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1940 Taos County Obits
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Following are the 1940 obits as found in the Taos, New Mexico Taos Review News Paper.

Format used: Date of news paper edition, Name, Age, Residence, Date and Place of Death and Survivors.

1- Thur 4 Jan 1940. Clovevo Gonzales Died last friday at Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, NM As a result of an accidental shooting 16 Dec 1940. He was shot by his cousin Johnny LaCome. Buried 21 Dec 1940 in the Questa, NM Cemetery..6 June 1940 District Court June term John LaCome plead guilty to murder and was sentenced to 3 to 5 years in prison, sentence was suspended upon the recommendation of the District Attorney.

2- Thur 11 Jan 1940. Juan Andres Mirabal Age 69 commonly known as " Gold Tooth John," of Taos, Pueblo, NM. Died 3 Jan 1940. He was one of the most picturesque member of the tribe. A great story teller and perhaps the shrewdest financier around. One of the most photographed persons, at one time his picture adorned the checks of the local bank.

3- Thur 11 Jan 1940. Raquel Lucero de Quintana Age 78 from Des Montes, NM. Died Sunday 7 Jan 1940 at Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, NM. Husband Onecimo Quintana.

4- Thur 11 Jan 1940 Rayitos Sanchez de Pacheco Age 78. Died 27 Dec 1939 at 5:00 PM. Survived by son Belarmino Pacheco; Daughters Mrs. Modesto Medina, Mrs. Roman Duran and Mrs. J. D. Martinez; Sisters Mrs. Juan C. Martinez, Mrs. Teodorita Casados and Mrs. Maria Ignacita Cordova. Her husband Adonio D. Pacheco died in 1918.

5- Thur 18 Jan 1940. Mrs. Laureanita Ortiz Age 39 of Talpa, NM. (Date and place of death not listed). Survived by husband Emilio Ortiz; Mother Luz M. Trujillo; Daughters Mrs. Isabel Chavez, Lily and Rose; Sons Candido and John; Brothers Cornelio, Agustin and Vidal.She was the daughter of Jose Leandro Trujillo and Luz Maestas.

6- Thur 18 Jan 1940. Jesus M. Pacheco Age 63 years, 4 months and 23 days of Montrose, Colorado died 30 Dec 1939 at 9:00 PM. He was born 2 Aug 1876 in Walsenburg, Co.Married Diavedes Martinez in 1899. They had 11 children. Surviving are daughters Mrs. Elvira Wells and Miss Lucinda Pacheco; Son Joe Pacheco.

7- Thur 25 Jan 1940. Adita Dominguez Age 15 years and 2 days of Chamisal, NM. Died 3 Jan 1940. Daughter of Romulo Dominguez and Eloisa D. Dominguez.

8- Thur 1 Feb 1940. Fred M. Burt Age 65 of Aztec, NM. Died sunday 21 Jan 1940 of a heart attack. He was born 3 Nov 1874 in St. Paul, Kansas. Survived by wife Ellen Burt; Brothers Arthur A. of Olympia, Hugh of Rock Island, Ill and G. A. Burt of Taos, NM; Sisters Katherine E. Burt of Rock Island, Ill, Miss Mima Burt of Taos, NM and Mrs. Ada Schmalett of Clinto, Ohio.

9- Thur 8 Feb 1940. Maria Rosana Estrella de Aranda Age 27 of Amailia, NM. Died at 7:00 PM 27 Jan 1940. Survived by husband Celestino Aranda, 5 children; Parents Genaro and Andreita Gonzales; 2 sisiters and 1 brothers. Names not listed.

10- Thur 8 Feb 1940. Abelina R. Riley Age 77 of Taos, NM. Died 27 Jan 1940 at 6:00 AM. She married 1st- Antonio Romero, they were married for 10 years. She married for the 2nd- time with Frank Riley, they were married for 47 years.Surviving Juan Pedro Romero and Alejandro Montoya, daughter Mary T. Riley. Buried in the Kit Carson Cemetery, Taos, NM.

