Obituaries 1924
Taos County, New Mexico
By  Alberto Vidaurre© 5-6-2011
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Following are the obituaries transcribed from the News Paper La Revista Popular de Nuevo Mexico for the year 1924, Taos County New Mexico.

1- Juan C. Mondragon of Llano, NM, Died 3 Jan 1924. Survived by his ancient father, 76 year old Juan Antonio Mondragon; Wife Delfina Lujan de Mondragon; 3 daughters and 1 son. Names not listed. Brother Alfredo Mondragon. Sat 12 Jan 1924.

2- Estefana Duran de Ortega, 61, of Taos, NM, died 21 Jan 1924 at 11:00 AM. She was born in Taos, NM in 1863. Survived by brother Jesus M. Duran; 2 sons Julian and Juan Ortega; 2 daughters Francisca and Dolores Ortega. Sat 26 Jan 1924.

3- Eliseo Lujan of Velarde, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, died Friday 25 Jan 1924. He was born in Velarde, NM son of Jose Dela Luz Lujan and Maria Antonia Velarde de Lujan. He attended the local schools and graduated from St. Michael College in Santa Fe, NM. Jan 1885 he married Adelaida Garcia, daughter of Luis M. Garcia, deceased and Rafaelita Valdez de Garcia, also from Velarde, NM. They dedicated them selfs to running their parents business and in 1903 they opened their own place and devoted them selfs to running their own store and they were very successful. He is survived by his wife Adelaida G. de Lujan, Daughter Mrs. Fortuna L. de Garcia; Brother Tobias Lujan of Taos, NM; 4 Sisters Victoria V. de Martinez, widow of David Martinez, Jr., Aseneth L. de Atencio and Quirina L. de Larragoite. Funeral service in Velarde and burial in the Catholic Cemetery " La Capilla de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe en ese lujar." Sat 2 Feb 1924.

4- Teofilo Brago Ex-President of the Republic of Portugal died in Lisbon, Portugal 28 Jan 1924. He died at his residence. He took over the Presidency after King Manuel was de-throned. He was elected its first president. The cause of death was not reported. Sat 2 Feb 1924.

5- Tomas Woodrow Wilson Ex-President of the United States of America died sunday morning of this week, while he slept. He had been sick for a few days. He was born 28 Dec 1856 in Staton, Virginia, where his father was the Presbyterian Minister. After two years the family moved to Agusta, Ga. where he grew up. He married Elena Luisa Axon in 1885. They had 3 daughters Margarita, Jessy and Eleonora. He became President 4 March 1913. Sat 9 Feb 1924.

6- Alfredo Lionires Gonzales died 9 Feb 1924. He was 1 year and 1 day old. The son of Lionires Gonzales and Rosaura T. de Gonzales. Residence or place of death not listed. Sat 9 Feb 1924.

7- Porfiria M. de Martinez of Wagon Mound, Mora County, NM, Died 7 Feb 1924. She is survived by her husband Epimenio Martinez. Sat 16 Feb 1924.

8- George Adams Howard, mining superintendent in Harding, NM, next to (10 miles ) from Dixon, NM died thursday morning 19 Feb 1924 between 9 and 10 AM. He was seen entering the mine and for some unknown reason there was an explosion in the mine. Only pieces of scalps and clothing were found. No other person is listed as being hurt or killed in the mine explosion. He was from Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in Columbus, Ohio 10 June 1898, but he lived all of his life in Eastern Atlanta and in Decatur, Ga. He earned his B.A. degree in Agriculture from the Georgia University. He came west in June 1920 and became the asst professor of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Texas. The last 3 years he worked at the Harding Mines. Sat 23 Feb 1924.

9- George Volney Howard died Sunday night in El Paso, TX. He was an attorney, resident of Santa Fe, NM. It was reported that he died of a self inflicted gun shot to the right side of the head. He practiced law in Taos, NM some time back. Sat 23 Jan 1924.

10- Perfecto Cordova, 68, of Cimarron, NM. Died at 7:00 AM 4 March 1924. He had the following children Juan C. Cordova, deceased, Samuel Madrid, Perfecto Gonzales and Cora Cordova. The last three were adopted; Sister Rosita C. Tafoya; Brother Jose Dolores Cordova; Brother-in-law Jose E. Madrid; Nephew Manuel Cordova and niece Hipolita Cordova. Sat 8 March 1924.

11- Leonardo Fernandez 67 years, 4 months and 8 days of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died yesterday Friday 14 March 1924 at 6:00 Am. He is survived by his wife Rumaldita Ortiz de Fernandez; Sons Rosendo and Emilio Fernandez; Daughter Juanita Fernandez de Trujillo, wife of Federico Trujillo, Sat 15 March 1924.

