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1921 and 1922 Page 2, Taos County Obits
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Following is part 2 of the 1921 and 1922 Obits as found in La Revista de Taos, New Mexico News Papers.

46- Estefanita Maestas de Romero of Talpa, NM. Died 28 Dec 1921. She was born in Talpa, NM Oct 1868. Daughter of Encanacion Mestas and Julianita Vigil. She married Juan Andres Romero in 1882. She is survived by husband and 2 sons. Names not listed.

47- Cayetano Gonzales Age 40 years, 4 months and 27 Days of Valdez, NM. Died 5 Jan 1922 at 2:00 PM. He suffered from Paralis (Paralysis) for 3 years and 15 days. He was born in 1881. Son of Remedios Gonzalez and the deceased Seferina Butieres. Survived by Father; Brother Miguel A, Gonzales; Sister Felicitas G. Salazar. Buried in the Valdez NM Cemetery.

48- Eduvigen M. Valerio Age 53 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 5 Jan 1922 11:00 AM. Born in 1869 in Ranchos de Taos, NM. Daughter of Eugenio Medina and Maria Alvinita Martinez. She married Jesus Valerio in 1885. They had 10 children. 8 Survive. Names not listed.

49 The skeletal remains of Francisco Brito Age 3 years of Cerro, NM was found 10 Dec 1921. He was lost 20 Oct 1921 in the mountains of Cerro, NM where the family had been picking pinon and he wandered off. Over 150 people from Cerro and Questa, NM searched for him for weeks to no avail. His family continued to search for him for months from the time he was lost to the time that he was found. He was found about 6 miles from where he was last seen. Dr. Peterson of Questa, NM says that he may have died of fatigue. E. P. Westboy professional noted hunter says that coyotes probably ate the boy as lions and bears would not have done so. He was identified by some of the clothing found with the remains. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Brito of Cerro, NM.

50- Clay Carpenter and Frank Aikens of Matador, Texas were found murdered 11 Jan 1922. They were in an arroyo about 60 feet from an abandoned cabin, near el Vado, NM about 10 miles South of Durango, Colo. They were shot several times. Authorities are looking for Prices Clements also from Matador, Tx. Who was traveling and in the company of the two victims. All three left Colorado for New Mexico in an automobile. Crpenter and Aikens had $2000 in cash when they left Colorado. A man matching Prices Clements description sold an automobile and some mens clothing in Lumberton, NM. Clements has been tracked to Pueblo, Colo. and an arrest is expected soon.

51- Maria Soledad Sanchez of Ojo Sarco Rio Arriba County, NM. Died 26 Jan 1922. Survived bu husband Eliseo Pacheco; Parents Manuel Sanchez mothers name not listed.

52- Juan B. Pacheco Age 60 from Norte Veta about 5 miles East of Walsenburg Huerfano County Colo was found murdered at his residence 17 Jan 1922 about 4:00 PM. His wife was also shot, She is alive but in grave condition. They were both shot in the back of the head. A 38 caliber pistol was found near Juan B. Pacheco's body and the theory at first was that Juan Pacheco shot and killed his wife and then shot himself. It was discovered that Juan Pacheco does not own a gun, and it is now believed that robbery was the motive behind the killings. 3 persons were detained but 2 were released and 1 person remains in jail, pending further investigation.

53- Romulo Martinez Age 80 of Santa Fe, NM former U.S. Marshal for the New Mexico District under the Cleveland administration and former Santa Fe County, NM Sheriff. Died at 2:00 PM Tuesday at his residence on Hillside Ave. Santa Fe, NM. Buried in Nuestra Senoria Del Rosario Cemetery Santa Fe, NM. Date of News paper edition Fri 3 Feb 1922.

54- Adolfo Chavez Age 2 years and 5 months of Ensenada Rio Arriba County NM. Died 19 Jan 1922 about 5:00 PM. He was the son of Audoro Chavez and mothers name not listed. The child walked out an open door and into a corral near the house where it is believed that he was stepped on by the horses. His head and body were fractured in several places.

55- Manuel Ortiz former Santa Rosa, NM resident died by his own hand in Los Angeles, Calif. He had also lived in Taos, NM. Full details are not yet available. A few years ago his wife was killed in Los Angeles by an electrical Tram Car.

56- Jose A. Valdez died 14 Feb 1922 at 8:00 AM. Survived by wife and 2 sons. Names not listed. 1 son's name mentioned as Alejandro.