11- Thur 8 Feb 1940. Epifania M. de Romero Age 34 of Ranchos de Tos, NM. Died 11:30 AM 2 Feb 1940 of a cold and fever. Survived by husband Alfredo R. Romero and 6 children. Names not listed.

12- Thur 15 Feb 1940. Vicente Mares Jr. Age 43 of Ranchitos, NM>. Died Saturday morning of a heart attack ( 2-14-1940). Survived by wife Petrita T. Mares. 2 daughters from prior marriage Mrs. Guillermo Martinez and Lilliam Mares; Brother Frank.

13- Thur 15 Feb 1940. Albert Spear Wood Age 47 of San Francisco, Calif. Died 8 Feb 1940 of a heart ailment. He was a grandson of Kit Carson. Survived by wife Agnes Wood; Son Spear wood; Brother Charles Wood all of the California City; Sister Miss Leona Wood of Denver, Colo.

14- Thur. 15 Feb 1940. George W. Bond Age 60 Former Clayton, NM resident died at his home on Burch Street, Taos, NM. He had lived here for 2 years. His home state was Georgia. Survived by wife and sons Dow and Harvey Bond.

15- Thur 29 Feb 1940. Beneranda Martinez Age 90 resident of Penasco, NM. Died Saturday 17 Feb 1940 in Raton, NM. She lived the major part of her life in Trinchera, Colo. Last July she moved to Raton, NM to live with her granddaughter Mrs. Paul Ferrero, also survived by another granddaughter Mrs. Annie Martinez of Canada and daughter-in-law Mrs. Felix Martinez of El Paso, Tx.

16- Thur 29 Feb. Mrs. Otto Griener whos husband is the manager of the Tres Ritos Ranch, NM. Died 20 Feb 1940 in St. Louis, Mo. Hospital.

17- Thur 29 Feb 1940. Teodora Gallegos de Martinez. Born in Abiquiu 1814. Parents Miguel Antonio Gallegos and Rumalda Lucero. At age 14 married Pascual Martinez a brother to Padre Martinez. Date and place of death not listed.

18- Thur 14 March 1940. Lorraine infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Olivros Montoya of El Prado, NM. Died Monday 11 March 1940 at Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, NM. She was a niece of Taos County Sheriff Isidro Montoya.

19- Thur 14 March 1940 Albert G. Muller Age 80 early Taos merchant died 4 March 1940 at his home in Los Angles, Calif. Survived by wife, daughter (names not listed) Sons Harry and Fred Muller. Albert and his brother operated a general store in Taos, NM for many years. He ran it alone after his brothers death. About 1906 he sold to Bond McCarthy Co.

20- Thur 14 March 1946 Juan de Los Reyes Romero Age 86 died in Trinidad, Colo 28 Feb 1940. Former Taos County resident. Son of Jose Rafael Romero and Maria Eusebia Garduno.

21- Thur 21 March 1940. Agapito Valencia Age 21 of Galisteo, NM was killed in Santa Fe, NM, Saturday. Pedro Pena also of Galisteo, NM Has been arrested and charged with the murder. It was reported that Agapito Valencia was stabbed to death as a result of a disagreement over a "Seis Reales," debt. Pedro Pena plead guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in the state prison.

22- Thur 4 April 1940. Edward P. Sammis Age 74 Ute Park resident and life time merchant of the Cimarron and Eagle Nest, NM region died Tuesday in a Cimarron,NM
Hospital. Born in Polo, Illinois. He is survived by wife name not listed; Son F. L. Sammis and sister Mrs. O. F. Matkin.

23- Thur 4 April 1940. Pete Pacheco Age 34 of Denver, Colo died Thursday night 28 March 1940 in a Denver, Colo hospital. Born in Trinidad, Colo. Son of Candido Pacheco and Cruzita Pacheco. He lived in Trinchera,Colo for 16 years and in Taos, NM. Pete Pacheco a well known boxer is survived by his wife Juanita Pacheco a 5 year old daughter Roon Pacheco, 9 Sisters names not listed. Aunts Mrs. Juan Pacheco, Trinidad, Colo., Mrs. Sofia Pacheco, Denver Colo and Mrs. Enrique Garcia, Taos, NM.

