Taos County Obituaries 1946
Taos County, New Mexico
By Alberto Vidaurre 3-12-2011©
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Following are the obits for the year of 1946. Extracted from the New Paper El Taoseno and The Taos Review. The Newspapers was always published on Thursday of each week.

Format used: Name- Age - Residence- Date of Death- Date obit appears-

1- PFC. Juan V. Sandoval, 23 of Ranchos de Taos was found dead last Wednesday in the Contra Costa County Canal near Camp Stoneman, Ca. According to Inspector Ray Stoffels of the Contra County Sheriffs Office, Pittsburg, California. Sandoval had been missing since Dec 2, five days after arriving at Camp Stoneman from the Philippines, Stoffels said. Juan V. Sandoval went overseas May 7 1944. His wife, Teresina, lives at Ranchos de Taos, NM. Stoffels said there was no evidence of foul play. 10 Jan 1946.

2- Rev. J. Paul Stevens officiated this morning at the funeral service for the infant (name not listed) of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Shaffer. The Hanlon Funeral home was in charge of Arrangements. 10 Jan 1946.

3- Mrs. Simon Tejada, 71 of Taos, NM. passed away Saturday Jan 12, 1946 at Holy Cross Hospital following an emergency operation. Both she and her husband were natives of Spain and have been living in this parts of New Mexico for the past 16 years. Burial at Sierra Vista Taos, NM Cemetery. 17 Jan 1946.

4- Frank Shelton pioneer New Mexico resident died at the hospital here Thursday. Arriving in New Mexico from Indiana in 1886. He left the state for a few years to engage in the cattle business in Texas where he served as Sheriff of both Midland and Martin Counties. He returned to New Mexico in 1902 and was employed for more that 30 years by the Phelps-Dodge Corp. at Dawson,NM. Prior to entering the Raton Hospital last summer, Shelton had lived 16 years in Albuq., NM. Survived by 9 children, 1 brother, 1 sister and 16 grandchildren. Names not listed. 24 Jan 1946.

5- Erlinda Ela Romero 11 years and 9 months of Llano Quemado, NM. Died 9 Jan 1946. When she was 2 years old she was struck with the illness known as paralisis infantil that she suffered with until her death. Survived by her parents Benito and Albina M. Romero; Siblings Gregorita, Criselda, Elverio, Beres, Adonias and Maurelio Romero. 24 Jan 1946.

6- Abelina Zenaida de Cisneros of Questa, NM died. (date and age not listed) Survived by sons Antonio M. Cordova, Ricardo and Porfirio N. Cordova, Joe M. Cordova and Frank E. Cordova; Daughter Edumenia Cordova; 5 brothers and 1 sister. (Names not listed). Burial 10 Jan 1946 in Questa, NM. 24 Jan 1946.

7- Josefita M. Trujillo, 81 years, 2 months and 3 days, native of Taos, NM died at her daughter's Mrs. Rafaelita T. Martinez residence in Salida, Co. 7 Jan 1946. She was the wife of Manuel O. Trujillo who died 13 Feb 1935. He was Taos County Sheriff in 1921 to 1922. Survived by daughters Rafaelita T. Martinez, Francisquita T. Olonia and Urcina T. Martinez; Sons T. A. Trujillo and Abel Martinez. Burial at the Fairview Cemetery Salida, Co. 24 Jan 1946.

8- Frank T. Cheetham, prominent Taos Attorney, age 73 died at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. At 4:30 PM Wednesday Jan 30,1946, following a serious illness. He came to Taos, NM from Topeka, Kanasas in 1912. He was a State Representative from Taos County. He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Eva E. Higgins; sons Herbert, Wallace, Everett and Lowell Cheetham; Brothers Arthur and Clarence. Burial to be held at Sierra Vista Taos Cemetery. 31 Jan 1943.

9- Pedro Baca of Taos, NM. Died Tuesday at the U. S. Army Engineers hospital in Los Alamos, NM. He was a veteran of the first world war, he was employed at the atomic bomb project at Los Alamos for several years. 31 Jan 1943.

10- Leandro Carrillo 57 of Taos, NM was found dead Wednesday morning laying besides the highway leading to Santa Fe, NM. About one half mile from the village of Taos. He was found by a school bus driver who notified the Sheriff department. After an investigation is was determined the he was struck by a hit and run driver, Tuesday evening about 8:30 PM. He was preceded in death by his wife, who died 10 Sept 1945. Survived by sons Joe Ben Carillo and Louis Carillo; Daughter Mrs. Dora Medina. 31 Jan 1946.

11- Mrs. Lavina Jane (Jennie) Burrell died at Taos Holy Cross Hospital Saturday at 3:00 PM 2 Feb 1946. Originally from Kentucky born 14 Oct 1870. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Dorris. Moved to Colorado back in the pioneer days. Survived by sisters Mrs. Mary C. Lewis and Mrs. Conant; Brothers John and George Dorris; Daughter Mrs. Ruth G. Fish; Grand daughter Mrs. Dorris Coyne and 5 great grandchildren. Her body was taken to Denver, Co. for funeral service and burial. 7 Feb 1946.

12- A. E. Montieth of Clayton, NM. Died this morning at 2:00 AM of a heart attack. Survived by his wife (name not listed) and daughter Mrs. Juanita Howell of Taos, NM. 7 Feb 1946.

13- Edward Riegler, around 60 years old. A resident of this county for many years was found dead last Thursday in his lonely mountain cabin near Questa, NM. By Cornelio Sisneros who was in the area rounding up cattle. He entered the cabin and found Mr. Riegler shot to death with a pistol clasped in his left hand, Sisneros immediately notified Ezequiel Rael, deputy sheriff, who in turn notified the sheriff. After and investigation the coroner jury determined that Edward Riegler died of a self inflicted gun shot with a 32-20 pistol. Survived by 2 sons and a daughter who came to the funeral from Calif. Burial was at the Questa, NM cemetery. 14 Feb 1846.

14- Josefita Salazar of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 7 Feb 1946. Survived by her husband Luz Salazar; Step-children Clodoveo Salazar of Ranchos de Taos, NM, Juan N. Jaramillo of Walsenburg, Co. and Mrs. Felix Valerio of Ranchos de Taos, NM. 14 Feb 1946.

15- Sofia Arellano 66 of Costilla, NM. Died Tuesday 19 Feb 1946 at the Taos Holy Cross Hospital. She was the daughter o Mr. and Mrs. Jose I. Arellano, who preceded her in death many years ago. Survived by son Fulgencio Arellano; Daughters Mrs. Lola Rael and Mrs. Anita Vigil and 13 grand children. Burial at the Costilla, NM Cemetery. 28 Feb 1946.

