Taos County Obituaries 1923
Taos County, New Mexico
Compiled by Alberto Vidaurre
11 November 2010
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Following are the obits transcribed from the News Paper La Revista Popular de Nuevo Mexico for the year 1923. Date at the end of the entry is the date the obit appears in the news paper.

1- Luis Valencia, 72, died 8 Oct 1922. Survived by his wife Pablita M. Valencia; 3 daughters, 2 sons and 1 brother. Names not listed. Only name listed is Jose Ignacio Valencia (son) who posted the notice. Sunday 29 Oct 1922.

2- Josefita Cintas de Salazar, 19 years and 8 months of Canon de Taos, NM. Died 20 Nov 1922 at 5:00 AM. She was born in Ranchitos de Arriba, NM 19 March 1903. She was the daughter of Apolonio Cintas and Desideria G. Cintas. Survived by parents; Husband of about a year, Victoriano Salazar and a small child less than a month old. 3 brothers and 1 sister. Names not listed. Sunday 26 Nov 1922.

3- Emily Martinez of Taos, NM. Died 31 Dec 1922 at 7:00 PM. Survived by husband Melaquias Martinez; Children James, Francis, Melaquia Jr., Ruben, Guillermo and Lily Martinez. Sunday 7 Jan 1923.

4- Manuel Suazo, 68, of Canon, NM. Died at his son Ruben Rutilio Suazo's residence in El Prado, NM, monday 15 Dec 1922 at 6:30 AM. He died of a chronic illness. Survived by 3 sons Elias, Ben and Rutilio Suazo. Buried tuesday at 10:30 AM In the Ranchitos, NM Cemetery. Sunday 14 Jan 1923.

5- Feladelfo Baca, President of The Normal Hispanic American School at El Rito, Rio Arriba County New Mexico died tuesday night. He was a prominent educator and politician. Funeral service at the New Mexico State capital. Sunday 21 Jan 1923.

6- Feb 9, 1923, tuesday between 5 and 6 PM there was a terrible explosion in the mines of Dawson, NM, killing over 122 miners. Among those killed were the following from Taos County: Anastacio Maestas, son of Manuel Antonio Maestas of Talpa, NM; Andres Gonzales, brother of Isidro Gonzales from El Prado, NM and Jacobo Mondragon, brother of Roy Mondragon of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Some of the dead have been identified as Manuel Ybarra, Al Trujillo, Fred Trujillo, Marcelino Velasquez, Pat Chavez, Tony Oblogk, Crus Rodriguez, Carlos Nacas, Ben Lena, Juan Cruz, Gregorio Duran, Andres Gonzales, Leandro Gonzales, Alex Aguilar, Jose Cortez, Venceslao Mascar, Jesus Mares, Felix Gardea, Julian Dominguez, Fermin Gallegos, Filberto Vialpando, Isidoro Gomes, Jose Anastacio Maestas, Jacobo Mondragon and Martin Torres. Sunday 11 Feb 1923 & 13 Feb 1923.

7- Fidel A. Trujillo of Monte Vista, Co died 1 Feb 1923. Survived by 4 sisters and 1 brother. Names not listed. Sunday 13 Feb 1923.

8- Ruben Valerio, 34 years, 3 months and 2 days of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 3 Feb 1923. He was born in Ranchos de Taos, NM 1 Nov 1888. Survived by wife Ernestina Valerio. Sister Silveria and 2 brothers Juan P. and Antonio T. Valerio. Sunday 13 Feb 1923.

9- Matias Archuleta, 78, of La Cieneguia, NM died last week. Survived by his wife Leonarda Vigil de Archuleta; 3 sons Jose, Silviano and Bernabe Archuleta; 2 daughters Lucaria Archuleta and Mrs. Eutimia A. de Romero. Sunday 8 April 1923.

10- Juan N. Vallegos, 74, of Amailia, NM. Died 3 april 1923 of a heart attack. Survived by his wife Faustina Vallejos; Son Max Vallejos and daughter Crisalda de Gallegos. Sunday 15 April 1923.

