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Part 6: 1910, 1911, 1912, and 1913 of Taos County Obits
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Following is part 6 of the obits as found in the News Paper La Revista de Taos, NM. 1910, 1911, 1912, and 1913.

86- Juanita M. Padilla de Rendon Age 25 years, 11 months of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died 3 May 1910 about 3:00 PM. Survived by husband Ricardo Rendon, 3 year old son and grandmother Maria Sencion T. de Padilla.

87- Maria Eufemia M. de Leyba Age 27 years and 5 months of Trampas, NM. Died 30 April 1910 in childbirth. Survived by husband Eligio Leyba and a 3 day old son; Mother Maria Seferina Pacheco de Montoya.

88- Jose M. Leyba Age 84 years and 7 months of Trampas, NM. Died 18 May 1910. He died as a results of the injuries he received when he fell. Survived by wife Barbarita M. Leyba; Sons Jose R., Eligio, Leonires and Seferino Leyba. Daughters Libradita and Isabelita Leyba. Buried in the San Jose de Las Trampas, NM Cemetery.

89- Jose Ignacio Garcia Age 63 years, 4 months, 29 days of El Valle de Costilla, NM. Died (No Date or names listed). Survived by wife and children.

90- Antonio Romero Age 80 of Trinchera, Colorado. Died 11 June 1910 at 11:00 PM. He was born in Limitar, Soccoro County NM 13 June 1830. He married Barbarita Candelaria in 1859. She died in 1869. They had no children. He served in the Military in the NM Infantry during the 1860 Civil War. He moved to Cucharas Huerfano County Colo and there he married Deluvina Gomez Nov 1870. They had 10 children, of whom 9 survive. No names listed. Buried 13 June 1910 in his Romero family cemetery.

91- George D. Paxton of Red River, NM. Died of heart problems in Washington, D. C. Tuesday. He was the one that presented the honorable W. H. Andrews with the pen used by President Taft to sign "El Proyecto de Estado para Nuevo Mexico."

92- Teresa Garcia died last saturday June 1910 in Vermajo Park, NM. She was mortally wounded and later died by Carlos Archuleta. Her 10 year old daughter was trying to light a lamp during the fight and she spilled lamp oil on her and she caught fire. She burned to death. Carlos Archuleta seeing the young girl dead and his girl friend Teresa Garcia covered with blood on the floor also dying put the barrel of the pistol in his mouth and fired killing himself. Teresa Garcia had been the wife of Maximiano Vallejos from Pina, NM. He divorced her after she abandoned him to go with her boy friend Carlos Archuleta, who was also divorced. Teresa Garcia daughter of the deceased Donaciano Garcia of Ponil Park, NM. Carlos Archuleta was the son of Jesus Archuleta of Costilla, NM.

93- Lanre Vigil Age 10 years of Guadalupita, NM. Died at 4:00 PM 30 June 1910 of Scarlet Fever. Son of Manuel Vigil and Lucina M. de Vigil; Grandmother Reyes Duran; 5 brothers no names listed.

94- Maria Teresa de Duran Age 53 of El Rito de La Lama near Questa, NM. Died 7 June 1910. Survived by Husband, 1 son and a daughter. No names listed.

95- Jose Antonio Vigil Age 80 of El Rito Rio Arriba County NM. Died 27 June 1910 at 4:00 AM. He was born in Santa Clara, NM. Survived by sons Elfego and Santiago Vigil; Daughters Enlalia, Arcadia and Clotilde Vigil; Brothers Jose Maria Vigil and Juan B. Vigil residents of Gulnare, Clo.

96- O. J. Adams of Des Moines, NM. Was found dead Thursday 21 July 1910 at night. Just outside the Des Moines Plaza. He was a former resident of Sayre Okla. It was found that he had been shot numerous times both with a 22 caliber and a 44 caliber firearms. Julian Torres age 24 and Juan Pedro Martinez age 23 were arrested. They had on prior occasions shot at defenseless women and Juan Pedro Martinez had been terrorizing the community.They were found guilty in district court in Clayton, Union County NM. Of 2nd % murder and sentenced to 25 to 30 years in prison. They said that they were drunk and had attempted to holdup O. J. Adams to take his money and they shot him.

