1910 Taos County United States Census
Compiled by Michelle White©
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House # Last Name First Name Relation Gender Personal Description Nativity Language Occupation Trade
24-24 LUND F.M. Head Male W 45 M 20 All Canada Eng 1881 PA English Butcher Market



Eva S. Wife Female W 39 M 20 2 2 IN/IN/OH English None




Guy Son Male W 17 S Dakota/Canada Eng/IN English Salesman Gen. Mdse



Ethel Daughter Female W 19 S NE/Canada Eng/IN English Teacher Public School
25-25 MONTOYA Alex Head Male W 25 M 1 1 NM/NM/NM English Laborer Odd Jobs



Lucinda Wife Female W 19 M 1 1 1 NM/NM/NM Spanish None




Carolina Daughter Female W 8/12 S NM/NM/NM




26-26 PHILLIPS Bert G. Head Male W 41 M 12 2 2 NY/NY/NY English Artist Paintings of Indi..



Rose M. Wife Female W 39 M 12 2 2 PA/PA/PA English None




Ralph J. Son Male W 9 S NM/NY/PA English None




Margaret E. Daughter Female W 7 S NM/NY/PA English None


27-27 RIVERA A.A Head Male W 34 M 10 NM/NM/CO English Accountant County Office



Celina Wife Female W 29 M 10 4 4 NM/NM/NM English None




Gilbert Son Male W 8 S NM/NM/NM English None




Amando or Armando Son Male W 6 S NM/NM/NM English None




Lillian Daughter Female W 4 S NM/NM/NM English None




Adrana Daughter Female W 2 S NM/NM/NM Spanish None



RIVOLI Dolorites Servant Female W 13 S NM/NM/NM Spanish Servant Private Family


MARTINEZ Eulogia Mother in Law Female W 63 M 6 3 NM/NM/NM Spanish None


28-30 GUTTMAN Felippe Head Male W 38 M 5 NM/Germany/NM English Jeweler? ???



A.S Wife Female W 24 M 5 2 2 NM/NM/NM English None




Adolph Son Male W 4 S NM/NM/NM Spanish None




Louise Daughter Female W 2 S NM/NM/NM Spanish None


29-31 MEYERS Ralph Head Male W 24 S MI/MI/MI English Store Keeper Curios
30-32 CLIFFORD Roy Head Male W 27 M 2 1 IL/IL/IL English Merchant Gen. Mdse



Ethel Wife Female W 20 M 2 1 1 KS/KS/KS English None




Joe Son Male W 11/12 S NM/IL/KS




31-33 LETTON or LITTON Fivis? D. Head Male W 52 S MO/MD/MO English Merchant Curios
32-34 OLDHAM Ralph Head Male W 45 WD KY/2 England's English Baker General
33-35 JOSEPH John C. Head Male W 62 M 27 NM/Portugal/AL English Salesman Gen. Mdse



Belondina Wife Female W 40 M 27 1 1 NM/NM/NM Spanish None




John K. Son Male W 24 S NM/NM/NM Spanish None


34-36 CHASE Geo. H. Head Male W 37 M 10 CO/IN/MO English Merchant Gen. Mdse



Jessie M. Wife Female W 33 M 10 3 2 Co/MI/England English None




Dennia? Daughter Female W 6 S CO/CO/CO English None




Ida Daughter Female W 4 S CO/CO/CO English None


37 KENNEDY Ernast Brother in Law Male W 24 S Co/MI/England English Salesman Gen. Mdse
35-38 BROOKS J.B. Head Male W 43 M 9 CT/CT/CT English Farmer General



Susie Wife Female W 29 M 3 3 CO/MO/MO English None




Ralph Son Male W 10 S NM/CT/CO English None




Frank Son Male W 6 S NM/CT/CO English None




Mary Daughter Female W 3 S NM/CT/CO English None


39 DES GEORGES Joe Head Male W 29 M 4 NM/France/NM English Salesman Gen. Mdse



Alice Wife Female W 26 M 4 2 2 NM/OH/NM English None




Edwin Son Male W 3 S NM/NM/NM English None




Edith Daughter Female W 11/12 S NM/NM/NM





LAWERENCE Emery Boarder? Male W 23 M 2 OH/OH/OH English Range Rider US Forest



Lillian Boarder? Female W ? M 2 0 0 GA/GA/GA English None


40 FRAYNE Wm Boarder Male W 49 M 22 CT/2 Ireland English Real Estate General
36-41 GARCIA Juana Head Female W 45 WD 24 2 1 NM/NM/NM Spanish None


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House # Last Name First Name Relation Gender Personal Description Nativity Language Occupation Trade


GONZALES Leonides Daughter Female W 22 M 5 1 1 NM/NM/NM English None




Leandes Head Male W 27 M 5 NM/NM/NM Spanish Laborer Sheep Herding



Esmereda? Niece Female W 10 S NM/NM/NM Spanish None