57- Pedro Jose Gonzales age 48 years, 9 months and 2 days of Canon Blanco, NM about 3 miles from Roy, NM died at his residence 30 Jan 1922 at 7:00 AM. He suffered from heart and kidney problems for 3 years. He was born in Agua Fria, Santa Fe County, NM. His parents were Juan Antonio Gonzales and Maria Cresencia Montoya. He married Bersabe Martinez in 1896. They had 9 children, 8 survive. Sons Ramon, Felimon and Eloy Gonzales; Daughters Josefita, Carlota, Eliza, Paulita and Andrellita Gonzales; Brothers George of Roy, NM, Jose Isidro of Taos, NM, Andres of Raton, NM, Demetrio of Taos, NM and Epitocio Gonzales of Roy, NM; Sisters Juanita Hernandez of Mills, NM and Sinforosa G. Martinez of Roy, NM.

58- Luisita Ensinias Age 33 years, 3 months and 27 days of Miera, NM. Died 8 Feb 1922. She was born 11 Oct 1888 in Manuelitas San Miguel County, NM. Survived by parents Manuel Ensinias and adopted mother Carolina G. Ensinias, birth mother was Erinea P. Ensinias, deceased. Siblings Reimundo, Conrado and Agapita

59- Catalina B. Salas of Santa Fe, NM. Died 27 Feb 1922. She was the mother of Manuel Salas of Taos, NM.

60- Santiago Santistevan of Taos, NM Died sunday (date of news paper edition Fri 1 March 1922). Survived by wife and sons. Names not listed.

61- Doloritas R. Romero Age 86 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 3 March 1922. She was born in La Placita de Los Cordovas, NM. Daughter of Juan Felipe Romero and Maria De Las Nieves Lujan. She married Juan A. Romero, who died 12 years ago. They had 7 children. Sons Juan Manuel Romero and Teodoro Romero; Daughters Agustina R. Cordova, Eulalia R. Valdez, Cleofas Martinez and Virginia Trujillo. Siblings Libradita de Martinez, Santiago Romero and Manuelita de Mares.

62- Manuel A. Chacon Age 82 of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Died 4 March 1922. Survived by 3 sons and 1 daughter. Names not listed.

63- Juan Climaco Mondragon Age 24 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 25 Feb 1922 at 1:00 PM. He died of Fiebre Tefoida ( Fever Typhoid) Son of Emilio Mondragon and
Cleofes R. Mondragon. 2 sisters Mrs. T. A. Trujillo and Mrs. Reginio Valerio.

64- Fidelita V. Martinez Age 39 years, 2 months and 4 days of La Placita de Los Lucero,NM. Died 11 March 1922 at 2:00 AM. She was born in El Prado, NM. She married Emilio G. Martinez 5 Nov 1905. They had sons Maurilio and Robert Martinez; Daughter Josefita Martinez.

65- Antonio Premetibo Trujillo Age 73 of Canon de Taos, NM. Died 16 Mar 1922 at 12:00 PM. Survived by adopted daughter Emelina G. de Lucero and husband Max Lucero.; Brothers Romolo and Jose Trujillo.

66- Juan Pedro Tafoya Age 68 of the Taos Valley, NM. Died 25 March 1922. Survived by sons Max Tafoya and Pedro A. Tafoya.

67- Maria Matilde Chacon Age 16 years and 6 days of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Died 19 March 1922 at 5:00 AM. She suffered with Paraliz (Paralysis) from her infancy until her death. Survived by Parents Jose Placido Chacon and Aurelia B. Chacon. Grandparents Ed Bowman and Sarita Mondragon; Brother and uncles. Names not listed.

68- Dolorita T. Suazo Age 80 of Ranchito De la Purisima Concepcion Taos County, NM. Died 27 March 1922 at 11:30 PM. She was born in Taos, NM 1 Dec 1842. Daughter of Jose Ignacio Trujillo and Juanita Trujillo. She married the Civil War Veteran Jose Albino Suazo in 1866. They had 5 children. 3 sons and 2 daughters. They celebrated their 50th golden wedding anniversary in 1916. Survived by daughters Aurelia Suazo and Mrs. Elena Suazo and husband Dr. J. O. Cook from Madrid, Iowa; 4 Grandchildren Oliver Cook, Arturo Suazo, Angela Suazo and Doloritas Suazo.