97- Floripa Trujillo Age 34 years, 3 months of Corrupa, NM Died 21 July 1910. Survived by parents, 3 sisters and 1 brother. No names listed.

98- Anita S. de Vigil Age 20 of Springer, NM. Died 5 May 1910. Survived by husband Vicente Vigil; Parents Anastacio Herrera and Bersabe G. de Herrera, and 4 brothers. No names listed.

99- Maria Dolores Lovato Age 58 of Gallina, NM. Died 4 July 1910 at 4:00 AM. She was born 5 miles north of Espanola, NM. She and her husband the now deceased Carmen Gonzalews moved to Canones de Rivenos. When her husband died she moved to Gallina, NM with her son. Survived by 2 sons and a grandson.

100- Ines Perea sister to Francisco Perea from Albuq, NM. Died at her residence in Pajarito, NM 17 July 1910.

101- Abenicio Fresquez Age 20 years, 5 months and 1 day of Santa Barbara, NM. Died 17 July 1910. He was employed by the Santa Barbara Pole and Tie Co. He was cutting trees and one fell on him killing him instantly. Survived by father Jose Ines Fresquez, mother and brother. Names not listed.

102- Juan de Jesus Trujillo Age 70 of Wagon Mound, NM. Former Taos resident. Died last week in the train depot in Trinidad Colo. He suffered from epilepsy and a heart condition. He and his wife had gone to attend one of their son's V. Trujillo's wedding in Aguilar, Colo on their way back they were at the train depot in Trinidad, Colo, He died while waiting on the train that would take them home to Wagon Mound, NM. Survived by his wife Senovia Valdez, 7 sons and 3 daughters. No names listed.

103- Pedro Benavides was killed 9 Aug 1910 by Tom Hall. Near the Nutt Station close to Deming, NM. As a result of a dispute about the watering places for their stock. There were 3 places being used to water the animals. Tom Hall and the mayordomo agreed that Hall could use one of them but Benavides disagreed and pulled out a pistol. Hall grabbed his Winchester and told Benavides to put up his hands. Benavides instead shot at Hall at which time Hall shot and killed him.

104- Benigno Rodriguez Age 50 years and 8 days of Pueblo, Colo. Died 14 Aug 1910. Born in Ranchos de Taos, NM. Survived by brother Tomas Rodriguez; 1st cousins Juanita G. Medina and Juan Jose Gurule.

105- Juan de Jesus Medina Age 60 of Chacon Mora County NM. Born in Diamante, NM. Died at home 24 July 1910. Survived by wife Isidora Romero de Medina; Son Antonio Maria Medina and 3 brothers no names listed.

106- Nicolas Martinez Age 60 of Alcalde, NM. Died at his residence 7 Aug 1910 at 10:00 AM. Survived by Wife and 2 sons. No Names Listed.

107- Rosa Jacques Age 21 years, 11 months and 10 days of Blanco San Juan County NM. No date of death listed. Death notice dated 13 Aug 1910. Survived by husband Casimiro Armenta; Father Gregorio Jaques; Grandfather Juan A. Manzanares.

108- Rafaelita Romero de Muniz Age year not legible, 5 months and 27 days of Llano Largo, NM. Died 12 Aug 1910 at 9:30 PM. Wife of Juan Muniz who has been absentbecause he is employed in Wyo. Also survived by parents Jose Romero and Vidalita Vigil de Romero and 5 brothers. No names listed. Buried the 14th at 11:00 AM in the Llano largo, NM Cemetery.

109- Tomasita Salazar Age 93 Died 4 August 1910 at 11:00 Am. Buried at the Carriso, NM Cemetery. Survived by 5 sons. Death notice submitted by Jesus M. Lujan, one of the sons.