11- Maria Esilza A. de Pacheco of Las Trampas, NM, died 26 March 1923 at 5:00 PM. Survived by husband Deciderio Pacheco; Children Pacomio, Piedad and Raquel Pacheco. Burial at Las Trampas, NM. Sunday 15 April 1923.

12- Rafaelita Rivera of Monte Vista, Co, died 1 April 1923. Daughter of J. E. Rivera and Doloritas B. Rivera. Interment at Monte Vista Colorado Cemetery. Sunday 15 April 1923.

13- Alejandro Salazar, 49 years, 1 month and 17 days of Dixon, NM, died 8 April 1923. Survived by Wife Virginia G. Salazar; 3 sons Amadeo, Fidel and Samuel Salazar; Adopted daughter Eloisa Salazar. Interment at the Dixon NM Cemetery. Sunday 15 April 1923.

14- Meliton Trujillo, 87, of Los Cordovas, NM Died 14 April 1923 at 5:00 PM. Survived by adopted son Candelario Trujillo, Interment at Los Cordovas NM Cemetery. Sunday 22 April 1923.

15- Irineo Maes of Valdez, NM, died 18 April 1923. Survived by his wife, 1 daughter and 2 sons. Names not listed. Sunday 22 April 1923.

16- Carlos Sandoval, 52, of Taos, NM, Died 18 April 1923. Survived by his mother Victoria M. de Sandoval; Brother Juan Sandoval. Sunday 22 April 1923.

17- Delfina Maestas, 18 years, 5 months and 27 days of Penasco, NM. Daughter of Ramon Maestas and Anita O. Maestas, died of kidney problems 17 April 1923 at 12 noon. Funeral services in Penasco, NM at St. Anthony Catholic Church by Rev. Father P. Kupper. Sunday 29 April 1923.

18- Perfecta S. Martinez, 38 years and 5 days of El Vado, NM died 20 april 1923 at 1:30 AM. Survived by husband Cayetano Martinez; 4 sons and 2 daughters. Names not listed. Brother Luis Speer; Sister Juanita Speer. Funeral service at Ensenada, NM. Sunday 29 April 1923.

19- Emilio Romero of Las Truches, NM, died 16 March 1923 at 6:30 AM. Survived by wife Beatriz D. Romero; Children Cosme and Clorinda Romero; Parents Manuel and Filomena T. Romero. Sunday 29 April 1923.

20- Sunday 5 May 9 men remain buried in a mine belonging to Southwest Mine of Rocky Mountain Fuel Company 3 miles from Aguilar, Co due to an explosion. 12 men were buried but 3 managed to escape with their lifes. Sunday 12 May 1923.

21- Melcor Alderette of Progresso, NM died at Tajique, Torrance County New Mexico 1 May 1923. Funeral service and burial held at Willard, NM. Survived by wife Predicanda Torres de Alderette; 1 daughter and 3 sons. Names not listed; Sister Maria de Torres, wife of Macario Torres; Brother Felipe Alderette, all of Progresso, Torrance County NM. Sunday 12 May 1923.

22- Juanita T. de Chavez of Llano, NM. Died 12 May 1923 at 10:00 PM. Wife of the deceased Bartolome Chavez. Survived by step-son Marcos Chavez and family. 2 of his children, Santiago and Petrita Chavez grand children of Juanita T. Chavez lived with her from the time of her husband Bartolome Chavez death until her death. Sunday 2 June 1923.

23- Aurora Carley, 6 years old, of the mining town of Cerrillos, NM. Died Wednesday of last week. She was ran over by a truck driven by her brothers, 17 year old Robert. He did not see her sitting behind the back tires of the truck and he backed the vehicle over her, she died instantly. Aurora Carley was the daughter of Joe Carley, one of the Cerrillos, NM Miners. Sunday 9 June 1923.