12- Moises Prando, 56, of Valdez, NM. Died sunday evening after several months of suffering with his illness of Hidropica (now edema). He came home from Wyoming where he had been employed, hoping to recover his health, which affected his heart and breathing. He is survived by his wife Leonor V. de Prando; 3 daughters Maria P. de Rael, wife of Melecio Rael of Arroyo Hondo, NM, Leocadia P. de Herrera, wife of Emilio Herrera and Odilia P. de Martinez, wife of Luis Martinez; Brother David Prando; Sister Mercedes P. de Valdez, wife of Juan A. Valdez. Sat 29 March 1924.

13- Dominga Rael, 114, of Arroyo Hondo, NM, Died Monday of this week. Despite her advanced age she always keep her self occupied with her house work and would often walk to visit her family who live nearby. Survived by nephews C. Rael, Jose I. Rael, L. Rael; Nieces Fidelia R. de Avila of Arroyo Hondo, NM and Celofes R. de Medina of San Luis, Co. Sat 12 April 1924.

14- David Lucero, 32 years and 16 days, died thursday morning near the Mora, NM Plaza. His vehicle overturned going down the hill. He was a school teacher, he taught 3 terms at Guadalupita Mora Co,NM, Black Lake, Colfax Co, NM 2 terms,Corillera Taos County, NM. 2 terms, Rio Pueblo, Taos County, NM. 1 term, Ranchitos Taos Co, NM. 2 terms. He was brother-in-law of L. Pascual Martinez. He is survived by his wife Ester M. de Lucero; Daughters Evangelina 3 years old, Erelinda age 4 months; Sons Jose age 2 and Antonio age 1; 5 sisters Solidea, Arsenia, Carlota, Cornelia and Rebecca. 2 brothers Demetrio and Alfonso Lucero. Sat 12 April 1924.

15- Pablo A. Chacon. 41 years and 3 months of Arroyo Hondo, NM, died 21 March 1924 in Wyoming where he was employed. His body was sent to Arroyo Hondo, NM for the funeral services. Survived by wife Tomasita A. Chacon; 2 daughters and 1 son. Names not listed. 3 brothers Placido, Abelino and Juan D. Chacon; 3 sisters Agapita, Gabina and Genoveva Chacon. Sat 12 April 1924.

16- Candelaria Chacon, 104, of Capulin, Co, died at her residence 9 April 1924. She was born in Vallecitos Rio Arriba County New Mexico in 1820. Survived by a large family including 3 daughters, 18 grand children, 72 great grandchildren, 4 great great grandchildren and 7 great great great grandchildren. Names not listed. She did not appear to have have been sick and died at night while she slept. Sat 19 April 1924.

17- Sabino Lopez, sheriff of Mora County, NM, died in a Las Vegas, NM hospital, tuesday of this week. He died after suffering with pneumonia for 9 days. Funeral services were held in Wagon Mound, NM. Survived by his wife and several children. Names not listed. Sat 3 May 1924.

18- Santana Vigil of Taos, NM, died 3 May 1924 at 10:00 PM of a heart attack. She was born in the Taos valley 7 March 1872. Daughter of Jose Acasio Suazo and Teresita de Suazo. She married Juan D. Vigil in 1887. They had 12 children, only 8 survive her. 4 sons Abel, Eligio, Romuldo and Severiano; Daughters Raquel, Susana, Eva and Maria; Her father Jose Acasio Suazo and her husband Juan N. Vigil. Buried 5 May 1924 in El Ranchito de Abajo NM Cemetery. Sat 19 May 1924.

19- Jose A. Baca, New Mexico Lt. Governor died at his home in Las Vegas, NM Saturday night. He was suffering with a cold for a few days and as he had a weak heart the cold turned into pneumonia that his weak heart could not resist. He was born in San Miguel County, NM. He attended the schools in that county and later attended the Sacred Heart College in Denver, Co. His funeral was held 20 may 1924 in Las Vegas, NM with interment at Mont Calvery Cemetery. Sat 24 May 1924.

20- Mrs. Porfira Garcia de Olonia, 45 years and 10 months, of Canon de Arriba, NM Died friday 6 June 1924. Survived by a daughter, the wife of Martin Olonia; Mother Carmelita L. de Garcia; Brother Donaciano Garcia; Sister Melecia G. de Sisneros. Burial at the Placita de Los Lucero, Taos NM Cemetery. Sat 7 June 1924.

21- Feliciano Chavez y Salas of Willard Torrance County, NM, died last wednesday. Survived by wife and children. Names not listed. Funeral services held in Willard, NM thursday 29 May 1924. Sat 7 June 1924.

