Taos County, New Mexico
1947 Obituaries
By  Alberto Vidaurre© 4/17/2011
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Following are the obits for the year of 1947. Extracted from the News Paper El Taoseno and The Taos Review, La Revista.. The News Paper was always published on Thursdays.
Format Used: - Name - -Age- -Residence- Date Of Death- -Date Obit Appears-

1- Carla Pena the 6 month old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Johnnie I. Pena of Taos, NM. Died last thursday morning 26 Dec 1946. From a sudden illness and complications arising from a weak heart. She was the only child of the young couple. The baby was sick for 2 days. 2 Jan 1947.

2- Carolina Vargas, 78, passed away at her home in Ranchos de Taos, NM. Her daughter is the Father Gutierrez' house keeper. Mass was held this morning at the Ranchos Church. The body was taken by Hanlon Funeral coach to Raton, NM, the family home for burial. 2 Jan 1947.

3- Ventura Cordova, 72, of San Pablo, Co. Died 9 Dec 1946 about 1:00 AM. Survived by wife Sencionita G. Cordova; 2 sons Ben and Octovis; 4 daughters Teodorita Cordova, Mrs. Jose A. Maes, Mrs. Esteban Archuleta, and Mrs. Tomas Duran; 3 brothers. Names not listed. Interment at the Amalia, NM Cemetery on 12 Dec 1946. 2 Jan 1947.

4- Mrs. Lucinda Martinez, 67, of Cerro, NM. Died 27 Dec 1946 in Denver, Co when she accidently fell off a window on a three story building where she had been living with a daughter. She was preceded in death by her husband, Pablo L. Martinez by about a year and a 5 months. Survived by 2 daughters Mrs. Delia M. Olivas and Mrs. Eufrocina M. Varos; 1 son Moises Martinez and 3 grand children. She was transported to Cerro, NM where her burial took place at a local cemetery. 9 Jan 1947.

5- Juan F. Vigil, 70, of Llano, NM. Died 13 Nov 1944 at La Fonda Hotel of Taos, NM, where he was receiving medical attention for an illness which medical services were unable to cure. He suffered with his illness for 10 months. He was transported to Llano, NM. Funeral services by Rev. P. Hammer and buried on the 15th at the Llano de San Juan Cemetery. Survived by wife Eloisa O. Vigil; 2 daughters Rafaelita V. Holguin of Albuq, NM and Estefanita V. Trujillo of Llano, NM. Grandchildren Orcibia V. Armijo, Manuel A. Vigil, who just arrived from Germany and Adelmo who is still in the military service, in Dyce, Holuin; Son-in-law Frank Holguin, Jose A. Trujillo and Orlando Armijo. Brother-in-law Salomon Ortega. 16 Jan 1947.

6- Amado Gonzales Duran, former Taos, NM resident died 10 Jan 1947 in Raton, Colfax County, NM. He had moved to Eagle Nest, NM from Taos, where he and his wife operated a store. Survived by his wife; 4 sons and 2 daughters. Names not listed. Children were all adopted. 16 Jan 1947.

7- Antonio M. Cordova, 64 years and 10 days old, Taos, NM. native, resident of Trinidad, Co. since 1912. Died 31 Dec 1946. Survived by 4 daughters Mrs. Tomas Giron, Mrs. Teodora Garcia, Mrs. Abel Saiz and Mrs. Rogerio Ramirez; Son Tony J. Cordova; 17 grandchildren; 4 brothers Ricardo, Porfirio N., J. Maclovio and Frank E. Cordova. Funeral service and burial in Trinidad, Co. 4 Jan 1947. 16 Jan 1947.

8- Maria Chavez de Lopez, 27, formerly of Questa, NM, now of Longmont, Co. Died Tuesday 21 Jan 1947 in Longmont, Co. She was the wife of the deceased Juan Lopez. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Benito Chavez of El Prado, NM. Her brother, Gabino Chavez sent the telegraph advising her family in Taos. Herman Lujan, Brother-in-law said her funeral and burial were Wednesday in Longmont. Co. 23 Jan 1947.

9- Al Capone "Scarface" 48 died in Florida last Sunday after being sick for several weeks that turned into pneumonia. He was reported to very wealthy, and owned a large mansion in Florida, but died very poor and will have a simple funeral. Unlike the funerals he provided for his friends. 30 Jan 1947.

10- Juan D. Roybal, 58, of Costilla, NM. Died at the Albuq Veterans Hospital 27 Dec 1946. Survived by wife Esperanza D. Roybal; 3 daughters Emelina, Cleofas and Mabel; Son Fred Roybal. His body was transported to Costilla, NM for the funeral and burial services the 2nd day of Jan 1947. Interment at the Costilla, NM Cemetery. 30 Jan 1947.

11- Maria Rosita Casias, 9 months and 3 days old. Daughter of J. Elias Casias and Salome M. de Casias of Talpa, NM Died 13 Jan 1947..30 Jan 1947.

12- Mrs. Samuel Crawford, formerly of Taos, NM. Now of Monte Vista, Co, died Wednesday 29 Jan 1947, while being taken from the hospital in Monte Vista, following convalescence from a major operation. Mrs. Samuel Crawford died instantly due to a blood clot. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Sam P. Martinez of Taos born here in 1916. She moved to Monte Vista, Co in 1936 where she married and has since made her home. Survived by husband, 6 children, 2 of them twins 8 months old. Her parents, 8 brothers and sisters. Names not listed. Funeral services were held at the Woods Mortuary on Saturday with Presbyterian Minister officiating. Burial tool place at the Monte Vista, Co. Cemetery. 6 Feb 1947.

13- Ermelina M. Duran, 77 years and 3 months of Llano Quemado, NM died at her residence 19 Jan 1947. She was the wife of Leonires Duran. Survived by sons Leocadio, Onecimo, Anastacio and Frank Duran; Daughters Mrs. Adonais Herrera and Mrs. Adolfo Lopez; Sister Fidelina Valdez; Brother Manuel Martinez; 34 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. Funeral service at Nuestra Senora del Carmen with burial at the Llano Quemado, NM. Cemetery. 6 Feb 1947.

14- Jose Benito Trujillo, 88 years and 9 months of Llano de San Juan, NM. Died 29 Dec 1946. He was a faithful democrat. He served as County Deputy Sheriff in 1888, as superintendent of Taos County Schools 1889 to 1890. Starting in 1913 he served his precinct as Justice of the Peace for 8 years and later served several years as inspector of public roads. He was a member of La Sociedad Protectiva Hispano Americana. He served as treasurer for 8 years. He is survived by his wife Rafaelita C. Trujillo; 5 daughters Filomena T. Roybal, Matilde T. Romero, Corina T. Maestas, Libradita T. Gonzales and Adelaida T. Garcia; Son Rafael Trujillo; Daughter-in-law Victoriana L. Trujillo; 5 sons-in-law Filadelfio Roybal, Guillermo Romero, Juan D. Maestas, Ricardo Gonzales and Theo Garcia; 19 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Funeral mass held 31 Dec 1946 at Llano de San Juan Chapel by Rev. Father Gliessen. Buried in the Llano de San Juan Chapel Cemetery. 6 Feb 1947.

15- Rafaelita C. Lujan, 36, of El Prado, NM died at the Socorro NM Hospital where she had been the past 9 months. She died last friday 7 Feb 1947. Her body was brought to her residence in El Prado, NM last monday after a Requiem Mass at El Prado Chapel. She was buried at the Dolores Cemetery. Survived by her husband Herman Lujan, Taos County Jailer; 5 children Daniel age 17, Demostenes 15, Andreita 12, Ernesto 9, and Eloy 6; Mother Mrs. Benito Chavez; 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Names not listed. Her father Benito Chavez died last July in a bus accident in Socorro, NM when the bus he was in crashed on his way to visit her at the hospital. 13 Feb 1947.