24- Rev. Father Simon Alvernne, ancient Franciscan Monk who came from France, died 3 weeks ago in the Santa Fe, NM Sanitarium. He came to the Americas in 1893 with Archbishop Chapelle and 18 other Franciscan Monk candidates. He served with Father Camilo Seux for 14 years in San Juan, NM. He also served with Father F. Jose Valdez in Taos, NM. in addition to Puerto de Luna and El Rito, NM. Sunday 9 June 1923.

25- Refugio Duran de Cordova of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died sunday. Survived by husband Agapito Cordova. Various sons and daughters. Names not listed. Sunday 9 June 1923.

26- Ramon Lara of Cerro, NM. Died thursday of this week. He had suffered for 4 months with his illness prior to his death. Sunday 9 June 1923.

27- Luisa C. Martinez, 51, of Ranchitos de Arriba, NM, died 5 June 1923. She was born in Taos, NM 6 March 1872. She married Benigno Martinez 5 June 1889. Survived by her husband; 6 daughters and 1 son. Names not listed. Sister Dorotea; 2 brothers Lino and Pedro; Father Miguel Casados. Funeral service at Ranchitos de Arriba with burial at the San Francisco Cemetery. Sunday 9 June & Saturday 16 June 1923.

28- Rev. Issac W. Dwire, Methodist Episcopal Minister of Taos, NM, died at his residence 17 June 1923. He was born at West Lodi, Ohio 15 Sept 1849. He was ordained a Minister in Nebraska. He came to this area for heath reasons. He served as an agricultural instructor to the Taos Pueblo, NM. Taos County Deputy Treasurer; Taos County Public Schools Superintendent, Justice of the Peace and as Probate Judge. At the time of his death he had served as Director and Vice-President of Taos First State Bank. His first wife died in 1917. He is survived by his 2nd-wife; 1 son and 2 daughters. Names not listed. Saturday 23 June 1923.

29- Josefa Martinez of Arroyo Seco, NM, died tuesday of this week. Survived by her husband Ramon Martinez; 1 son and 2 daughters. Names not listed. Saturday 30 June 1923.

30- Ascencion Cintas de Aguilar, died thursday. She was the wife of the deceased Donaciano Aguilar. Survived by son Manuel Aguilar. Saturday 30 June 1923.

31- Ramon Trujillo, former resident of Talpa, NM, died wednesday 20 June 1923 about 130 PM in the mining camp of Dawson, NM. When he was accidently shocked by an electrical current. Saturday 30 June 1923.

32- Toribio Castillo of Colonia Mexicana, Delta, Co, died 28 June 1923. Survived by wife and 4 children. Names not listed. Saturday 14 July 1923.

33- Ricardo Martinez, 30 of Talpa, NM, died 16 July 1923 at a Salida, Colorado hospital. He was electrocuted when he touched a wire carrying electricity. Survived by wife Emilia D. de Martinez; Daughter Felicitas Martinez. He was a World War I Veteran. Son of Santiago Martinez and Felicitas Arguello, deceased, of Guadalupita Mora County, NM. Funeral service held 21 July 1923 with burial at the Llano Quemado, NM Cemetery. Saturday 28 July & 4 Aug 1923.

34- Josefa Abeyta de Mondragon of Ranchos de Taos, NM, died tuesday at night at her residence. Survived by her husband Abel Mondragon; Son Donaciano, Jose Maria and Gomercindo Mondragon; 4 daughters Mrs. Luicita M. de Salazar, Antonia M. de Vargas, Irene M. de Sandoval and Maria Agueda M. de Mondragon. Saturday 21 July 1923.

35- Ruperto H. Trujillo of Taos, NM died 18 July 1923. He was born 29 March 1859. Parents Sostenes Trujillo and Marcia Aniceta Esquibel of Taos, NM. He was educated by "Padre El Presbitero Antonio Jose Martinez." He married Hipolita Trujillo 29 Nov 1881. Of this marriage he is survived by Sons Alfredo, Carlos and Patricio Trujillo; Daughters Otilia T. de Rodriguez, Amalia T. de Vigil, Anita T. de Martinez, Luisa T. Des Georges and Ofelia T. de Sandoval. In 1912 Hipolita died and on 12 Nov 1915 Ruperto Trujillo married Florentina Vargas de Trujillo. Who survive him along with his father; Brother Amadeo and Sister Piedad T. de Trujillo. Sat 21 July 1923 & 25 Aug 1923.

