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Part 10: 1914 and 1915 of Taos County Obits
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Following is part 4 of the 1914 and 1915 Obits as found in the La Revista De Taos, New Mexico News Papers.

139- Maria Manuela Manchego de Archuleta Age 87 of Garcia, Colo. Died 4 April 1915 in the residence of her son-in-law Eugenio Trujillo with whom she lived the last 5 years of her life. She was born in El Rito Rio Arriba County NM. There she married Nicolas Archuleta, he died in 1868. They moved to Costilla, NM in 1856 and in 1863 they moved to Cucheras, Colo. After the death of her husband Nicolas, Maria Manuela moved back to Costilla, NM where she lived with her brother Manuel Manchego later she moved in with her son-in-law. Survived by 2 daughters and 1 brother. Names not listed.

140- Santiago Arellano of Arroyo Hondo, NM died tuesday of last week.

141- Maria Tiburcia Hurtado Age 59 years and 7 months of El Rito de San Lorenzo, Colo. Died Sunday 11 April 1915 at 6:00 AM. She was born in Mora, NM 11 Aug 1855. She moved to Colo in the year 1868. She married Jose de Gracia Cordova 7 Jan 1869 in Chilili Las Animas County, Colo. They had 21 children. Survived by Husband Jose de Gracia Cordova; Sons Marcelino, Salvador and Samuel Cordova; Daughters Aurelia Henry, Bersabe Silva, Rebecca Rivera, Domitila Lucero and Josefina Cordova. She was buried in Los Cordova, Colo Cemetery.

142- Felipe Salazar Of Guadalupita, NM. Died 17 April 1915. Survived by Mother Casilda Abeyta; Wife Guadalupe Salazar de Pacheco, 2 sons and 4 daughters. Names not listed.

143- Lucrecia M. de Espinosa Age 23 years, 4 months and 11 days of San Luis Colo. Died 13 April 1915 at 7:30 PM. Survived by her husband Maximinio Espinosa, a 3 year old child; Parents Juan B, Martinez and Encesita M. de Martinez; Brothers Felix and Edino Martinez; Sister Catarina Martinez.

144- Sensionita M. Aranda Age 28 of Pina, NM. Died 6 April 1915. Survived by husband Francsico Aranda and 3 children of young age; Parents Teofilo Martinez and Eufemia T. Martinez.

145- Jose Ignacio Gonzales of an advanced age of Questa, NM. Died 1 April 1915 at 12:30 AM. He was a resident of Taos, NM but had moved to Questa, NM to live with his nephew Jose B. Cordova.

146- Juanito Mestas of Talpa, NM. Died 1 May 1915. Son of Juan de Jesus Mestas and Cleofas R. de Mestas.

147- Teresa Maes de Archuleta Age 85 died in Pina, NM 3 may 1915. Wife of the deceased Francisco Archuleta. She was born in Ojo Caliente, NM. Survived by Donaciano Archuleta of El Rio de San Juan and Maria Ezequias de Archuleta of Corrumpa, NM.

148- Belen S. Martinez of Wagon Mound, NM. Died 6 May 1915. She was the wife of Leandro Martinez who died 26 years ago. Survived by sister Lola S. Root of Arroyo Seco, NM; Sons V. M. Martinez of Brilliant, NM, Leandro Martinez of Wagon Mound, NM, Luis Martinez of Arroyo Seco, NM.; Daughter Luz M. Sandoval of Wagon Mound.

149- Anacres Romero of Canjilon Rio Arriba County, NM. Drowned in the Rio Chama, NM last week. Date of death not noted. News paper edition dated Friday 14 May 1915. He was crossing a hanging bridge over the Rio Chama with his herd of sheep. The bridge was built for light traffic only. He and the sheep were about half way across when the bridge collapsed spilling him and the sheep into the Rio Chama. His body has not yet been found. About 200 of the sheep also died. The sheep belonged to the Esquibel Brothers, Sons of Perfecto Esquibel.