22- Mrs. Elena S. Cook died monday of this week in Madrid, Iowa. She is the sister of Alberto D. and Nazario Suazo of Ranchitos (Taos) NM. Wife of Dr. J. O. Cook of Madrid, Iowa. Sat 21 June 1924.

23- Antonia M. Medina born in Chimayo, Rio Arriba County, NM, 24 Jan 1856. Died (date, residence and place of death not listed). She married Andres Medina 25 Nov 1856. They had one daughter, Virginia M. Sanchez, wife of the deceased Ramon Sanchez; 4 sons Ramon, Daniel, Facundo and Jose Dolores Medina. Sat 21 June 1924.(Note she was the sister-in-law of Padre Ramon Medina and mother-in-law to Senator Ramon Sanchez).

24- Genoveva M. Romero, 47, of Dawson, NM died 12 June 1924 at 4:00 AM in Mitchell, Nebraska. She married Doroteo Romero. They had 13 children. The following survive her Andrellita, Ramonsita, Encarnacion, Amanda and Victor; 3 siblings Juan C. Maestas, Senosina M. Trujillo, Jesusita M. Romero, all of San Miguel County, NM. She and her husband had moved to Dawson from San Miguel a few years ago, and last april they had moved to Mitchell, Nebraska. Where she died. Sat 28 June 1924.

25- Luis Montoya 78 years old of Ranchos de Taos, NM, died 24 June 1924. Survived by wife Rafaelita S. de Montoya. Sat 5 July 1924.

26- Calvin Coolidge Jr., youngest son of the President of the United States of America, Calvin Coolidge, died today 12 July 1924 at 10:30 PM at the Walter Reed Military Hospital. As a result of a septic infections from a wound on his right foot that he suffered while playing tennis. Sat 12 July 1924.

27- Isidoro Santistevan of La Coridillera, NM died at his residence wednesday of this week. Survived by 2 brothers and their wives. Names not listed. Sons Juan, Onofre, Ruben and Octaviano. 3 daughters Andrellita S. Brito, Domicinda S. Garcia and Teresina S. Mondragon. Burial at the Ranchos de Taos, NM Cemetery. Sat 12 July 1924.

28- Narciso Romero, 68, of El Valle, NM Died at his residence 26 June 1924. He suffered with his illness for 3 years. Survived by his wife Maria Demetria V. Romero; 11 Children Angelica, Amador, Elfido, Emilia, Guillermo, Jacobo, Madalena, Juan, Fransisquita and Julia; In laws Leonardita M. Romero, Filomeno Cruz, Delfina, Matile, Elaisa and Gusman Gallegos. Sat 12 July 1924.

29- Carlos Cardonetti of Taos, NM died this morning at 5:00 AM. He had suffered with Hidrpesia (Edema) for a few days. He was an Italian who came to this region with out knowing anyone. He earned the good will and respect of a lot of people. He was an iron worker who owned a black smith shop. Sat 12 July 1924.

30- Ramon Trujillo about 80 years old, of Amalia, NM was shot and killed by Danislado Gonzales, monday evening. Gonzales was married to a grand daughter of Trujillo. Gonzales said that Trujillo had told him several times that he was going to kill him and that he, Gonzales always left the area to avoid any problems. That this time Trujillo approached him with a stick in one hand and a rock in the other so he shot him in the head killing him instantly. Gonzales surrendered himself to the Justice of The Peace and confessed. He was placed under a $ 4000.00 bond, which he was unable to post so he was incarcerated in the Taos County Jail to await his trial. Sat 25 July 1924.

31- Jose Atencio Romero, place and date of death not listed, but the death notice states "La Sociedad de Nuestro Padre Jesus, de Las Trampas." helped with the velerio (wake) and funeral. The death notice states that Jose Atencio Romero had suffered with a broken leg and internal injuries for over a year that he received when a horse threw him. He married Libradita L. Romero, deceased. They had 8 children, 4 boys and girls of which 6 survive him. Guadalupe R. Armijo, Juanita L. Pacheco, Luis, Pablin, Adolfo and Gaspar Romero. Sat 26 July 1924.

32- Juan N. Quintana, 64, of El Prado,NM died yesterday in Byers, Co. Survived by wife Magdalena H. Quintana; 5 sons Juan Andres, Jose, Jose Lino, Onesimo and Amadeo Quintana; Daughter Maria Ines Quintana. Sat 2 Aug 1924.

33- Maria Timotea S. Sandoval, 36 years, 11 months and 28 days, died 15 July 1924 at 3:15 PM. Survived by husband Nick Sandoval; Son Jose Sandoval; Mother Ursulita Salazar; 3 brothers Feliberto, Levi and Rafael Salazar; 2 sisters Serbeliona Salazar and Arselia Gutierrez. Residence or place of death not listed. Sat 2 Aug 1924.