24- Thur 18 April. Luis Gonzales of Arroyo Seco, NM died 29 March 1940 at 12:40 PM. He was born in Pojoaque, Santa Fe County NM in 1850. He came to Arroyo Seco, Taos County NM where he married Teresita Duran in 1874. They had 7 children. Surviving his wife 80 years old, name not listed; Sons Juan F., Ambrosio and Bernabe Gonzales; Daughters Genoveva and Sencionita Gonzales,

25- Thur 18 April 1940. Alberto Olifredo Casados young son of Mike Casados and wife, name not listed of Ranchitos de Abago, Taos, NM. Died Monday 8 April 1940 at 10:30 AM. Survived by parents and grandfather Alberto Trujillo.

26- Thur 18 April 1940. Deputy Sheriff Reymundo Martinez of Capulin, Colo, Edward Dominguez also of Capulin, Colo and Manuel Ortiz of Monte Vista, Colo and Mrs. Pat Maes died as result of bullet wounds they received in a shoot out, last Wednesday near the county boundries of Rio Grande and Conejos, Colo. Reymundo Martinez,Edward Dominguez and Manuel Ortega went looking for Pat Maes at his ranch. He was not there so they left, soon after Pat Maes got home and he was informed they they were looking for him. He got in his automobile accompanied by his wife and young child. Soon he overtook them and a dispute started ending in the shooting. Pat Maes shot and killed Martinez, Dominguez and Ortega and they in turn shot Mrs. Maes and the young child. Mrs. Maes died the young child was wounded but survived. A Mr. Johnson arrived at the scene and he was the one who notified the county officials.

27- Thur 18 April 1940. Benito Segura Age 69 of Cerro, NM. Died Tuesday night at 12 midnight. Survived by wife Jesuysita Silva de Segura; Sons Sergio, Moises and Pablo Segura; Daughter Cornelia S. de Cisneros; Brother Enriques Segura; Uncle Abedenago Segura serving as Taos County Commissioner.

28- Thur 25 April 1940. Maclovia M. de Ortega Age 46 years and 6 months of Penasco, NM. Died 21 April 1940. Survived by husband Salomon Ortega; young son Wille Ortega; Siblings Teofilo Maes, Elfido Maes, Aurora Griego and Charles Griego.

29- Thur 2 May 1940. Alberto Valdez Age 75 of Pueblo, Colo. Died Sunday. He was a prominent early day figure in New Mexico. He lived in Taos, NM as a young child. He was Mora County Clerk in 1909-11. Survived by wife Rufinita Valdez and 8 children. Names not listed. Uncle I. V. Valdez, Taos, NM.

30- 2 May 1940. Francisquita S. Fernandez Age 23 Years, 6 months and 19 days of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 22 April 1940. Survived by husband Emilio Fernandez, young daughter Sabinita Elvira Fernandez; Parents Francisco B. Sanchez and Sabina P. Sanchez; Brother Carmen and Manuel Sanchez; Sister Mrs. Felix P. Sanchez.

31- Thur 9 May 1940. Felipe Delgado native of Las Vegas, NM famous singer and radio star. Died Tuesday of this week in Los Angles, Calif. He died of Pneumonia he caught after he submitted to a surgical operation. He was a popular radio singer in this county as well as Mexico and South America.

32- Thur 9 May 1940. Fructoso Chavez Age 65 of Ortiz, Colo died in Walsenburg, Colo. 28 April 1940. Survived by brother Jose F. Chavez of Taos, NM; Sister Adela V. Montoya and daughter Maria.

33- Thur 9 May 1940. Samuel H. Roberts Age 60 of Delhart, Texas was killed instantly late sunday in a motor vehicle accident near Espanola, NM. and 3 Taos residents were hurt. The injured are sisters Betty and Desideria Santistevan and the driver Felix Lopez. Lopez who owns and operated the car. Roberts got a ride to go Santa Fe, NM where he had left his car some days ago.The Santistevan sisters were related to Lopez' wife and went along for the ride.