150- Maria Josefa M. de Maestas Age 79 of Gallina, NM. Died at 3:00 AM 7 April 1915. Survived by son Dionicio Maestas; Daughters Maria Dela Luz Maestas de Sanchez, Maria Lucia M. de Mestas and Placita Mestas.

151- Eulalia Fernandez Age 30 of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 17 April 1915. Wife of Andres Sanchez. Survived by husband and 3 children. She was the niece of Higinio Sanchez.

152- Beatriz Arguello Age 45 of Black lake, NM. Died. Date of death not listed. Survived by husband Felipe Arguello who is also sick; Daughter Josefita Arguello de Vigil, wife of Rodolfo Vigil.

153- Placida Benavides de Cruz Age 49 of Carriso, NM former Taos, NM resident. Died 10 May 1915 at 3:00 AM in Albert, NM. Wife of the deceased Santiago Cruz. Daughter of Antonio Benavides and Felicita P. de Benavides. Survived by 4 daughters and 3 sons. Names not listed.

154- Julianita Romero de Lucero Age 45 of Santa Fe, NM. Died Tuesday night. Survived by husband Antonio Lucero who is now serving as New Mexico State Secretary. Sons Antonio Jr., Edmundo and Arturo Lucero; Daughters Aurora, Delis, Julia and Leonor Lucero.

155- J. Francisco Cruz Age 49 of Taos, NM. Died 14 May 1915. He was born in Taos, NM in 1866. Son of Noberto Cruz and Pascualita C. Cruz. Married Maria Ines Lucero; Surving him are 5 sons and 4 daughter. They lived in Palo Blanco, NM for 18 years until moving back to Taos, NM.

156- Jose Tiburcio Sandoval Age 77 of Santa Barbara, NM. Died 13 May 1915 at 1:00 AM. Survived by 4 daughters and 1 son. Names not listed.

157- Delfina Archuleta de Romero Age 26 of Mogote, Colo. Died 30 April 1915. Her

mother Miguelita Martinez de Archuleta died 22 March 1915. Survived by husband Melquiades Romero; Brother Leocadio Archuleta.

158- J. Urbano Vigil of Trinidad, Colo. Former Taos Resident. Died No date of death listed. News paper edition dated Fri 4 June 1915. He was the former Secretary of Las Animas County Colorado. The administrator of the U.S. mail in Trinidad, Colo.

159- Jesus Maria Mondragon Age 48 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 24 May 1915 at 11:00 AM. Son of Felipe Abenicio Mondragon and Maria de La Luz B. Mondragon, both deceased. Survived by wife Feliciana Romero Mondragon, 1 daughter and 4 sons; Brothers Jose Natividad and Felipe Abenicio Mondragon.

160- Emilina G. Ortega Age 24 of El Valle, NM. Died at 4:00 PM 29 May 1915. Survived by husband Eliseo Ortega and a child 3 years old; Parents Encarnacion Gonzales and Manuelita M. de Gonzales.

161- Juan de Jesus Sisneros Age 81 of Tusas, NM. Died 31 May 1915 at 6:30 AM. He was born in El Rito Rio Arriba County NM 24 June 1834. He was a veteran of the American 1860 Civil War. Survived by 2 sons. 1 named J. Evaristo Sisneros and 1 daughter. Names not listed.

162- Tomasita Chavez Age 23. No date or place of death listed. Survived by parents Isidro Chavez and Petra A. Chavez.

163- Juanito Blas Lobato Age 20 months of Chamisal, NM. Died 1 June 1915. Son of Bernabe Lobato and Lucila M. de Lobato.

164- Antonio Aban Martinez Age 77 of Valdes, NM. Died 18 June 1915. He was born in Rio Arriba County, NM. He married Concepcion Martinez in El Embudo, NM. In 1871 they made their home in Des Montes, NM. He served several years as Director of Public Schools for this district. Survived by wife; Sons Francisco, Pedro and Gregorio Martinez. His only daughter Maria Paz de Rendon Preceded him in death.

165- Eulogia de Arrelano Age 53 years, 2 months and 5 days of Pina, NM. Died 18 May 1915 5:00 AM. Survived  by 2 sons and father Miguel Trujillo.