16- Anastacio Medina of Llano, NM. Died 29 Jan 1947 as a result of an accident in Monrose, Co, where he was employed. His body was transported to Llano de San Juan, NM by his brothers Abel Medina. Survived by his wife Rebecca Lopez de Medina; Daughter Mary Mindra Pacheco; 5 sons Ricardo, Erasto, Audelio, Norris and Manuel Antonio Medina; Son-in-law Alex Pacheco; 7 brothers Abel, Enemias, Santiago, Maclovio, Silas, Rodolfo and Eli Medina. Funeral Services were held at the Llano Presbyterian Church with burial at the San Miguel Cemetery. 13 Feb 1937 & 6 March 1947.

17- Mrs. Clorinda Mondragon, 37, of Ranchos de Taos, NM died 31 Jan 1947. She was buried 2 Feb 1947 at the Llano Quemado New Mexico Cemetery. Survived by husband Etanaldo Mondragon; Daughter Frances Mondragon; Mother Felicana Mondragon; 3 brothers Edward, Toribio and Eloy Mondragon, all of Ranchos de Taos, NM. 13 Feb 1947.

18- Tony Sandoval, 22, of Santa Cruz, NM. Son of Mrs. Luisa Romero died by his own hand between 8 & 9 PM Tuesday at the home of Juan Romero of El Valle, NM, His father-in-law. It was reported yesterday at an inquest, the verdict given was that Sandoval killed himself by slashing his throat with a butcher knife. 6 March 1947 news papers edition reports that the Taos County Sheriff will detain 1 or 2 persons in connection with Juan Sandoval death. 20 Feb 1947 & 6 March 1947.

19- George W. Armijo, 69, of Santa Fe, NM. Died Sunday morning at Santa Fe, NM St. Vincent Hospital, of a heart attack. He was a prominent Politician. He served in the New Mexico State Corporation Commission. He also served as Santa Fe County Sheriff. Survived by his wife and 3 daughters. Names not listed. 20 Feb 1947.

20- Corina Martinez de Chacon, native and resident of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Died 1 Feb 1947 at 9:45 PM. Survived by her husband Eduardo Chacon; Her parents Mr. & Mrs. V. F. Martinez; Mother-in-law Mrs. J. P. Chacon; 5 brothers Alfirio, Manuel, Pablo and Thomas Martinez; 3 sisters Eutimia M. Martinez, Ernestine M. Chavez and Becky Martinez. 20 Feb 1947.

21- Carlos Garcia, 49, native and resident of El Prado, NM. Died at his residence at 4:00 PM last thursday 19 Feb 1947. He was employed in Los Alamos for a long time. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Garcia, who survive him. Also survived by his wife Margarita V. Garcia; 3 brothers Trinidad, Timoteo and Moises Garcia; 2 sisters Juanita and Ruth Garcia. Interment at Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. 27 Feb 1947.

22- Mrs. Frank Garcia, 62, of El Prado, NM, died Sunday morning, following several months of critical illness. Daughter of Mrs. Manuel Miera Sr. Survived by her husband, 6 sons and 3 daughters. Names not listed. Funeral service were held at the Mormon Church in El Prado. Burial at the family (Miera Cemetery) plot next to Sierra Vista Cemetery on tuesday. 6 March 1947.

23- Mrs. Blas Lucero, 87, of Los Colonias died Monday 10 March 1947. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Juan D. Martinez. She died at her residence. Funeral service were held tuesday with Rev. J. Paul Stevens officating. Burial took place at Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. Surviving her in additions to her husband Blas Lucero is her daughter Mrs. Delfina Chavez. 13 March 1947.

24- Mrs. Manuel Maestas, 77, passed away at her home in Talpa, NM, on tuesday. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Trujillo. Burial took place on wednesday at the Talpa, NM Cemetery. 13 March 1947 .

25- Jose Urbano Ortega, 69, died at his residence in Santa Fe, NM. Former Taoseno, he served Taos County in the State Legislature and several Taos County Government offices. He was a former Penasco, NM Resident. He moved to Santa Fe, NM. He was ill most of the time with asthma and other internal illness after his move to Santa Fe. Survived by his wife Gregorita Ortega and Several well known children. Names not listed. He lived at 226 Rosario St. Santa Fe, NM. He was born 20 May 1876 in El Valle de San Miguel, NM. Son of Juan Nepomuceno Ortega and Dolorita D. de Ortega. He died 12 March 1947, 2 months shy of his 71st birthday. 13 March 1947 & 27 March 1947.

26- Josefina Q. Santistevan, 58 years and 8 months old of Costilla, NM died at her residence 24 Feb 1947. Wife of Julian Santistevan. Survived by her husband; 2 daughters Maria Leyda Herrera; Son-in-law Conrado Herrera and Ruben Santistevan; Son Guillermo Santistevan; Sisters Gregorita, Manuelita and Anita; Brother J. F. Quintana; Brother-in-law Ray Santistevan. 13 March 1947.

27- Howard L. Bickley, 75, of Santa Fe, NM. Died last week of a heart attack. He was a New Mexico State Supreme Court Judge. He was from Raton, NM. Where he was taken for burial. 13 march 1947.

28- Celina Lovato Martinez, 57 years, 7 months and 9 days old, native and resident of Costilla, NM. Died in the Alamosa, Co hospital. Survived by husband Juan Martinez; Sons Fidel, Felix and Joe Martinez; Daughter Margarita Martinez; Brother Demetrio Lovato; Sister Mrs. Gertruditas L. Sanchez; 6 grandchildren. She had been a faithful member of the S. P. M. D. T. U. Council # 12 and had served as its president. Taken to Costilla, NM on the 2nd day of the month (March) 1 day after her death. Funeral Mass was held on the 4th at La Iglesia Del Sagrado Coragon. Burial at the Costilla New Mexico Cemetery. 13 March 1947.

29- Elfido Brito, 63, of Dixon, NM. Died at the Embudo, NM Hospital. He was involved in a motor vehicle accident 28 Jan 1947. He submitted to X-Rays that revealed he had a broken rib that punctured a long causing his death. Survived by his wife name not listed. Daughter Mrs. Delfina Garcia; Sons Beneriano, Demostenes, Luciano and Mike Brito. 13 March 1947.

30- Emilia L. Leyba, 55 years, 7 months and 8 days old. Born in Ojo Sarco, NM. Died 8 Feb 1947 in the McCurdy Hospital Santa Cruz, NM. She had moved from Ojo Sarco to Las Trampas, NM, when she was very young. In July 1911 she married the now deceased Eligio Leyba. Survived by son Jose Esequiel Leyba; Daughter Emma L. Martinez, wife of Vicente Martinez of Alcalde, NM; Children of her first marriage Flavio, Nicolas and Virginia Leyba. 2 sons-in-law Celestino Roybal and Benjamin Pacheco; Sisters-in-law Isabelita L. Pacheco and Gregorita Leyba; Daughter-in law Juanita L. Leyba. Her husband Eligio Leyba died Nov 1918. He was the son of Jose Miguel Leyba, veterans of the battle of Valverde. Burial at the San Antonio Cemetery in Alcalde, NM. 20 March 1947.