36- Miguelita Torres de Salas of Willard, NM, died 16 July 1923. Survived by husband Guillermo B. Salas; 3 daughters Florinda, Ignacita and Magdalena Salas; Mother Andrellita T. de Torres; 4 brothers Daniel, Francisco, Antonio, Clemente and Marino T. Torres. Saturday 28 July 1923.

37- General Francisco Villa of Mexico was shot and killed from ambush 20 July 1923, by a group of mounted men. Villa his secretary Col. Miguel Trillo and 2 others. All in Villa's automobile were killed. Saturday 28 July 1923.

38- Laureano Hidalgo died thursday of this week in a Denver, Co hospital. Saturday 28 July 1923.

39- Verda Tarleton of Taos, NM, died monday of this week in the mountains of Western Colorado. When the vehicle she was in overturned. She was the daughter of H. W. Tarleton and Minnie Witt Tarleton. Funeral service held thursday and burial at the Taos Kit Carson Cemetery. Saturday 28 July 1923.

40- Luisita Pacheco of Rio Del Pueblo, NM, well known "Medica" died 23 July 1923. She was thought of highly by the resident of Rio Del Pueblo, NM. and her death leaves a terrible loss. Saturday July 1923.

41- Leonardo Valerio of Talpa, NM, Died thursday evening. He died as a result of blood loss from a gun shot wound from a rifle that destroyed his right arm. Survived by his wife, mother, 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Names not listed. Saturday 4 Aug 1923.

42- Apolonio Herrera, 45, of Mora, NM, Was shot and killed sunday. Apolonio Herrera got involved in an argument with Macario, Tito and Gomincindo Trujillo, over some water being used for irrigation. Herrera was thrown to the ground and shot in the back with a revolver. It was said by Mora County Prosecutor, Luis E. Armijo that Gomicindo Trujillo was the one who fired the gun shot. The ages of the attackers are 21, 23 and 32. Saturday 25 Aug 1923.

43- Soledad Santsitevan de Rael of Arroyo Hondo, NM, died last saturday of a heart attack. Survived by her husband. Name not listed. Daughter Carolina; 4 sons Sofio, Melecio, Juan Bautista and Eliu Rael; Sister Mrs. Rumaldita Santistevan; 3 brothers Jose Manuel, Eliseo and Jesus Maria Satistevan. Funeral services were held saturday by Rev. Father J. Giraud. Saturday 25 Aug 1923.

44- Castalo Duran, 48 years and 4 months, died 12 August 1923, he was from Monte Vista, Co. He died in Hoehne, Colorado where he had gone for health reasons, to stay with his brother, Cleofes Duran. Survived by his wife Cirila Marquez de Duran; 2 daughters Delfina and Genara Duran; 2 brothers Catalino and Cleofes Duran; 4 sisters Virginia D. de Garcia, Teresita D. de Gonzales, Juana Maria D. de Garcia and Benancia de Lara. He was born in Arroyo Seco, NM 25 March 1875. Parents Doroteo Duran and Jesusita M. de Duran. Buried at the Catholic Cemetery of Esparanza. Saturday 25 Aug 1923.

45- Wm. H. Meyer, 80, of San Luis, Co, died 22 Aug 1923. He was born in Hanover, Germany in 1843. Survived by wife Manuelita Vigil de Mayer, 1 son, 3 daughters and 1 brothers. Names not listed. Saturday 1 Sept 1923.

46- Tomas Mondragon of Ranchos de Taos, NM, died thursday of last week. Son of Damacio Mondragon and Maria Juana Valerio de Mondragon. He died of heart problems. Saturday 1 Sept 1923.

47- Sister Maria Macrina, 84, of the religious order of the Sisters of Loretto, died sunday in the convent in Santa Fe, NM. She was buried at Nuestra Senora del Rosario Cemetery Santa Fe, NM.Saturday 1 Sept 1923.

