Taos County Marriages
March 28, 2002
Taos County, New Mexico
By Alberto Vidaurre© 3 Nov. 2010
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From the News Paper The Taos News March 28, 2002 Edition. The following marriage licenses have been recorded at the Taos County Courthouse.

Groom's Name---  Residence--- Bride's Name--- Residence

1- Brent Allen Wampler and Cindra Gayle Parson, Both of Austin, Texas

2- Joel D. Montalvo and Desiree R. Esquibel, Both of Penasco, NM.

3- Hardric Taylor and Berlinda M. Martinez, Both of San Luis, Colo.

4- Adolfo A. Lopez and Sarita Lopez, Both of Chamisal, NM.

5- Desi T. Apodaca and Melissa A. Springer, Both of Questa, NM.

6- Jose Robert Gomez and Ana Maria Garcia-Uranga, Both of Chimayo, NM.

7- Todd Alan Johnson and Robin Annesby Jordan, Both of Lawrence, Kan.

8- Joachim Karcher, Gernsbach, Germany and Agnes Chavez, Queens, N.Y.

9- Charles T. Kunkel, Rosewell, NM and Vallee Rose, New York City, New York.

10- Christopher R. Rivera, Santa Fe, NM. And Sara A. Romero of Taos, NM.

11- Adrian Rodriguez and Ofelia Munoz, Both of Taos, NM.

12- Michael Stephen Weininski and Meredith L. Willett, Both of Aurora, Colo.

13- Kurt L. Winchester and Maria Teresa Garcia, Both of Taos, NM.

14- Timothy Dice and Gretty Marmontoy Zubeleta, Both of Taos, Nm.

15- John M. Thompson and Crystal Lynn Broussard, Both of Clovis, NM.

16- Anthony Levi Cordova, of Rio Ranchos, NM. And Yezeniz W. Aguirre, of Taos, NM.

17- Oren Eugene Potter, Jr., and Sue Irene Cowen, Both of Delhart, Texas.

18- Kenneth L. Stillwell, Clovis, NM. And Angela S. Hice, of Angel Fire, NM.

19- Filiberto L. Salazar and Selma Sanchez, Both of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

20- Phillip D. Mansell and Linda M. Rael, Both of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

21- Patrick S. Dominguez and Roseana V. Medina, Both of Taos, NM.

22- David Anthony Graham, Sitka, Ak. And Angela Jean Johnson, Sacramento, Calif.

23- James Lee Gibbons and Erin Sloban Cummings, Both of Elk City. Okla.

24- Tony M. Williams and Donna Jean Williams, Both of Stephenville, Texas.

25- Michael Lyum Hooker and Bethany Brooke Gee, Both of Vernon, Texas.

26- Robert Donald Heuley and Alma May Heuley, Both of Canon City, Colo.

27- Danny Sanchez and Antonette R. Fernandez, Both of El Prado, NM.

28- Joseph R. Rodarte and Josephine Valerio, Both of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

29- Colbert Wayne Alshire and Shawna Leigh Harris, Both of Victoria, Texas.

30- Rory John Rhodes and Tambra Ann Nichols, Both of London, U. K.

31- Neal W. Thielke and Ellen M. Rink, Both of Llano, NM.

32- Dane W. Owen and Denise Gisele Bellow, Both of Santa Fe, NM.

33- Anthony Donald Baltzan and Charlotte P. Biggs, Both of Denver, Colo.

34- Boyd Bruce Burkart and Nancy M. Edwards, Both of Lakewood, Colo.

35- Nobert E. Vigil and Sandra M. Trujillo, Both of El Prado, NM.

36- Steven Christopher Garrison and Elizabeth Taylor, Both of Springs, Texas.

37- Robert A. Serna, Mora, NM. And Kathryn L. Schafer, of Dodge City, Kan.

38- Michael A. Romero, Taos, NM. And Lynda V. Domina, of Myrtle Point, Ore.

39- Frederick Joseph Stokes and Debra Overman Montague, Both of Plano, Texas.

40- Anthony Duran and Anna M. Dominguez, Both of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

41- Jason Martin Sides and Kimberly D, Jones, Both of Stillwater, Okla.

42- Bobby Dewayne Loftin and Renee Lynn Grogan, Both of Borger, Texas.

43-Timothy Carl Jones, El Prado, NM. And Gabriella Ivonne Munoz-Rios, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

44- John J. Kasecky Jr., And Angela R. Wilkenson, Both of Angel Fire, NM.

