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1921 and 1922 Page 1, Taos County Obits
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Following is part 1 of the 1921 and 1922 Obits as found in the La Revista de Taos, New Mexico News Papers.

1- Luis Maria Archuleta Age 67 years, 5 months and 2 days of Cerro, NM. Died Sunday 30 Jan 1921 at 3:30 AM. Survived by wife and 2 sons. Names not listed.

2- Rafaelita M. Rendon Age 70 of Embudo, Rio Arriba County, NM. Died 5 Feb 1921 at 3:20 AM. She was born in Embudo, NM in 1850. Survived by husband Jose Rafael Rendon; Sons Jose F. Benito and J. Q. Rendon; Daughters Ignacita Rendon, Concepcion Montoya and Casimira R. Rivera and 21 grand children.

3- Margarita Maes Age 1 month and 11 days. Died 10 Feb 1921 at 12:00 AM. Place of death not listed. Survived by parents Antonio J. Maes and Lusinea L. Maes.

4- Revista de Taos, NM Friday 25 Feb 1921. We were informed by telephone that Hilaria Martinez killed Andres Lopez in Rodarte, NM. We were not provided with any other detail.

5- Francisco de Pauda Ortega Age 28 of Taos, NM. Died 18 Feb 1921 at 7:00 AM. He was born in Taos, NM. Survived by wife Dilia de Ortega, 3 young children; Mother Estefana D. Ortega; Parents-in-law Anastacio Santistevan and Emilia B. Santistevan; Siblings Julian, Francisca, Dolores and Juan Ortega.

6- Eduardo A. Trujillo 1 month old of Canon de Taos, NM. Died 17 Feb 1921. Survived by parents Jose Trujillo and Remedios Trujillo.

7- Maria Elisaida Alire de Quintana of Ortiz, Colo. Died 11 March 1921 at 5:00 AM. Survived by daughter Manuelita Corina Quintana 6 months old. Maria Elisaida Alire de Quintana was the daughter of Sabino Alire and Manuela R. de Alire.

8- Clotilde Tafoya Age 40 of Canon de Fernandez, NM. Died 22 March 1921 4:00 PM. She suffered for 2 years with Tises (Tuberculosis). Survived by husband Silviano Trujillo, 3 sons and 2 daughters. Names not listed. Mother Virginia E. Tafoya; Siblings Felix. Rafael, Tobias, Candelaria, Virginia, Miguel, Eugenio, Samuel and Arsenio Tafoya, residents of Chico, NM.

9- Maria F. Romo young child of Talpa, NM. Died 28 March 1921. Daughter of Maclovio Romo and Doloritas Romo.

10- Abran Sandoval Age 66 of Talpa, NM. Died 2 April 1921 8:00 AM. Survived by wife Gregoria Tenorio.

11- Guillermo Maestas Monday 30 March 1921 verified the funeral and burial services for the valiant soldier Guillermo Maestas who gave his life for his country. 3 squads of soldiers, trumpeter and color guard and a military commander served as honor guards. Buried in the Talpa New Mexico Cemetery.

12- Anselmo Cordova Age 62 of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 21 April 1921 7:00 AM. Survived by wife Maria Ygnacita de Cordova; Children Manuel, Maximiana and Laureano Cordova; Mother-in-law Guadalupe Sanchez; Siblings Faustin, Rosalia, Gregorita and Rafael Cordova. Buried in the Arroyo Seco NM Cemetery.

13- Altagracia Martinez de Fresquez Age 60 of El Prado, NM. Died 1 May 1921 8:00 AM. Survived by sons Juan N. Fresquez, Jose Adan Fresquez and 1 daughter name not listed.

14- Margarita Trujillo Naranjo Age 45 of Roy, NM. Died at her deceased parents Mr. and Mrs. Anastacio Trujillo home in Mora, NM. 30 April 1921 as a result of the influenca. Survived by husband, 3 sons, 2 daughters and 5 siblings. Names not listed. Buried in the Mora NM Cemetery, next to her parent.

15- Pedro Montoya Age 67 . Place and date of death not listed. News paper edition dated Fri 20 May 1921. Survived by wife Natividad V. Montoya; Son Narcio Montoya.

16- Juan Isidro Espinoza Age 80 of Amailia, NM. Died 6 May 1921 12:00 PM. Survived by 2 daughters. Names not listed.