31- Refugio Herrera de Medina, 80, of Llano, NM. Died 3 March 1947. She was born 4 July 1867. Wife of Manuel Medina, who died 21 May 1936. Survived by 3 daughters Tonita Medina, Elicia M. Griego and Emerenciana Medina; 2 sons Fidel Padilla and Tomas Medina; 3 sons-in-law Nepomuceno Medina, Macedonio Medina and Minor Griego; 2 daughters-in-law Luz C. Padilla and Dulcinia G. Medina, 12 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Buried at the San Miguel Cemetery. 20 March 1847.

32- Tomasita T. de Maestas, 77 years, 11 months and 25 days, of Talpa, NM. Died at her residence 11 March 1947. Survived by 2 sons Andres C. Maestas and Pascual Maestas; 4 daughters Victoria M. Duran, Clarita M. Ortiz, Felicitas M. Tafoya all of Talpa, NM, and Sencionita M. Candelario of Guadalupita, NM. Funeral services in the chapel of Nuestra Senora de San Juan, Talpa, NM. Interment at the Talpa, NM Cemetery. 20 March 1947.

33- Encarnacion Lucero de Maes, 94, of Costilla, NM, died 11 March 1947. Survived by 3 daughters Elicia Maes, Lina M. Padilla and Apolonia M. Padilla; Son Lucas Maes and adopted son Tobias Maes; 2 sons-in-law Encarnacion Padilla and Juan Padilla; 21 grandchildren, 50 great grandchildren and 17 great great grandchildren. Funeral Mass at La Capilla del Sagrado Corazon. 20 March 1947.

34- Fifth anniversary memorial mass in Talpa, NM In honor of the hero Jose C. Cruz. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Cruz. Mass will be held in La Capilla de Talpa at 8:00 AM 24 March 1947..30 March 1947.

35- Eva H. Lucero, formerly of Canon, NM, died last thursday of injuries she received in a motor vehicle accident 16 March 1947 between Downey and Bellflower, Ca. Her husband, Ruben V. Lucero, former minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canon, NM and a daughter Adelina were also in the accident but were not critically injuried. Mrs. Lucero was buried thursday in Canon, NM. Besides her husband, Ruben V. Lucero and daughter Adelina Lucero, she is survived by another daughter Mrs. Margery L. Romero of Cacon, NM; Son Ruben Lucero of Wisconsin; Grandchildren Julia Romero and William Lucero; Sisters Dorothy Howard of Milwaukee, Wis, Mrs. L. C. Smith of Portland, Ore., and Mrs. R. S. Price of Seattle, Wash. 27 March 1947.

36- Rafael Gonzales, 79 years old, of Ranchos de Taos, NM, farmer. Died sunday. He was buried tuesday at the Ranchos de Taos Cemetery. Survived by his wife Mrs. Manuelita Gonzales; Son Daniel Gonzales; Daughters Mrs. Eugenio Medina and Mrs. Samuel Davidson; Sisters Sencionita Madrid. 27 March 1947.

37- Nestorita B. Martinez, age 48 of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died monday. She was buried yesterday ( 26 March 1947) at Arroyo Seco. Survived by her husband Nabor Martinez, a farmer. 27 March 1947.

38- Eli L. Sena, 35, died last saturday at the Albuq veterans hospital. Survived by wife Ignacita S. Sena. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Braulio Suazo of Taos/Penasco, NM. Survived by wife and 3 children. 27 March 1947.

39- Ismael Gallegos, 71, of Amalia, NM. Died at her house 15 March 1947. He was born in Ranchos de Taos, NM 25 Nov 1875. Survived by wife Criselda V. Gonzales and 3 sons Gilberto, Juan and Thomas Gallegos; Daughter Estrella Gallegos; Granddaughter Evelyn Gallegos. 3 April 1947.

40- Eloy Fresquez, 37, of Rodarte, NM was shot to death Tuesday at noon and Epifanio Martinez, 55, also of Rodarte, NM Is in the county jail in connection with the shooting. Investigation by state officer Herbert Douglas and under sheriff J. M. Vigil. According to reports Fresquez followed Martinez to his home and reportedly threw rock at him. Fresquez was shot through the heart with a rifle bullet after refusing to leave the Martinez' property. At trial 3 July 1947 Epifanio Martinez was found not guilty. 10 April 1947.

41- Jesus M. Santistevan, 79, Taos native, resident of Albuq, NM, for the last 7 years. Died in Albuq, NM. Thursday 10 April 1947. Survived by wife Prudencia R. Santistevan; 4 sons Crucito, Felix, Palemon and Melchor Santsitevan all of Taos, NM; 2 daughters Gregorita S. Sandoval from Albuq and Mrs. Margarita C. de Baca of Bernalilo; 26 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Interment at Santa Barbara Albuq, NM Cemetery. 17 April 1947.

42- Telesfora Lucero de Pacheco, native and resident of Chamisal, NM. Died in Taos Holy Cross Hospital 24 Feb 1947. She and her husband operated a store in Penasco, NM. Survived by her husband Silviano Pacheco; 3 sons Floyd, Arturo and Rudolfo Pacheco; Daughter Cordilia Pacheco; Brother Fermin Lucero; Sisters Mrs. Gabrielita L. Vasquez. Funeral services at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Penasco with burial at the Chamisal, NM Cemetery. 17 April 1947.

43- Nestorita Baca de Martinez, 47 years, 10 months and 8 days old of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died. Survived by her husband Antonio Martinez; Brother Antonio M. Baca; Sisters Mrs. Josefita B. Sanchez.

44- Adolfo De Tavis, former Taoseno, resident of Las Vegas, NM, died at his residence 9 April 1947. Survived by wife Raquel DeTavis; 8 sons and 1 adopted daughter. Names not listed. He was superintendent of mines for many years. 24 April 1947.

45- Juan Rafael Madrid, Age 60 years, 2 months and 8 days, died 16 April 1947. Survived by his wife Bersabe de Madrid; 2 sons names not listed; Daughter Mrs. Viola M. Manchego and her husband Flaviano Manchego; Brother Silviano Madrid and 6 grand children. Residence and/or place of death not listed. 24 April 1947.

46- Celestino Trujillo Jr., 3 years old, son of Mr. & Mrs. Celestino Trujillo of Ledoux, Mora County, NM, has been missing from his residence for a few days. Local authorities, state police friends and family members with the help of tracking hounds have been searching for him to no avail. It was believed that he may have been abducted, but now it is believed he may have fallen in the water (deposito). Plans are being made to search the water dams (depositios). 24 April 1947.

47- Roberto Tafoya, 18, of Canon de Fernandez, NM, after suffering with an internal illness, died last week. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Laurie Tafoya. He is also survived by several siblings. We are unable to give more details as we were not provided with the details. 1 May 1947.

48- Gottlieb Kolb of Santa Fe, NM was killed by his common-law-wife, Selfa Juanita Martinez. She is accused of stabbing him to death. She is in jail in Santa Fe awaiting grand jury action. 1 May 1947.

49- Maclovio Pacheco, 32, of Chamisal, NM, died sunday night at Taos Holy Cross Hospital, following a brawl in a Chamisal tavern last thursday. George Lucero and Max Basquez were arrested and charged with murder. They were released on a $ 2000.00 bond each. An inquest by a coroner's jury found that the victim death was the result of 2 blows on the head. One at the base and the other on top. Dr. Al Rosen performed an autopsy and found the blows has caused a brain concussion. Funeral service for Maclovio Pacheco were held tuesday in Chamisal, NM. He is survived by his wife Frances M. Pacheco and a brother Juan Pacheco..3 July 1947 George Lucero was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter at trial and the other 2 suspects were acquitted..8 May 1947.

