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Part 2: 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908 and 1909 Taos County Obits
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Following is Part 2 of the 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908 and 1909 Taos Obits as listed in the news paper La Revista de Taos.

76- Rafaelita Martinez de Vigil Age 39 years, 9 months and 14 days of Ranchito de Abajo, NM. Died at her residence 9 Jan 1907 at 8:30 PM.She was the daughter of Tomasita Pacheco de Martinez. She married Francisco Vigil in 1889. Survivors are 2 daughters Pilar Vigil and Delfina Vigil wife of Daniel Garcia (M- Aug 1906) son of Manuel and Placida Garcia.

77- Maria Benigna Cruz de Valdez Age 67 Of San Antonio (Arroyo Seco) NM. Died at her residence Thursday 10 Jan 1907 at 2:00 AM. Survivors 2nd Husband Nemecio Valencia; Sister Maria Dela Cruz; Children Elfida and Roman Padilla. She was buried 11 Jan 1907 in the San Antonio (Arroyo Seco) NM Cemetery.

78- Josefita Lopez daughter of Laureuno Lopez and Manuelita Lopez died Thursday evening 17 Jan 1907.

79- Patrick Lyons Age 74 died here in Taos, NM. Last Sunday 2 Feb 1907. He came from Montana as a soldier in 1956. Survivors Mrs. Alfonso Hoy and Mrs. Frank Staplin.

80- Eloy Gonzales Age 24 of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Died 15 Feb 1907 at 9:00 AM of Fiebre Pnemonia (Fever Pneumonia). He was the only male child of Tobial R. Gonzales and Petrita L. de Gonzales.

81- Crucita Brito de Torres was born in 1866 Wife of Gregorio Torres married in 1878. Died 1 Feb 1907. She was the daughter of Jose Leon Brito and Maria Bentura Vigil from Embudo,NM.Also Surviving are her sons Eusebio, Jose Leon, and Refugio Torres; Daughter Maria Gertrudes and Maria Lucia Torres.

82- Juanita Gomez Age 59 of Pina, NM. Died 9 Feb 1907. Wife of Vicente Gonzales. Survivors also include son Agapito Gonzales; Daughter Josefita, Francisquita and Sencionita Gonzales.

83- Petra Martinez was killed by her husband Cresencio Gonzales 19 Feb 1907. He had just returned from Colorado the 18th of Feburary. He struck her on the head and fractured her skull. He locked his dying wife in the house, took two children and fled to the house of Manuel Martinez about 2 miles from Embudo,NM and about 1- 1/2 miles from Ojo Sarco, (Rio Arriba County) NM. Where he was arrested and he said he must have been crazy when he killed his wife but that he was fine now.

84- Roque Coca Age 69 of Valdez, NM. Died 27 March 1907 at 6:00 AM He is survived by nephews Jose de Jesus Coca and E. S. Coca. He was buried in the Valdez, NM cemetery.

85- George W. Holdren Died 25 March 1907. He was in Company K 84th Indiana Infantry, member of Post G. A. R., Leadville, Colorado. He died here in Taos, NM.

86- Josefita Quintana de Lopez of Park View, NM. Died in Santa Fe, NM. Sunday April 7,1907. She was the wife of Antonio Lopez.

87- Polonia Garcia de Flores Age 57 of Roy, NM Died at her home 29 March 1907. She was the wife of Ramon Flores.

88- Lorenzo Cordova Age 16 or Arroyo Seco, NM.Died Thursday evening 6 April 1907 Son of Julian Cordova drowned in the Ojo del Caballo while swimming. A younger brother was herding sheep nearby.

89- Guadalupe S. de Archuleta Age 49 from Taos, NM. Wife of Hermerigildo Archuleta married in 1875. They had 5 children, 2 survive Tiofilo and Rafael Archuleta.

90- Francisco Rodriguez Age 75 years and 11 months from Espanola, NM. Died 10 April 1907. Had 3 sons and 7 daughter. No names listed.