48- Jose Miera of Placitas de Los Luceros, NM, died in a Rock Springs, Wyo hospital as a result of injuries he received in a mine explosion, where over 129 men were killed in a coal mine explosion in Kemmerer, Wyo. He was a nephew of Manuel Miera. Saturday 1 Sept 1923.

49- Juan C. Lucero of Aurora, NM, died 15 aug 1923. He was a representative to the New Mexico legislature in 1889, from Colfax County NM. He was born in Rio Arriba 3 May 1843. Survived by wife Luisita G. Lucero; 2 sons Vences and Agustin Lucero; 4 daughters Mrs. Nicolasa West, Mrs. Juanita L. Lopez, Mrs. Domitila Nurante and Mrs. Aurora Thompson. Buried in the Aurora, NM Cemetery. Saturday 1 Sept 1923.

50- Manuel Sandoval of Chacon, Mora County, NM, died 25 August 1923. As a result of an attack of pneumonia. Survived by his wife. Name not listed. Sons Juan Andres, Tiburcio, Abel, and Benedito Sandoval; 4 Daughters Lucinda, leonor, Tonita and Emilia Sandoval, wife of Cosme Garcia, Saturday 8 Sept 1923.

51- Ramon Sanchez, 70, of Penasco, NM, died sunday 23 Sept 1923. He was born 1851 in Alcalde, Rio Arriba County, NM of humble and poor parents. He moved to Taos County and became a merchant that at the time of his death was considered one of the county wealthiest. He served as Taos County School Superintendent, Taos County Treasurer and Tax Collector, Representative to the Territorial Legislature and State Senator. Survived by 2nd wife Virginia Medina Sanchez, niece of Cura Padre Ramon Medina; Brother Francisco Sanchez of Roy, NM; Niece Francisquita Sanchez; 3 nephews Vidalito, Toribio and Felix Sanchez. Buried in the Penasco, NM Catholic Cemetery. Saturday 29 Sept 1923.

52- Teodorita M. Dominguez, 22, of Chamisal, Nm, died 16 Sept 1923 at 4:00 PM. Survived by husband Petrolino Dominguez; Parents Jacobo Martinez and Melindra Romero, deceased. Parents-in-law Jacobo Dominguez and Gumicinda M. Dominguez; Sister Maximiana Martinez. She was born in Mora, NM 2 Nov 1901. Married Petrolino Dominguez 10 Aug 1922. Saturday 29 Sept 1923.

53- Jose Maria Esquibel of this city,(Taos,NM) died sunday morning. He had been sick for some time. He is the brother of Samuel Esquibel. Also survived by wife and 3 children. names not listed. Saturday 6 Oct 1923.

54- The young daughter, 12 years of age, of Juan Climaco Padilla and his wife was shot and killed accidently by her young brother last saturday. The young girl came in the door at the time her brother was leaving when the weapon went off striking her on the heart, killing her instantly. Saturady 6 Oct 1923.

55- Alejandro Gusdorf died in Colorado Springs, Thursday night. He was born in Plymount, Germany 3 Dec 1848. On the advice of his uncle the merchant Zadoc Stabb, he left Germany to come to the United States of America when he was 15 years old in 1864. He became a merchant working for his uncle for 2 years. He later operated his own merchant business in Penasco, NM. He went to Santa Fe, NM. In 1871 he opened a flour mill in Ranchos de Taos, NM. The flour was to supply the military forces. In 1878 he went back to Germany to marry Bertha Ferse. In 1880 he returned to Ranchos de Taos, NM and opened the first steam operated flour mill. In 1895 a fire destroyed the flour mill. He moved his merchant business to the city of Taos, NM. In 1904 he sold his business to his brother Gerson Gusdorf and J.H.McCarthy. He organized the First State Bank of Taos in 1917 and served as its President until his death. Survived by his wife; Brother; 2 daughters Elsie, wife of C. D. Weimer of Colo Springs, Co and Corrine, wife of Lou Weil of Los Angeles, Ca. Funeral services in Taos, NM Sunday evening. Conducted by the local Order of The Masons. Buried at the Taos, NM Kit Carson Cemetery, Saturday 20 Oct 1923.

