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Part  2: 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908 and 1909 Taos County Obits
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Following is Part 1 of the 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908 and 1909 Obituaries as found in the news paper La Revista De Taos.

1- Severiano Vigil Age 72 of Taos, NM died Monday 9 Dec 1905 at 9:00 AM. Survived by Wife Carolina Valdez Vigil; Sister Julianita V. de Lucero; Mother-in-law Gregorita B. Sanchez; Nephews Cresencio Vigil, Francisco Vigil, Cornelio Vigil, Jesuita L. Gomez, Benigno Romero, Petrita R. Lucero, Santiago Lucero, Bernabe Vigil, Teofila V. Tafoya, Juanita V. Mestas, Marina V. Garcoa and Ramon Ulibarri. Buried in the Ranchito NM Cemetery.

2- Sofia Ernestina Mares Age 4 Months and 17 days old of Taos, NM Died 13 Jan 1905. Daughter of Carlos F. Mares and Teresina T. Mares. Buried Saturday at 4:00 PM in the cemetery of La Loma, Taos, NM.

3- 21 Jan 1905 Double Killing.Charles Purdy 70 and Green Redding 19, son of E.S. Redding of Questa, NM. Both miners were shot and killed by John Conly 42 of Red River, NM. About 1:00 PM Monday 16 Jan 1905 at the mining camp at Canon de Guadalupe about 3 miles from Questa, NM. John Conly was found guilty of 1st degree murder at trial in Taos, NM and was hanged shortly thereafter.

4- Felipita Sanchez Age 55 from Cerro, NM. Died friday 5 Feb 1905 at 12:15 PM. Survived by Meliton Vigil; Children Teodorita Vigil wife of Donaciano Archuleta, and Dolores Vigil wife of Eleonor Cortez. Buried 6 Feb 1906 at Cerro, NM cemetery.

5- Pascuala Santistevan Age 92 died 29 March 1905 3:00 Am at her residence in Taos, NM.

6- Carolina G. Brito Age 21 years, 5 months and 11 days. Wife of J. Antonio Brito of Talpa, NM. Died 26 March 1905 at her home. Also surviving her is her mother Catalina Maestas 2 brothers and 1 sister names not listed. Buried 27 March 1905 in the Talpa, NM cemetery.

7- Miguel Martinez Age 74 of Taos, NM. Died Monday 3 April 1905. Wife Rosalia Guara; Son Jose Martinez; Daughter Adelina Martinez.

8- Rafael Maestas died Wednesday of this week ( 5 April 1905) of a heart attack at the residence of Jose Manuel Santistevan in Talpa, NM..

9- Major Don Pedro Sanchez Age 74 Years 2 months and 23 days old of Taos, NM. Died at 11:00 AM yesterday Friday 19 May 1905. He was born in Valencia County NM. 22 Feb 1831. He attained the rank of Major in the military during the 1860 American Civil War. He led his own company and they fought at the Valverde battle. He was elected to the Territorial Legislative where he served for several terms being chosen a leader of that body.In 1856 He married 1st- Refugio Martinez who died 21 Sept 1895. After her death he married Refugio Rodriguez in 1903. Surviving him his wife Refugio Rodriguez;Brother Francisco Sanchez; Niece and adopted daughter Carlota Sanchez de Mares; Nephew Cristobal Sanchez; Niece Epimena Cordova de Lobato; Son-in-law Laureano Mares, Manuelita Martinez and a great number of adopted children. Major Pedro Sanchez was buried in the American cemetery Taos, NM.

10- Aloys Liebert of Taos Age 59 died 22 May 1905. He was born 11 June 1845 in Baden, Germany. He married Piedad LeDoux in 1872, she was the daughter of Julian LeDoux. Also survived by children Mrs. P. M. Dolan, Winnie, Dilla, Clarence, Alyos Jr.,and Rudolph Liebert.