16- Domitilla M. Romero 31 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 25 Feb 1946. Wife of Sebastian Romero. Born in Ranchos de Taos, NM. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nabor Medina. Interment at the Ranchos de Taos NM Cemetery. 28 Feb 1946.

17- Androlico Sanchez 26 of Llano, NM. Died last Wednesday in Rock Spring, Wyo. Following an attack of infantile Paralysis which kept him confined to the Wyoming General Hospital Rock Spring for 30 days. He was born and raised in Llano, NM and had been employed in Rock Spring, Wyo only 6 months when he was stricken. He was employed by the Union Pacific Coal Company. Survived by his wife Ophilia; Son Eugene and 2 daughters, Edna and Nancy Sanchez; Mother Mrs. Josefita Lobato; Sister Mrs. Rosanita Sanchez. Burial at the Llano, NM Cemetery.
7 March 1946.

18- Jose Manuel Santistevan 85 of Taos, NM. Died at his home 25 Feb 1946 of a heart attack, following a long illness. Born in Ranchos de Taos, NM. The son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Santistevan. In 1909 he married Miss. Sinforasa Naranjo of Union County, NM. He is survived by his wife; Brother Jesus M. Santistevan. Burial at the Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. 7 March 1946.

19- Justin Joseph McCarthy of Taos, NM died Friday 1 March 1946. Born 1 Sept 1905 in Forest, Illinois. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Justin McCarthy. He came to Taos with his parents as a small child. He attended St. Joseph school in Taos, St. Michael college in Santa Fe and Regis college in Denver, Co. Survived by his wife Majorie Lu and infant daughter, Sheila Eileen; Sisters Eileen M. McCarthy and M. Shiela, sisters of Loretto; Brothers Dr.Harry H. McCarthy, John F. McCarthy and George W. McCarthy. Buriel at Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. 7 March 1946.

20- Genoveva S. Martinez 72 of Ranchitos died 21 Feb 1946. Survived by her husband Benigno Martinez, age 82; Brothers Jesus, Leandro and Benito Salazar. Adopted son Espil Montoya. Interment at the San Francisco de Pauda Cemetery in Ranchitos, NM. 7 March 1946.

21- Mrs. Geronima Reyna of Taos Pueblo, NM died Monday morning (10 March 1946) at home. Survived by daughter Vivian and 5 brothers. (Names not listed). 14 March 1946.

22- Friday morning (22 March 1946) at 7:30 AM there will be an anniversary mass held at Talpa,NM honoring Tec. Sgt. Benjamin Espinosa, who was officially reported killed in action, 23 Feb 1946. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Espinosa of Black Lake, NM. 21 March 1946.

23- Otoniel Martinez 62 died 15 Feb 1946 at Bitter Creek, Wyo where he was employed by Blair Hays Company of Rock Springs, Wyo. He was found dead by "El Coporal" the 16th day of Feb 1946 at 10:00 AM at the sheep herders camp. He died accidently of food poisoning. Survived by his wife Equias A. Martinez; Sons Alfonso, Onecimo, Silverio, Basilio and Oclires Martinez; Daughters Frances, Flora Martinez, Erminia M. Romero and adopted daughter Pablita Santistevan. Funeral services at El Santa Nino de Attocha in Amalia, NM. 21 March 146.

24- Doroteo Garcia 94 years and 24 days of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died at home 12 March 1946 at 1:30 PM. Survived by 4 sons Luciano, Raymundo, Vergilio and Agustin Garcia; 2 Daughters Mrs. Onecimo Sanchez and Mrs. Emilio Fernandez; 42 Grandchildren and 12 Great grand children. 38 March 1946.

25- Francisco Salas Martinez of Cordillera, NM. Died 18 March 1946. He was born in Cordillera, NM 9 June 1909, son of Abel Martinez and the deceased Rufina M. Martinez. Survived by his wife Domitilia G. Martinez; Daughters Josefina and Rufina Martinez; Father Abel Martinez; Brothers Jose and Pablo Martinez; Sisters Mrs. Eduardo Gutierrez, Mrs. Amarente Cortez, Mrs. Alejandro Montoya and Mrs. Miguel Trujillo. Interment at the Hartt cemetery. 28 March 1946.

26- Mrs. Robert garcia of Cerro, NM died at Holy Cross hospital on Thursday of last week at age 19 years. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nestor Salazar and was born in Cerro, NM. Survived by her husband, mother and brother. (Names not listed) 4 April 1946.

27- Amalia, NM Pioneer Mrs. Gavin A. Mascarenas died Wednesday at her home in Amalia, NM at the age of 65 years. Burial took place in Amalia, NM. Survived by 3 daughters and 2 sons. (Names not listed) 4 April 1946.

28- Epitacia S. Garcia 70 died 21 March 1946. Wife of Caraciolo Garcia. Survived by her husband; Sons Pete, Fulgeancio, Silviano, Cristobal, Prudencio and Miguel Garcia. (Residence not listed). 4 April 1946.

29- Lorenzo Martinez 79 of Taos Pueblo, NM died 31 March 1946. He attended St. Joseph school, St. Michael in Santa Fe, NM and the famous Carlisle Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He worked as a printer at the Taos Valley News and interpreted in the local courts. He was the first Pueblo Indian to serve in Washington on Indian Affairs from this area. He also served for many years as a United States Deputy Officer for the Indian Service. Survived by his wife Emily Lujan, son-in-law, 1 grand daughter (names not listed) and brothers Juan de Jesus Martinez. 11 April 1946.

30- Eliseo Gonzales, Taoseno living in Wagon Mound, NM was stricken with a sudden illness and passed away Wednesday (10 April 1946) evening about 6:00 PM. He was the son of the late Enrique Gonzales, Village of Taos first Mayor, and Mrs. Gonzales, who resides at La Loma St. Taos, NM. His remains will be brought to Taos and the service conducted at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Survived by his mother; Wife Juanita Clouther Gonzales; 3 Sisters Mrs. Tillie Bodie of Abiquiu, Mrs. Maria Rivera of Capulin, Co and Miss Manuelita Gonzales of Taos, NM. 11 April 1946.

31- Celso Martinez 68 of Llano de San Juan, NM. Died 30 March 1946 at 7:00 AM of stomach problems that kept him in bed for 4 months. He was born 5 July 1877. Survived by his wife Telesfora M. Martinez; Sons Leopoldo and Prudencio Martinez; Daughters Olimpia M. Medina, Claudia Martinez and Macelina Martinez; Father-In-Law 90 year old Manuel Medina; Sisters Sara M. Lobato, Adelaida M. Sena, Isabel M. Medina and Indalecia M. Chacon. Burial at the Chapl Cemetery in Llano de San Juan, NM. 11 April 1946.