91- Rebecca Sandoval de Peralta Age 39 years and 8 months old. Of Malpais, NM. Died 8 April 1907 8:00 AM died at child birth. Has a great number of relatives in the Taos and Ocate NM area. She is survived by her husband Jose M. Peralta, 3 sons and 3 daughter. Names not listed. She was the daughter of Jose Bartolo Sandoval and the deceased Maria A. de Sandoval.

92- Jose Dela Luz Gonzales Age 64 of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died at his residence 12 April 1907 6:00 PM. He was born in Los Cordovas 23 Dec 1843. He married Maria Eleonarda Baca 22 Nov 1860. Who survive him, Also surviving him are his children: Tomas, Enrique and Bernabe Gonzales and a daughter (Name not listed) wife of Emilio Mares.

93- Gregoria Romero de Tafoya 65 wife of Luis Tafoya, former Taos, NM resident now of Chico, NM. Died at the start of this week 25 April 1907 in Palo Blanco, NM.. She and Luis Tafoya married 15 Jan 1881. She asked to be buried in Taos, NM. The place of her birth.

94- Luisita Montoya Age 80 from Ranchos de Taos, NM died 10:00 AM 24 April 1907 at her residence. She is survived by two sons Ramon and David Martinez and a daughter (name not listed) Wife of Lorenzo Lobato.

95- Maria Edwarda Rendon Age 10 years of Valdez, NM Died last friday 3 May 1907
at her residence. She was the daughter of Dioniso Rendon and Maria Dela Paz Rendon.

96- Porfiria Martinez Age 8 years, 10 months and 12 days from Llano, NM. Died Monday 5 May 1907 at her residence. She was the daughter of Nobero Martinez and Cesaria Cordova.

97- Juan Pantaleon Fernandez of Talpa, NM Died at his residence Monday 19 May 1907. He was the son of Jose Santiago Fernandez.

98- Pablita Lucero Age 90 of Valdez, NM. Died at her residence Friday last week (17 May 1907). She was the wife of Gregorio Lucero, who also died Wednesday of this week.(Note his death is not listed in the news paper).

99- Rufina Moran of Valdez,NM. Died Thursay of this week (23 May 1907) at her residence. Wife of Juan Emilio Herrera.

100- Maria dela Luz R. Martinez Age 73. Wife of Juan Manuel Martinez died 27 May 1907. She is survived by a son Antonio Martinez of El Prado, NM; Brother Rev, Vicente F. Romero. Several grand children including Jacobo Martinez.

101- Sunday night a mine explosion in Englevill, Colorado killed the mine superintendent Alex Jacobs and mine employees Frank Feraro, Carlos Fulchero, Giuseppi Battu and Joe Rizzi.

102 Jose Eulogio Rael Age 55 from Questa, NM. Died at his residence 28 May 1907. He died of Pulmonia Fiebre Plurecia (Pneumonia Fever Pleurisy).

103- Jose A. Trujillo Age 39 years, 1 month and 2 days from Rio de Costilla, NM. at his residence Died 27 May 1907.

104- Juan D. Cordova Age 55 of Canada de Los Martinez Colfax County NM. Died at his residence 27 May 1907. He was the son of Jose Del Espiritu Santo Cordova and Josefa Aragon de Cordova. His funeral was held in the church of Ranchos de Taos, NM.

105- Silviano Lucero Age 89 years, 9 months and 6 days.From Arroyo Hondo, NM. Taos County NM Ex-Sheriff died Thursday 13 June 1907 at 6:00 AM. He was born in Arroyo Hondo, NM 7 Sept 1867. His parents were Jesus Maria Lucero and Cleofas Anaya. His father was of the Lucero family of Rio Arriba County and his mother of the Anaya family whose origins were in Senora, Mexico. He also served as Justice of the Peace for 3 terms and director of schools. He is survived by his wife Ciria Jaramillo, 4 daughters and 1 son. Names not listed.