17- Tomas Benton Catron Age 81 died Sunday 15 May 1921 at 8:00 AM of Cirrosis del higado (Cirrhosis of the liver). In his residence at Grants Ave Santa Fe, NM. He was born in Lafayette county Missouri. He came to New Mexico right after the civil war 54 years ago. He served as a delegate to the Congress as a U. S. Senator, Attorney General. He served in the military during the civil war.He had the best library in the state.

18- Estevan Desgeorges ancient Taos resident died friday evening. (News Paper Edition dated Friday 3 June 1921). He lived in Taos, NM for 60 years. He came from the South of France. Survived by his wife, 2 daughters and 4 sons. Names not listed. One of the son is Jose Desgeorges, current President of the Taos County board of Commissioners.

19- D. Tomas Pino Age 66 of Santa Fe, NM. Died 22 May 1921 at his residence on Dunlap St. Santa Fe, NM. He was born in Mora, NM in 1845. Survived by wife Maria Baca de Pino; Daughter Mrs. Fred Alarid; Sons Apolonio, Agustin and Juan Pino. His ancestor Don Pedro Bautista Pino was the first and only New Mexico Envoy Representative to the Spanish King's Court in 1810. He did his discourse before the king of Spain 18 Nov 1812.

20- Arturo Lujan Age 17 years, 5 months and 15 days of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 30 May 1921 at 4:00 AM. of a heart ailment, which he suffered with for over 27 days. Survived by Parents Tobias Lujan and Ciria Martinez.

21- Juan D. Gonzales Age 30 years and 16 days of Amallia, NM. Died 20 May 1921 at 8:00 AM. He was born in Pena Flor, NM 4 Jan 1891. He married Sarita Sandoval in Amalia, NM 26 Nov 1916. Survived by wife Sarita Sandoval de Gonzales, 1 son and 1 daughter. Names not listed. Parents Jose Agapito Gonzales and Maria Soledad Gonzales. He was buried in the Amallia, New Mexico Cemetery.

22- Jesus M. Martinez Age 69 native of Taos, resident of Colfax County NM. Died 4 May 1921 at 10:30 PM. He was born in Taos, NM in 1852. Son of Jose M. Martinez and Carmen Sanchez de Martinez. Jose M. Martinez was a brother of the Rev. Padre Antonio Jose Martinez. Jesus M. Martinez was educated in the Taos local schools and at the Christen Brothers College in St. Louis, Missouri. He served as a teacher in the Taos County school system. He married Cliofas Romero in Taos, NM 1875. Daughter of Juan Andres Romero and Doloritas R. Romero. He moved to Colfax County, NM. He died of heart problems. Survived by wife; Daughters Mrs. J. E. Fernandez, Mrs. Manuel N. Chavez and Mrs. Cornelio Chavez; Sons Filemon T. Martinez, Jose E. Martinez and Juan A. Martinez; Brother Antonio J. Martinez; Sister Manuela Martinez. He was buried 6 May 1921 at 10:00 AM in the Springer, NM Cemetery.

23- Daniel Pacheco Age 53 of Ranchitos Taos, NM. Died 7 June 1921 of Hidropesia (Edema). Survived by wife Beneranda Pacheco; Sons Eloy, Edwardo and Alfonso Pacheco; Daughter Lucia Pacheco.

24- Piedad G. Medina Age 44 of Tienditas, NM died. Date of death not listed. News Paper edition dated Fri 10 June 1921. Survived by husband Benito Medina; Sons Juan and Luis Medina; Parents Preciliano Garcia, deceased and Carmen L. Garcia.

25 Donaciano C. Quesnel Age 54 of Taos, NM. Died Saturday 11 June 1921 at 10:30 PM. Survived by his mother. Name not listed. Daughters Josefina wife of Federico
Trujillo and Minnie Wife of Ignacio Trujillo. Buried at the Kit Carson Cemetery Taos, NM.

26- Leonarda Zamora de Vialpando Age 64 of Las Jaritas, NM. Died 6 June 1921 at 4:00 AM. Funeral Service held in the San Jose Catholice Church Springer, NM. Buried in the cemetery of the chapel of San Andres Avelino in Agua Dulce, NM. Survived by husband Francisco Vialpando; 4 grandchildren and a sister Maria Remedios Zamora de Fernandez, wife of Andres Fernandez of Agua Dulce, NM.