45- Francisco E. Cardenas and Carmela R. Vigil, Both of El Prado, NM.

46- Robert A. Morin and Joanna Andrews, Both of Hampton, N. H.

47- J. Robert Coffey and Krista Isabel Honeyman, Both of Manhatten, Kan.

48- Gary Lefthand and Ona C. Concha, Both of Taos, NM.

49- Robert R. Ortega and Elisa V. Montoya, Both of Questa, NM.

50- Stephen Michael Leddy and Ivy A. Irvine, Both of Questa, NM.

51- Xavier J. Gonzales and Yolanda T. Sanchez, Both of El Prado, NM.

52- Clay D. Dillingham and Susan Lee baker, Both of Dixon, NM.

53- Robert Lee Abbott and Bobbi Jo Payne, Both of Houston, Texas.

54- Kelly Lin Cordell and Pamela Hunt Williama, Both of Dumas, Texas.

55- Joseph M. Sanchez and Cynthia Miera, Both of Taos, NM.

56- Fidel Anaya and Martha G. Solis, Both of St. George, Utah.

57- John Darrel Fischer, Corpus Christi, Texas and Nina Marie Tomczak, of Houston, Texas.

58- William C. Elarton and Sara D. Polk, Both of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

59- Joshua Heath Weaver and Kimberly Russell, Both of Durant, Okla.

60- Frank J. Olonia Jr,. and Shirley Ann Aragon Lopez, Both of Taos, NM.

61- Peter E. Botting and Patrice Shari Brown, Both of Gaithersburg, Md.

62- Nathan Spencer Kline and Ana Marie Hankins, Both of Little Rock, Ark.

63- Bryan Joe Heatley and Kelli Renee Alden, Both of Amarillo, Texas.

64- Jonald S. Lowe and Yvonee D. Gomez, Both of El Prado, NM.

65- Peter R. Martinez and Juanice C. Romero, Both of Arroyo Seco, NM.

66- Jaime Gonzales and Mariam I. Sweetwater, Both of El Prado, NM.

67- Robert E. Windcliff and Ellisa Apodaca, Both of Angel Fire, NM.

68- John Eddie Trujillo, of Thorton, Colo. And Valerie R. Lopez, of Taos, NM.

69- David P. Atzberger, of Eagle Nest, NM. And Karen W. Winningham of Angel Fire, NM.

70- Louis Antonio Conejo Arias and Anita J. Keimel, Both of Taos, NM.

71- Steve Tom Romero and Virginia G. Herrera, Both of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

72- John D. Emerson, of Eaglewood, Colo. And Sandra A. Henke, of Littleton, Colo.

73- Curtis Anderson and Bernae Christiaens, Both of Las Vegas

74- Patrick Lee Gomez and Christina Louis Hill, Both of Amarillo, Texas.

75- Lester J. Arellano and Lucina Hernandez Carrillo, Both of Arroyo Hondo, NM.

76- Davisd S. Bynoe of Taos, NM. And Karen L. Cook, of Cimarron, Nm.

77- Bradley Alan Long, of Crane, Texas and Catrina Russell Cavness, of Rankin, Texas.

78- Joseph William Carpenter and Susan Guillen, Both of Corsicana, Texas.

79- Larry Edward Jordan, of Borger, Texas and Penny L. Stephenson, of Lubbock, Texas.

80- John Andrew Kavanagh and Hilary Claire Harris, Both of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

81- Gary Martinez, of Ranchos de Taos, NM. And Michelle S. Cardenas, of Cerro, NM.

82- Guido Zecca III and Katrina May Baca, Both of Belton, Texas.

83- Santiago Miera and Louise Chavez, Both of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

84- Robin Lee Davis and Dorothy L. Waide, Both of Stratford, Texas.

85- Bryan Daniel Stokes and Gabrielle L. Schreiber, Both of McKinney, Texas.

86- Kenneth Roger Mcelvain, of Houston, Texas and Betty Dunbar Biddy of Pasadena, Calif.

87- Duke Dine, of Sells, Ariz. And Caroline D. Honyumptewa, of Penasco, NM.

88- Max Martinez, of Espanola, NM. And Charlotte L. Torres, of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

89- James I. Mondragon and Amy E. Mondragon, Both of Taos, NM.

90- Aaron S. Wieslman and Cory Kristina Lampert, Both of Denver, Colo.

91- Robert Drew Daniel and Kelli Dshan Burney, Both of Amarillo, Texas.

By Alberto Vidaurre 3 Nov 2010