106- Josefita A. Gomez Age 61 of la Loma Taos, NM. Died at her residence 10 June 1907 3:30 PM. Surviving her are her children Nestor Gomez, Emilian Gomez,Regina G. Tafoya, Eleonor G. Flores and Adelina G. Garcia; Son-in-law Nazario Florez and Josue O. Garcia. She was buried in La Loma Cemetery (Taos,NM)

107- Decideria F. de Chavez Age 70 years, 4 months and 11 days died 22 June 1907 at 4:00 PM. She was born 11 Feb 1837 in Los Luceros, Rio Arriba County, NM. Her parents were Salvador Fresquez and Nestora Trujillo. She married Jesus Maria Chavez 15 Feb 1857. Surviving her is her husband, children 6 sons and 5 daughter (Names not listed) and sister Precillana F. Valdez.

108- Dionicia Cordova de Gonzales of Valdez, NM. Died 28 May 1907 at her residence. She suffered from Pulmonia (Pneumonia). She is survived by her husband Encarnacion Gonzales; Parents Remedios Gonzales and Seferina B. Gonzales, and a 7 year old son (Name not listed).

109- Francisco Fernandez from Ranchos de Taos, NM died at home 22 June 1907. Survivors Daughters Mrs. Silviano Medina, Mrs. Manuel Valerio and 2 other daughter (Names not listed) Sons Silviano Fernandez and Sofio Fernandez.

110- Guadalupe Martinez Age 65 of Talpa, NM was killed by lighting Monday of this week (19 Aug 1907) at 1:00 PM, while he and his wife were inside the house in the kitchen. Survived by his wife and son.(Names not listed)

111- Juan Lucero well known person died wednesday about 2:00 PM when he was killed by lighting (Un Rayo) near Romerosville, Mora County NM. He was on his way home to La Tablazon,NM, accompanied by his wife a daughter and some other neighbors. They were in a horse drawn wagon and were crossing the Arroyo del Puertecito de La Estancia,NM when lighting struck killing him and rendering unconscious the other people in the wagon.

112- Cicilia Avila de Fresquez from La Placita de Los Lucero, NM. Died tuesday of this week 21 May 1807.

113-Ernesto Garcia 1 year and 4 months of Costilla, NM died 22 May 1907 at 1:00 AM. Son of Evaristo Garcia. He died of the Fiebre (Fever).

114- Francisquita Salazar Age 72 died at her home in Chico, NM 14 July 1907.

115- Evaristo Garcia was killed by Juan de Dios Medina 1 Sept 1907 about 1:00 PM in the area of Costilla, NM. Garcia had just buried his son a month before. Medina shot Garcia twice in the back and one of the bullets went through his heart. Medina escaped to Colorado following the shooting.(The 18 Oct 1907 edition of La Revista de Taos news papers carries a notice that a reward of 200.00 dollars is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of Juan de Dios Medina).

116- Josefa Valdez de Simpson Age 65 years and 7 months of Taos, NM. Died 5 Sept 1907 at 5:00 AM in her home. She was the wife of Captain S. H. Simpson.She was born 28 March 1842 and married S. H. Simpson 17 Oct 1867. They had 9 children of whom 5 survive: Anna,Estefana, Margarita, Samuel and Enrique Simpson.

117- Amada Romero de Velarde, Age 20 years, 4 months and 11 days of Pagosa Junction, Colorado died 24 Aug 1907 at 10:00 AM. She was the wife of Abran Velarde they married 30 April (year not legible). Surviving her is her husband, 2 children (Names not listed) and her father Manuel Romero.

118- Gregorita B. de Sanchez Age 75 of Taos, NM. Died at her home 5 Sept 1907. She was the mother of Soledad S. de Quintana wife of Mequias ( Melquiades) Quintana.

119- Ricardo Martinez Age 18 of Llano, NM. Died in Santa Cruz Rio Arriba County NM 7 Sept 1907. He was the son of Seferino Martinez and brother to Felicitas de Abeyta.

