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1917 Taos County Obits
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Following are the 1917 Obits as found in La Revista de Taos, New Mexico News Papers.

1- Filiberto Gonzales Age 2 years and 3 months of Ranchos de Ta, NM. Died 21 Dec 1916. Survived by his parents Eduardo Gonzales and Fidelia S. Gonzales; Grandmothers Dorotea Gonzales and Alcarita Pacheco; 2 sisters. Names not listed.

2- Hilarita B. Dominguez of Moses, NM. Died 19 Dec 1916. Survived by husband Desiderio Dominguez; Parents J. Benito Maestas and Angelica M. Maestas; Son Juan E. Dominguez; Daughters Sofia and Bersabe Dominguez of a very young age.

3- Manuela G. de Espinosa Age 91 of Taos, NM. Died 16 Jan 1917. She was born in Rio Colorado, NM 16 Feb 1926. Daughter of Mateo Gomez and Silveria Martinez. In 1843 she married Juan Antonio Espinosa. Survivors son J. Sabino Espinosa and daughter Josefa E. de Tafoya.

4- Juanita Cordova Trujillo Age 80 of Roy, NM. Died 8 Jan 1917 at 9:30 AM. Wife of the deceased Anastacio Trujillo. He served in different positions in the Mora County government for 45 years. Survived by 5 sons and 3 daughters. Names not listed.

5- Rafael Trujillo Age 64 of Ranchitos de Arriba Taos, NM. Died yesterday 25 Jan 1917 at 6:00 AM. Survived by wife Ursula R. Trujillo, 2 sons and 4 daughters. Names not listed and a brother Faustin Trujillo.

6- Clyde D. Armour of Sioux City, Iowa said to have been murdered by his traveling companion E. W. Blancett 23 Oct 1916. His cadaver was found 14 Jan 1917 2 miles from Glorita Santa Fe County NM..The 13th at night a dog belonging to Antonio Sandoval Griego came home carrying a human leg that was still wearing a shoe. Next morning Antonio Sandoval Griego left his house with the dog that lead him straight to the decomposed body in the Glorita, NM mountains about 5 miles from the town of Pecos, NM. The body was identified by the clothes he wore as some of it had the name C. D. Armour embroidered on the inside, and by a garage receipt from Sioux City, Iowa. E. W. Blancett was arrested and charged with the murder...Revista de Taos Friday 20 April 1917.. Monday in the district court of Santa Fe County, NM started the murder trial of Elbert W. Blancett who was indicted by the grand jury of the murder of Clyde D. Armour..1:40 AM wednesday the jury reported to the Santa Fe County court that they found Albert (Elbert) Blancett guilty of murder in the first degree of the murder of Clyde Armour and was sentenced to hang.

7- Maria Pastora Aragon died in Ranchos de Taos, NM. She was cared for until her death by her adopted daughter (name not Listed) who transported her from Des Montes to Ranchos de Taos, NM. She was buried in the Talpa NM Cemetery. Survived by husband Santos Martinez and her adopted daughter. Date of death not listed but death notice dated Friday 16 January 1917.

8- Jose Moreno Age 90 Native of Sonora, Mexico died in Ranchos de Taos, NM 24 Jan 1917. Survived by 1 daughter and 2 sons, 1 named Antonio Moreno.

9- Crucita Pacheco Age 45 years and 6 Months of Ranchitos de Abajo, Taos, NM. Died 21 Jan 1917. Survived by husband Diego Pacheco, i son and 1 daughter. Names not listed. By Parents Gersedan Pacheco and Maria Rafaela Espinosa. She was born in Ranchitos Abejo, NM 3 May 1871.

10- Manuel de Jesus Manchego Age 76 of Garcia, Colo, Died at 5:00 AM 12 Jan 1917. He was the father of J. T. Manchego, and daughters Eulalia M. Madrid and Deluvina Manchecgo.

11- Julian Martinez Age 69 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 27 Dec 1916. Survived by Wife Rosita G. de Martinez; Daughters Teodorita M. de Trujillo and husband Antonio M. Trujillo, Margarita Martinez; Grandchild Mebol Trujillo. Buried 29 Dec 1916 in The Ranchos de Taos, NM Cemetery.