32- Ursulita Abeyta de Espinosa 34 years of Los Cordovas, NM. Died 29 March 1946 at 9:00 AM. She died giving birth to twins. Born in Los Cordovas, NM in 1912. Daughter of Max Abeyta and Reginita P. Abeyta. Survived by her parents; Husband Edmundo Espinosa; 9 children, the oldest being 14 years old and the youngest- twins 13 hours old; Brothers Ambrocio, Eduardo, Pablo and Emilio Abeyta; Sister Mrs. Ricardo Cardenas. Interment at Las Penas Negras Cemetery Los Cordovas, NM. 11 April 1946.

33- Mrs. S. C. Mosley, desk clerk at La Fonda Hotel, left Sunday for Capitan, NM. Upon receiving word that her brother J. O. Simpson, had lost his life when his cabin in Capitan, NM burned. Mr. Simpson was recently discharged from the U. S. Navy. He served more that 18 months over sea. He was 39 years old. 18 April 1946.

34- Jose P. Santistevan 74 of San Cristobal, NM. Died at the Holy Cross Hospital Saturday 20 April 1946. Born and raised in San Cristobal, NM, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roman Santistevan. Survived by a son Polito Santsitevan and 3 daughters. (Names not listed). 25 April 1946.

35- Henry Welch was found lying on the street in Taos, NM. Saturday night. "He was drunk and passed out." He was taken and placed in a solitary cell at the county court house. Early the next morning it was discovered that he had died during the night. His brother Epifanio Welch was notified and a coroner jury of six men was called. Dr. Hollis was called but the elderly man's body had already been moved to a cot and not much could be ascertained. The death certificate signed by police Judge Demetrio Rodrigues states that death was due to liquor and to heart failure. He was the son of William Welch who came to the Taos valley in the pioneer days from Oregon and his wife Ramoncita Medina of Arroyo Hondo. Henry Welch was born in Ranchos de Taos, NM in 1884. He was married to Salome Martinez, he lived in Taos, NM all his life. He was a black smith by trade. Interment at the Sierra Vista Cemetery. 25 April 1946.

36- Mrs. Hildergarde Donaldson of New Haven, Connecticut passed away Wednesday morning at the Taos, NM Holy Cross hospital. She had been ill for some time and had entered the hospital here April 17,1946, coming here from Ojo Caliente, NM. Her husband Norman V. Donaldson arrived a few days ago, during her illness. Mrs. Donaldson was a friend of Mrs. Mabel Lujan. Burial was at the Taos, NM. Sierra Vista Cemetery. 2 May 1946.

37- Mr. and Mrs. Jose Aguilar from Chamisal, NM have received notice from the quarter master general in Washington, D.C. regarding their son Pvt. Jose O. Aguilar Jr. who gave his life for his country and was interred in the cemetery of Ipswich, Queensland Australia. The body has been disinterred and is being sent to this country for ultimate burial. 2 May 1942.

38- Facundo Cisneros 66 of Amalia, NM died 14 March 1946 at 9:00 AM. Survived by his wife Virginia D. Sisneros; Daughter Josie Archuleta; Adopted daughter Aurelia and sons Candido, Delfino and Jose Cisneros. 9 May 1946.

39- Felix Medina 53 of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Died at the Veterans hospital in Albuq. NM. He was a veteran of WW I. Survived by his wife Petrita A. Medina; Children Clodoveo, Rodolfo, Apolinar and Nazaria; 2 grandchildren; Brother Lino Medina. 9 May 1946.

40- Ralph M. Eppley office manager of the Molybdenum Corporation of America in Questa, NM died Friday 10 May 1946. Following several days of hospitalization for a cerebral hemorrage. Which occurred May 7 in Questa, NM. He was born in Denver, Co 21 Nov 1894. He attended school in Colorado and Kansas. He was a veteran of WW I, associated with the Continental Oil Company in Great Falls, Montana before accepting the position of office manager with Molybdenum in Questa, NM in 1924. He is survived by his wife Tonia Eppley; Son Dorman; Daughter Marianne; Mother Mrs. Della Eppley and a sister Mrs. Homer Fluckey, all of Denver, Co. Burial at the Taos, NM Sierra Vista cemetery. 16 May 1946.

41- Joseph L. Garcia, native of Arroyo Seco, NM. Was found dead in Rawlins, Wyo where he was employed for many years. He was found in his room, with his throat cut lying in bed. Survived by 3 brothers and 2 sisters. (Names not listed). 16 May 1946.

42- Miss Lucia B. Vigil, 20 year old daughter of Tranquilino Vigil and Juanita S. Vigil, died early Sunday morning, May 19, 1946 as a result of injuries received in a tragic motor vehicle accident on the Santa Fe highway. Survived by her parents; 6 sisters Isabel, Teresina, Virginia, Duane, Ruth Vigil and Mrs. Viola Romero; Small brother Tranquilino Vigil Jr.She was born 15 Dec 1925 in Canon de Fernadez, NM. Burial at the Canon, NM Cemetery. 23 May 1946.

43- George E. Remley, lawyer and former State Senator from Colfax County, NM. Died at his home in Santa Fe, NM, Wednesday. He was acting Governor at one time when the Governor, Lt.Governor and Secretary of State were out of state. As President Pro-Tem of the Senate, the job fell to him. 23 May 1946.

44- Luis Maestas 65 resident of Canon de Taos, NM, died at the Denver Colorado General hospital, 23 April 1946. Survived by his wife Rebecca M. de Maestas; Son Felipe Maestas; Daughters Mrs.Estella M. Lucero, Mrs. Matilde M. Romo, Mrs. Clorinda M. Pacheco, Mrs. Feloniz M. Ruybalid, Mrs. Amelia M. Gutierrez and Mrs. Dora M. Natividad; Brother Jacobo Maestas; Sister Mrs. Luisita M. Trujillo. Burial at the Plazita de Canon NM Cemetery. 23 May 1946.

45- Mrs Of. Mares of Black Lake, NM has submitted a poem in memory of 2 Black Lake, NM Heros who died in the service. Pvt. Louis A. Martinez Jr. Who died 2 March 1944 in New Britain South West Pacific and Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Espinosa, who was officially reported killed in action 23 Feb 1946 in the European Theatre's operation. 30 May 1946.