120- Genoveva Gallegos de Salazar Age 49 years, 8 months and 14 days of San Luis, Colo died in Denver, Colo 18 Sept 1907.She is survived by her husband A. A. Salazar, 2 daughter and 7 sons (Names not listed) and her mother Eulogia de Gallegos.

121- Cheplta Arguello de Barela Age 76 of Rio del Pueblo, NM died at her residence 15 Sept 1907. She is survived by her husband Manuel Barela. Buried in the Juan P. Romero Cemetery.

122- Donaciano Martinez Age 51 years, 5 months and 9 days from Questa, NM. Died 15 Sept 1907 at his residence. Survived by his father Pedro I Martinez and 4 sons (Names not listed).

123- Tobias Gonzales of Arroyo Hondo, NM Died Tuesday of this week (1 Oct 1907). He was the son of the recently deceased Jose dela Luz Gonzales. He had suffered for over 3 years with a debilitating unknown illness. He died of a self inflicted cut on his throat with a barber's razor knife. In Feb of this year his only son died, he was 22 years old.2 Months past his father Jose dela Luz Gonzales also died. Survived by wife Petra Lucero.

124- Florencia Garcia Age 73 of Santa Fe, NM. Was killed by his brother Juan Garcia 70 also of Santa Fe, NM. It was reported by the witnesses that Juan Garcia said " Yo lo mate por que es mejor vivir con honor que deshonrado, ustedes me pueden colgar si quieren." My rough translation I killed him because it is better to live with honor than with dishonor, you can hang me if you want to.

125- Cayetano Gonzales Age 84 died in Durango, Colorado 16 Sept 1907. He was born in New Mexico.

126- Alfredo Archuleta Age 19 years, 2 months and 16 days died 29 Sept 1907. He died as results of a fever. He died at his residence in Cerro, NM. Survived by his father F. D. Archuleta and grndparents Meliton and Librada Vigil.

127- Tobias Abeyta Age 35 of Buena Vista died at his residence 5 Oct 1907 at 11:00 Am. His is survived by his wife Manuelita A. de Abeyta, 2 children (names not listed) and a brother Juan Luis Abeyta.

128- Bartolo Martinez died in Springer, NM. 25 Sept 1907. Has 3 sons and 2 daughter (names not Listed)

129- Higinio Martinez Age 64 of Monte Vista, Colo 13 Oct 1907 at 7:30 PM.

130- Doloritas Marquez de Gauna wife of Francisco Gauna died at her residence in Raton, NM 16 Oct 1907.

131- Adolfo Barela young son of Justo Barela from Guadalupita, Mora County NM formerly of Des Montes Taos County NM. Died 6 Oct 1907 as a result of an accidental shooting. A 38 caliber pistol that he had in a pack discharged causing him a fatal wound.

132- Nicanor Santistevan Age 54 years, 8 months and 28 days died 8 Oct 1907. He lived in Costilla,NM until 1885 when he located to Torres, Colo. For the rest of his life except for the last 3 months when he returned to Costilla, NM his birth place. Survived by (not legible) Archuleta, 2 sons and 2 daughter.(names not listed).

133-Eleonor M. de Romero died 28 Oct 1907 at her son Issac Romero's ranch near Folsom Union County NM,., where she was visiting. She is survived by her husband Santiago Romero y Lujan; Sons Issac and Patricio Romero. She was buried in Folson, NM.

134- Margarita S. de Montoya Age 52 years, 9 months, 17 days Died at home in Questa, NM. Survived by her husband Narciso Montoya, sons Francisco G. and Juan Santos Montoya.

135- Refugio Gutierrez Age 51 from Taos, NM died at home 9 Nov 1907 at 11:00 PM. Survived by brothers Francisco A.,Teodocio and Jesus Gutierrez and sister Luz G. de Rivera.

136- Manuel Gutierrez Age 25 foreman at the Secundino Romero Ranch in Encierro near Las Vegas San Miguel County NM. Died when he took a rifle by the barrel to remove it from a wagon full of wood. The firearm discharged killing him instantly. He had been married about 1 year (wife's name not listed).