50- Frank C. Ellis, well known Taoseno pharmacist for some 35 years. Died in Las Vegas, NM, 29 April 1947. He was the husband of Mercedes Scheurich, Taos native. She preceded him in death some 20 years ago. For many years he had owned and operated a pharmacy, until he moved to Gallup. NM and opened another pharmacy.Funeral service were held in Taos under the direction of the Masonic Bent Lodge. A Native of Georgia. He is survived by adopted daughter Virginia Stilner of Taos and her daughter, Martha Stilner and 2 nieces Tessie and Charlene Berry. 8 May 1947.

51- The search continues today for the body of John Murphy of Santa Fe, NM. One of two men who drowned sunday afternoon in the swelling waters of the Rio Grande, a mile south of Pilar, NM. The body of the other victim, Henry W. (Hank) Kelly, was found tuesday about 30 miles down stream from Pilar. He was found by 2 youths in still shallow water 25 yards from the bank. The 2 men set out sunday afternoon to travel the Rio Grande rapids in a small rubber boat. They lost control about 1 mile south of Pilar and were thrown into the current. Both disappeared under water in seconds. Kelly was secretary of the Gross Kelly wholesale firm, of which his father, Daniel Kelly is president. 15 May 1947.

52- Pete Barela, Age 52 years of Taos, NM died sunday 11 May 1947 at Taos Holy Cross Hospital. Barela a well known guide and taxi operator, was born in Trinidad, Co in 1895. He moved to Taos early in life, attended scholls here, Las Cruces, NM and Haskell, Kans. He served in France in World War I and after his discharge in 1920 he was employed by the forest service as a guide. He worked in the shipyards in the Pacific Coast in World War II. The last 4 years he operated Pete's Taxi. Survived by his mother Eleanor Lucero Barela; Brothers David and Carlos; Sisters Mrs. Antonio Sandoval, Celia, Josephine and Emma Barela. Interment at Las Cruces Taos, NM, Cemetery.15 May 1947.

53- Pete Mares, who would have been 49 years old may 31, lived in Taos, NM all of his life. Died sunday 11 May 1947 at Holy Cross Hospital. He was employed by several local firms as a salesman. He served a short time in World War II, being discharged because of his age. He and his wife went to Oakland, Ca, where he worked on war jobs for 3 years. Survived by his wife Eloisa T. Mares; Father Laureano Mares; Brothers Cipriano Mares of Black Lake, NM and Laureano Mares Jr., of Taos, NM. Interment at Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. 15 May 1947.

54- Reyes E. Martinez, 61, of Arroyo Hondo, NM, Died at his residence 1 May 1947. Survived by wife Refugio P. Martinez; Brothers Nicolas C., Maclovio, Roberto in San Cristobal, NM and Fidel Martinez, Park City Utah; Sisters Leocadia M. Medina of San Cristobal, NM and Marina M. Vigil of Del Norte, Co. He was the son of Antonio M. and Pablita V. de Martinez. Interment at the Arroyo Seco, NM Cemetery. 15 May 1947.

55- John R. Sinnock, born in Raton, NM. Designer of the present purple heart medal and a former pupil of Bert Phillips, died last week in Long Island, Phillips learned yesterday. John R. Sinnock born in Raton, NM. Made many visits to Taos in his youth. He received his first art instructions from Phillips, to whom a few years ago presented one of his memorial medals of the late President Roosevelt. The medal is on exhibition at Ilfelds. Sinnock was considered one of the world's outstanding engravers. He requested that his body be cremated and the ashes spread over the state of New Mexico. 22 May 1947.

56- Juan Jose Martinez, 63, of Llano, NM. Died 14 May 1947 in Los Alamos, NM of a heart attack. He had been employed there for some time. Survived by his wife Eva L. Martinez; 4 daughters Mrs. Livaina M Sandoval, Alicia, Cleo and Celia Martinez; Sisters Mrs. Noberto Martinez and Mrs. Agapito Quintana. Funeral service and burial at Llano, NM. 22 May 1947.

57- Mrs. Rafaelita Martinez, 46, of Tres Ritos, NM died yesterday following a short illness. Mrs Martinez was a native of Dixon, NM. Formerly lived in Vadito, NM. Her husband Tranquilino Martinez is a rancher and operator of a sawmill. Besides her husband she is also survived by 8 children. Names not listed. Her body will be taken to Dixon, NM for burial tomorrow. 29 May 1947.

58- Leandro Salazar, age to 78 to 80 years old. Former Taos, NM resident, now living in Fresno, Ca with her children, having moved there in 1928. Died recently. Survived by children Lucinda S. Maes, Rosabel Gallegos, Petra and Elvira Salazar, Fernando and Felimon Salazar; 2 or 3 Brothers, 1 being Benito Salazar of Taos,NM, employed in Wyoming. Funeral and burial service in Fresno, Ca. 29 May 1947.

59- William Wallace Lackey, 77, a resident of Taos County for 23 years. Died thursday 22 May 1947 at 1:10 PM. After a long illness. He was born 28 Oct 1869 near Lenoir City, Tennessee. Survived by wife Sarah E. Lackey; Son James M. Lackey; 3 daughters Mrs. T. C. Stover, Mrs. H. M. Huddleston and Mrs. Loyd Arthur. 29 May 1947.

60- Eufracio Maestas, 54, of Talpa, NM. Died at Midwest, Wyo following an operation. He was buried in Talpa, NM. Survived by his wife Loisa Maestas; 3 Daughters Mrs. Faustina Romero, Florada and Ruth Maestas; 2 sons Benito and Leroy Maestas; 2 sisters Mrs. Adlaida Medina and Rebecca Romero. 29 May 1947.

61- Benjamin Chavez, 47, of La Cordillera, NM Died at his residence 17 May 1947, of heart problems. Survived by wife Eutimia Chavez; 4 sons Gilbert, Eugenio, Bernardino and Ernesto Chavez; Brothers Emilio Chavez; 2 sisters Nievez Chavez and Carolina C. Olonia. 5 June 1947.

62- Pedro I. Varela, 66 years, 3 months and 24 days old of Amalia, NM. Died at his residence 24 May 1947. He suffered with cancer. Survived by his wife Dora G. Varela; 6 sons Jerry, Damian, Alfonso, Manuel, Ray and Pete Varela Jr.; 4 daughters-in-law Elba S., Elsie T., Piedad G., and Angelita T. Varela. 12 June 1947.

63- In memory of Teodoro Herrera, beloved husband and father who passed away Thursday 6 June 1947. Survived by wife Mrs. Elenor Herrera and family and Mrs. Ursulita M. Trujillo and family. 19 June 1947.

64- Louis Young was executed in the Santa Fe prison, one minute after midnight friday 13 June 1947. He was convicted of killing Mrs. Kennedy in Santa Fe, NM, Nov 1945. 19 June 1947.

65- Maria Socorro M. de Fernandez, 93, died at her son's Luis Fernendez' residence in La Corillera, NM, 21 June 1947. Her husband Pedro Jose Fernandez preceded her in death in 1937. She was a Mexican native but lived in Taos almost all of her life. Survived by son Luis Fernandez and his wife; 4 grandchildren Louis F.,Bonifacio, Gustavo and Roberto Fernandez; 5 grand daughters Marina F. Cordova, Agapita F. Jeantet, Margarita, Fabiola and Irene Fernandez. Funeral service and burial at Ranchos de Taos, NM. 26 June 1947.