110- Cocepcion Martinez Age 28 Died 29 Aug 1910 4:00 Am. No date of death or place listed. Date news paper edition Fri. 2 Sept 1910. Daughter of Gabino Martinez. Survived by father, 4 brothers and 2 sisters. No names listed.

111- Antonio Jose Ortiz Age 66 of Santa Fe, NM. Died last saturday as a result of an auto accident 3 months ago when he was taking his car from Pecos, NM to Galisteo, NM. Survived by wife Luz Duran de Ortiz; 2 brothers and a sister Josefita Davis of Galisteo, NM. Buried in Nuestra Senora Del Rosario Cemetery Santa Fe, NM.

112- Diega Roybal Age 74. died in the residence of Epifanio Cabeza in Conejos, Colo 13 Aug 1910. She was the wife of the deceased Juan de Dios Martinez. Surviving adopted daughter Martina Martinez, ; 3 grandchildren Francisco, Abenisia and Andrea wife of Epifanio.

113- Tomas Rivera of Costilla, NM Died 2 Sept 1910. He was born in Ranchitos Taos County NM 12 Dec 1853. In 1872 he married Salome Romero. They have 5 sons. Tomas, Antonio Av., Juan, Teodoro and Manuel Rivera; Daughter Rufinita Rivera. He served as Justice of the Peace, as Director of Schools at different times for the counties of Taos and Colfax, NM and for Saguache, Colo. He also served as Deputy Sheriff, Deputy County Assessor and as Taos County Assessor.

114- Jose Ignacio Pacheco Age 76 Died 24 August 1910. Survived by wife, 4 daughters, 1 son and 1 brothers no names listed. Death notice submitted by Juanita M. de Pacheco.

115- Jose Ramires 72 of Rociada, NM. Date of death notice 7 Aug 1910. Survived by wife, 6 sons and 1 daughter.

116- Jose De Dios Aguilar Age 18 of Costilla, NM drowned in the Rio Grande 18 Aug 1910 about 3:00 PM. Jose De Dios Aguilar, Elias Barela and Jaramillo (no first name listed) climbed down to the Rio Grande with a herd of sheep when they decided to go swimming. They jumped into the river, Aguilar wanted to swim from one side to the other and about halfway he went under and did not come back up. His two companions were unable to save and went to Costilla to spread the word. Immediately a large group of people searched for him but were unable to locate him. His body was found next day by Luis Galban. Survived by parents, grand parents who raised, brothers and sisiters. No names listed.

117- Rellesitos S. de Mares of Santa Cruz Rio Arriba County NM. Died at her residence 1 Sept 1910. Survived by husband Fabian Maes and 2 small children. No names listed.

118- Justo Espinosa of Carnero, Saguache Colo, former Taos, NM resident. Died 29 Aug 1910 at 5:00 AM. Survived by wife, 4 sons and 3 daughters. No names listed.

119- Reyes Cisneros of El Prado, NM.Died of Hidropesia (Edema) No date of death listed. News papers edition Fri 23 Sept 1910. Survived by wife, 2 sons and 3 daughters. No names listed.

120- Jose Dolores Fernandez of Truchas Rio Arriba County NM. Died 10 Sept 1910 at 6:00 AM at his residence. Survived by sons Amador, Benjamin and Amadeo Fernandez. Mother Josefa M. Fernandez.

121- Maria Policarpia M. de Montoya Age 89 years, 7 months and 13 days of Del Norte, Colo. Died 8 Sept 1910. She was born in Abiquiu, NM. She and her parents moved to El Rito, NM. Where she married Antonio Nerio Montoya and they moved to El Valle de San Luis, Colo. In 1867 they moved to Rio Grande County, Colo. They had 4 children, 3 still surviving. Manuel Montoya of Taos, NM., Juan Luis Montoya of Del Norte, Colo. and Antonia M. de Valdez also living in Del Norte, Colo.