137- Tomas Hartt of Taos, NM died 3 Dec 1907 1:30 PM in Ranchos de Taos, NM. He and Billy Santistevan had gone to see Jesus Maria Valerio, Justice of the Peace regarding the estate of the recently deceased H. J. Wilson. On the way back from Ranchos de Taos to Taos, NM. A dog scared (Spooked) the horses that were pulling the carriage they were in. The horses fled and Tomas Hartt and Billy Santistevan were thrown from the carriage and landed on the road. Tomas Hartt died at 10:10 PM that night (3 Dec 1907), Billy Santistevan was injuried.

138- H. J. Wilson Age 85 of Canon de Fernandez died saturday. He owned and ran a stable and took care of horses in his ranch. It is belived that Friday night he climbed "un Tapeste" to feed the horses, he fell and was unable to get up he laid on the cold ground until he was found next day (saturday). He died later that day.

139- Juan Andres Archuleta from Taos NM died at home Friday 6 Dec 1907. He died of heart problems. The young man in years past had been a constable for this precinct.

140- Francisco Archuleta of Arroyo Seco, NM Died 15 Dec 1907. He had over 18 sons and daughter with different women in Taos, Wagon Mound,Ocate, NM and Trinidad, Colo as well as other places. None of his children assisted him in his last hours and non attended his funeral.

141- Juan Tafoya Age 56 died 7 Dec 1907 at his residence in Palo Blanco, NM. He was a former resident of Canon de Fernandez, NM. Being born there in 1852. He is survived by his wife Virginia E. Tafoya, brother Luis Tafoya; 7 sons and 3 daughters (names not listed).

142- Altagracia S. de Cardenas Age 22 years 2 months and 12 days died 29 Nov 1907. Survived by Husband Andres L. Cardenas and 1 son name not listed.

143- Maria Eulalia Vigil Age 9 months and 3 days daughter of Julian C. Vigil and Juanita A. Vigil died at her residence in Arroyo Seco, NM 11 Dec 1907.

144- J. Antonio Griego Age 78 from Dixon, NM. Died at 12:00 Noon 11 Dec 1907. He served as Rio Arriba County Assessor and Justice of the Peace for this precinct (Dixon).

145- Alberto Ortega Age 78 of Pina, NM. Died at his residence 19 Nov 1907. He had suffered for 6 months with Hidropesia (Dropsy-Edema) until his death.

146- Jesus Montoya Age 85 of Taos, N. Died in his residence Tuesday 17 Nov 1907.

147- Blas A. Herrera age 24 years, 9 months 26 days died at his residence 29 Nov 1908 at 9:00 PM. Survived by wife Maria Eulogia Martinez de Herrera. Parents Juan C. Herrera and Maria Eufracia A. de Herrera. 3 brothers and 1 sister names not listed.

148- Manuelita Romero de Vasquez Age 71 died Saturday 19 Dec 1908 at her residence in Vallecito (Chamisal) NM. Survived by husband Antonio D. Vasquez. 2 sons and 2 daughters (Names not listed).

149- Jose Manuel Martinez Age 83 years, 3 months died at his residence in Taos, NM. 11:00 AM 7 Jan 1909. He was a son of Jose Maria Martinez a brother of Antonio Jose Martinez (Famous Padre). Jose Manuel Martinez was born in Abiquiu, NM in 1826. He married Maria Dela Luz Romero 31 May 1851 in Taos, NM. Their padrinos were Jose Benito Martinez and Maria Dolores Cordova. Surviving him is a son Antonio Martinez, husband of the deceased Carmen Martinez de Varela died 3 years ago. Jose Manuel Martinez was buried in the American Cemetery Taos, NM.

150- Juan B. Mascarenas Age 3 years, 4 months and 8 days of Santa Barbara, NM. Adopted son of Blas Sanchez and Juanita F. Sanchez. Son of Candelario Mascarenas and Guadalupe S. de Mascarenas. Was playing with other children near a fire place and was burned to death 2 Jan 1909.

By Alberto Vidaurre
August 21, 2010