34- Thur 16 May 1940 Bonnie (Mrs. Benjamin) Lowe Age 19 of Taos, NM died Tuesday morning 14 May 1940, following a surgical operation at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. Survived by parents J. Eugenio Medina and Casandra G. Medina; Husband Benjamin Lowe (married in 1938); Son 2 year old son Benjamin Read Lowe; Maternal Grandparents Rafael and Manuelita Gonzales; Brothers Joe and Eugenio, Jr: Sisters Mary M. Gurule and Viola.

35- Thur 23 May 1940. Aurelio Montoya Age 50 of Questa, NM died in Rock Springs, Wyo 7 May 1940. Survived by wife Anna R. Montoya; Sons Frank and Frank; Daughters Amelia, Edna, Elvira and Cecilia.

36- Thur 23 May 1940. Teresita R. Martinez Age 60 of Taos, NM died in Cheyenne, Wyo 17 May 1940 at 4:00 PM. Survived by husband Flavio Martinez; Sons Daniel of Cheyenne, Wyo, Eloy, Bernardino and Flavio Martinez Jr., of Taos, NM.Their wives, her daughter-in-laws Bessie F., Ida, Josefina and Mary all of Cheyenne, Wyo. Daughters Adela, Josefita and Ursula M. of Taos, NM. Their husbands J. E. Gutierrez, Joe Madrid of Cheyenne, Wyo and Lucio Martinez. She was buried in the Olivet Cemetery.

37- Thur 30 May 1940. Edward Martinez Age 12 of Arroyo Seco, NM was dragged to his death near his parent's Reyes and Matilde M. Martinez home. Monday by a frightened pony. He died of a broken neck. He had the lead rope tied around his small waist. The parents concluded that the horse the boy was leading to a pasture became frightened and bolted, tied to the other end of the rope, Edward Martinez was dragged by the running horse.

38- Thur 30 May 1940. Maria Encarnacion Quintana Age 76 died (date/place of death not listed). Her husband Antonio F. Gallegos died in 1932, 8 years ago. Survived by children Macario, Francisco, Salome and Antonio Gallegos; Daughters Mrs. R. Duran, Mrs. J. B. Quintana, Mrs. Pedro Sanchez, Mrs. Ben Madrid and Mrs. Pablo Sanchez.

39- Thur 30 May 1940. Dr. J. F. Baca well known medical doctor and surgeon died in the hospital as result of injuries he received at the hands of one of his patient. Survived by his wife, name not listed. Daughter Consuelo a Nurse in Rio Arriba County, resident of Espanola, NM.

40- Thur 6 June 1940. Domingo Branchal Age 19 drowned about 10:30 AM Tuesday. Date of death not listed. Unable to swim he jumped into the Randall pond near Canon, NM. His companion Celestino Vigil Age 18 was unable to help him and ran to get someone to help. His body was recovered 2 hours later. His father Loreto Branchal was buried just 2 days prior on monday, his death came after a lengthy illness.

41- Thur 6 June 1940. Wlliam Adair Age 49 Taos Native resident of Las Cruces, NM. Died at his residence monday. He was the eldest son of William Adair and Virginia Cloutheir.

42- Thur 6 June 1940. Mrs. Weltha Johnson Age 69 of Oklahome died in Taos, NM thursday. She was visiting a son Roy, also surviving her is her husband (name not listed), another sun Clarence; Daughters Mrs. Ora Steuart of Taos, Mrs. Leona Wilson of Calif and Mrs. Jewel Carr of the family home.

43- Thur 6 June 1940. Loreto Branchal Age about 70 died at his residence in Canon de Fernandez, NM Sunday. Survived by Wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters, names not listed. His son Domingo Branchal drowned in the " Preson del Mr. Huffmam." The Branchal came to this community about 3 years ago.

