1860 Taos County Census
Taos County, Territory of New Mexico
Submitted by Rebecca Dasis on 1 November 2001©
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The 1860 census included the name; age; sex; race; occupation; value of real estate; value of personal estate; place of birth; if person was married during the year;
and if the person were deaf-mute, blind, insane, an idiot (mentally ill), a pauper, or a convict. The Divisions / Pueblos / Precints / Townships transcribed are as follows:

Arroyo Seco Part1  Part2  Part3 Arroyo Hondo Part1 Part2 El Llano Conejas precints 16; 17; 18; 19

Thank you Rebecca Herzig for submitting this valuable census transcription for 1860 Taos County, NM.
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