69- Jose Miguel Trujillo Age 74 years, 2 months and 20 days of Greenville, NM. Died 20 March 1922 at 12:00 Noon. Survived by sons Jose de Gracia Trujillo, Victor Trujillo and Juan B. Trujillo.

70- Melquiades Quintana Age 87 of Taos, NM. Died 5 April 1922. He was born 1 Aug 1835. Son of Jose Maria Quintana and Manuelita Trujillo. In 1861 he enlisted and served in Company C 3rd Regiment of the New Mexico Volunteers and served with honor during the civil war. In 1867 he married Maria Soledad Sanchez. They had 13 children. 5 died as infants and 3 died in the 1918 Spanish flu Influenza. 5 survive Elizardo, Telesfor, Margarita, Jose Maria and Cristobal Quintana.

71- Demetrio Santistevan Age 1 year and 7 months of Amalia, NM. Died 29 March 1922 at 10:00 PM. Son of Frank Santistevan and Pablita M. Santistevan.

72- Jose Rafael Cardenas Age 55 years and 2 months of El Prado, NM. Died 19 April 1922. Survived by his mother Maria de Jesus Padilla; Brothers Luciano, Felix, Federico and Macedonio Cardenas.

73- Maria Dolores A. de Vigil Age 85 died 15 April 1922 at 10:00 AM. Survived by husband of 65 years and 3 adopted children. Names and place of death not listed.

74-Jose Rivera of Taos, NM was found dead in his room Wednesday about 9:00 PM. He had been sick for several days but ignored it until Wednesday about 3:00 PM when the pain forced him to go to his room which he rented at the house of Jose Valdez. About 9:00 PM Jose Valdez spoke to Jose Rivera and not getting any response Valdez went into Rivera's room and found him dead, He notified the deputy sheriff and the justice of the peace. A coroner jury was impaneled and after its inquest determined the he, Jose Rivera died of natural causes. Survived by son Antonio Rivera and Brother Juan Rivera. date of death not listed. News paper edition dated Fri 21 April 1922.

75- Antonio Elias Velasquez Age 75 years, 1 month and 13 days of Cerro, NM. Died 16 March 1922 at 3:00 PM. Survived by son Rubel Velasquez; Daughters Marina and Lucinda Velasquez.

76- Antonio Domingo Valdez Age 86 died 20 April 1922 7:00 PM at the residence of Jose Domingo Tafoya in Talpa, NM.

77- Rod S. Day owner and editor of the Durango Democrat News paper got into a fist fight with William L. Wood editor of the Durango Herald News paper, Durango, Colo. They had some hostilities between them for several months since William Wood printed an editorial on his new paper The Durango Herald and Rod S. Day answered that editorial with his own in his news paper The Durango Democrat. They met on the street monday and engaged in a fist fight until Rod S. Day pulled out his pistol and shot William L. Wood dead. He was buried in Montrose, Colo. Date of death not listed. Date of news paper edition Fri 5 May 1922.

78- Juan Andres Rivera of Canon de Fernandez, NM was found dead Thursday in the Canon de Fernandez mountain. Wednesday he went to the mountains to get some wood. One of the horses he was using came home alone thursday. Cordova's father-in-law Nicolas Cardenas and 3 other men went to the mountains to search for him and they found him dead. They notified Taos County Sheriff Manuel O. Trujillo and he appointed a coroner's jury. They found that Juan Andres had been shot on the left side of the neck, the bullet coming out the right side of the neck. They also found a blunt force injury on the left temple. They declared that he had died at the hands of a yet unknown person(s)...Revista de Taos, New Mexico News Paper Fri 23 June 1922 edition...Pablo Rivera was sentenced in the Taos, NM District Court to a sentence of 75 to 80 years in the state prison for the murder of Juan Andres Cordova when he had gone to gather some wood in the Canon de Fernandez mountains. Genoveva B. Cordova wife of Juan Andres Cordova was also sentenced to 75 to 80 years in the state prison for helping Pablo Rivera to kill her husband.

79- Faustina M. Vigil of Talpa, NM. Died 10 May 1922 at her residence. Wife of Alfonso Vigil. The daughter-in-law of J. N. Vigil.

80- Santos Martinez Age 80 of Taos, NM. Died 3 May 1922 6:00 PM. Survived by adopted daughter Josefina de Sanchez and husband Maximiano Sanchez; Sister Victoria M. Sandovel; Brother Anastacio Martinez.