44- Thur 13 June 1940. Beriah McGranahan Age 87 retired rail road engineer for the Bessemer Rail Road in Pennsylvania died in Taos, NM saturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. D. Galloway. He came to Taos, NM 17 years ago to make his home. Survived by sons James of Austin, Tx. Harvey of Linesville, Pa., and George of Youngstown, Ohio.; Daughters Mrs. A. D. Galloway and Mrs. Lora Lewis of Greenville, Pa.

45- Thur 13 June 1940. Diego Arellano age 28 years, 9 months and 18 days died 22 May 1940. Buried in the San Cristobal, NM Cemetery. Survived by wife Lafida Arellano, 3 sons and 2 daughters, Names not listed. Parents Juan Andres Arellano and Catalina Arellano; Brother Juan and sisters Emilia G. Vigil, Elena, Emerenciana, Natividad, Teodocia and Cirila Arellano.

46- Thur 27 June 1940. Discoved Sunday in the rugged Rio Grande channel near Questa, NM the body of E. R. Wakefield a Denver, Colo adventurer lost 4 July 1938 in a Rio Grande navigating attempt. He and a companion A. S. Hunt attempted to negotiate the swift waters of the river for 300 miles South from Alamosa, Colo. The boat capsized in the Black Canyon. Hunt reached shore and Wakefield was carried away by the strong current. A. S. Hunt identified the body. Claimed by a son Alvin Wakefield to be taken to Albuq, NM for the funeral and burial.

47- Thur 4 July 1940. Walter A. Easton Age 67 of Colorado Springs, Colo died last week. He was a native of Green Field, Iowa. Born 21 July 1873. Survived by his wife and 5 sisters names not listed, One of the sister is Mrs. Cora Easton Kitts of Taos, NM.

48- Thur 4 July 1940. Ralph C. Durie of Taos, NM died Monday night at his daughter Mrs. James Duell's Taos Home. He was a retired Santa Fe employee. He was born in New Jersey. He came to Raton, NM in 1902 and worked for the Santa Fe for years. Retiring 7 years ago to make his home in Taos, NM. Survived by wife, name not listed; Sons Fred, Ralph and Martin all of Raton, NM; Daughters Mrs. Claude Smith, Raton, NM and Mrs. Duell of Taos, NM. Burial will be at the Fairmont Raton, NM Cemetery.

49- Thur 4 July 1940. Mrs. Ludwig W. Ilfeld Age 62 of Las Vegas, NM. Died Wednesday at 2:00 PM of a heart ailment. Born in Silver City, NM she moved to Las Vegas, NM as a child. Survived by her husband Ludwig Ilfeld, well known New Mexico merchant; Sons Max, Taos businessman, Carl of Los Angles, Calif. and Dr. Frederick Ilfeld of Los Angles, Calif.

50- Thur 4 July 1940. Virginia Garcia Age 60 of El Prado, NM. Died last Friday. Wife of Juan Jose Garcia deceased 1-1/2 year, well known shoe maker and shoe repairs.

51- Thur 11 July 1940. Mrs. Regina Oppenheimer Age 68 Taos, NM Resident for 2 years died in an Albuq. NM. Hospital. She was born in Ober-Alterheiim, Germany. She came to Taos, NM to reside with her daughters Mrs. Bella Oppenheimer House and Mrs. Claire Oppenheimer, who are the only survivors. Buried in the N'Nal B'Rith Cemetery in Albuq. NM. on Monday 6 July 1940.

52- Thur 11 July 1940. Herman Mutz, colorful Elizabeth Town, NM Pioneer died Tuesday night at his home ranch. Born in Germany and came to "Etown" 59 years ago during the gold boom. He built the Mutz hotel there. He was buried at the Etown Catholic Cemetery. Survived by sons Adolph, Emil of Copper Cliff, Calif and John of Okla; Daughters Mrs. Jessie Young, Mrs. Lyman Pratt of Red River, NM and Mrs. Margarguarita Clarke of Denver, Colo.