27- Estella Josefina Tafoya Age 13 years and 11 months of Canon, NM. Died 22 July 1921. Survived by Parents Tobias Tafoya and Pasifica B. Tafoya; 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Names not listed. Buried 24 July 1921 in the Canon, NM Cemetery.

28- Eudocio Gusman Age 45 native of Mexico was killed Near Fierro, NM. He and A man surnamed Acosta were tracked for several miles by law enforcement officers. They had cut a fence on the national forest. When they tried to arrest them. They responed by shooting their rifle at the officers. The officers returned fire and between the 2 groups more than 20 shots were fired. Eudocio Gusman was shot and killed instantly and Acosta gave up.

29- Juan B, Tafoya Age 31 of Truchas, NM was killed in the war's bloody battle in France 12 Sept 1918. His remains were returned to his homeland 18 Aug 1921. Survived by his parents Jose D. Tafoya and Juanita P. Tafoya. Siblings Nemecio Tafoya, Ursulita T. Sandoval and Margarita T. Fernandez.

30- Milnor Rudulph of Mora. NM. Died 2 Sept 1921. He was born in Rociada San Miguel County, NM in 1864. His father Milnor Rudulph came to New Mexico from Elkton, Maryland and was a cousin to President James A. Garfield's Wife. His mother was Candelaria T. de Rudulph. He received his education in the College of St. Mary in Mora, NM and St. Michael's College Santa Fe, NM. He served as School Superintendent for Guadalupe County, Quay County and Mora County, NM. Survived by wife Carolina B. Rudulph; Children Milnor A., Mrs. Joe Florence, Candelaria, Josephine and Isabel Rudulph; Sister Mrs. Frank Trambley. Buried 3 Sept 1921 in the Mora, NM Cemetery,

31- Jose R. Naranjo another young man who gave his life in France during the great war. His remains were returned to his homeland and buried with full military honors Sunday. He was a resident of Pena Blanca, NM. His father Manuel Naranjo was presented with the flag that covered his casket. Dates and cemetery location not listed. News Papers Edition dated Friday 14 Oct 1921.

32- Marcos C. de Baca Age 65 prominent political figure of Sandoval County, NM died in the residence of his niece Mrs. A. A. Sedillo in Albuq, NM. Last Thursday at 5:30 PM. He was buried in Bernalillo, NM Monday 3 Oct 1921 at 9:00 AM. He was born in Pena Blanca, NM. Educated in the St. Michael College in Santa Fe, NM and at the Jesuit College in St. Luis, Mo. He was the son of Tomas C. de Baca. Marcos married Francisiquita de Baca in 1875. He was an attorney, member of the Territorial Legislature, Member and President of the Bernalillo County Commission, Superintendent of schools for Bernalillo County. Sandoval County's State Representative to the Sate Senate. Treasurer and Tax collector for Sandoval County. Survived by wife Francisquita C. de Baca; Daughters Mrs. Maria Frampton from Bernalillo, NM and Miss. Josefa C. de Baca of Pena Blanca, NM; Brothers Andres, Antonio and Juan A. C. de Baca.

33- A. D. Suaso of Taos, NM died 7 Oct 1921. Young child of A. D. Suazo and Maximiana S. Suazo. Buried in La Loma Taos, NM Cemetery.

34- Tircio D. Vargas Post master of Canjilon Rio Arriba County, NM. Was murdered 22 Aug 1921. Arrest warrants for the suspected murderers were issued by District Court Judge Reed Holloman. The warrants are for the arrest of Damian Lobato, Porfirio Jaramillo, Maximinio Martinez, Francisco Trujillo and Felix Lobato. They are accused of premeditated murder It was said that a few day ago 6 men were arrested and taken to the state penitentiary for safekeeping where they are being held on a $ 5000 bond. Tircio D. Vargas was mudered by a gun shot that came through a window while he was sorting the mail...Revista de Taos, New Mexico Fri 9 Dec 1921. Juan Francisco Trujillo and Felix Lobato remain locked up awaiting grand jury action. Maximinio Martinez, Porfirio Jaramillo and Damian Lobato were released and charges of murder against them were dropped by the District Attorney Alejandro Reed. This action was taken Dec 1921.