46- Agueda Valdez de Medina of La Jara, Co. Died 24 May 1946 at Alamosa, Co, due to pneumonia. Survived by husband J. I. Medina; Mother, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. (Names not listed). Funeral services at the San Jose Church in Capulin, Colorado with interment at the Capulin Colo Cemetery. 30 May 1946.

47- Merritt C. Mechem, Ex-Governor of New Mexico, District Court Judge and New Mexico State Supreme Court Justice, prominent in the Republican politic circles died in Albuq, NM last Friday at the age of 76 years. 30 May 1946.

48- Eduardo Gonzales 57, former Taos, NM Native died 4 May 1946 in Alamosa, Co where he was residing. Son of Severo Gonzales and Dorotea Gonzales of the Taos area. Survived by his wife Fidela Gonzales; 4 daughters Mrs. Antonio Barela, Mrs. Nick Barela, Mrs. Fred Chacon and Dorothy Gonzales; 2 sons Eduardo and Obed Gonzales; Brother Flavio Gonzales; Sister Mrs. Luis Romero and uncle Pedro Barela. 30 May 1946.

49- Antonio M. Martinez 75 was found dead in his house in Canon, NM, early Tuesday morning. He died as a result of suffocation from the fire. Investigation attributed the suffocation death to a burning cigarette which caught his bedding on fire. He was 75 years old and lived alone. Buried at the Canon, NM Cemetery. 6 June 1946.

50- Emilia Velasquez 72 native of Taos, NM. now a resident of Monte Vista, Co, died 26 May 1946 at 9:00 AM. Survived by sons Bill and Jose Velasquez; Daughters Isabel Velasquez, Mrs. Frank Sandoval, Mrs. J. Eloy Flores; Grandson she raised Antonio Velasquez; Brother Juan Benavides. 6 June 1946.

51- Rafael Archuleta 59 years and 8 days. Died 23 May 1946 in Center, CO. A native of Taos, NM born in 1887. He was the son of Emeregildo Archuleta and Maria Lupe Archuleta. 6 June 1946.

52- Maria Cornelia A. de Espinosa 33 Years, 5 months and 12 days died in Boulder, Co 22 May 1946. Native of Amalia, NM. Survived by her husband Ben Espinosa; 2 sons one 8 years old the other 6 years old (Names not Listed). Parents Feliberto Arellano and Sara M. de Arellano; 4 brothers Roberto, Pablo, Moises and Donaciano Arellano. Interment at the Amalia, NM Cemetery. 6 June 1946.

53- Pat DesGeorges 29 of Taos, NM. Died Sunday, at Las Vegas, NM. His body was returned to Taos for the funeral services at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on Wednesday morning with father Maguire officiating. Burial at the Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. Survived by parents Mr. and Mrs. J. A. DesGeorges; Brothers Edward, Louis, Ernest and Joseph DesGeorges. Sisters Mrs. Tony Cordova, Mrs. Tito Montoya, Mrs. Reynaldo DeVeoux and Marian DesGeorges. 20 June 1946.

54- Jose Laureano Padilla 64 of Questa,NM died last week (Date not listed). He came back a few days ago from Wyoming where he had been employed. He was killed a few days before his 65th birthday which is 4 July. His death came about in a tragic way that the authorities are investigating. He was found battered a day after he was beaten and after having spent the night where he was dumped, exposed to the elements. He was taken to the hospital in Taos where he died a few minutes after he arrived. Survived by sons Max and Felipito N. Padilla. 20 June 1946.

55- Carmelita P. Padilla 32 years, 1 month and 19 days died in Monte Vista, Co. 14 June 1946. A Taos native she is survived by her husband Luz Padilla; 2 daughters Carlota and Frances Padilla, Parents Don Pacheco and Josefita M. Pacheco; Sisters Mrs. John Montoya, Mrs. Abe Allen, Mrs. Sais Archuleta and other younger sisters (names not listed). Funeral held at La Iglesia de San Juan in Monte Vista, Co. 27 June 1946.

56-Jose E. Madrid 60 of Rodarte, NM. Died at his mother-in-law Mrs. Teofila G. Romero's home in Rodarte, NM. 29 May 1946. Survived by his wife Melindra R. Madrid; Daughter Onofred; Son Jose E. Madrid; Sisters Epifania M. Sanchez, Beatriz Martinez, Marinita M. Sanchez, Dolorita M. Martinez, Tonita M. Trujillo and Amelia M. Romero and Mother-In-Law Teofila G. Romero. 27 June 1946.

57- Fermin Stine 25 years, 8 months and 25 days of Canon de Taos, NM. Died at Holy Cross hospital Taos, NM 10 June 1946 at 8:00 AM. Survived by father Berry Stine; Sisters Luisita S. Maestas wife of Felipe Maestas and Emma Stine; Brother Nicolas Stine. Interment at the Canon, NM Cemetery. 27 June 1946.

58- Eliseo Gurule 84 of Penasco, NM. Died at his residence 19 June 1946. Survived by his wife Marina S. Gurule; Sons Max, Paul, Nemecio and Jose F. Gurule; Daughters Mrs. Filia G. Pacheco and Mrs. Agripiana G. Martinez. He dedicated all of his life as a Rancher, Farmer, Merchant and to the lumber industry. Interment at the Penasco NM Catholic Cemetery. 11 July 1946.

59- Ernest Varos Jr. 16 months old, son of Ernest and Eufrosina M. Varos of El Prado, NM, died Monday at 3:00 PM as a result of an accident. Sunday the day prior Ernest Jr. about 11:00 AM approached the truck his father was trying to repair. As he came to the truck there was some type of explosion which caused him some burns he died the day after the accident. Information provided by his aunt Mrs. Candido Olivas, sister to Eufrosina Varos. 11 July 1946.

60- Late Monday evening a south bound trailways bus over turned near Socorro, NM when the vehicle left the roadway. The accident occurred when the driver attempted to avoid a collision with a car on which a left front tire had blown out. Among the passengers were 3 Taos people. Mr. and Mrs. Benito Chavez of El Prado, NM and their son-in-law Herman Lujan. They were going to Socorro to visit Mrs. Herman Lujan at the Socorro Hospital. Benito Chavez was the most seriously injured. He suffered a broken collar bone and internal injuries for which he was hospitalized in Socorro. NM. He later died as a result of his internal inguries. 18 July 1946.