122- Jose Dela Crus Vialpando Age 59 of Los Sauces, Colo. Died at his residence 5 Sept 1910. He was born in 1863. Survived by wife Cecilia M. Vialpando.

123- Jose Romulo Martinez Age 78 years, 3 months and 19 days of El Rito, NM. Died at home at 6:00 PM 19 Sept 1910. He was born in El Rito, NM 9 June 1832. Survived by sons Jesus Maria, Tomas, Daniel, Maximino, Geronim, and Silviano Martinez; Daughters Refugio de Gallegos and Teodorita de Garcia. His wife Maria Ines Aragon de Martinez died 2 years ago.

124- Jose Roman Lujan Age 62 of Llano, NM. Died at his home in Llano, NM. 22 Sept 1910 at 2:00 PM. Survived by wife 2 daughters and 2 sons. No names listed.

125- Julianita de Montoya Age 38 of Conejos, Colo. Died at home 12 Sept 1910. Survived by husband Gregorio Montoya, 3 sons and 3 daughters. No names listed.

126- Maria Floripa Herrera Age 15 of Ranchitos de Abajo, NM. Died at home 20 Oct 1910. Survived by father Francisco Herrea and 3 brothers. No names listed.

127- Juanita M. de Martinez of Taos, NM. Died monday of this week.(No date listed) Wife of Vicente F. Martinez. She was the mother of Casandra Brownand Jesusita M. de Vigil.Aunt of Tranquilino and Jesus Montoya. Her funeral was held in Taos, NM and her body transported to Rio Chiquito (Talpa), NM for burial. Date of newspaper edition Fri 7 Oct 1910.

128- Juan B. Lucero Age 78 of Dixon, NM. Died at home. No date listed. Death notice dated 12 Oct 1910. Survived by son and 3 daughters. No names listed.

129- Enrique Giron Age 24 of Pueblo, Colo. Was found dead at 11:00 Am 18 Sept 1910 by the rail road tracks. It is believed that he was struck and killed by a train.

130- Maria Dionica Quintana Age 68 of Abiquiu, NM. Died 11 Oct 1910. She was born in Arroyo Seco, near Taos, NM. She married Juan Andres Martinez in Taos, NM. He died in 1909. She is survived by son Marcelino Martinez. Buried 13 Oct 1910 in the Abiquiu, NM Cemetery.

131- Juan Andres Romero Age 90 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died at home (no date listed, date of death notice 17 Oct 1910). He was born in La Joya Rio Arriba County, NM. He married 1st- Natividad Vigil, 2nd-Maria Doloritas Romero. Survived by 3 sons and 4 daughters. He was the Justice of The Peace for Precinct # 3 Taos County, NM.

132- Manuel Pacheco of Chamisal, NM was killed in Santa Barbara, NM. Thursday 20 Oct 1019. Manuel Pacheco and Pablo lopez were employed by the Santa Barbara Pole and Tie Co. They had just been paid and they decided to go home to Chamisal, NM On their way home they stopped at the Muniz & Fernandez bar in Santa Barbara, NM for a drink. Inside playing cards were Felix Muniz, Manuel Duran, Meliton and Maximiano Sanchez. Manuel Pacheco joined the card game and he lost his whole salary pay $ 17.00. Upset Pacheco tore one of the cards starting a fight. Pacheco and Lopez ran ouside and were chased when they were caught they were struck so many times that they were knocked out.Manuel Pacheco laid unconscious was struck witha stick on the head and face until he was killed. Pablo Lopez finally came to and ran towards the mountains where he was lost until noon the next day when he arrived home but with no memory of what occurred. Manuel Pacheco's body was found by some shepherds. Deputy Sheriff Juan Smith and others conducted an investigation and discovered that Felix Muniz and Manuel Duran were the ones that caused the death of Manuel Pacheco and assaulted Pablo Lopez. All five, Felix Muniz, Manuel Duran, Meliton Sanchez, Maximiano Sanchez and Amado Lobato were arrested and incarcerated to await the grand jury actions.