53- Thur 11 July 1940. Gabriel Garcia of Questa, NM died 29 June 1940 of a heart ailment. Survived by wife Elsie Elaine Garcia, 7 year old daughter; Mother Marinita Garcia; Brother Frank Garcia; Sister Addie Gonzales. Uncle and aunt Epifanio and Lucinda Garcia of Denver, Colo.

54- Thur 25 July 1940. Rev. Padre Albert Canova Age 57 Parish Priest of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe in Taos, NM. For about 2 years died in a Salt Lake City Utah hospital. He had gone to Utah on vacation and while there he was taken to the hospital with a burst appendix.He had served as a priest in Santa Fe, Monticello, Taos and Socorro, NM.

55- Thur 1 Aug 1940. Antonio Tiano Age 59 of Santa Fe,NM died last Wednesday at his residence. He was a Native of Italy. He had lived in Clayton Union County NM for about 15 years. He also lived in Taos, NM where he owned a billard saloon until he sold it to Max Padilla. Survived by wife and several childre. Names not listed.

56- Thur 1 Aug 1940. John Berry Age 50 of Eagle Nest, NM was discovered dead monday in an insolated cabin. Sheriff B. H. Mitchell said that he was found monday by 2 prospectors and had been dead for a short time. It appears that he died due to a dynamite blast.

57- Thur 1 Aug 1940. Earl Estep Age 36 died while working under a tractor which slipped from a jack and crushed him to death. He was the head mechanic of the Taos road construction project. He was killed instantly 5 Aug 1940, Near Embudo, NM.

58- Thur 8 Aug 1940. Louis Shoffner died at her parents home in West Plains, Mo at 2:30 PM. Sunday 4 Aug 1940 "Louise" as she was known was a highly effective and well educated teacher. She taught at the Molybdenum mine school for 10 years . Survived by husband J. W. Shoffner, 5 sisters, 1 brother names not listed. Mother Mrs. J. T. Whitmire.

59- Thur 15 Aug 1940. Floyd L. Sloan Age 47 of Amarillo, TX. Died suddenly Friday night in Red River, NM. While vacationing with his wife and 17 month old Son. An accidental over dose of sedative was given as a cause of death. Sloan was assistant state veterans service officer of Texas. His body was returned to Amarillo, Tx where he resided for burial.

60- Thur 15 Aug 1940. Meliton Martinez Age 83 years and 5 months of Canon de Fernandez, NM died 31 July 1940 at 4:00 PM in Tafoya, NM. He was born in Canon de Fernandez 27 Feb 1857. In 1879 He married Emilia Madrid.They have surviving sons Levi, Adolfo, and Jose Rafael Martinez; Daughter Wife of Bonifacio Fernandez of Tafoya, NM. Sister Emiliana M. Rivera of San Antonio, Colo. Brother Estevan Martinez of Canon de Ferandez. Buried in the Canon de Fernandez, NM Cemetery.

61- Thur 15 Aug 1940. Tomasita Arellano de Cordova Age 53 years, 10 months and 6 days died 22 July 1940 at 6:00 AM. Born in Arroyo Hondo, NM 16 Sept 1886. Survived by husband Jose Santistevan Cordova; Son Flavio Chacon; Daughters Ofelia C. Cordova and Sidelia C. Martinez. Buried 23 July 1940 in the San Cristobal, NM Cemetery.

62- Thur 15 Aug 1940. Vincent Thomas died in Santa Fe, NM. Former Taos resident. Died last week. Survived by wife Adela Santsitevan de Thomas; Son Manuel V; Daughters Illen and Lillian T. Vigil. Buried 12 Aug 1940 in the Cemetery El Rosario.

63- Thur 15 Aug 1940. Prescilia Fernandez Died at her home in Penasco, NM. She was the youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Max Fernandez. She died of a heart ailment.

64- Thur 15 Aug 1940. Pedro Vigil died at his residence in Talpa, NM. Survived by daughter Zoraida V. de Montoya of Taos, NM; Son Rolando M. Vigil of Denver, Colo.