66- Maclovio Martinez, native of San Cristobal, NM, died in Park City, Utah, where he had been employed in the mining and lumber business. He was born in San Cristobal, NM 16 Nov 1900. Son of Antonio Martinez and Pablita V. Martinez. Survived by 3 brothers Nicolas C., Fidel E., and Roberto Martinez; Sisters Mrs. Lucrecia M. Medina and Mrs. Ramon Vigil. 26 June 1947.

67- Jimmy Doyle, famous welter weight boxer died tuesday of this week (23 June 1947) in Cleveland, Ohio as a result of a punch that he received the night before in a bout with welter weight champion Ray (Sugar) Robinson. 26 June 1947.

68- Susie Trujillo, 18, native of Costilla, NM, died 26 June 1947 in Pueblo, Co. Of heart problems. She was the eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Trujillo, native of Costilla, NM who now resides in Pueblo, Co. She was the grand daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. Rufino Trujillo of Costilla, NM, and Mrs. A. A. Manzaneras of Denver, Co. All who now lament her death. Also survived by sisters Helen, Theresa and Patricia Trujillo; Brothers Tobio and Vences Trujillo. Burial in the Costilla, NM Cemetery. 3 July 1947.

69- Odela Grant, 28, daughter of Jake Grant, Died last night in Espanola, NM. 10 July 1947.

70- Louis Rivera, formerly of La Jara, Co. Employed for 5 years by the engineering firm of Geo. A. Lawson, Inc. in Buenos Aires Republic of Argentina died in that city 4 July 1947. According to a telegram received by his parents Mr. & Mrs. Gaspar Rivera of La Jara, Co. His mother is the former Taosena Maria Gonzales, daughter of the deceased Enrique Gonzales (Taos 1st Mayor) and Mrs. Gonzales. 10 July 1947.

71- Tom Truder of Las Vegas, NM. Died tuesday. He was a prominent resident of Las Vegas, NM. He served as that City's Mayor, as Fiscal for San Miguel County and as a member of the Public Service Commission for the State of New Mexico. He was a Veteran of World War I. 10 July 1947.

72- Chris Alderette, 29, of Raton, NM. A painter. Died in Raton, NM Saturday as a result of stab wounds received on wednesday after a banquet on 1st street. Following a short dispute with Maggie Valentin Parson and her cousin Servandio Rascon. They are to be detained for the crime. Chris Alderette was stabbed just below the heart and died 20 hours later in the Raton Hospital. 10 July 1947.

73- Jose F. Chavez, 85, native of Conejos, Co, son of Jesus M. Chavez and Desideria Fresquez of Conejos, Co, but now a resident of Taos, NM for more than 60 years. Died at his home in Taos, NM, early tuesday morning. His wife Rafaelita Martinez preceded him in death many years ago. Leaving a small daughter Ursulita, who passed away during the influenza epidemic, she left one child, Capt. Henry J. Tafoya, residing in Massachusetts. Survived by niece Mrs. Adela Valdez de Montoya and her family with whom he resided; 3 sisters Mrs. Agapita C. Trujillo of Denver, Co, Mrs. Teresita C. Salazar of Saguache, Co and Mrs. Elaisa C. Quintana of Mora, NM. Interment at the Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery.

74- Mary M. Ufer, 78, formerly of Taos, NM. Died in New York 17 July 1947 after a month long illness. Mrs. Ufer was the widow of Walter Ufer, internationally known artist. She was well known as a portrait painter in her own right. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark and educated in the Art Institute and Smith school in Chicago. Mrs. Ufer studied in Paris under Benjamin Constant and Jean Paul Laurens. She lived and worked for many years in Taos, NM. She lectured on Indian Art and the works of the Taos group of painters and taught art at the city art center in Minneapolis. 31 July 1947.

75- Martha Truman, 94, died last Saturday 31 July 1947 at her residence in Grandview, Missouri. She was the mother of President harry S. Truman. 31 July 1947.

76- Magdalena Valdez, 65, of Rayado Colfax County, NM, died at her family's ranch in Rayado, NM. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Maria Valdez. Survived by 3 brothers and 2 sisters. names not listed. Funeral service were held thursday of this week. Burial at the Vallego Cemetery. Where many of the Valdez family are buried. 31 July 1947.

77- Of the 1600 Prisoners of War that died in the Philippines and Japan after the fall of Bataan and Corregidor, 204 more have been identified, 15 of which were New Mexicans, among the 15, is the name of Cpl. Maclovio Gonzales from Tres Piedres, Taos County NM. He was reported missing 2 or 3 years ago but had not been identified until now. He is survived by his young wife Mary Martinez, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Martinez of Taos, NM. 31 July 1947.

78- Tony J. Velarde, 31, of Dixon, Rio Arriba County NM. Admitted striking and killing his brother-in-law Jose E. Atencio, 50 years old and resident of the same place. The incident occurred a few days ago after both left a bar in Dixon, NM. Atencio was found dead at the side of the road and Velarde was arrested. In the Santa Fe District Court, Judge David Chavez sentenced Tony Velarde to prison for a term of 1 to 3 years, After Velarde entered a guilty plea to homicide. 31 July 1947.

79- Vera James, 18, of Taos, NM was killed in an auto accident near Springer, NM last thursday. Funeral service were held in Denver, Co. Vera James, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W, H. James of Taos, NM, was killed instantly when the auto in which she was riding over turned two and one half miles South of Springer, NM. Another occupant in the car, Madelyn Wiley, 17, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James A. Wilet of Springer, NM received minor injuries, Vera James was engaged to marry James Wiley of Springer, NM and were to be married in September. Vera James attended Sandia School in Albuq, and later Eastern School and also attended the University of New Mexico. 7 Aug 1947.

80- Odilio Gurule, 29, of Rodarte, NM died 19 July 1947 in the Valdmora Hospital San Miguel County NM. Survived by parents Puildor Gurule and Domitila M. Gurule; Brothers Manuel, Eliseo and Filadelfio Gurule, Sister Estella Gurule. Funeral service and burial were held in Rodarte, NM. 7 Aug 1947.

81- Maria Luisa G. de Duran, 81 years, 1 month and 4 days old, of Arroyo Seco, NM, Died at her residence 19 July 1947. She was born in Santa Fe, NM 15 June 1866. Survived by her sons Andres Gonzales, Nabor, Cristobal and Alberto Duran; Adopted daughter Isidorita D. Sanchez and daughter Isabel D. Lovato. Burial at the Arroyo Seco, NM Cemetery.

82- Mrs. Sylvia K. Beaty, sister of Mrs. F. D. Valdez, wife or our editor, died the middle of last week in Denver, Co. Survived by her husband Edwin Beaty; Several children. Names not listed; Sisters Mrs. Valdez and Mrs. McEnteggert and brother Max Lucero. 7 Aug 1947.

83- The bodies of 2 Clovis Fliers (Pilots) were discovered near Black Lake, NM, Sunday. The names of the pilots are Jimmie Gressett, 21, and John Hardisty, 20, Discovery of the fliers, whose bodies were pinned in their crumpled plane, ended an aerial and ground search, that started with their disappearance 26 July 1947 on a flight from Clovis, NM to Eagle Nest, NM. The wrecked plane was spotted in a small canyon, a mile south and over one half mile east of Black Lake. It was reported the plane ran out of fuel before it crashed. 7 Aug 1947.