11- Genoveva Martinez of Taos, NM. Died Last Saturday (May 27,1905) at 5:30 PM. She was the daughter of Romualdo Martinez.

12- Jacinto Griego of Talpa, NM died 27 June 1905 at his residence. He is survived by his wife Ruperta V. de Griego and daughters (No names listed).

13- Felipe Lara Age 84 of Arroyo Seco, NM died 1 July 1905.

14- Diego Barela Age 80 of Arroyo Seco, NM died 25 June 1905.

15- Jose Francisco Martinez of Ranchitos, Taos, NM. Died Last Monday (13 Aug 1905) at dawn.

16- Eugenia O. de Varos Age 77 of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 12 Aug 1905. She was the mother of Martin Sanchez and Perfecto Varos.

17- Rafaelita R. de Garcia died in Talpa, NM. Yesterday, Friday, 1 Sept 1905. She was the wife of Jose Garcia from Questa, NM. Funeral service to be held Sunday in the chapel of Nuestra Senora del Carmen in Talpa, NM.

18- Beatriz A. de Sanchez Age 29 of Penasco, NM. Died Thursday 24 August 1905 at 3:00 PM. She was the daughter of Santiago Abreu, born in Penasco, NM 17 July 1876. She married Estevan Sanchez in 1896. Survived by her husband Esteban Sanchez; Mother Librada S. de Abreu; Grandmother Lucia M. de Sanchez, and sisters. (Names not listed)

19- Jose Rafael Romero (advanced age) of Talpa, NM died Monday due to a fall from top of a cliff near his house.

20- Edeth Ellon Dolan young daughter of P. M. Dolan and Maria L. de Dolan of Taos, NM died Friday 25 August 1905.

21- Maria Dolores Maestas de Jaramillo Age 45 died this past Saturday 2 Sept 1905 11:30 PM. At her residence (location not named). She was the wife of Donaciano Jaramillo. She was born in Pojoaque, Santa Fe County, NM in 1860. She has 5 sons (names not listed).

22- Tobias Cordova Age 19 of Cordova, NM died Saturday night. He was the son of Juan N. Cordova and Agustina R. de Cordova. Died of El Tisis (Tuberculosis).

23- Rafaelita Romero de Fresquez Age 26 of Talpa, NM. Died 4 Sept 1905 of El Tisis (Tuberculosis) She lived in the Plaza of Questa, NM for 12 years. Survived by her husband Jose Leonardo Fresquez and a son 3 years old (Name not listed). Funeral was in the Chapel of San Juan and burial in the Cemetery of Carmen (Nuestra Senora del Carmen, Talpa, NM).

24- Felicita R. de Valdez of El Prado, NM died Last Saturday (23 Sept 1905) at 8:00 PM. Her husband is Guadalupe Valdez.

25- Esteban Sanchez Age 28 years, 7 months and 28 days was shot by Juan Manuel Romero, 19 Sept 1905. He died 24 Sept 1905.Of Penasco, NM. (His wife Beatriz A. Sanchez died 24 August 1905). He was the only son of Ramon Sanchez, a well known Merchant, State Senator and Taos County School Superintendent. Juan Manuel Romero was arrested and charged with his murder but was found not guilty at trial held in Santa Fe, NM.

26- Juan Armijo from Taos, NM died last friday (13 Oct 1905).

27- Benedito Martinez of San Cristobal, NM died last wed. (11 Oct 1905) sometime in the evening.

28- Cornelia R. Martinez of El Prado, NM. Died last monday (7 Oct 1905). She was the wife of the deceased Jose Dolores Martinez.

29- Jose Gomez age 5 months died Monday 7 Oct 1905 a little after 11:00 PM. He was the son of Nestor Gomez and Josefa S. Gomez.

30- Josefa S. Gomez died Saturday 28 Oct 1905. Of Fiebre Tifoida (Typhoid fever) Her son Jose Gomez had just died recently (7 Oct 1905). She is survived by her husband Nestor Gomez and a child (Name not listed).