12- Alejandro Martinez Age 19 years, 11 months and 18 days of Penasco, NM. Died 3 Jan 1917. Survived by parents Juan Antonio Martinez and Maria Francisquita M. de Martinez. Grandfather Jose Ignacio Madrid; 3 sisters and 2 brothers, 1 named Juan Baustista Martinez.

13- Juanita De Herrera Age 27 of Costilla, NM. Died 27 Jan 1917. Survived by husband Santiago Gutierrez, son Bernardo 1 years and 5 months old. Father Daniel de Herrera and 2 sisters. Names not listed.

14- Alice Grice of Taos, NM died Saturday 3 Feb 1917. She was teacher/principal of the government Indian school for 20 years. She was the wife of Isaac Dwire. She was buried 6 Feb 1917 at the Kit Carson Taos NM Cemetery.

15- Esequiel C. de Baca Age 52 Governor of the State of New Mexico died sunday 18 Feb 1917 at 4:00 PM in Santa Fe, NM. He was governor for less than 2 months. He was born in Las Vegas, NM 1 Nov 1861. Son of Tomas C. de Baca and Estefanita Deldago. In 1901 he married Margarita C. de Baca daughter of Amado C. de Baca from Penas Blanca, NM. They had 9 children. The eldest named Adolfo C. de Baca. The others name not listed.

16- Juan N. Gomez Age 69 of Taos, NM. Died 7 Feb 1917. Survived by wife Preciliana V. Gomez, 6 sons and 7 daughters names not listed.

17- Eloisa Arellano Age 17 of Dixon, NM. Died 6 Feb 1917 at 2:00 AM at child birth. Survived by husband Fidel Martinez; Parents Agustin Arellano and Perfilia Martinez. 8 siblings and parents-in-law J. R. Martinez and Marian J. G. Martinez.

18- Onofre Lujan y Lucero Age 40 of El Prado, NM. Died at her residence 17 Feb 1917. Survived by husband Santana Lucero and 7 children. Names not listed. Mother Placida; Sisters Rebecca Lujan and Cenaida Lujan de Chavez. 4 brothers names not listed.

19- Maurico Sanchez Age 63 of Dixon, NM. Died 21 Feb 1917. Survived by one son and 3 brothers. Names not listed.

20- Elfida C. Duran Age 49 of La Lama, NM. Died 23 Fen 1917. She was born 20 April 1866. Survived by husband Hermenejildo Duran, and adopted daughter, 2 stepsons, and 1 Brother names not listed. An aunt Cruzita Cruz.

21- Filomena Abreu of Penasco, NM. Died of Difteria (Diphtheria). Date of death notice 7 March 1917...Revista de Taos, New Mexico Friday 30 March 1917..3 children of Mr. &. Mrs. Porfirio Abreu have died of la Difteria (Diphtheria) within a few days. 2 daughters ages 10 and 12 years old named Refugio and Filomena Abreu. The youngest son son name not listed also died.

22- Lucio Martinez Age 3 years and Remigio 1 year old, sons of Jacobo Martinez and Teodorita Medina of Conejos, Colo. Died. Lucio died thursday night and Remigio died next day on friday. Both died of El Serampion (Measles).

23- Ascencion Trujillo of Taos, NM. Died monday 18 March 1918 at her residence. Survived by sons Vidal and Emilio Trujillo.

24- Clarense Leyba Age 7 of Las Trampas, NM. Died 10 March 1917 at 9:00 AM. Survived bu parents Faustin Leyba and Gertrudes C. Leyba. Grandparents Gregorio Leyba and Manuelita Leyba; Natividad Cruz and Feliciana S. Cruz.

25- Evan Luciaga de Romero Age 25 of Las Trampas, NM. Died 2 March 1917. Survived by husband Felix Romero and a 2 year old daughter. Mother Placida de Luciaga.

26- Fidelia Chavez de Gomez Age 46 of Monero, NM. Died 10 March 1917. She was born in Taos, NM. Survived by husband Emiliano Gomez; Daughters Rebecca de Velasquez, Luisita Valdez, Juanita de Garcia, Elena Gomez and Matilde Gomez.

27- Andreita B. de Duran of Springer, NM. Died 18 March 1917 at 8:00 AM. She married Donaciano Duran and they were married for 15 years. They lived in Ocate and Dawson, NM before moving to Springer, NM. Survived by husband Donaciano Duran; Adopted son nephew Alfred Duran; Brother Jose De La Luz and Antonio Vialpando of Wagon Mound, NM.