61- Simon Tejada 68 of Taos, NM. Died at Taos Holy Cross hospital Sunday morning. His devoted wife passed away Jan 12 of this year (1946). The couple were both born in old Spain and had been well known Paisanos around Canon, NM. For the past 16 years.They had moved to Taos from Mora, NM. Besides being business operators in the community, they will by missed by Taosenos as the prize winning folk dancers during many, many fiestas. Burial service for Mr. Tejada took place Tuesday morning at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church with interment at Taos Sierra Vista cemetery. Survived by 2 daughter Mrs.Maria Asuncion Fernandez and Sister Marie Claire; 6 sons Domingo, Emilio, Brother Berchman, Louis, Alfonso, Jcobo and Moises Tejada. (Note- Simon Tejada wrote many articles and stories about the Taos County Area and Taos County people for the WPA. 25 July 1946.

63- Leocadio Martinez 63 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died early Sunday morning at Taos Holy Cross hospital from a ruptured appendix. He was a prominent merchant and citizen of both Taos and Ranchos. He was born in Taos, NM son of Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Martinez. Survived by his wife Onofre V. de Martinez, Sons Cloy V. and Tito Martinez; Daughter Agapita Martinez. 1 Aug 1946.

64- Mary Denny Vandiver, who was born in St. Clair, Missouri, 10 June 1858. Died at her home in San Cristobal, NM 20 July 1946. The following Wednesday 24 July 1946, her husband J. L. Vandiver born in White County, Georgia 18 Sept 1852, followed his wife in death. They were residents of Taos County for many years. They were married in Walsenburg, Colorado in 1874, 72 years ago. Survived by son George A. Vandiver; Daughter Mrs. Frankie Murray; 15 grand children and 4 great great grand children. Burial at a special plot on their land in San Cristobal, NM. 1 Aug 1946.

65- Alice Lorraine Montoya, 5 years old of El Prado, NM. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Montoya was struck by a bus and killed instantaneously. The tragic accident occurred on highway 3, 2 miles North West of Taos. 1 Aug 1946.

66- Juan P. Romero of Taos, NM. 66 years old died at his home 26 July 1946. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Romero. Survived by his wife Maria V. Romero; Sons Fred, Tony. Frank and Alfonso Romero; Daughters Mrs. Dan Miraman, Mrs. Leo Romero, Mrs. Val Casados and Mrs. Gusta F. Gaub; Brother Alex Montoya; Sister Mrs. Tiburcia Riley; 15 grandchildren. Burial at the Taos, NM Sierra Vista Cemetery. 1 Aug 1946.

67- Leocadio Martinez 78 of Des Moines, NM. Died at home 16 July 1946. Born in Taos, NM Dec 1868. He moved to Des Moines, Union County NM 57 years ago. Survived by his wife Eulogia Martinez; 7 sons and 6 daughters (Names not listed). Only one mentioned is Alice M. maes. 1 Aug 1946.

68- Alberto Cordova 58, Native of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 22 July 1946 in a Trinidad, Co hospital. He was born in Arroyo Seco, NM 1 Aug 1888. Survived by son Jose Dionicio Cordova; Sister Mrs. Ignacita C. Gomez; 7 half brothers Guillermo, Solis, Patrocinio, Eloy, Melquiades, Agustin, Antonio and Nicanor; 1 half sister Mrs. Flavio Abeyta. 8 Aug 1946.

69- Octaviano Valentine Lavadie 39 of Tooele, Utah A Taos native born 14 Feb 1907 died at his home in Tooele, Utah 9 Aug 1946. Survived by his wife Mrs. Tive Herrera Lavadie; Daughter Leora; 2 sons Joseph and David Lavadie; Father Samuel Lavadie; 8 brothers and 1 sisters. (Names not listed). 15 Aug 1946.

70- Pacifica B. Tafoya 64 years, 5 months and 16 days of La Placita de Canon de Fernandez, NM, died 9 Aug 1846. Survived by husband Tobias Tafoya; 4 sons Laure, Benjamin, Eduardo and Adolfo Tafoya; 4 daughters Candelaria, Rosa, Teresina and Maria Tafoya; 54 Grandchildren; 2 great grandchildren; Brothers Gregorio Barela, Casiano Barela; Sisters Mrs. Anastacio Santistevan and Mrs. Elena B. Gallegos. Burial at the Canon, NM Catholic Cemetery. 15 Aug 1946.

71- Tomas A. Montoya, following several years of illness passed away last Friday at the age of 77. Mr. Montoya, who, during his lifetime engaged in farming and stock raising, had been at the Dixon, NM hospital and was returning home when a heart attack proved fatal. Survived by his wife Mrs. Eloisa Montoya; Daughter Mrs. Richard F. Oakely; Sons Isidoro, Jose, Claudio, Oliveros and Atilano Montoya; 26 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren. Burial at Our Lady of Sorrows Taos, NM Cemetery. Filemon Sanchez and Laurie Tafoya delived the eulogy at the grave side... 22 Aug 1946. Coverage of death of Tomas Montoya a son's name was omitted he is Tomas A. Montoya. He served with the AA of the United States Artillery for four and a half years in the South West Pacific Theatre of Operation and was honorable discharged as Private First Class. 29 Aug 1946.

72- Ex-judge R. H. Hanna of Albuq. NM age 68 died in Albuq, NM Saturday. Resident of New Mexico since 1903. He was a well known figure in the democrat political circles. He was a NM State Supreme Court Judge 1912 to 1919. President of the NM Democrat Committee 1928-1932. He was a Governor candidate in 1920 and in 1921 he was a candidate for Senator. 22 Aug 1946.

73- Pedro C. Quintana, better known to millions of fans of the sport of boxing as Eddie Mack. He won much fame as a boxer some 15 years ago. Died Friday morning as a result of a motor vehicle accident. His vehicle overturned near Pojoaque, NM. He had been the Criminal Investigator for the First Judicial District Santa Fe, New Mexico for several years. He was on his way back to Santa Fe from Rio Arriba County, where he had been involved in a criminal investigation. It was believed that he fell asleep at the wheel. 22 Aug 1946.

74- Cecil Kenneth Smith of Portales, NM. Died in Twining Canyon, NM. He was working with a group of men constructing some cabins for a resort area when he fell sick, Sunday Aug 25 1946. Due to the high altitude and other conditions. Friends rushed him to Holy Cross hospital by automobile but he died before reaching the hospital. Sheriff Miera called a coroners jury of 7 men with Dr. R. G. Hollis attending. The jury came to the conclusion that he had come to his death from natural causes. 29 Aug 1946.