31- Noberto Trujillo Age 19 died at dawn today ( 11 Nov 1905) He was an orphan and died of Pneumonia fever.

32- Jesus Maria Sisneros Age 53 of Ranchito Taos, NM. Died friday this week (10 Nov 1905). He died of Fiebre Tifoida ( Typhoid Fever). He is survived by his wife Juanita G. de Sisneros; 3 sons and 1 daughter. (Names not listed). And a brother Pablo S. Sisneros.

33- Antonio Maria Vargas from Picuris Pueblo, NM. Was shot and killed by Antonio Jose Martinez also of Picuris Publo, NM. Tuesday evening (15 Nov 1905). Preliminary investigation indicates that the shooting may have been an accident.
Antonio Jose Martinez is being held in the Taos County jail awaiting the grand jury action.

34- Soledad Duran de Jaramillo Age 96 died sunday 25 Feb 1906 at 9:00 PM. At the residence of Jose Cruz. She has 4 brothers and 2 sisters (Names not listed). Buried in Los Cordovas cemetery the 27th day of Feb.

35- Nabor Martinez from Cerro, NM was found dead near Tres Piedras, NM 21 Jan 1906. Foul play was suspected at first but an investigation by the Taos County sheriff and the coroners jury determined that Nestor Martinez had frozen to death.

36- Placida Valdez de Medina Age 66 of La Loma Taos, NM died at 12:00 Midnight wednesday 7 March 1906 at her home of Fiebre Pnenomia (fever pneumonia).

37- Corina Griego Age 22 from Talpa, NM. Died at home last saturday (3 March 1906). Wife of Juan Gallegos. She died of Tisis (Tuberculosis).

38- Felicita Aragon Age 13 daughter of Lugarda Aragon died when the clothes she was wearing caught fire while standing near the fugon de pared (fire place).

39- Emilina Fernandez Age 17 of Placita del Rio Pueblo, NM. Died 1 March 1906. Survivors husband Juan Antonio Fernandez and young son.Name not listed.

40- Vidal Sisneros Age 56 years, 2 months and 10 days of El Prado, NM.Died at home 27 March 1906 5:30 PM. Survivors include his wife listed as Juanita G. de Sisneros in one entry and as Guadalupe M. de Sisneros in another. 3 sons names not listed and sons-in-law Juan D. Trujillo and Demetrio Esquibel.

41- Agustina V. de Valdez Age 72 years, 2 months and 14 days. Died at her residence (name not listed) Tuesday 3 April 1906. She was the wife of the deceased Santiago. survivors include David Martinez Jr., resident of Velarde, NM. Malaquias Martinez, Demostenes Martinez, and Mariquita Martinez. Funeral service 10:00 AM 5 April 1906 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church services by Rev. Giraud and Rev. Leon.

42- Francisca Trujillo Maxwell Age 72 died thursday 5 April 1905 at 9:00 PM. Survived by a sister and 3 nephews, only 1 named Felix Sandoval and his wife Cleofas Sandoval.

43- Juanita Casias de Gurule Age 62 years and 10 days died at home in Ranchos de Taos, NM. Last Friday 13 April 1906. Wife of the deceased Vidal Gurule.

44- Rosita Adela Alires Age 23 years, 7 months and 13 days of Costilla, NM. Died Wednesday 4 April 1906. She was the daughter of Jesus Maria Alires and Pablita Romero.

45- Encarnacion Trujillo Age 74 years and 24 days of Tinaja, NM. Died 18 April 1906 at 5:45 PM. Survivors are Son Pablo E. Trujillo and daughter Raquel E. Trujillo.

46- Nestora Gomez V. de Trujillo advanced age of Taos, NM. Died Friday 4 May 1906 at 7:10 AM.

47- Sicilio Suazo of Canon de Fernandez, NM died at home. Son of Manuel Suazo. Sicilio Suazo and Emilia Trujillo had been married 4 months. He died as a result of an accident.