28- Vicenta Leyba almost 14 years old of Trampas, NM. Died 5 march 1917 at 1:00 AM. Survived by parents Eligio Leyba and Emilia L. Leyba. 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Names not listed.

29- Guadalupita Casados Age 8 of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 27 March 1917 at 6:00 AM. Survived by parents Marcelino Casados and Tonita S. de Casados.

30- Francisquita G. Maes Age 55 of Rio Pueblo, NM. Died 6 March 1917. Survived by husband Rafael Maes; 2 sons and 3 daughters. Names not listed.

31- Alice Cordova Age 1 year and 2 months of San Cristobal, NM. Died 22 March 1917. Survived by parents Jose S. Cordova and Rufinita M. Cordova and 2 brothers. Names not listed.

32- Juan Pablo Martinez Age 72 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 28 March 1917 at 8:00 AM. Son of Miguel Martinez and Nicolasa Torres, deceased. Survived by children Emilio Martinez, Jose de Jesus Martinez, Francisco Martinez and Eleonor Martinez de Sanchez.

33- Antonio Gianera was shot and killed by Jacobo Sedillo about 8 miles from Socorro, NM. Rancher Jacobo Sedillo declared today 10 April 1917 in an open District Court before Judge Merritt C. Mechem that he had shot Antonio Gianera another rancher. It was shown in court that an employee of Antonio Gianera was taking a herd of cattle from the Sedillo's ranch upon the orders and direction of Gianera. Sedillo shot Gianera from a distance of 20 yards, placing the first shoot in his abdomen and the second shot on his left hip that knocked him of his horse. Sedillo got close and shot Gianera in the head killing instantly.

34- Juan D. Lujan of Llano de San Juan Nepomuceno, NM was found dead 1 April 1917 at 3:00 PM in his camp in Rio Rriba County, NM. He was employed by Juan Smith of Penasco, NM, installing phone lines and poles. Juan Smith had been at his home in Penaco, NM sick when he was notified of the tragic news. He and Benito Roybal went to the Rio Arriba, NM Camp for the coroners inquest. It was determined the Juan D. Lujan died in bed of a self inflected gun shot with a 38 caliber pistol. His hands and part of his clothing had powder burns. The pistol was found next to him in the bed. Juan D. Lujan was buried in Llano de San Juan, NM.

35- Nestor A. Medina of Garcia, Colo was killed sunday of last week when he fell of the top of a wagon load of lumber. The horses pulling the wagon load of lumber became spooked (frightened) and started running. He fell of the top of the load of lumber striking the ground. He died a few hours later due to the injuries he sustained in the fall.

36- Marcia Ascencion Trujillo of Taos, NM. Died 19 April 1917 of Pneumonia. Wife of the deceased Francisco Antonio Trujillo. She is survived by sons Vidal and Emilio Trujillo. She was born in 1835 and in 1860 she married Francisco Antonio Trujillo.

37- Benigno Salas Age 70 of Los Pinos, NM died at his residence 6 April 1917 at 7:00 AM. He was born in El Rito Rio Arriba County NM. Survived by Wife, 1 daughter and 1 son. Names not listed.

38- Nicanor Gonzales Age 67 of Barney, NM died at his residence 17 March 1917. Survived by wife Epifania A. de Gonzales; Son Dionicio Gonzales; Daughters Juanita G. de Armijo, Felipa G. de Carabajal, Rafaelita G. de Gonzales and Carmelita G. de Martinez.

39- Hasting, Trinidad Colorado. 27 April 1917 at 9:30 AM a terrible explosion in the mine of Victor American Fuel Company has left 125 miners trapped under ground. James Dalrymple state mine inspector went down about 2000 feet said that he did not think any of the miners survived. F. G. Bartlett company president said that they would continue working to get out all the miners whether dead or alive. Seniors miners and ancient residents say that disaster has been the worst in the history of coal camps of Southern Colo.

40- Maria Pelegrina Gonzales Age 72 of Rio Del Pueblo, NM. Died 21 April 1917. Wife of the deceased Rafael Cordova. Survived by daughter Marinita C. Medina wife of Jesus Medina of Barela, Colo.