65- THur 29 August 1940. Faustina M. Trujillo of Llano, NM died 20 Aug 1940. Death notice submitted by son Virgilio Trujillo.

66- Thur 29 August 1940. Juan Francisco Trujillo died in the Francisco E. Medina's ranch located near Maxwell Colfax County, NM last Wednesday. He was killed by lighting while herding some sheep. He is survived by wife and 4 children. Names not listed. Brother Victor M. Trujillo El Prado, NM.
...Eutimio Lopes died a few days prior also killed by lighting in the same general area of Maxwell, NM...

67- Thur 5 Sept 1940. Mrs Emma Elizabeth Leatherman Age 87. A 30 year resident of Taos, NM died 31 Aug 1940. Born in Buck County, Pennsylvania in 1852. She moved to Taos, NM In 1910. Survived by daughters Mrs. Helen McBride and Mrs. James Cage; Sons Edward and Clarence of Denver, Colo; Granddaughter Mrs. Marshall Sandusky of Taos, NM.

68- Thur 5 Sept 1940. Cora Vigil died Tuesday at her residence in Pilar, NM (Cieneguilla) Survived by Parents Francisco Vigil and Filadelfia Gurule de Vigil; Brother Eloy Vigil.

69- Thur 5 Sept 1940. Abel Santistevan of Costilla, NM. Died at his residence at the end of last week. Survived by wife and several children. Names not listed.

70- Thur 26 Sept 1940. Corina Mondragon de Trujillo Age 21 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died at her home 18 Sept 1940. She was born in Ranchos de Taos, NM Sept 1917. Survived by Husband Eddy Trujillo, children Eddie Jr. and Lorraine; Parents Juan Clemaco Mondragon and Beatrice M. Mondragon; Grandparents J. Benito Mondragon and Maria Leonara V. Mondragon who raised her.

71- Thur 10 Oct 1940. Jose Toribio Roybal Age 86 years and 16 days. Born in Santa Fe, NM 15 Sept 1853. His parents were born and raised in Pojoaque, NM. Survived by wife Perfecta Lucero de Roybal; 1 son 2 daughters and 1 brother. Names, place or date of death not listed.

72- Thur 10 Oct 1940. Alcadio Griego of La Madera Rio Arriba County NM. Died last Saturday morning in Espanola, NM. He was serving as Rio Arriba County NM Treasurer. Survived by wife Ernestina Duran de Griego and a child. Parents Alcario Griego and Josefita de Griego. Several Brothers. He was the nephew of Florentina g. de Varos, wife of Abad Varos of Taos, NM.

73- Thur 17 Oct 1940. Adelita Quintana Age 4 years and 7 months of El Prado, NM. Daughter of Manuel Quintana and Sirvilia Rivera de Quintana. Sunday she fell of a horse drawn wagon that carried several children. She struck her head on the ground and was immediately rushed to Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, NM, but her injuries were so severe that medically nothing could be done.

74- Thur 24 Oct 1940. Jose Chacon charred body was found wednesday about 11:00 AM by some children in the debris of a burnt barn in Penasco, NM..14 Nov 1940 Hipolito Mascarenas 21 years old unemployed Llano, NM youth. Tuesday in Judge Livingston Taylor Taos district Court confessed to killing Jose Chacon. But said it was self defense that he and the middle aged Jose Chacon got into a fight late that night in the barn. He was sentenced to from 15 to 25 years in the state penitentiary.

75- Thur 31 Oct 1940, Helen Ruby Roybal Age 4 years old of Rodarte, NM drowned in an asequia (ditch) 12 Oct 1940. She was the daughter of Samuel Roybal and Corina Romero de Roybal. She was found dead by her mothers in the Santa Barbara river after a 2 hour search.Funeral service in Llano, NM service by Rev. Tomas Atencio.

76- Thur 14 Nov 1940. Jose Antonio Martinez Age 60, former Taos Marshal died early Monday morning. He moved here from Des Montes, NM a dozen or more years ago. Was prominent in village affairs. Survived by wife Marcy Wengert Martinez; Son Ernesto Martinez, Taos Village water works superintendent; Mother from Denver, Colo name not listed. Other sons Emilio, Carlos and Bernabe Martinez of Taos, NM. John Martinez of Penasco, NM and 2 sisters. Names not listed.