84- Gene Baca, 36, former Taos resident. The last 5 years a resident of Arizona and California. Survived by his father Frank Baca de McNary; Wife and young son (Names not listed), now residents of Winslow, Arizona. Brothers Gabe Baca of Holbrook, Az and Max Baca of Taos, NM. Aunts Mrs. Tobias Younis Sr., of Taos, NM and Mrs. Tessie O. Martinez. 14 Aug 1947.

85- Benigno Evaristo Arellano, 19 years and 8 months old. Native of Leadville, Co. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe E. Arellano Arroyo Hondo, NM. Resident of Erie, Co died 4 Aug 1947 in the Greely Weld County Co Hospital. He died of injuries he received as a result of being struck and run over by a vehicle driven by Harold L. Wallace, 26, of Ft. Collins, Co. Arellano was crossing the street about 10:00 PM, 3 Aug 1947. Funeral service held at Erie, Co. 14 Aug 1947.

86- J. B. (Jaw Bone) Jones, 60 Ex-NM Lieut. Governor during Gov, John J. Dempsey's administration died in a Hot Springs Hospital. He was a W W I Veteran. Funeral service were held in Santa Fe, NM. Burial at the Santa Fe National Cemetery. 14 Aug 1947.

87- Mrs. Ben LaForett, 50, of Questa, NM died at her home monday. Following a long illness. Her husband who was engaged in mining, died 5 years ago. Survived by 6 daughters Delfina, Eralla, Thelma, May, Mabel and Dora, 2 sons Tony and Alfred, who is stationed in Japan. Services to be held in Questa, NM. 14 Aug 1947.

88- Eulogia S. Medina, 41, of San Cristobal, NM. Died early August 11 a few hours after giving birth to her eighth child. She was buried last thursday at San Cristobal, NM. She is survived by her husband Celestino Medina; 8 children. Names not listed; 2 brothers Albert Silva of El Prado, NM and Malaquis Silva of San Cristobal, NM. 21 Aug 1947.

89- J. Charles Gaastra, 68, well known New Mexican architect and brother of George Gaastra of Taos, NM. Died 15 Aug 1947. He was buried in Albuq. NM last monday. Gaastra designed several buildings in Taos including the Hotel La Fonda and Taos Theater, all mission style. 28 Aug 1947.

90- Albert Jackson Bennett, 91, a native of Iowa. Lone time resident of Taos died yesterday morning (3 Sept 1947). Followinga 3 weeks long illness. He and his partner Charles Webber owned several pieces of property, including an apartment complex. Before coming to Taos, NM they were in the cattle business in Black Lake, NM. Bennett was a 32 degree mason. Survived by brother and sister-in-law Mr. & Mrs. Earl P. Bennett of Canyon City, Co and another sister from Alamosa, Co. Name not listed. 4 Sept 1947.

91- Mrs. Oscar Shillingm former Taosena, died suddenly saturday at Raton, NM. She was buried there monday. Survived by her husband and 18 month old son. 2 step-sons Marvin Shilling, operator of El Camino Court and Bill Shilling of Raton, NM; Brother Kenneth Mackie of Taos, NM. Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Shilling moved to Raton, NM last winter. 4 Sept 1947.

92- Steve James, 55, a former resident of Trinidad, Co and since 1933 a resident of Taos, NM, passed away at his home, 2:30 friday morning. Burial at the Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. He was born in Jensen, Co. Survived by his wife. Name not listed. Sons John James of Los Angles, Ca. and Nick James of Taos, NM. 2 daughters Elizabeth of Los Angles, Ca, and Bernice of Taos, Nm; 4 brothers Joe, Dominick, Anthony and Michael; 4 sisters Mrs. Rose Patrick, Mrs. Bertha Blas; Sister James Emanuel; Sister Michela; Father-in -Law Nick Pomo of Los Angles, Ca; Aunt Mrs. Maggie Maucione and uncle Sid Patrick, both of Trinidad, Co. 4 Sept 1947.

93- Rosita Duran de Pacheco, 30 years, 11 months and 19 days old, of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died at her home 19 Aug 1947. Survived by husband Jose Luis Pacheco; Adopted mother Mrs. Dorotea G. Duran; Sons Leovigildo, Edwardo, Tomas, Palemon and Jose Luis Pacheco; Daughters Tranquilina and Macedonia Pacheco; Grand father Antonio Sanchez; 5 brothers and 1 sister. Names not listed. 4 Sept 1947.

94- Miguel Gonzales, 39, resident of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Was killed by lightening south of Rock Springs, Wyo 27 Aug 1947. He was struck on the back of the head while riding a wagon between 2 sheep camps on Pine Mountain 54 miles south of Rock Springs, Wyo. His body was badly burned and the 2 horses hooked to the wagon were killed instantly. Survived by wife Bertha Gonzales; His mother Mrs. Romancito; 2 sons, 2 daughters, 2 sisters and 2 brothers all from New Mexico. Names not listed. 11 Sept 1947.

95- Benjamin Sellers of Trinidad, Co. Resident of Las Vegas, NM. Died at his residence in Las Vegas, NM last friday 5 Sept 1947. He was a successful merchant. Survived by sister-in law and her husband Bernardo Ledoux of Taos, NM. Their son Louis and his wife. Daughter and 2 nephews and 2 brothers. Names not listed. His son Manuel died in action in Iwo Jima. He had served 18 months in the American Marines in the last war. 11 Sept 1947.

96- F. C. Valentine, 77, died saturday morning. He was born in Painesville, Ohio 6 Jan 1870 and had lived here in Taos, NM for 16 years. He was the owner of a photo and office supply store in the Plaza. He was a veteran of the Spanish American war. Survived by son James Valentine. His wife preceded him in death several years ago and another son Lee died in 1938. Buried at the Santa Fe National Cemetery. 25 Sept 1947.

97- Tom Rivera, former Taoseno (Ranchitos) was killed tuesday 23 Sept 1947. when his car was struck by a train at a crossing in Utah 22 Sept 1947. The other occupant in the car died instantly but Tom Rivera lingered until 5:00 the next day. He had been employed at Carbonville, Utah. Survived by his wife Simonita G. Rivera; 6 children ages between 3 and 12. Names not listed; Parents Narciso & Rumaldita Rivera; 4 sisters Mrs. A. Valdez, Mrs. Ambrocio Vigil, Mrs. Rafael Mondragon and Mrs. Eleonor Herrera; Brother Ramon Rivera. His body is now enroute from Utah to Raton, NM, where Hanlon Funeral Homes ambulance will meet it. Burial will be at Nuestra Senora de Los Dolores. 25 Sept 1947 & 16 Oct 1947.

98- Two former Taos Catholic Priests passed away saturday. Rev. Claude Balland, 77, former parish priest at Taos, NM. Passed away at Las Vegas, NM last saturday and buried at Nuestra Senora del Rosario Santa Fe, NM Cemetery yesterday. The same day Father Leo Olemann, O. F. M. a former priest at Costilla, Taos County, NM passed away at St. Johns, Arizona. He was buried in Gallup, NM. They were intimate friends of each other. 25 Sept 1947.

99- Juan de Los Reyes Vigil, 72, native of Arroyo Hondo, NM, resident of San Pedro, Co. Died 10 Sept 1947 at his residence.He and his family had moved to San Pedro, Colorado from New Mexico about 30 years ago. He is survived by his wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Names not listed. Also survived by 2 brothers Demetrio Vigil of Costilla, NM and J. M. Vigil Jr., Deputy Taos County Sheriff of Arroyo Hondo, NM; Sister Mrs. Silverita V. Herrera of Arroyo Hondo, NM. 25 Sept 1947.

