The 1885 Taos County Mortality Schedule
Taos County Territory of New Mexico
By Alberto Vidaurre© 25 October 2010
This exhibit was extracted from the 1885 Mortality Census Schedule.
This census recorded persons who died in 1885 prior to May 31.
Precincts enumerated: Penasco Llano and Chamisal.
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Last name First name Age M/F Status Occupation Month Cause
Arguello Felipe 3 M Single Unknown February Measles
Arllano Deciderio 4 M Single Unknown January Fever
Basques Candelara 60 F Widowed Housekeeper May Fever
Basques Maria 30 F Married Housekeepers March Fever
Benavides Rosalia 60 F Married Housekeeper September Fever
Domingues Jesuita 2mo. F Single Unknown April Fever
Esquibel Luiza 26 F Married Housekeeper May Fever
Fresques Encarnacion 3 F Single Unknown March Measles
Fresques Epimenia 13 F Single Unknown July Fever
Fresques Martin* 15 F Single Laborer June Fever
Gallegos Maria Ygnacia 68 F Married Housekeeper September Fever
Gonzales Andrea 20 F Married Housekeeper September Fever
Gonzales* Juan Ysidro 64 M Married Farmer February Fever
Lopez Juan Antonio 80 M Married Farmer April Pneumonia
Lopez Rita 65 F Widowed Housekeeper February Fever
Martin Guadalupe 60 F Single Housekeepers October Fever
Montoya Benino 1 M Single Unknown March Measles
Romero Epimenio 2 M Single Unknown August Fever
Sanchez Juan 75 M Married Merchant March Dropsy

* Spelling uncertain

Following is the 1885 Mortality Schedule 5 Persons who died during the year ending May 31 1885.
County of Taos Territory of New Mexico. Lorenzo Lovato Enumerator. Page 1.

Chamisal Precinct No. 9 Lorenzo Lovato Enumerator

Esquibel Luiza 26 F W HouseKeeper May Fever None
Lopez Juan Antonio 80 M M Farmer April Pneumonia None
Montoya Benigno 1 M S None March Measles None
Arguello Felipe 3 M S None Feb Measles None
Arellano Desiderio 4 M S None Jan Fever None
Dominguez Teresita 2/12 F S None April Fever None
Arelanes Candelaria 60 F W None May Fever None
Fresquez Encarnacion 3 F S None March Fever None
Fresquez Aurelia 15 F S Laborer June Fevef None
Fresquez Epimenia 13 F S Laborer July Fever None
Basquez Maria 30 F M Laborer March Fever None

Llano Precinct No. 8
Romero Epimenio 2 M S child Aug Fever None
Gonzales Andrea 20 F M House Keeper Sept Fever None
Martina Guadalupe 60 F S House Keeper Oct Fever None
Benavides Rosalia 60 F M House Keeper Sept Fever None
Gallegos Maria I. 68 F M House Keeper Sept Fever None

Penasco Precinct No. 10
Lopez Rita 65 F W None listed July  Fever  None
Sanchez  Juan  75  M M Merchant March  Apoplexy  Dr. Rice
Gonzalez Juan I. 64 M M Farmer Feb Fever None

Arroyo Seco Precinct No. 5 Alex Gusdorf
Sanchez Julian 8 M S None May Chronic Pneumonia None
Valencia Tomasa 82 F W None May Unknown None
Trujillo Maria Gertrudes 79 F W None April Dropsey None
Fresquez Madelina 1 F S None Sept Unknown None
Rodiguez Ventura 50 M M Farmer June Fever None
Vigil Jose E. 34 M M Farmer Feb Unknown None
Salazar Melaquides 2/12 M S None May Unknown None
Sanchez Jose E. 35 M M Farmer May Rapture Dr. Rice
Prando Lucas 8/12 M S None May Diptheria None
Montoya Antonio Jose 65 M M Farmer Feb Cramps None
Not Yet Named 0 unk F S April Still Born None
Valdez Leonora 25 F S None listed May Unknown None
Sanchez Maria D. 69 F W None listed Nov Asthma Dr. W. B. Rice

Fernandez Precinct No. 1
Tafoya Lorenzo 60 M M Laborer March Apoplexy Dr. Kittridge
Romero Manuela 61 F W None Listed Dec Unknown None
Cortez Manuel 32 M M Laborer Aug Shot Dr. Kittridge
Rivera Antonia 21 F M House Keeper Aug Cholera Measles Dr. Taylor

Ranchitos Precinct No. 2
Pacheco Barbara 42 F M House Keeper April Unknown None
Scoasso (?) M. G. 59 M M Farmer May Paralysis Dr. Taylor
Morgas Juana 39 F M House Keeper March Child Birth None
Trujillo Cristobal 1/12 M S None Jan "Quien Sabe" None
Sanchez Maria D. 68 F W Farmer April Unknown None

Ranchito Precinct No. 4
Trujillo Juan I. 75 M M Farmer June Apoplexy None
Valdez Pedro C. 1 M S None April Fever None
Archuleta Maria C. 32 F M Farmer May Consumption None
Martin Juan 75 M M Farmer June Paralysis None
Martin Maria Del C. 60 F M None Listed July Stomach Cramps None
Salas Albina 70 F W None Oct Stomach Cramps None
Martinez Petrolino 4/12 M S None Sept Scarlet Fever None
Lucero Juan M. 87 M W Farmer March Old Age None

Ranchos Precinct No. 3
Trujillo Julian 2 M S None April Scarlet Fever Dr. Kittridge
Trujillo Andres 3/12 M S None April Scarlet Fever Dr. Kittridge
Herrera Maria Del C. 84 F W None Jan Rhuemstimo Dr. Kittridge
Mondragon Luciana 77 F W None Sept Unknown None
Abeyta Jose 19 M S Unknown Oct Fever None
Montoya Celenia 4 F S None Aug Diptheria None
Trujillo Ologio 16 M S None May Born Crippled Dr. Daniels
Vigil Maria Marga 65 F M None June Cramps Dr. Kittridge
Sanchez Julian 45 M M Freighter  Feb Typhoid Fever Dr. Kittridge
Espinosa Vicente 48 M M Farmer Oct Consumption Dr. Kittridge
Aragon Maria Dela Luz 5/12 F S None Aug Vomiting None
Gonzales Ignacia 35 F M Unknown Oct Colic Dr. Daniels
Sandoval Maria Q. 60 F M None Oct Old Age None
Gonzales Juan De 60 M W Farmer Nov Apoplexy None
Romero Felixiana 50 F M None Listed Aug Female complex None
Romero Maria Andrea 55 F M None Listed May Apoplexy None
Gomez Refugia 20 F S None Listed March Unknown None