133- Manuelita Vigil Chavez Age 12 years and 9 months of Ocate, NM. Died at home 4 Sept 1910. Survived by father Santiago Vigil mothers name not listed.Funeral service held at the Chapel of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Ocate, NM.

134- Benito Archuleta Age 23 to 25 years old of Taos, NM. Died 9 Oct 1910 in Rawlins, Wyo. He died of a bad cold that he suffered for 6 days. Survived by Mother Desideria Chavez and a brother Amado Archuleta.

135- Maria Polonia V. de Ortega Age 76 of Questa, NM. Died at her residence 13 Oct 1910 at 9:00 PM. She married Jose Matias Ortega in Taos, NM 2 Nov 1849. He died 14 Aug 1896. Survived by Sons Cirilo, Antonio and Carlos Ortega and a sister.

136- C.O. Fain of Red River, NM was shot and killed by J. M. Phipps last sunday (no date of newspaper edition Fri 11 Nov 1910) Back in may J. M. Phipps was shot in the hand and head by C .O. Fain, Phipps survived the attack and Fain spent several months in jail until he was able to post bond. Last sunday they met in a store in Red River, NM, they met again in the street. Phipps greeted Fain saying "Good Day, " and Fain did not respond quickly enough so J. M. Phipps shot him twice with his carbine killing him instantly.

137- Antonio Loforett Age 82 of Questa, NM died in his house 1 Nov 1910 at 10:00 AM. He was born in Des Montes, Taos County NM. 15 May 1828. He is survived by 2 sons and 3 daughter. Names not Listed.

138- Rosaura Tafoya Sanchez Age 3 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died 4 Oct 1910.She died of Fibre Tifoida ( Fever Typhoid) She was the adopted daughter of Victor Gurule and Maria Isabel Tafoya. Survived by her adopted parents and her mother Venerisa Tafoya.

139-Elena A. de Martinez Age 25 years, 4 months and 27 days of Costilla, NM. Died at home 18 Oct 1910. She was born 21 May 1885. Survived by husband Fernandez Martinez; Parents Jose F. Arellano and Jenoveva M. de Arellano. By 6 brothers. No names listed.

140- Maria Adelaida Vigil de Rivera Age 45 of Guadalupita, NM. Died 2 Oct 1910 at 11:00 AM. Survived by her husband Antonio Maria Rivera and 5 sons and 3 Daughters. No Names listed.

141- Maria Rita R. de Lopez Age 21 of Trampas, NM. Died at home of Fiebre Escarlotina (Scarlet Fever) 29 Oct 1910. Survived by husband Bonifacio Lopez; Parents Donaciano Romero and Maria Benigna de Romero; Parents in law and 2 brothers. No names listed. Buried in the San Jose de Gracia cemetery in Trampas, NM.

142- Pedro A. Santistevan Age 73 years, 3 months and 19 days of las Animas County. Colo. Died 18 Oct 1910. She was born in Chama, NM 29 June 1837. He moved to Costailla, NM where he married Maria Cocepcion Lobato 21 Sept 1858. They had 12 children. Surviving are 3 sons and 5 daughters. No names listed.

143- Lola M. de Mares of Ranchitos de Arriba Taos, NM. Died at her home last friday at 4:00 AM. Survived by her husband Alfonso Mares and youn children. No names listed. Date of news paper edition Fri 2 Dec 1910.

144- Juan Inocencio Gallegos Age 69 years, 2 months and 4 days of Clapham, NM. Died at home 24 Oct 1910 at 5:00 PM. He was born in Chama, Rio Arriba County NM. Son of Juan Jose Gallegos known as " El Barroso." and of the deceased Juanita F. de Gallegos. He lived in Chama, Las Vegas, Mora and Ocate, NM. He had resided in Union County, NM since 1894. Survived by wife Josefita F. de Gallegos, 4 sons, 2 brothers and 1 sister. No Names listed.

145- Juanita P. A. Talamante Age 88 of San Jose de Chama, NM. Died at home 23 Oct 1910 at 1:00 AM. Survived by 2 sons and 1 daughter. No names listed.