35- Teofista Claudia Suazo Age 16, 2 months and 9 days of Chico, NM. Died 20 Oct 1921. She was born in Chico, Colfax County NM 11 Aug 1905. The daughter of Maclovio Suazo and Francisquita V. de Suazo. Survived by her parents; Brother Arturo T. Suazo; Grand mother Doloritas Suazo, wife of the deceased great war veteran Jose Albino Suazo. She was the niece of Nazario Suazo and Alberto D. Suazo of Taos, NM. She was buried in our Lady of Carmen Cemetery in Chico, NM.

36- Bernardo Montoya Age 6 years and 3 months of Ranchitos Taos, NM. Died 14 Nov 1921 of Fiebre Tiofodea (Fever Typhoid). Survived by Parents Jose Montoya and Juanita M. de Montoya; Great Grandfather Miguel Casados; Grand Parents Benigno Martinez and Luisa C. de Martinez, Ignacio Montoya and Luisita Montoya. Buried in the cemetery of Ranchitos de Abajo., NM.

37- Rafael Fernandez Age 44 years, 1 month and 6 days of Truchas, NM. Died 8 Nov 1921. Survived by wife Fernanda A. Fernandez; Children Antonio, Anita and Secundina Fernandez. Parents Doroteo Aragon and Quirina Sena; Brother Jacobo Aragon; Parents-In-law Jose M. Pacheco and Rosana Pacheco. He served as director of schools for this district for many years.

38- Issac Martinez Age 63 of Taylor Springs Colfax County NM, Died 18 Nov 1921, Survived by wife Abrana Martinez; Sons Jose E., Roberto and Antonio Martinez; Siblings Adan Martinez and Rumaldo Martinez of Taos, NM, Nue Martinez of Rociada, NM, Mrs. Virginia M. de Valdez of Penasco, NM, Mrs. Praxedes M. Fresquez of Ranchos de Taos, NM, Mrs. Elenor M. Sanchez of Las Vegas, NM. Mrs. Silvera M. Vigil of Arroyo Hondo, NM, Mrs. Sofia M. Trujillo of Carnero, Colo and Mrs. Rosita M. Espinosa of Monte Vista, Colo. Buried in the Springer, NM Cemetery.

39- Alberto F. Sanchez of Barney, NM died 10 Nov 1921. Survived by his ancient and loving mother Jasintita S. Sanchez; Wife and children. Names not listed.

40- Maria Catarina Martinez young daughter of Luis Martinez and Odilia Prando of Taos County, NM. Died at her parents residence 18 Nov 1921

41- Maria Ignacia R. de Maestas Age 71 of Las Tienditas, NM died 27 Nov 1921 at 8:00 PM. She was born in Talpa, NM 18 Dec 1850. Daughter of Juan de Jesus Romo and Ana Maria Candelaria. She married Felipe Maestas in 1863. They had 16 children, only 4 survive. Luis Maestas, Jacobo Maestas, Luicita M. de Trujillo and adopted daughter Carmelita V. de Santistevan.

42- Maria del Carmen Lopez Age 80 of Las Trampas, NM. Died 27 Dec 1921 at 8:00 PM. Survived by Son Aon Fidel Cordova; Daughter Rafaelita C. de Trujillo and Victoria C. de Romero. Buried in the Chapel of San Juan del Llano, NM Cemetery.

43- Antonio Maria Graham Age 81 of Taos County NM. Died 11 Dec 1921 8:00 AM. He was married 2 times. Survived by wife and children. Names not listed. Siblings Donaciano Graham and sister Mrs. Maria Ignacia G. de Gonzales of Mora, NM. He served as Justice of the Peace for 2 terms, Mail carrier for over 12 years and as Director of School.

44- Lupita (Guadalupe) Cardenas Age 20 of El Prado, NM. Died 25 Dec 1921. Survived by husband Frank Cardenas.

45- Leandro Trujillo resident of Pueblo, Colo died in the local hospital (El Paso, Texas) where he was being treated for Asma (Asthma) 20 Dec 1921 at 6:00 PM. He was born in Mora, NM in 1870 son of Anastacio Trujillo and Juanita C. Trujillo. He attended school in Mora County, NM and graduated from Salt Lake City Utah College. He served for more than 20 years as State Representative to the Legislature and 10 years as County Sheriff. Survived by sons Alberto, Geo., and Joe Trujillo. Daughters Estella and Isabel Trujillo; Sisters Mrs. Jacob Phillips of El Paso, Tx. He was buried in the Concord Cemetery El Paso, Texas 22 Dec 1921 at 10:00 AM.

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