81- Rosarito Segura de Jaramillo Age 56 of Cerro, NM. Died 18 May 1922 at 6:00 AM. Survived bu husband Refugio Jaramillo; 2 sons, 2 daughters and 5 brothers. Names not listed.

82- Rosana G. de Lobato Age 24 years and 5 days of Llano, NM. Died 29 April 1922 at 10:20 AM. Survived by husband J. S. Lobato and a daughter 10 months old; Parents Octavio Griego and Beatriz T. Griego; Parent-in-law Nestor Lobato and Bernardina Arguello; Grandparents Nepomuceno Trujillo and Benigna Silva and Margarita Vigil; 5 brothers and 1 sister. Names not listed.

83- Fernando Lopez Age 92 of Las Trampas, NM. Died 2 May 1922. Survived by daughters Josefita Pacheco de Lopez, Rita Liba (Leyba) de Lopez and Agapita Lopez; Sons Manuel A. Lopez, Carlos B. Lopez and Herman Lopez. He served in the Legislature of the United States.

84- Marcos Gomez was killed 18 Feb 1921. He was employed by the American Express as a messenger and was shot and killed during a robbery in the Denver and Rio Grande Rail Road Passenger train near Alamosa, Colo. $ 5000 in government bonds, $ 200 in cash and a diamond ring were taken in the robbery..3 June 1922 T. W. Raish employee of the train company was arrested in Pueblo, Colo. when he tried to pawn a diamond ring that matched the description of the one taken in the robbery. A search of his house was made by detectives and $ 5000 in government bonds and $ 200 in cash were found hidden inside the house along with 3 pistols one of which matched the caliber of the pistol used in the robbery murder. T. W. Raish "said it was not a crime to kill a Mexican."

85- Leonardo Gallegos Age 66 of Carrizo Harding County, NM died in Roy, NM sunday night. Accompanied by his wife, by Mr. & Mrs. Eufracio Gallegos and Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Baca they were on their way to Ojos De Las Palomas via Santa Fe, NM. Near Roy, NM. He suffered an attack of indigestion and he died a few hours later. Survived by his wife; Daughters Mrs. E. F. Gallegos of Gallegos, NM, Mrs. Salomon Maestas of Manasa, Colo, and Mrs. Antonio Chavez of Carrizo, NM. He was a former resident of Clayton, NM where he was in the lumber business. Date of death not listed. News paper edition dated Fri 23 June 1922.

86- Anastacio Martinez Age 63 of Taos, NM. Died 15 May 1922 11:00 AM. He died of Pneumonia. Survived by wife Emilia De Tevis Martinez, 5 sons and 2 daughters. Names not listed.

87- Juan Cata Governor of the Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM reported that the body of a female was found on the side (Edge) of the Rio Grande. It was discovered July 4th. It is believed that it is the body of Mrs. Jose Quintana 17 years old resident of Cuartles near Espanola Rio Arriba County, NM. She disappeared from the bridge over the Rio Grande in Espanola, NM June 24th.

88- Jose Ambrosio Gomez Age 25 years, 7 months and 21 days of Questa, NM. Died 2 June 1922. He was employed as a sheep herder by Eliseo and Enrique Rael. After he ate supper he retired to his tent for the night. Next morning when he did not show up his companions went to look for him and they found him dead in his bed in the tent. The coroner' jury found that he had died of natural causes. Survived by wife Carlota Gomez; 3 children. Names not listed. Parents Trinidad and Matilde G. de Gomez; 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Names not listed.

89- Jose Francisco Romero Age 70 of Llano Quemado, NM. Died this morning (21 July 1922) in his residence at Llano Quemado, NM. Survived by sons Benigno, Claudio, Benito and Adolfo Romero; Brothers Miguel Antonio, Cristobal and Pedro Romero.

90- Juan Isidro Garcia Age 37 years, 1 month and 11 days of Ranchos de Taos, NM died 20 July 1922 about 4:00 PM. He had chronic heart problems that he suffered with for 7 years. On the 2oth of July he was chasing some caws from his garden near Ojo Caliente de Los Ranchos de Taos, NM. He was running down an arroyo when he had a heart attack. Survived by wife and 5 children.2 brothers and 2 sisters. Names not listed. Parents Marcelo Romero and Reyes G. de Romero.