146-Juan Martinez Age 6 years old of Velarde, NM. Died at home 9 Dec 1910 at 10:00 Am of Pneumonia. Son of David Martinez Jr. and Amalia Martinez.

147- Alejo Ortiz of Cerro, NM. Died 23 Nov 1910 at home. Survived by wife Josefita M. de Ortiz, 5 daughters and 4 sons. No names listed.

148- Secundino Giron Age 89 years, 10 months and 10 days of Madrid, Colo. His wife died 13 April 1908. He was born, Nm 1 Jan 1821. When he was 18 years old he married Gertrudes A. de Giron. Survived by sons Alcario Giron and Juan Etailio Giron.

149- Seferina Gutierrez de Gonzales of Valdez, NM died at home 27 Nov 1910 at 12:05 PM. She died of heart problems. Survived by husband Remedios Gonzales, 4 sons and 1 daughter.

150- Petra Lovato de Gallegos Age 62 of Las Cuevas, NM. Died 14 Nov 1910 at 10:00 PM. Survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters. No names listed.

151-Manuel S. Ruybalid Age 28 of Rio Blanco Archuleta County Colo. Died 20 Nov 1910 at 4:30 PM. He was a native of Conejos County, Colo. Survived by Parents Casimiro Ruybalis and Fenolia M. de Ruybalid.

152- Felix Rodriguez Age 80 of Gallina, NM. Died in his residence 18 Nov 1910 at 4:00 AM. He was born in Chama, NM. He lived in Coyote and Gallina, NM. Survived by wife Julianita M. de Rodriguez and 4 daughters. No names listed.

153- Jose E. Maestas Age 52 years, 8 months and 13 daysdied today (no residence or date of death listed) Date of death notice 8 Dec 1910. He died of Pulmonia (Pneumonia). Survived by wife Maria Lucia F. de Maestas; Mother M. Nicolasa A. de Maestas and 2 sons.

154- Pedro Duran Age 42 of Springer, NM. Died 13 Dec 1910. Survived by his wife, 3 sons and 4 daughters. no names listed.

155- Maria Josefita Alires Age 79 Of Atencio, NM. Died at home 13 Dec 1910 died of Asma (Asthma). Survived by husband Manuel Antonio Maestas, 2 sons and 1 daughter. No Names listed.

156- Francisco Antonio Maestas Age 80 of Carriso, Union County, NM. Former resident of Las Cuevas Mora County, NM. Died 3 Dec 1910 at 7:30 PM. Survived by Wife Carmelita Lujan de Maestas, 2 sons and 2 daughters. No names listed.

157- Apolinaro Romero of La Gauna Colfax County NM. Died 15 Nov 1910 at 9:00 PM. He was born in Taos County NM. He went from Taos to Mora where he lived for many years before moving to Colfax County, NM. Survived by wife Maria M. Romero, 4 daughters and 1 son. No names listed.

158- Maria Victoria Marquez of Las Sauces, Colo. Died of heart problems 7 Dec 1910 at 8:30 PM. She married her husband the now deceased Miguel Antonio Montoya in 1862. They had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Funeral service were held in the San Antonio de Pauda Church in Los Sauces, Colo.

159- Manuel Salazar from Springer, NM. Died last saturday. He had a son murdered 3 years ago. No dates or names listed.

160- Inene (Irene ?) Atencio of Santa Cruz Valley Rio Arriba County, NM. No date of death or age noted. Date of death notice 22 Dec 1910. Wife of Onecimo Quintana.

161- Margarita Odila Martinez Age 11 months and 27 days of Cimarron, NM. Died 25 Dec 1910. Daughter of Esequiel Martinez and Rosenda M. de Martinez.

162- Margarito Borrego and his son Juan Antonio Borrego drowned in the Rio Grande 5 Dec 1910. They were from Rio Arriba County NM. (Name of town not noted). Margarito Borrego had served 2 terms as Rio Arriba County Commissioner.

