1900 Taos Census Index Transcription
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Taos County 1900 population was about 23,118. 

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Cordovas Cuesta Llano La Belle Latir
Midnight Ojo Caliente Penasco Picuris Pueblo
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The 1900 population schedules provide the name of each person in the household; address; relationship to the head of the household; color or race; sex; month and year of birth; age at last birthday; marital status; the number of years married; the total number of children born of the mother; the number of those children living; places of birth of each individual and the parents of each individual; if the individual was foreign born, the year of immigration and the number of years in the United States; the citizenship status of foreign-born individuals over age twenty-one; occupation; whether the person could read, write, and speak English; whether the home was owned or rented; whether the home was on a farm; and whether the home was mortgaged. The 1900 census is the only available census that provides columns for including the exact month and year of birth of every person enumerated. Previous censuses, and even the 1910 and 1920 censuses, include only the ages. The 1900 census is also the only census to include space to record the number of years couples were married, the number of children born to the mother, and how many were still living. This census was also the first to indicate how long an immigrant had been in the country and whether naturalized; whether a home or farm was owned or rented and whether the owned property was free of mortgage.
Source: Ancestry.com