41- Bentura Duran Age 56 died at his son-in-laws residence in Pina, NM. 22 April 1917. Survived by wife Pablita Vigil, 5 sons and 2 daughters. Names not listed.

42- Elauterio Mares Age 3 years of Taos, NM. Died 9 May 1917 5:00 AM. Survived by parents Carlos T. Mares and Virginia M. Mares and 3 brothers names not listed.

43- Sotero J. Martinez Age 43 of Rio del Pueblo, NM. Date of death not listed. Death notice dated 11 May 1917. Survived by wife Maria Lucinda P. de Martinez.; Children Florencio, Tomas, Repoldo and Angelica Martinez: Siblings Narciso, Elisea, Filomena and Bersabe Martinez.

44- Eliseo Gomez Age 26 of Cannon de Fernandez Taos, NM was shot and killed wednesday evening accidently by Manuel Barela "Alias El Tamalero," in the Canada del Capulin in Canon de Fernandez Taos, NM. Manuel Barela and Eliseo Gomez were together. Barela wanted to shot a squirrel than was on a tree. He fired but with no results9 seems the rifle misfired). He was going to shot again when the rifle discharged the bullet striking Eliseo, Gomez on the head he was standing in the front a few steps from Barela. The authorities were notified immediately. Gomes was taken to his residence where he died 8 hours later and Barela was taken to jail. A brother of Eliseo Gomez witnessed the the incident and says the shooting was an accident. Eliseo Gomez survived by his mother Elena Trujillo; Wife and a very young son. Names not listed.

45- Luciano Ortega of Truchas, NM. Died 30 May 1917. He was a veteran of the 1860 American Civil War. Where he served with honor. Survived by his wife names not listed.

46- Sarah M. de Maestas Age 37 of Talpa, NM. Died 2 June 1917. She was born in 1880. Survived by husband Trinidad Maestas. 5 sons and 3 daughters. Names not listed. Parents Tomas Mondragon and Gregorita V. de Mondragon. Buried in the Talpa, NM Catholics Cemetery.

47- Pedro A. Suazo Age 89 of Longs Canon, Colo. Date of death not listed death notice dated 11 May 1917. Funeral and burial on the 13th (April 1917). Survived by 2 sons and 5 daughters. Names not listed.

48- David Jaramillo Age 70 of La Madera Rio Arriba County, NM. Died 18 May 1917 at 8:00 PM. Survived by wife Manuelita G. de Jaramillo. 3 daughters and 5 sons. Names not listed.

49- Dositeo Medina of Arroyo Seco, NM was killed by lighting Tuesday 21 June 1917 at his place of employement in Douglas, Wyo. Son of Jose Medina. Survived by parents, wife and 4 young children. 1 brother and 1 sister. Names not listed. Buried in Douglas, Wyo.

50- Donaciano Aguilar of Taos, NM died sunday night 24 June 1917. Survived by wife. Name not listed and son Manuel Aguilar.

51- Jose L. Mondragon of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Date of death not listed. Date of news paper edition Friday 13 July 1917. Huerfano County, Colo. about 15 years ago and was a salesman of sewing machines. For the past 4 years he didicated himself to farming. Survived by wife of Arroyo Hondo, NM and sons in Colorado. Names not listed.

52- Timoteo F. Martinez age 30 of Springer, NM former Taos, NM resident. Died 2 July 1917 at 5:00 PM in his ranch near Springer, NM. He was harvesting alfalfa, he was taking a load of alfalfa to storage when a few dropr of rain fell and all of a sudden there was a loud boom, lighting struck him on the head killing him instantly, destroying his hat, clothing on his right side including his shoe. The horse was knocked out. Timoteo was born in Taos, NM 25 March 1887. He moved with his parents to Agua Dulce Mora County NM whnd he was about 10 years old.He attended the Springer public school, Haskell Institute of Lawrence, Kanasas and the Business Collage in Trinidad, Colo. Survived by wife Angelica Valdez; Parents Jesus M. Martinez and mothers nme not listed. Sisters Mrs. Manuel N. Chavez, Mrs. Cornelio Chavez and Mrs. J. E. Hernandez; Brothers Jose E. Martinez, Juan A. Martinez and Filemon T. Martinez.