56- Diego Manuel Chamorro, President of The Republic of Nicaragua died today (20 Oct 1923) at 6:00 PM in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. He was a member of the famous family that governed Nicaragua since 1910. Saturday 20 Oct 1923.

57- Eulogia T. de Herrera, 24 years, 3 months and 8 days and her 8 month old daughter died 1 Nov 1923 at 6:00 A, at their residence in Rawlins, Wyo. When their residence caught fire. Survived by her husband Antonio Herrera and 3 year old son, who also suffered serious injuries in the fire, but survive and are in the hospital. Also survived by 3 brothers, 3 sisters and Parents. Names not listed. Her father Pedro A. Trujillo of Black Lake, NM, submitted the death notice. Saturday 17 Nov 1923.

58- Nicolasa Trujillo of Taos, NM, Died monday morning. She was the sister of the well known Taoseno, Pedro R. Trujillo. She had been suffering with her illness for more than a year. Funeral service by Rev. Father Jose Giraud. Interment at La Loma Cemetery Taos, NM. Saturday 3 Dec 1923.

59- Josefina Lopez de Lucero of Espanola, Rio Arriba County, NM. Wife of Senator Amado Lucero, merchant in Espanola, NM. Josefina Lopez de Lucero had been suffering with heart problems for over 2 years. She had gone to several places seeking medical help for her heart problems. She went to El Paso, Texas in November seeking medical help and hoping that the lower altittude would help her. She died in El Paso, Tx sunday of this week. She was born in Santa Fe, NM. Her mother was Mrs. Pilar Montoya de Lopez descendent of the families that came from Spain. She was educated in the Loretto Academy. She and her husband moved to Santa Cruz, NM and for the last 30 years they have lived in Espanola, NM. She is survived by her husband Amado Lucero; Son Alfredo Lucero of Santa Cruz, NM; Brothers Celso Lopez, Mayor of Santa Fe, NM. Funeral service were held thursday at Santa Cruz, NM by Rev. Father Salvador Gene. Interment at the Santa Cruz, NM Cemetery. Saturday 3 Dec 1923.

60- Fedelita Sanchez de Gallegos, 58, of Questa, NM, died 11 Dec 1923 of a chronic illness that she suffered with for a long time. Survived by her husband M. S. Gallegos and several siblings. Names not mentioned. Saturday 22 Dec 1923.

61- Esmeralda Maes of Amalia, NM, young daughter of Frank S. Maes and Mrs. Feninace A. de Maes died 5 Dec 1923. Survived by her parents; Grandfather Jose Cleofes Arellano; Several brothers and sisters. Names not listed. Saturday 22 Dec 1923.

62- Luis Ortiz, 75, farmer, resident of Rio Arriba County, NM. Died monday of this week in Los Angeles, Calif. Her served as Rio Arriba County Clerk, Rio Arriba County Sheriff and as Auditor when we were still a territory. Saturday 22 Dec 1923.

63- Patricio Maes, 1 year and 2 months of Amalia, NM, died at his residence. Son of Fidel Maes and his wife, Name not listed. Date on death notice 20 Dec 1923.. Saturday 29 Dec 1923.

64- Adelaida L. Lopez, 24, died in Cheyenne, Wyo, 15 Aug 1923. Survived by husband Jose Lopez. Saturday 12 January 1924.

65- David Vigil, 87, of Amalia, NM, died 31 Dec 1923 at 10:00 PM. Survived by children Wife of J. T. Trujilo, wife of Felix Esquibel, Enrique Vigil, Elvira Vigil and Jesusita Vigil. Accompained by his now deceased wife Maria Luisa Manzanares, He was one of the first settlers of Rio Colorado of Costilla. Making his home in the Manzanares Plaza. Saturday 12 Jan 1924.