100- Adelaida Barron de Pacheco, 71, former Taosena, died at her sister Julia Barron de Pacheco' residence in Walsanburg, Co. Adelaida Barron de Pacheco was a resident of San Pablo, Co for the last 32 years. She suffered with heart problems that her family were not aware of. She had been informed that her brother Fernando Barron was ill in the hospital in Pueblo, Co. On her way back from visiting him she stopped to visit her sister Julia Barron de Sanchez in Walsanburg where she died. She was the daughter of Bonifacio Barron and his wife Desideria. Born 27 Dec 1876. She married 1st Jesus M. Salazar of Taos, who preceded her in death in 1898. She than married J. M> Pacheco in 1915. He died a few years ago. She is survived by another sister, Amelia Barron and another brother J. A. (Pepe) Barron; 1 son, 1 adopted daughter and 3 grandchildren. Buried in Walsanburg, Co. 25 Sept 1947.

101- Fernando Barron, former Taos Resident died sunday. He had lived in Walsenburg the last 45 years or more. He died a week after the death of his eldest sister, Adelaida Barron Pacheco. Buried in Walsanburg, Co.

102- Jose Leandro Jaramillo, 61, of Cordillera, NM, farmer. Died 21 Sept 1947. Survivors include his wife Adelaida Jaramillo. Funeral service were held yesterday in Ranchos de Taos, NM. 25 Sept 1947.

103- Ramon Pacheco, 54 years and 7 months old, of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 6 Oct 1947 in the Albuq Veterans Hospital. He was a World War I Veteran. Survived by wife Rosana M. Pacheco; 5 sons Reyes, Arturo, Estanislao, Ramon and Armando Pacheco; Daughter Beatrize P. de Vigil; Brother Enrique Pacheco; Half-brother Vicente F. Martinez; Half-sister Piedad M. Anaya; Grand daughter, name not listed and Mother-in-law Porfiria Martinez. Interment at the Arroyo Seco, NM Cemetery. 16 Oct 1947.

104- Mrs. Roy Cook, 67, of Taos, NM, was buried at Norwalk, Ohio early this month. She died there 1 Oct 1947 following an illness that lasted 2 months. A native of Norwalk. Mrs. Cook came to Taos, NM about 20 years ago. She was active in the Red Cross work. Survived by husband; Sister Mrs. Lynn M. Rogers; Step-daughter Mrs. E. J. Powers of Bay Village, Ohio; Brother R. E. Wirt of South Euclid, Ohio. 23 Oct 1947.

105- Santiago T. Rmero, 82, Taos native, resident of Maxwell Union & Colfax Counties, New Mexico. Died lat thursday 16 Oct 1947 at his residence in Maxwell, NM. Survived by his wife Raquel Romero; 3 sons and 6 daughters. Names not listed. Funeral service at St. Vincent Church and burial at Maxwell NM Cemetery. 23 Oct 1947.

106- Elizabeth Garrett, well known composer of the song "Oh, Fair New Mexico," Died in Roswell, NM at the end of last week. She was the daughter of Sheriff Mayor Garrett of Tucumcari, NM. He was credited with the death of Billy the Kid. 23 Oct 1947.

107- Jose Roberto Ricardo Trujillo, 19, of Amalia, NM. Died at 9:00 AM sunday. 7 Hours after the car he was driving left the road and overturned on a curve one and one half miles north of Questa, NM, on highway 3. He was the son of Elias Trujillo of Amalia, NM. 2 other occupants of the car were injuried and taken to Taos Holy Cross Hospital. They are Ernesto Trujillo, about 20 and Eloy Vallejos. Burial at the Amalia, NM Cemetery. 30 Oct 1947.

108- Mrs. Theodora Sandoval de Mares, 55, former Wagon Mound Mora County, NM resident, but had resided in Taos, NM the last 10 years. Died thursday 23 Oct 1947 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Felipe Mares in Ranchitos, NM. She suffered 4 months with a terrible illness. Survived by 2 daughters Mrs. Felipe Mares, her husband and family and Miss. Luisa Mares; 2 sons Frank, who is a patient in the hospital and Palemon, now serving in Alaska in the military. Brothers and sisters. Names not listed. Interment at Nuuestra Senora de Los Dolores Cemetery. 30 Oct 1947.

109- Abedenago Sanchez, 43, of Ojo Sarco, NM. Died 24 Sept 1947 at his residence after suffering 2 days with pneumonia. Son of Nemecio Sanchez, raised by his grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Pedro A. Sanchez, both now deceased. Survived by his wife Teresina R. de Sanchez; Children Orlando, Lisueda, Arturo, Arsenio and Rossana; Father Nemecio Sanchez and 6 brothers. Names not listed. Interment at the Ojo Sarco, NM Cemetery. 30 Oct 1947.

110- David Alan Jones, 3 days old, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Jones of Questa, NM. Died 14 Oct 1947. Funeral Service in Alamosa, Colorado. 30 Oct 1947.

111- Julian C. Vigil, 64 years and 4 months, of Arroyo Hondo, NM, Died wednesday 22 Oct 1947. At Taos Holy Cross Hospital. After a long illness. He was a farmer in the lower Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico Valley. Survived by his wife Juanita G. Vigil; 2 sons Jose Dolores and Julian Vigil, Jr.; Daughter Maria Odilia Vigil, 2 brothers and 1 sister. Names not listed. He was buried saturday at the Arroyo Hondo, NM Cemetery. Father Niemeyer officiating. 30 Oct 1947 & 25 Dec 1947.

112- George W. McCoy, former Taoseno who for the past 2 years resided in Batesville, Ark. Died lat friday. Survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. Clarence of Longmont, Co and Mrs. Harris Serengen of Romeo, Co. His body was brought to Taos, NM for burial at the Kit Carson Cemetery, where his wife is also buried. Services today (6 Nov 1947). 6 Nov 1947.

113- Mrs. Inez Hockman, 72, an old time Taos resident, died this morning (6 Nov 1947) at the home of Rachel Pacheco, who cared for her. Following a long illness she suffered from paralysis. Survived by her husband Pearl Hockman. Funeral service tomorrow at 11:00 AM friday 7 Nov 1947. 6 Nov 1947.

114- Miles Rutherford Boyer, 71, of Taos, NM. Died saturday morning at Santa Fe St. Vicent Hospital. He was born in Dayton, Ohio 12 Oct 1876 and came to this section with his brother, the late Charles Boyer, about 40 years ago. In 1909 he married Fannie Witt of the pioneer Moreno and Taos family. He worked a number of years for the Gusdorfs and McCarthys. He was also a store manager for the Blossburg Mercantile Co., in the mining towns around Raton, NM. In later years he and his son Jack, operated the Boyer Grocery in Taos, NM. Survived by children Major Jack K. Boyer of Ft. Bliss, Tx, Mrs. E. V. Becker of Eagle Pass, Tx and Mrs. Harvey Bond Taos,NM; 3 grandchildren Ronald Lee Boyer, Jerry and barbara Becker. Interment at Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. 6 Nov 1947.

115- Alcario Archuleta, 33, resident of Placita de Canon de Fernandez, NM. Died 30 Oct 1947 in a Denver, Co hospital. He was employed in Denver, Co when he got sick. Survived by his wife Aurelia M. Archuleta; 3 young daughters and a young son. Names not listed. His two sisters Mrs. Cirilia A. Gallegos, Mrs. Amelia Martinez and his widow, Aurelia M. Archuleta made the trip to Denver, Co to attend his funeral services. 6 Nov 1947.