91- Rufinita M. de Cordova Age 35 years, 7 months and 19 days of San Cristobal, NM. Died in Taos, NM 4 July 1922. Survived by husband Santiago Cordova; Mother Maria Eulalia Gonzales; Sisters Maria Eulalia, Cristina and Delfina. 6 children and grandparents. Names not listed. Buried in the San Cristobal NM Cemetery.

92- Rebecca L. Valdez Age 52 of El Prado, NM. Died 20 July 1922 at 3:00 PM. Survived by husband Fidel A. Valdez; Daughters Petrita V. de Martinez, Adelaida V. de Valdez, Afortunada V. de Gallegos and Genoveva Valdez; Mother Maria Placida Medina de Valdez.

93- Crus S. de Jaramillo Age 86 of Taos, NM. Died 14 Aug 1922 5:00 AM. Survived by children Rosario, Felix and Emilia Santistevan. Buried 15 Aug 1922 at 2:00 PM in La Loma Taos, NM cemetery.

94- Mary Montoya Age 12 of Taos, NM. Died 1 Sept 1922 at 11:00 AM after a surgical operation for Tonsolitis (Tonsillitis). She was the daughter of Mrs. Winfred Liebert.

95- Patricia M. Roybal Age 44 of El Valle, NM. Died 22 Juny 1922 at 11:30 PM. She was born in Pueblo, NM near Santa Cruz Rio Arriba County,NM. in 1860. Survived by husband Reyes Roybal; Children Apolonio also born in Pueblo Rio Arriba County, NM, Ricardo, Filadelfo Roybal, Felicitas R. Vasquez and Teofilita R. Medina.

96- Ruperta Quintana Age 745 of Costilla, NM. Died 3 Aug 1922 at 8:00 PM in her son Anastacio Vallegos' residence in Costilla, NM. Survived by sons Manuel, Anastacio, Leo and Irineo Vallegos; Brother Quirino Quintana; Sister Rosita Quintana.

97- Delfino Espinosa Age 3 years of Denver, Colo. Died 9 Aug 1922. Son of Euardo Espinosa and Juanita Espinosa, former Taos, NM residents. Funeral service held at the Catholic Church of St. Leo. Burial at the Catholic Cemetery of Mt. Olivet.

98- Guadalupe Ortiz Age 38 and his wife Rubbie Ortiz Age 23 were found dead in their house in Tres Piedres, NM last Sunday. Rubbie Ortiz was shot 3 times. Once in the center chest, once on the left side that struck her heart and once in the stomach. Guadalupe Ortiz was shot once on the left temple. They were both lying on their back the pistol was on the floor between them. They had been separated for about 2 years. He was staying in Los Angeles, Calif. They had just reunited recently. The coroner's jury said it was a murder suicide. That Guadalupe Ortiz killed his wife and then killed him self. The News Paper and the people are not satisfied or in agreement with that verdict. That there is other evidence such as a broken widow in the room where they laid. They feel that someone else killed both of them. Date of death not listed. News paper edition dated Fri 4 Aug 1922.

99- 18 Sept 1922 Pedro Baca was arrested for the murder of Refugio Mondragon in Tulose, NM. Sheriffs investigation revealed that Mondragon and Baca both drunk (Intoxicated) had a fist fight in which Baca killed Mondragon and then tried to hide the body in some weeds. Sheriff Ulibarri hid in the bosque and kept Baca's house under surveillance. When Baca showed up late in the evening he was arrested. The crime was committed last saturday and he was arrested Monday 18 Sept 1922.

100- Juan B. Fernandez of Arroyo Hondo, NM shot and killed his wife Eva Rael de Fernandez. Monday (18 Sept 1922) a little after 11:00 AM. He shot her three times, once on the head, once in the knee and once on the shoulder. He than left the house and went towards the mountains, a short distance from the house he placed the pistol under his chin and fired a shot, the bullet coming out his forehead killing him instantly.

101- Juanita M. Espinosa former resident of Los Cordova Taos County, NM died in her residence in Denver, Colo last saturday 23 Sept 1922 at 10:00 PM. Wife of Edwardo Espinosa also survived by grand daughters Viola, Margarita and Avelina. She was buried in the Catholic Cemetery Denver, Colo.

102- Soledad S. Quintana Age 68 of Taos, NM. Died 18 Sept 1922. Her husband Melauides Quintana preceded her in death about 5 and 1/2 months. Survived by 4 sons and 1 daughter, Names not listed. Buried in the Ranchito NM Cemetery.

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