75- Bertha Gusdorf 88 of Taos, NM. Died Wednesday morning, 28 Aug 1946 at Holy Cross Hospital. She had been hospitalized for the past 6 weeks, following a fall in which she suffered a fractured hip. She was born in Hesse, Germany. The daughter of Max and Johanna Ferse. In 1878 she married Alexander Gusdorf, who went from Ranchos de Taos, NM to marry her In Coursall at Prymont, a province bordering Hesse, Germany. They moved to Taos and had 3 children, Melvin Herbert who died when he was 16, Elsie who married Cal Weimer of Colorado Springs, Co, and Corrine, Mrs Paula Albright of Taos, NM. Alexander Gusdorf died in 1923 and she assumed the role of managing their many properties. She became director of the Taos Bank from 1929 to 1935, president of the bank from 1935 to 1942. Since 1942 she was the chairman of the board of the First State Bank of Taos. Survivors include her grandson Dr. Melvin Weimer, his wife and 2 children Melvin Jr. and Marcia Weimer; Mr. and Mrs Gerson Gusdorf, Mrs Maggie Gusdorf and her daughter Margaret, wife of Manuel Berg. Burial at the Kit Carson Cemetery 29 Aug 1946.

76- Mrs. Ella Langan 78, Died Saturday at the home of her daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Blanchard in Taos, NM. She had suffered a stroke on Friday and failed to recover. She was born in Norton, Kansas but called Haskell, Okla. home. She had spent many years at her daughter's home here in Taos, NM and had been here since July of this year. Her body was shipped to Haskell, Okla for funeral services. Survived by her daughter Mrs. L. C. Blanchard; Son J. A. Langan of Kansas City Missouri, and Mrs. E. B. Moffett of Tulsa, Okla; Grandchildren Mrs. Richard David, Robert Blanchard, Irvin Blanchard and Mrs. John R. Burke of Pittsburgh, Pa. 12 Sept 1946.

77- Ramon Eli Maestas 47 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died Tuesday 10 Sept 1946. He was born in Rodarte, NM. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Maestas. For many years he had been the successful operator of a lumber yard between Taos and Ranchos de Taos, NM. He served 5 years as Taos County Commissioner in the years before 1940. Survived by Wife and 3 small children. (Names not listed) Burial at the Ranchos de Taos Cemetery. 12 Sept 1946.

78- Luis Mondragon 34 of Ranchos de Taos, NM died 23 Aug 1946 at Santa Fe, NM St. Vincent hospital after a surgical operation. He was the son of the now deceased Bonifacio and Elivia C. Mondragon. Survived by wife Ana Mondragon; Daughter Anna Louise Mondragon; Sisters Mrs. Josephine M. Trujillo and Mrs. Florida M. Tafoya; Brothers Olmedo, Bonifacio, Antonio and Enedino Mondragon. 12 Sept 1946.

79- A Mass will be held in the Capilla de Canon, NM. 18 Aug 1946 to honor the Taos Hero Pvt. Gustavo Lucero. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Lucero of Canon, NM. He was a member of the famous 200 Costal Division, composed of many Taosenos who were inprisoned (Prisoner of War) in the Philippines. Where 18 Sept 1942 he sacrificed his life for his country. 12 Sept 1946.

80- Epifania Gallegos 75 of La Loma Taos, NM. Died last Wednesday. She had been sick for some time, she had been in the local hospital. Survived by 2 sons Felipe and Jose. Note no one came in to provide details therefore it is incomplete. 19 Sep 1946.

81- Tomas Gonzales 81 of Valdez, NM died 3 Sept 1946. He was born 17 Sept 1865. Survived by his wife Salome M. Gonzales; Sons Caspar, Celestino and Rogerio Gonzales; Daughter Lolita Gonzales; Brothers Donaciano and Julio Gonzales; Sister Donaciana G. Suaso; Grandchildren Tomas, Francisquita and Guillerma Gonzales. 19 Sept 1946.

82- Marvin B. Allen 27 passed away in Kansas City Kansas University Hospital, Monday 23 Sept 1946 as a result of Poliomyelitis (Polo). He suffered less than a week. He was placed in an iron lung but the attack proved too severe. Last June he married a Taos Girl, Patricia Sanford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Sanford. Marvin and Patricia had returned to Lawrence Kansas very recently from New York where they had planned to attend the winter at Columbia University. His mother, Mrs. Nellie Allen resides in Lawrence Kansas. Marvin Allen held the rank of Major in the army. He was stationed in the South Pacific for 5-1/2 years prior to his return and subsequent marriage this summer. 26 Sept 1946.

83- Margaret Trujillo died Sunday morning 15 Sept 1946 at the Alamosa, Colorado County Community hospital. Daughter of Antonio Trujillo of Douglas, Wyoming. The young girl born in Castilla, NM 6 March 1931 had been ill about 2 weeks and would have been a member of the freshman class at Alamosa high school this year. She had been living in Alamosa for 3 years. Survivors Father Antonio Trujillo; 3 brothers Ben, Elefor and Amado Trujillo of Alamosa, Co; A sister Raquel Santistevan of Alamosa, Co; Nephews and nieces Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gallegos, Juanita, Mabel, Henry and Gaspar Santistevan; 2 aunts and 1 uncle names not listed. Buried at the Alamosa Colorado Cemetery. Park Lawn House in charge. 26 Sept 1946.

84- Elvira Pacheco Age 17 of Arroyo Seco, NM, died recently (date not listed). She was the daughter of Belarmino Pacheco and Eliria M. Pacheco. She was adopted and raised by Jose Cordova and his wife Aurora V. Cordova. They all survive her as well as 2 brothers and 3 sisters (Names not listed). Buried at the Arroyo Seco, New Mexico Cemetery. 26 Sept 1946.

85- Clarence Rael age 16 years and 5 months of Questa, NM, died 30 Aug 1946. Son of Jose A. Rael and Andrellita M. Rael. Also survived by 3 brothers Selimo, Honorio and Elive Rael; 2 sisters Corina and Nora Rael. Clarence was about to finish the 12th grade at Questa High School. He was considered a first class athlete. Burial was at San Jose Cemetery in Questa, NM. 26 Sept 1946.