163- Edward Gilliand was shot and killed in his home in Chama Rio Arriba County, NM. Christmas eve. Edward Gilliand was home asleep in his bed when C. M. Cooley went into the hose and shot him to death. C. M. Cooley has been arrested and incarcerated to await action by the grand jury. Date of death notice 12 Jan 1912.

164- Jose Rosario Martinez of Chamita, NM. Died 28 Dec 1910 at 7:30 PM. Survived by Wife Cirila S. Martinez; Brother Enrique Martinez and son in law Lino Bustos.

165- Jose Atiliano Suazo Age 55 of Park View Rio Arriba County, NM. Died 3 Jan 1912 he suffered from Pneumonia. Survived by wife OcatvianaR. de Suazo and 2 sons. 1 names Martin J. Suazo.

166- Alejandro Crenis Age 30 yeras, 9 months and 6 days of Moses, NM. Died 12 Jan 1912 8:30 PM at home. Survived by wife Antonia T. de Crenis, 7 sons and 2 daughters. No names listed.

167- Camilia Sandoval de Baca of Bueyeros, NM. Daughter of Tircio Sandoval and wife no names listed. She died in childbirth.

168- James Harvey resides close to Valdez, NM was found frozen dead Tuesday on the road from Arroyo Seco to Valdez leading to Amizett, NM. Coroners jury found that he had frozen to death.

169- Cleofas M. de Duran Age 76 of Golondrinas, NM. Died 12 Jan 1912. Survived by 4 sons. No names listed.

170- Leonor Barela de Garcia of Trinidad Colo. Died Fri 26 Jan 1912. She received the finest education in the Nuns Academy in Denver, Colo. She was a great opera soprano singer and poet. She married Eugenio Garcia 1 Feb 1888. She was born 4 Sept 1869. The daughter of Colorado's senator Casimiro Barela. She is survived by her husband, 4 children, father and 2 sisters Mrs. Juanita B. de Martinez and Mrs. Sofia b. de Chacon.

171- Salvador Romero Age 76 of Truchas, Rio Arriba County NM. Died at his residence 5 Jan 1912. Survived by wife Julianita Ortiz de Romero; Brother Manuel Romero and adopted sons Pablo and David Romero.

172- Maria Preciliana Gallegos de Martinez of Abiquiu, NM. Died at home 9:00 AM 14 Jan 1912. Survived by husband Manuel Martinez, a son and a daughter.

173- Nasarena D. Martinez Age 75 of Espanola, NM. Died 13 Jan 1912. Survived by daughter. No names listed.

174- Teresita LaCome de Martinez Age 23 of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Died at home 25 Jan 1912. Survived by husband Manuel Martinez, 2 sisters and 1 brother.

175- Jose Epifanio de La Luz Trujillo Age 11 years, 6 months and 6 days of Cebolia, NM. Died 14 Jan 1912 at 9:00 AM. Survived by parents Pedro Trujillo y Chacon and Juanita V. de Trujillo. Grandparents Jose Trujillo and Jose E. Vargas.

176- Jose Trujillo Age 74 years, 1 month and 20 Days of Cordillera de Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died at home 30 Jan 1912 at 12 midnight. Survived by wife Maria Reyes Trujillo; Son Antonio Trujillo; Daughter Desideria Trujillo.

177- Cornelio Vigil Age 68 of Bueyeros, NM. Date of death not liste, death notice dated 23 Jan 1912.

178- Juanita De Martinez of Capulin, Colo. Died monday at 8:00 AM. Wife of David Martinez. Date of death not noted.

179- Ramoncita L de Cordova Age 78 of Antonio, Colo. Formerly of Los Cordovas Taos County, NM. Died 11 Feb 1912. She was the wife of Felix Ortiz y Pino.

180- Prudencio Baros Age 88 of Talpa, NM> Died at home 28 Jan 1912. Survived by wife Juanita Fresquez de Baros, 3 sons and several daughters. No names listed.

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