53- Tito Liberato Gonzales Age 3 years of El Prado, NM. Died 8 July 1917. Son of Faustin Gonzales, deceased and Emerenciana Cisneros. Survived by his mother and 5 brothers. Buried in the new cemetery in La Placita Lucero Taos, NM.

54- Pedro Montes was hanged today 27 July 1917 in the court yard of the Scorro County jail. He was sentenced to death at his trial for killing his 16 year girl friend Refugio Villanueva January 1916. He shot her with a pistol while she was on her knees begging for her life. He was mounted on his horse while firing his pistol at her. After he killed her he turned him self over to the County Sheriff. He was found guilty at trial and sentenced to death by hanginh. He appealed his case to the New Mexico State Supreme Court who delayed his execution for a year.

55- Jose Epimenio Sanchez of Pennington, NM died in Clayton,NM. 9 August 1917. He died in the Clayton hospital of Fiebre Tifoidea (Fever Typhoid). Survived by wife Trinidad N. de Sanchez; Parents and 5 siblings. Names not listed. He was born in Taos 19 May 1888.

56- Paz Cordova de Santistevan. Place and date of death not listed. Death notice dated 26 Aug 1917, She was born 24 March 1862 in Arroyo Hondo, NM. Married Juan Santistevan in Costilla, NM 24 Nov 1874. Survived by husband, 2 sons, 4 daughters 3 brothers and 1 sister. Names not listed.

57- Jose Benjamin Romero Almost 7 months old. Died 24 August 1917 of Pneumonia. Survived by parents Sebastian Romero and Adelaida M. de Romero and grandfather Francisco Romero.

58- Simona R. de Romero Age 71 of Rinconada, NM died 29 Aug 1917. Suvived by daughters Manuelita E. de Sanchez, Rita R. de Vigil; Sons Juan Gregorio Romero, Juan Antonio Romero, Jose Benito Romero, and Jose M. Romero.

59- Carlota Valdez de Chacon died 25 August 1917 of Penasco, NM. Wife of Gregorio Chacon,. Daughter of Valentin Valdez of Rio Pueblo, NM.

60- Antonio Arellano Age 66 of Costilla, NM. Died 11 Sept 1917 5:00 PM in Cerro, NM. Survived by 1 daughter and 5 sons. Names not listed. Buried in the Sagrado Corazon cemetery Costilla, NM.

61- Tomasito Vigil Age 1 year, 2 months and 11 days of Trampas, NM. Died 18 Sept 1:10 AM. Survived by parents Filimon Vigil and Antonia M. Vigil. Grandparents Names not listed.

62- Marina T. Arellano Age 42 of Costilla, NM. Died 10 Oct 1917 at 8:00 PM.She was born in 1875 and married Faustin Arellano in 1888. Survived by husband and daughter Marinita Adela Arellano; Parents Jose T. Trujillo and Manuelita V. Trujillo.

63- Reymunda Vigil of Cerro, NM Died last sunday. Wife of Antonio Maria Archuleta. Date of news paper edition Friday 26 Oct 1917.

64- Ciria Lucero Age 5 months and 7 days of Canon de Taos, NM. Died 19 Oct 1917. Daughter of Emilio Lucero and Mothers name not listed. Grandfather Vicente Mascarenas.

65- The Angels visited the house of Elizardo Quintana and his wife and took 3 of their children with them within 5 days. 17 Oct 1917 thursday Soledad Quintana age 4 died, on the 20th saturday 7 year old Felonis Quintana died and yesterday thursday 13 year old Margarito Quintana. They all died s a result of Dofteria (Diphtheria).

66- Moises Miera Age 24 of El Prado,NM died Tuesday at 9:00 AM of Tifoides (Typhoid). Survived by parents Manuel Miera and wife. His young wife and son. Names not listed.

67_ Antonio G. Martinez respected citizen of Cimarron, NM is in Taos, NM and informs La Revista de Taos that the following deaths have recently occurred in the area of Cimarron, NM. Eulojio Charette, Guilerma Cordova wife of Perfecto Cordova, Lionires Valdez and Juan F. Cordova, the last one died in Piedra Lumbre, NM.