34- Jose Maurico Baca, 13, of Arroyo Seco, NM was killed by lightening 12 aug 1924, while riding his horse. Both he and the horse he was riding were killed instantly. Two other boys that were riding their horses with him were knocked down along with their horses but all got up with out any injuries. Jose Maurico Baca's clothes were completely burned. He was the son of Manuel Baca and Margarita S. de Baca. Sat 16 Aug 1924.

35- Marcelino Trujillo of Canon de Taos, NM died 27 Aug 1924. He was the son of Manuel Trujillo. He suffered with his illness for 2 weeks. Survived by his father, Wife and 6 brothers. Names not listed. Sat 30 Aug 1924.

36- Rafael Aragon, 33 years and 4 months died 27 Aug 1924. He suffered with an internal illness for 2 years and 8 months. Survived by his Mother. Name not listed. Wife Crestina M. Aragon and young son Moises Aragon. Interment at the Canon NM Cemetery. Sat 6 Sept 1924.

37- Sixto Chavez of El Rito Rio Arriba, County, NM. Died sunday. He was a citizen that was well known throughout the state. He is the father of Rebecca C. Martinez, wife of T. J. Martinez of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Sat 6 Sept 1924.

38- Marcelino C. Trujillo 39 years and 4 months old of Taos, NM died 29 Aug 1924. He suffered a terrible illness that kept him in bed for 2 months. Survived by father, wife, 3 sons, 1 daughter and 6 brothers. Names not listed..Only name listed is Sabino Trujillo, the brother who submitted the death notice. Sat 6 Sept 1924.

39- Young child Patricia "Patsy" McAllister, accidently fell into a tub of hot water that her mother left on the floor while she went to get some cold water. The young girl fell sideways into the tub. She received prompt medical attention but died monday evening.Her parents Mr. & Mrs. McAllister took her body to Raton, NM in an automobile and from there they took the train to Boulder, Co where Patricia "Patsy" McAllister was buried. Sat 13 Sept 1924.

40- Luciano Gallegos, 72 years, 9 months and 6 days died 14 Oct 1924. He was born in Taos, NM 7 Jan 1852. Survived by his wife Epifania Gallegos; 4 sons Antonio, Nerio, Jose y Telesfor Gallegos; 3 daughters Luisa, Lorenza and Domitila Gallegos. Sat 18 Oct 1924.

41- Nemecio Garcia, 48,of El Prado, NM died 28 Oct 1924 at 4:00 AM. Survived by wife Ealingia M. Garcia; 5 sons and 4 daughters. Names not listed; Brother Felipe Garcia. Sat 25 Oct 1924.

42- Jesus Maria Barela of Pina Taos County NM, died 2 Nov 1924. He was a model citizen, a true patriot and a republican of true convictions. Sat 15 Nov 1924.

43- Libradita R. de Martinez of Martinez, NM died today saturday 6 Dec 1924 at 2:00 AM. She died at her daughter Manuelita Luna's residence. Also survived by sons Epimenio Martinez who was with her at the time of her death and Pedro Martinez, both of Wagon Mound, NM. Also survived by daughters Rebecca and Carolina Mares; Brother Santiago Romero and sister Manuelita Mares, wife of Vicente Mares. She was the wife of the deceased Pablo Martinez. Funeral service to be held monday at Our lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church with burial to follow at Taos Kit Carson Cemetery. Sat 6 Dec 1924.

44- Donaciano Graham of Ranchitos, NM died 17 Dec 1924. He was Taos County Sheriff in 1907 to 1908. Survived by wife, 4 daughters and 3 sons. Names not listed. Interment at Ranchitos, NM Cemetery. Sat 20 Dec 1924.

45- Monico Apodaca, 44, died in Cimarron, NM as a result of a motor vehicle accident. He died 29 Nov 1924. Survived by his wife Margarita L. Apodaca; 7 children Eloy, Gravielita, Guadalupe, Ana, Oliverio, Jose and 1 year old Eugenio; Parents-in-law Agapito Martinez and Abrana L. Martinez. Sat 27 Dec 1924.

46- Guillerma Quintana of Arroyo Seco, NM Died 22 Dec 1924. Survived by husband J. M. Medina, he was Taos County Ex-Treasurer. Also survived by several children. Names not listed. Sat 27 Dec 1924,

47- Josefita Romero of Penasco, NM died a few days ago. Survived by her husband Fred Smith and 6 children. Names not listed. Father Manuel Romero. Sat 27 Dec 1924.

By Alberto Vidaurre 5-6-2011