77- Thur 21 Nov 1940. Adan Martinez Age 89 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 2 Nov 1940. He completed 89 years 28 Oct 1940. Survived by sons Malaquias M. y Peralta of Taos, NM, Leocadio Martinez, Ranchos de Taos, NM, Benigno Martinez and Amarante Martinez from Canon de Taos, NM; Daughters Mrs. Rebecca Martinez de Maestas wife of Luis Maestas, formally from Gusdorf, NM. and Mrs. Eliza Martinez de Hartt of Ranchos de Taos, NM, with whom Adan Martinez lived until his death.

78- Thur 28 Nov 1940, Teresita Duran de Gonzales of Arroyo Seco, NM died tuesday night ( 26 Nov 1940) Not to long ago her son Ambrosio Gonzales also died,

79- Thur 5 Dec 1940. Albert Martinez former Taos Pueblo Governor was found dead early Saturday evening beside the road leading into the Pueblo. Sheriff Isidro Montoya believes that he was killed by a hit and run driver. Both legs were broken and it appears that he died of internal injuries.

80- Thur 5 Dec 1940. Manuel D. Segura Age 43 editor of La Revista de Taos news paper died late Wednesday night at his residence. Following a 4 weeks long illness. He had been the editor of La Revista de Taos News Paper for the past 4 years. His body was taken to Las Vegas, NM where he was born and reared. Services will be held in Las Vegas, NM Saturday afternoon with interment at the St. Joseph Cemetery.

81- Thur 5 Dec 1940. Manuel Vigil of San Cristobal, NM died 1 Nov 1940 in Arroyo Hondo, NM. Survived by wife Luisa Medina de Vigil, 3 children; Parents Ezequias Vigil and wife name not listed. Grandfather Francisco Vigil y Vigil.

82- Thur 5 Dec 1940, Andres E. Romero Age 36 of Albuq. NM. died in Ceboyeta, NM. He was employed by the New Mexico State Comptroller. He had been in charge of the Taos County Treasures office for some time. The family Romero resides in Albuq. NM.

83- Thur 5 Dec 1940. Feliberto Salazar Age 28 years and 2 months of Arroyo Hondo, NM Died 14 Nov 1940. Survived by wife Dorelia D. de Salazar; Brother Jose De Jesus Salazar.

84- Thur 19 Dec 1940. Celestino Martinez Age 16 of Cerro, NM. Died of pneumonia. Date of death not listed. Buried 19 Dec 1940. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Fermin Martinez; Grandson of Luis Montoya of Cerro, NM. Celestino has 10 brothers and sisters. Names not listed.

85- Thur 19 Dec 1940. Ricardo M. Montoya and his son Ricardo Montoya Jr. of Ranchitos Arriba, taos, NM. Were found dead in the house by family members 12 Dec 1940. They were asphyxiated by the carbon monoxide gases of a stove. They were buried in the Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery.

86- Thur 26 Dec 1940. Mrs. Adelaida S. Baca Age 75 former Taos Resident. Died in her residence in Santa Fe, NM on Wednesday Morning. Born in Abiquiu Rio Arriba County, NM in 1855. She spent her youth in Taos and in 1896 she married Sylvano Baca of Las Vegas, NM. He died in 1936. She was a direct descendent of 2 pioneer families of New Mexico. The Salazars and Manzanares. Survived by sisters Mrs. Enrique Gonzales, Miss Lola Salazar of Taos, NM, Mrs O. G. Martinez of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Brothers J. A. Salazar of Taos, NM, David Salazar of Denver, Colo. Besides may other relatives , nephews and nieces among whom are Fred Martinez of the first state bank, Arthur Martinez also of Taos, NM. and Mayor F. F. Baca of the Coronado Pharmacy.

By Alberto Vidaurre 29 Sept 2010