48- Rita Sandoval Age 65 died Saturday 9 June 1906 at dawn. Surviving is her son Candido Benavidez and his wife; 4 brothers and 1 sister.(name not listed).

49- Saturday 2 June 1906 2:00 PM lightining struck the house of Teodoro Trujillo in Ranchos de Taos, NM, killing his 14 year old daughter.(Name not listed)

50- Isabelita Ortega of Taos NM, wife of Doroteo Lucero and daughter of Estefana D. Ortega died Tuesday 21 June 1906.

51- Captain Donaciano Montoya of Taos, NM. Civil war veteran died at home Last saturday.No date listed. He died of Hidropesia (Dropsy now known as Edema).

52- Raimundo Cordova from Taos, NM was killed by a Santa Fe Rail road train in Otero, NM. June 27,1906. He was the son of Juan Cordova now deceased. Surviving him is his wife Sabina Cordova; 3 children and his mother Agustina Romero.

53- Juan B. Cordova Age 76 years and 7 days. Former resident of Taos, County NM. That had moved to Hoehne, Colorado, Las Animas County 41 years ago died at his residence 27 June 1906.

54- Cristobal Mares of Taos, NM died at his residence this past saturday 6 July 1906 at 7:00 AM of Fiebre Pneumonia (Fever Pneumonia). He was the son of Juan Mares and Juanita Gonzales de Mares. Born July 1833 A.D. in Taos, NM. 2 Aug 1858 A.D. he married Trinidad Pacheco, daughter of Antonio Maria Pacheco. She died 31 March 1899. They had 19 children. Survivors: Laureano, Fernando and Edwardo Mares. Daughter Lupita M. de Martinez wife of Severino Martinez from Black Lake, NM. Porfiria M. de Martinez wife of Epimenio Martinez from Wagon Mound, NM. Isabel M. de Lujan wife of Lorenzo Lujan from Kimball, Okla. He was buried in La Loma Cemetery. (Taos, NM).

55- Doloritas Santistevan of Pina, NM died 11 July 1906 at 8:00 PM. She died of Hidropesia (Dropsy-Edema). Survived by 4 sons and 3 daughters. Only name listed Frank A. y Santistevan.

56- Ana Maria Martinez de Olivas of Valdez, NM Died 23 July 1906 at 5:30 PM. She died of Hidropesia (Dropsy-Edema). Children surviving her sons Guadalupe C. Olivas, Dosito Olivas Granddaughter who cared for her Teofila M. de Olivas, Delfina C. de Espinosa, Fidelia Olivas de Coca, Santos de Olivas y Benita Duran Olivas.

57- Marina Romero de Valdez from Apishapa, Colo Died Friday 27 July 1906 ,She was the wife of Levy Valdez and the daughter of Santiago Romero y Lujan from the Taos, NM area.

58- Cleofas Martinez Age 36 from the Taos, NM area died Sunday 19 August 1906 at 8:00 PM. She was the wife of Jose B. Martinez. She died of Hidropesia (Dropsy-Edema.

59- Juan Bautista Romero Age 60 of Ranchos de Taos, NM Died Sunday 19 August 1906 at 10:00 AM.

60- Josefita Vigil de Graham Age 60 of Talpa, NM. Died at her residence 25 August 1906 at 9:30 AM. Wife of Antonia Maria Graham.Have 2 sons and 2 daughters and an orphaned grandson. Brother Juan B. Vigil.

61- Aniceto Chavez Age 1 year and 3 months of Chimayo, NM. Son of Juan R. Chavez and Ruperta M. de Chavez died Thursday 16 August 1906.

62- Maria Tonita Manzanares Age 36 of Blanco, NM. Died 10 Sept 1906. Survived by her husband J. G. Jacquez, 10 children, 4 brothers and her father Andres Manzanares.