166- Maria Casimira Salazar Age 51 of Cerro, NM. Died 25 June 1915 at 4:00 AM. Survived by husband J. M. Archuleta, 2 sons and 4 daughters. Names not listed.

167- Bartolo Martinez of Del Norte, Colo. Died 25 June 1915 at 6:00 AM. His wife died 19 May 1914. Survived by 4 children of very young age, Who are in the care of their grandmother Simonita Medina.

168- Concepcion Garcia Age 82 of Coyote, NM. Died 2 July 1915. Survived by husband Fernandez Moya, they married in 1869. Adopted son Juan Jose Moya. Concepcion Garcia was cared for by her niece Maria Erinea Chacon and husband Pablo Salazar. Buried in the Juan Bautista Cemetery in Coyote, NM.

169- Meliton Garcia Age 71 of Raton, NM. Died 5 July 1915 at 4:05 PM. Survived by daughters Marina G. Roybal and Fermina Garcia; Son Manuel Garcia.

170- Francisco Sanchez Age 68 of Pina, NM and his nephew Jose Sanchez left Pina, NM to go to Mermejo, NM to look for a coal mine. They arrived the 7th about 6:00 PM. They separated to look for the mine. Francisco did not return to their camp and was lost for 2 days. Jose Sanchez found him dead at the bottom of an 8 foot cliff, on the 9th. At the place known as Rito de Aro about 3 miles from Pena Flor, NM. Survived by adopted son Francis Urban Sanchez; Daughter Sara Sanchez and 11 grandchildren.

171- Roy G. Woods of Sterling, Ill. Was shot and killed 6 July 1915 in Taos Canyon, NM. He and his brother Wayne Woods were on their way from Questa, NM where thay had been camping to visit their brother Chester Woods in Dawson, NM. They stopped in Taos to get a drink. Roy Woods became intoxicated and about 4:00 PM Wayne finally convinced Roy that they should go up Fernandez Canon to camp and rest. Roy Woods strapped on his gun belt with his pistol in the holster and armed himself with a rifle. He got on his horse and started shooting on the east side of town. People were running trying to avoid being shot. He emptied his pistol while riding his horse from The valley Bank to the Carson House. He stopped and reloaded his pistol and from his galloping horse he continued shooting. Coming around the curve on the road that goes to the public school the saddle fell of the horse. He stopped placed the saddle back on the horse and got his rifle a 303 caliber. Traveling on the road towards him was an automobile, he pointed the rifle at it but did not shoot.In the car was with W. F. Brown, N. O. Pierce of Denver, Colo. P. N. Paterson of Trinidad, Colo, Wm. McKean and P. V. Dickman of Taos, NM. The latter being a member of the Taos County Commission. When the car was in front of the Alvin Burch's house Dickman got of the car to try to communicate with the deputy sheriff. Roy Woods was overtaken and approached by Sheriff Demostenes Martinez and told Woods to come with him. Woods told the sheriff that he would kill him if he came any closer. The sheriff being unarmed backed off and went for his rifle and deputized Wm. Santistevan, Joe Peyer and Adolfo De Tevis. They borrowed an automobile from the Coxxes Brothers garage and went to find Woods which they did less than a mile from the Taos Plaza. Woods seeing the automobile coming  got of his horse, stood behind the horse and using the saddle as a brace he shot at the car wounding Wm. Santistevan in the right upper arm by the shoulder. The officers yelled at Woods to give up but he took 2 more shots, almost hitting Peyer on the head. Peyer shot back at Woods and struck him once above the heart and one just below the heart. The sheriff's shot struck Woods in the head, killing him instantly. Wayne Woods was arrested but was released when they found that he had done everything possible to stop his brother Roy Woods. Chester Woods the other brother from Dawson, NM came to Taos, NM to pick up his brothers and to send Roy Woods body back to Sterling, Ill. Wm. Santistevan is expected to recover.

172- Simodecea Lopez Age 19 years and 8 months of Clover, Colo. Died 10 July 1914. Survived by mother Tomasita Vigil, 2 brothers and 1 sister.

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