116- Dr. Fred Muller, prominent Taos dentist died at 7:00 PM Yesterday (12 Nov 1947) at Taos Holy Cross Hospital. He had suffered from a lingering illness which hospitalized him 2 months ago. Dr. Muller came to Taos, NM in 1916 to take up his profession as dentist. He was born in Santa Fe, NM in 1892. He was a graduate of Santa Fe grade and high schools, New Mexico Military Institute and dental collage in Kansas City. The same year 1913 that he graduated from collage he married Betty Lewis, who survive him. He was Town of Taos Mayor from 1938 to 1940. Also survived by his mother Mrs. Fred Muller Sr.; Sisters Adelia Collier and Elsie Orcutt; Brothers Alfred, William G. and Theodore Muller. Masonic services will be conducted at the Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. 13 Nov 1947.

117- Manslaughter charges are to be filed as an aftermath of a truck accident which cost the life of Flor Barela, a Vadito, NM man. Fatally injuried when the truck he was riding in went of the highway and overturned on State Highway 3 near U. S. Hill. He was buried last saturday in Vadito, NM. The driver and owner of the truck Delfino Martinez also of Vadito, NM. Three other men also of Vadito, NM were injured in the crash and are at Holy Cross Hospital. They are Tomas Barela, Vadito Merchant, Procopio Mascarenas and Adolfo Martinez, brother of the driver, Delfino Martinez. Charges will not be filed until their conditions are known for sure. 13 Nov 1947.

118- Juanita V. Tafoya, 49, of Talpa, NM. Died 4 Nov 1947 at Taos Holy Cross Hospital. She suffered an illness for several months. Confined to the hospital for the last 7 days. Survived by her husband Frank Tafoya; 4 children, between the ages of 5 years and 16 years, names not listed. Parents Jose and Francisquita T. Valerio; 4 brothers and sisters. Names not listed. One of her sisters is a Nun in a Grand Rapids, Michigan Convent. Funeral service at the Ranchos de Taos Church with interment at the Talpa, NM Cemetery. 6 Nov 1947.

119- Juan Domingo Chacon, 54, resident of Arroyo Hondo, NM, Died last thursday 6 Nov 1947 at Taos holy Cross Hospital. He died of a heart attack. Survived by wife Maria Chacon; 4 daughters, 1 son, 1 brother and 2 sisters. Names not listed. Funeral services and burial at Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. 6 Nov 1947.

120- Joe Johnson, 36, of Taos, NM, native of Monroe City, Missouri. Came here about 10 years ago. Died friday about midnight, after a bullet pierced his right temple above his right ear. The bullet went through his head. The shooting occurred in his bedroom and is believed to be self inflicted. Survived by wife and 3 children. names not listed. 6 Nov 1947.

121- Grier E. Currie, 51, a resident of Taos, NM since last march. Died wednesday morning of a gun shot, received tuesday evening. Currie's death was caused by a small caliber bullet which entered his mouth believed to be self inflicted. Survived by his wife Emma L. Wheeland and his mother. Name not listed. Burial to be held later at Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. 6 Nov 1947.

122- Faustina R. Gonzales, 81, of Llano de San Juan, NM. Died at her residence 10 Nov 1947. Survived by her children Sam, Perfecto, Libradita, Ester, Urbanita, Leandro and Areli Gonzales. Son-in-law Ismael Leyba; Daughter-in-law Beartize F. Gonzales. Funeral services in the Presbyterian Church by Rev. Hno. Martinez. 4 Dec 1947.

123- Emilio Cortez, 72, native Taoseno, resident of San Pablo Valle de San Luis, Co for 33 years. Died a few days ago. Survived by children. Names not listed. 4 Dec 1947.

124- Benedito Pacheco, 87, of Rio Lucio, NM Died in his residence 16 Nov 1947. Survived by sons Macedonio and Crecencio Pacheco. Daughters Sofiria P. Griego and Sara P. Gurule. Interment at the Rio Lucio NM Cemetery. 11 Dec 1947.

125- William J. McKee, 81, of Eagle Nest, NM, died 7 Dec 1947. Interment at Taos Sierra Vista Cemetery. He was an old time resident of Eagle Nest, NM. He resided with Mr. & Mrs. Lee Arke. Survived by nephew G. N. Hall of Oakland. 18 Dec 1947.

126- Charles Thomas McFadden, 2 years old, son of Mr. & Mrs. Russell McFadden of Elizabeth Town, NM. Was buried last week at Elizabeth Town NM Cemetery. He Died after falling off a 30 foot cliff at Los Alamos, NM. 18 Dec 1947.

127- Peter Lawson, Jr. of Mountainair, NM. Died last week when he was thrown from a horse near Mountainair, NM. He was a druggist. Brother-in-law of Mrs. J. H. Hanlon of Taos, NM. 18 Dec 1947.

128- Patrick Louis Mascarenas, 12, of Penasco, NM. Son of Mr. & Mrs. David Mascarenas died 10 Dec 1947 after a short illness. Survived by his parents; 6 brothers. Names not listed; Grand parents Mr. & Mrs. Juan Smith. Funeral services held friday 12 Dec 1947 at 2:30 PM at St. Anthony Church Penasco, NM. 18 Dec 1947.

129- Patrick Lowe was killed sunday in a automobile accident 25 miles west of Albuq, NM. He was enroute home to Santa Fe, NM from U. C. L. A. when his car went off the highway. He is the nephew of J. H. Hanlon of Taos, NM. He is the grandson of Mrs. E. F. Davis and the late E. F. Davis, well known attorney. Burial will be wednesday in Santa Fe, NM. 25 Dec 1947.

130- PFC. Eligio Duran of Talpa, NM. was buried tuesday morning at Talpa, NM after being brought here from Europe as part of the Army's Return of Soldiers Killed Overseas Program. Duran is the first Taos County soldier brought home for burial. He was killed in Belgium during the Battle Of The Bulge, Jan 19,1945. He was born 22 April 1924 and enlisted in the service April 1943. Survived by father J. Agapito Duran. 25 Dec 1947.

131- Aurelia R. Martinez, 24, native and resident of Rodarte, NM. Died in a Denver, Co hospital where she was a patient for the last 7 months. She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jose Ines Rodarte of Rodarte, NM who reside temporarily in Bayard, NM, where he is employed. She is survived by her parents; Husband Atanacio Martinez and 6 year old daughter. Name not listed. Brothers Laureano and Eliseo Rodarte; Sisters Mrs. Fidencio Rodriguez and Miss. Mernie Rodarte. Burial at Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery 18 Dec 1947..25 Dec 1947.

132- Dalton Frank Denton, 38, prominent Taos businessman died saturday at Taos Holy Cross Hospital of a heart attack. He was born 4 March 1909 at Hartley, Tx. He came to New Mexico the next year. Graduated from the Tucumcari, NM High school. Attended the College at Hutchinson, Kansas and the University of New Mexico. 1 June 1935 he married Gurney Perry and in 1937 they moved to Taos, NM. Survived by his wife; Sons Jimmy 10, Frank 2; Mother Mrs. W. B. Davis and brother G. H. Denton. 1 Jan 1948.

133- Trinidad Fernandez de Lemos of Valdez, NM. Died at her residence 24 Dec 1947. She was born 3 May 1904 in Arroyo Seco, NM. She was 43 years, 7 months and 21 days old at the time of her death. Survived by Husband Jose P. Lemos; Sons Jose Zenon Martinez and Bonny Lemos; 2 sisters Mrs. Camilo Pacheco and Mrs. Modesto Duran; Brother Ramon Fernandez. 1 Jan 1948.

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