86- Lester S. Myers age 82, formerly of Taos, NM. Being one of the the early Taos Valley pioneer died 8 Oct 1946 at his home in Carlsbad, NM of a severe heart attack. He was born in Ohio, 23 July 1864. He spent his early manhood in Toledo, Ohio, as an accountant with a lumber firm. There he became active in sports, becoming a member of the same athletic club with Henry Ford and Barney Oldfield. He was quite a boxer and also played professional baseball. He developed a bronchial ailment and was advised to go West for his health.
He had always been interested in photography and when he came West in 1898 he became a photographer in Taos. He was in Taos at the time Ernest Blumenschein and Bert Phillips arrived here. He directed Blumenschein to the blacksmith shop to have the famous "broken wheel repaired." It was in the year of the Spanish American war that he rushed to Raton, NM to sign up with Roosevelt's Rough Riders but was rejected on account of his height. Returning to Taos he purchased the bridge across the Rio Grande at the mouth of the Hondo, operating it as a toll bridge, until he sold it to John Dunn. Later he opened a livery stable where the J. C. Penny store now stands. He was beginning to learn Spanish when he and Bert Phillips, who had become fast friends, became innocently involved in a general uprising that resulted in the killing of the Sheriff. In 1907 he and Bert Phillips became Rangers with the National Forest service and were instrumental in opening a number of trails in the newly established Carson National Forest. He was stationed for sometime at Questa, NM, where he constructed some of the buildings which now are part of that station. He met and married Maude Bryan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bryan of Des Montes and Taos. They lived for a while in the house that is now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Dwire. Their son Delmar, was born in Taos. Later he resigned from the government service in order to homested land on the Lucero, staying on this land for nearly 5 years, but following an uprising of the Indians and demonstrations by them. The land was returned to them and the Myers family moved to Roswell, where they lived for several years. While on the Lucero, their second child, Lucille, was born. Following 3 years in Roswell the family moved to Carlsbad where they have resided ever since. Mr. Myers for many years was secretary-treasure of the Pecos Valley Waters Users Association, until his retirement about 10 years ago. He was a Mason, having been a charter member of the Bent Lodge of Taos. Survived by his wife Maude; Son Delmar; Daughter Lucille Wheeler; Grandchildren Barbara Gene Myers and Robert Wheeler. 10 Oct 1946.

87- Geronimo Mirabal, 60, of Taos Pueblo, NM. Drowned Friday 4 Oct 1946. Following 2 or 3 days absence from his home, the body of Geronimo Mirabal, was found in an irrigation ditch near the Wetsel property Friday Oct 4. He was a noted hunter and fisher man. Following an official investigation funeral services were held at the Pueblo Saturday. It is believed that his death came as a result of drowning as no other cause was discovered. Survived by his wife (name not listed) and a brother Crisino Mirabal. 10 Oct 1946.

88- Juan de Dios Garcia of Arroyo Seco, NM died of a heart attack 24 Sept 1946 in Rock Springs, Wyo where he was employed. He was born 17 Aug 1896. The son of Reyes Garcia and Dionicia Montoya. He is survived by 2 sons Fabriciano and Juan B. Garcia and 2 sisters Nestorita G. Cordova and Maria G. Gallegos. His body was transported to Arroyo Seco, NM for funeral services and burial. 10 Oct 1946.

89- Emilio Martinez of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died Sunday 6 Oct 1946. He died a few minutes after he was taken to Holy Cross Hospital but prior to being treated. 10 Oct 1946.

90- Solidea G. Santistevan, 72, of Taos, NM. Died Monday night 14 Oct 1046. She was the wife of Eliseo Santistevan, Las Colonias farmer and stockman, who preceded her in death 11 years ago. Survived by 2 daughters Mrs. E. B. Ortiz, wife of Taos County School Superintendent and Mrs. Alfonso Mares, a resident of Tooele, Utah; Sister Sabinita G. Vigil now residing in Denver, Co; 18 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. 17 Oct 1946.

91- Ben Herbert, 74, a former resident of Taos, NM for more than 14 years, died Wednesday 16 Oct 1946 at his home in Albuq, NM. He was born in Arkansas. He came to Northern New Mexico in 1899. He came to Taos in 1901. He accompanied a sculptor sent by McCormick Machine Co. of Chicago to make a life size figure of a Taos Pueblo Indian. John Concha was the model. Herbert started and operated a cheese factory in the Moreno valley. Moving to Taos he was instrumental in starting the chamber of commerce. He served as secretary for many years. 17 Oct 1946. 17 Oct 1946.

92- Homer C. Ledbetter, Chief of the New Mexico State Police, was killed Tuesday 22 Oct 1946, when the car in which he was riding overturned near Raton, NM at about 3:00 AM. Two other men, Dr. Charles D. Pickett and Guyholt, both of Roswell, NM were also killed and a fourth man, Dr. Pitts, of Roswell was severely injuried. The group was returning from a pheasant hunting trip in South Dakota and from indications noticed by Sheriff Robinson of Raton who investigated the accident, one of the group must have fallen asleep at the wheel. Mr. Ledbetter's body had been returned to Hobbs for funeral and burial services. That was his home before becoming Police Chief last January. He is survived by his wife and 10 year old son. (Names not listed) 24 Oct 1946.

93- Marcelino L. Fernandez, former Taos resident, until he and his family moved to Salida, Co a few years ago, died Sunday evening 20 Oct 1946 at the Rio Grande Hospital in Salida, Co. He is survived by 4 children Mrs. L. H. Fink of Red River, NM. Mrs. No. Vigil of Kansas City, Miss, Mrs. R. E. Barela of Salida, Co and Ernest Fernandez of Burns, Co; Brother Maclovio Fernandez and Nephew Fernandez, both of Taos, NM. 24 Oct 1946.

94- Dr. Lester L. Williams died following a pleasant visit in Taos, NM, with his son Wade Williams. Dr. and Mrs. Lester L. Williams left Taos Saturday to return to their home in Eldorado, Kansas. Their car became stalled in a snow drift 2 miles West of Thatcher, Colorado, Monday and while attempting to dig the car out of the snow drift, Dr. Williams suffered a fatal heart attack. 7 Nov 1946.

95- Sister Agnes Marie, of the Carmelite Order, died Saturday at Holy Cross Hospital following an attack of pneumonia. Services were held with a solemn mass at the Guadalupe Church in Taos on Wednesday morning. Father Maguire officiating. Burial took place at Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. Sister Agnes Marie's brother J. W. Achen and her nephew Howard A. Achen, both of Artesia, NM attended the services as well as Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Baum of Manchester, Iowa. 7 Nov 1946.

96- Monday 4 Nov 1946 a high mass was held in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church at Santa Fe, NM, honoring PFC James A. Hopkins, who was a member of the New Mexico famous 200th Coast Artillery and who died following the death march in the Philippines. He was only 23 years old when he enlisted in the army. He was reported by the War Department as having died in the San Fernando Prisoner of War Camp on 11 April 1942. He is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hopkins and a brother John Hopkins, who served in the army in the Aleutians and is now at home in Taos. 7 Nov 1946.