68- Sofia Abreu of Springer, NM. Died Tuesday of Last week. She died as a result of stomach cancer that she suffered with for 5 years. She submitted herself to 2 surgical operation. The first in a Pueblo Colo hospital and the other in the Springer, NM Hospital. She died a few hours the last operation. Survived by siblings Mrs. D. A. Clouthier, Mrs. Emilio Valdez, James P. Abreu, Miss Victoriana Abreu, Ramon Abreu, Jesus L. Abreu and Abran Abreu. Funeral service in the Springer Catholic Church with burial following at the Abreu family cemetery in Rayado, NM.

69- Maria Rita Delgado Age 17 of Santa Fe, NM died at her sister Anicetita Delgado de Baca Las Vegas, NM residence. 9 Nov 1917. She was the daughter of Francisco Delgado and wife name not listed. Funeral service in Santa Fe with burial following at Nuestra Senora del Rosario cemetery in Santa Fe, NM.

70- Charles Crawford of Arizona was arrested in La Madera Rio Arriba County, NM 28 Nov 1917 and transported to the Taos County jail by New Mexico Mounted Police Officer W. H. Bates. Crawford had committed several robberies in La Madera, NM and had failed to register for the military conscription. "The Slacker" as those that fail to register are called, escaped from the Taos County Jail at 6:00 PM Sunday. Officer Juan D. Trujillo and Tracker Geronimo Mirabal of Taos Pueblo tracked him to the mountains 18 miles from La Madera, NM. Trujillo and Mirabal went to La Madera saw mill and the superintendent knowing of Crawford's dangerous past offered to help. There were 2 camps in the mountains of coyote hunters. They searched one camp and did not find anyone. Upon searching the second camp they came face to face with Crawford. He, Crawford grabbed an automatic rifle from inside one of the tents and pointed it at them. Being unfamillar with the workings of the automatic rifle he was unable to shoot. Trujillo shot Crawford in the stomach before he could figure out how to work the rifle. The superintendent shot Crawford on the right shoulder. Crawford was taken to Santa Fe, NM for medical treatment. He died the evening of the next day.

71- Lolita Chavez Age 14 of Galisteo, NM was shot and killed friday on the road that goes to the school by Andres Mora Age 20. Lolita Chavez was on her way to school with some other students. Andres Mora was waiting for Chavez to cross the bridge when she did he shot her with a 38 caliber pistol. When she fell he turned the pistol on him self and fired. They both died that night. Before she died she said she hardly knew Mora and that she never shown him any signs of affection. Mora said that he did not care if they hanged him that he was not to be made a fool. She was the daughter of Apolonio Chavez former Santa Fe County Probate Judge.

72- Teresita V. de Pacheco Age 2 years, 3 months and 21 days of Ranchito de Abajo Taos, NM. Died 24 Nov 1917 at 12:30 PM. Survived by husband Jose B. Pacheco whom she married 15 Oct 1910. Parents Juan D. Vigil and Santanita S. de Vigil. 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Names not listed,

73- Constable Moises Barela and Francisco Serna were shot and killed and Juan Aragon were seriously injuried in the area of El Alamo, NM 35 miles Southeast of Santa Rosa, NM. By John B. Middleton. Constable Moises Barela, Francisco Serna and Juan Aragon had gone to arrest John B. Middleton with an arrest warrant for branding some calves that belonged to some one else. They arrived at the house upon knocking on the door Mrs. Middleton opened the door and said her husband was in bed sick. But they could see him standing in the room when they stepped inside Middleton shot Barela in the chest with a 30-30 caliber rifle, Aragon ran out the house an jumped on his horse but middleton shot him in the right arm and totally destroyed it from the elbow up to his shoulder. Serna jumped on the horse behind Aragon but Middleton shot him on the stomach and he died on the road home. Juan Aragon badly hurts was the only one to survive. John B. Middleton has been arrested and is being held in the San Miguel County Jail awaiting trial.

74- Maria Eleonor Adelia P. Mares of Black Lake/Taos, NM. Died at her mother's residence in Guadalupita, NM. 15 Nov 1917. Survived by husband Benito Mares. 2 adopted sons, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Names not listed.

75- Moises Vargas of Taos, NM died in Kephart, NM 25 Nov 1917. Survived by wife Doloritas S. de Vargas and brother-in-law Anastacio Santistevan.

76- Delfino Torres 3 mths and 18 days of Talpa, NM. Died 3 Dec 1917. Survived by parents Selso Torres and Euralia Torres.

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