1850 Taos County Census
Transcribed / abstracted by Lydia Uribe
Proofread  by Virginia Gomez Baca Grace
Submitted on 1 November 2010
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The 1850 Territory of New Mexico County for Taos County was begun in July of 1850. The census had but one designation called the Northern Division. About 9,500 people appeared on the 1850 Taos County Census.
In 1850, Taos County covered a much greater area than in 1914. See 1855 map and the 1914 map. The census included name; age; sex; color; birthplace; if a person attended school, or was married within the year; if the person could read or write; if the person were a deaf-mute, blind, insane, or idiotic; real estate value and occupation. First use the INDEX to find the name, then go to that page below for details.

Abbreviations used in this exhibit:

VRE = Value of Real Estate Owned
M = Married within past year
S = Attended school past year
R = Can Read and write
D = Deaf, Dumb, Blind or Idiotic
NS = Not stated on census
Unreadable = ___

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1850 Taos County Census Name Index In Alphabetical Order
Abbert, Francisco Meliton to Cruz, Maria Estefana Cruz, Maria Eusebia to Garcia, Maria Josefa Gurciaga, Juan Francisco to Maldonado Juan Luis
Maldonado, Margarita to Montoya, Felipe Antonio Montoya, Felipe Antonio to Romero, Victoria Romero, Ygnacia to Vernal, Juan
Vernal, Juan Antonio to Xaramillo, Miguel Antonio

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Concluding remarks by enumerator:
Territory of New Mexico, County of Santa Fe (Error; Taos County is correct.)
I Charles Williams Assistant to the Marshal of New Mexico do Solemnly Swear that the foregoing pages of Schedule No 1 were taken according to
the tenor of My official Oath and instructions to the best of my Knowledge and belief So help me God and that they contain two hundred and twenty seven pages.

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