63- Jose Dionicio Martinez Age 79 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died at his residence Thursday 27 Sept 1906. Survived by his wife and 5 children.(No names listed)

64- Simona de Cardenas of El Prado, NM Died at her residence Monday 15 October 1906 at 2:00 PM. Wife of Luis Cardenas 5 sons and 3 daughters.(Names not listed)

65- Marcela Romero Age 56 of Talpa, NM. Died Tuesday 30 Oct 1906. Wife of the deceased Juan de Dios Romero.

66- Doloritas Fernandez de Mares Age 18 years, 4 months and 20 days. Died 30 Oct 1906. Survived by her husband Juan Isidro Maes; Father Jose Grabiel Fernandez; Grand mother Maria Trinidad Fernandez; Brothers Cresencio Fernandez, Juan B, Fernandez, Maximiano Fernandez and Jose G. Fernandez; Sisters Reyecitas F. Cordova and Epimenia F. Vasquez.

67- Ynocencia Coca de Salazar of Valdez, NM. Died 25 Oct 1906 at 3:00 AM. Survived by her husband (Name not listed). Brothers Jose de Jesus Coca and Eleuterio Coca and uncle Roque Coca.

68- Maria Bonifacia Valdez Age 65. of Questa, NM. Died 25 Oct 1906 in her residence. Surviving her are her adopted children, Cayetano Ortega and Floripa Salazar.

69- Luis Marquez Age 30. Died 22 Oct 1906 in Hastings, Colo. He is survived by his mother Manuelita R. Marquez; Brother Luis Gonzaga Marquez; Sister Floripa Marquez de Vigil wife of Juan B. Vigil of Arroyo Hondo, NM.

70- Juan J. Jacquez died 2 Oct 1906 in Blanco, NM after his horse fell on top of him. Survivors Wife Marcelina V. de Jacquez; 3 daughters names not listed. Son Felipe Jacquez; Brothers Gregorio Jacquez from Blanco, NM and Manuel Jacquez from Costilla, NM. Sister Lupita Jacquez from Blanco, NM.

71- Josefita Graham of Rio Chiquito (Talpa) NM. died Monday 25 Aug 1906. Survived by daughter Manuelita Graham; Sons Roberto Trujillo, Maximiliano and Antonio Graham.

72- Inocencio Valdez Jr., Age 48 from La Loma, Taos, NM. Died at his residence 3 Dec 1906. He was born 28 Dec 1858. He is survived by his wife Octaviana Martinez de Valdez, with whom he had 10 children but only 6 survive. Sons Felix, Pedro and Jose Valdez; daughters Ana, Maria, Bersabe, Rosa, Dolores and Eufresina Valdez. He was buried in La Loma Cemetery (Taos, NM) He had been elected and served as Taos County Clerk and Taos County Treasurer.He was a Teacher in the Arroyo Seco Public School.He was the editor of the news papers El Heraldo de Taos and El Monitor.

73- Jose Dolores Lobato Age 66 of Los Cordovas, NM. Died in his residence Saturday 1 Dec 1906. Survived by his wife Juanita Martinez de Lobato and son Manuel Lobato.

74- Eleonor Trujillo 67 of Ranchitos, NM. Died Sunday 16 Dec 1906 at his residence of Fiebre Pneumonia (Fever Pneumonia). He had been elected and served as Taos County Commissioner for 2 terms. He was a soldier serving under Major Pedro Sanchez durning the 1860 civil war and fought at the battle of Valverde. Survivors include his wife Crestina S. de Trujillo; Daughter Josefa de Mares, Simona de Romero and Rafaela de Martinez; Sons-in- law Luis Mares, Tomas Romero and Leocadio Martinez.

75- Cornella A. de Montoya Age 45 of Taos NM. Died in her residence 26 Dec 1906. She is survived by her husband Eulogio Montoya; 4 sons and 3 daughters Names not listed.

By: Alberto Vidaurre
August 20,2010