97- Jose Adolfo Valdez, Born in Mora, NM 13 Sept 1888, died at the Albuq Veterans Hospital 1 Oct 1946. He married 20 May 1918. He was a Veteran of WW I. Survived by his wife, 4 sons and 6 daughter. (Names not listed). 7 Nov 1946.

98- Emilio Martinez 81 years and 9 months of Ranchos de Taos, NM died 8 Oct 1946. He was born 25 Dec 1864. Survived by 4 sons Feliberto, Tomas, Selso and Patricio Martinez; Adopted daughter Simonita Martinez. Buried at The Ranchos de Taos, NM Cemetery. 7 Nov 1946.

99- A tragic hunting accident which occurred about 4:00 PM Sunday 10 Oct 1946 in the mountains about two and a half miles from the highway in Tres Ritos Canyon, brought death to Alifar Esquibel, 21 of Llano, NM. Two separate group of hunters were on a deer hunt, one group composed of A. E. Slayton, of Missouri, Ben Mondragon and another local hunter; The other party close by were Alifar Esquibel and his 14 year old cousin, Rafael Esquibel. Slayton saw a movement in the underbrush about 50 yards away and fired, Young Rafael cried that his partner had just been shot. The other 3 men came over to where the wounded man lay, and helped transport him down the canyon to a cabin but Alifar Esquibel died by the time the group reached the cabin. The shot had been fired from a .351 rifle and passed through his his head near the crown, A passing timber truck took the man's body to Llano, NM, where Virgilio Trujillo, a deputy sheriff was located, and the Taos County sheriff was notified by phone of the accident. Funeral and burial service at Llano Catholic Church Cemetery. Survived by his young wife Clorinda, 3 children, George, Anival and Josefita Esquibel. 14 Nov 1946.

100- J. Daniel De Aguero 68, passed awy at his home in Santa Cruz, California. Tuesday 29 Oct 1846. His death was due to heart failure. Mr. De Aguero was well known throughout Taos County, Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, having lived in Taos Junction, Santa Fe, NM and the San Luis, Co. valley. Survived by his wife Mrs. Gertrude De Aguero of Santa Cruz, Ca; 4 step-children Mrs. Ramona W. Lewis of San Jose, Ca,Miss Helene Wilton, of Santa Cruz, Ca, Henry J. Wilton also of Santa Cruz, Ca. Charles Wilton an family of Lomita, Ca and son Walter De Aguero of Glendale, Ca. 14 Nov 1946.

101- Florencio Cortez 86 years, 2 months and 21 days died at his residence in La Placita, Taos, NM. Friday 1 Nov 1946 at about 5:00 AM. He was a well known and liked Taoseno. He dedicated his life to his labors. He was a devoted Catholic and member of the Republican party. Survived by his wife Clorinda H. de Cortez, 3 sons Emilio, Jose Maria and Lauro Cortez; 4 daughters Mrs. Dolores C. Garcia, Mrs. Josefa C. Jones, Mrs. Brigida C. Martinez and Sofia Cortez and Mrs. Ben Duran of Billings, Montana. Older son of his first marriage John N. Cortez of Pueblo, Co; Nephew Nabor Cortez. Interment at Our Lady of Sorrows Cemetery Taos, NM.

102- Lorencita Medina de Archuleta, 62 years, 5 months and 6 days of Arroyo Seco, NM died 30 Oct 1946. Daughter of Jose Manuel Medina and Guillerma Quintana. She married Juan C. Archuleta in 1907. Survived by 4 sons Jose Damian, Jose Manuel, Elizardo and Ramon Archuleta; 2 daughters Laurita A. Sanchez and Ofelia A. Sandoval. Sons-in-law Gilio Sanchez and Telefor Sandoval; Daughters-in-law Eliza, Lupita and Marina; 5 Grandchildren; 2 brothers Modesto and Felipe Medina; 6 sisters Juanita, Bersabe, Teodorita, Maria Agueda, Nestorita and Anita. Funeral Service and burial in Arroyo Seco, NM. 14 Nov 1946.

103- Joe Avila Jr. 21 of Cimarron, NM. Died Wednesday from a hunting accident. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe E, Avila of Taos He was accidently shot while on a rabbit hunting excursion near his home in Cimarron,NM, last Sunday. He died in the Miners hospital in Raton, NM Wednesday night at 20 minutes of nine. He was 21 years old and had been married only 3 months. His young wife, Gloria survives him, besides his parents, brothers and sisters. 21 Nov 1946.

104- Joe Arnold one of the "Old Timers" of Taos Valley passed away at his home 26 Oct 1946, in Rifle, Co. The Arnolds lived for many years on a farm now owned by Tom Tarleton, which is 6 miles North of Taos in Las Colonias. He is survived by his widow and by a daughter, Maudleen, who lives with her family in Sterling, Illinois. 28 Nov 1946.

105- Jose Fructuoso Garcia, adopted son of Simon and Manuelita A. de Garcia who raised him since he was very young. His 22 rifle accidently discharged and the bullet struck him in the stomach. He died at the Hospital in Raton, NM. He was employed by the State Highway Dept. He was buried in Cimarron, NM. 28 Nov 1946.

106- Rogerio L. Duran, born 29 Jan 1915 in Penasco, NM. Son of Luis Duran and Refugio V. Duran. Died 6 Nov 1946. He attended the Penasco NM schools graduating in 1936. He married Corina Valdez Dec 1940, daughter of Benito Valdez and Wife Maria S. de Valdez. He had 2 children: Roger Jr., 4 years old and Lorraine 2 years old. He was U. S. mail administrator in Rodarte, NM for 4 years. In 1942 he attended NM Highland University in Las Vegas, NM. In 1942 he attended Texas Tech Collage in Lubbock, Texas in 1943. He worked 2 years in the Naval yards in Richmond, California. At the time of his death he was in the saw mill lumber business. His death came about as a result of being run over by a vehicle in Penasco, NM 6 Nov 1946. Funeral in Rodarte, NM on the 9th. 12 Dec 1946.

107- Nazaria Romero de Cordoba of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 15 Nov 1946. She was born in Trinidad, Co 28 July 1887. She married Faustin Cordova, now deceased, in 1906. This union produced 8 sons who survive her. Guillermo, Solis, Melquiades, Patrocinio, Eloy, Agustin, Antonio and Nicanor Cordova; Daughter Anita C. Abeyta; 41 grandchildren; 3 brothers Juan Pablo, Jose S. and Jose Ricardo Romero. Burial in the Arroyo Seco, NM Cemetery. 12 Dec 1946.

By Alberto Vidaurre 3-12-2011