel Cordova,
Alberto Martinez,
Miguel Gonzales,
Hemegildo Leyba,
Felipe Sena,
Salvador Medina,
Baitiste Benavides,
Francisco Aragon,
Eusebio Medina,
and Juan Benivedes, Deceased,
Original Grantees of Said Santa Barbara Grant.

The Same court document lists 104 persons who are heirs or claiming an interest or title to the grant; as follows:
Jacobo Mascarrenas, Jose Rafael Lopez, Cipriano Martinez, Jose Amelio Sandoval, Romulo Martinez, Antonio Martinez, Santos Muniz, Jose D. Martinez, Jose Isador Fresquez, Manuel Muniz y Torres, Jose Ortega, Jesus Gonzales, Jose Guadalupe Montoya, Maria de la Cruz Casias, Apolinio Gonzales, Juan Medina y Martinez, Juan B. Mascarrenas, Julio Rodarte, Jose Benito Rodarte, Jose Sanchez, Jesus Madrid, Juan F. Chacon, Manuel Mastas, Juan B. Fernandez y Sanchez, Porfirio Alarid, Agapito Medina, Manuel Rodarte, Nestor Lovato, Alejandro Sanchez, Juan B. Fernandez y Pais, Ignacio Madrid, Jose Tubersio Sandoval, Tomas Lopez, Juan Antonio Martinez, Blas Sanchez, Antonio D. Muniz, UrsuloLeyba, Malaquias Martinez, Pedro Sanchez, Juan Ysidro Duran, Pedro Ignacio Duran, Yrinea Gallegos, Agapito Espinoza, Jose Cordova, Feliz Cordova, Santiago Vigil, Jose de Gracia Lovato, Jose Rafael Lujan, Diego A. Martinez, Jose Duran, Vidal Sanchez, Juan Medina Espinoza,Felipe Miera, Manuel A. Lopez, Jose Inez Fresquez, Jose de Gracia Fresquez y Casias, Tomas Duran, Vidal Gallegos, Alejandro Gallegos, Bartolo Vigil, Fermin Madrid, Hermergildo Sanchez, Felix D. Muniz, Noberto Martinez, Manuel Medina, Enrique Archuleta, Nicanor Visargo, Alcario Gonzales, Jesus M . Martinez, Jose Eselao Duran, Juan Eulalio Sanchez, Juan Mes, Jose Nicanor Duran, Miguel Lobato, Dabid Medina, Jose Tebosio Archuleta, Juan Garcia, Albino Agurre, Jose Vicente Garcia, Jose de Jesus Lopez, Manuel Cordova, Maria Vicente Trujillo, Juan Jose Baca, Manuel Salazar, Cornelio Lujan, Juan F. Cordova, Librado Maestas, Ramon Trujillo, Maria San Juanita Gonzales, Maria Rosalia Malvas, Andres Sanchez, Juan de Jesus Duran, Juan Mestas, Juan B. Archuleta, Esquipula Cruz, Jose G. Fernandez, Jose Pablo Sisneros, Manuel Antonio Fernandez, Jose Rafael Lujan, Jose Miguel Sandoval, Martiano R. Sandoval, Ursula Gonzales, Cornelio Martinez, Manuel Miera, and Jose D. Martinez.

Be advised that I tried to list the names as they are entered in the different documents.

By Alberto Vidaurre