Taos County Resident who served World War II
By Albert Vidaurre Sun, February 27, 2011©
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Taos County Residents that served in the military during World War II was extracted from the Newspaper
 El Taoseno and The Taos Review for the year of 1946. Santa Fe, NM on 4 Feb 1946.

Colonel Rufus Sedillo, Selective Service for New Mexico announced today that total separations for
Veterans of World War II received in this state as of 1 February 1946 was 38,425. Following is the breakdown of separations by counties:
The Taos County list below include the names provided as of the date of the newspaper. Submit additional names here.

Bernalillo 6,804 Catron 274 Chavez 1,961 Colfax 1,328
Curry 1,406 De Baca 317 Dona Ana 2,163 Eddy 1,857
Grant 1,432 Guadalupe 550 Harding 222 Hidalgo 315
Lea 1,445 Lincoln 646 Luna 545 McKinley 1,658
Mora 582 Otero 805 Quay 950 Rio Arriba 1,381
Roosevelt 1,034 Sandoval 699 San Juan 907 San Miguel 1,643
Santa Fe 2,690 Sierra 480 Socorro 866 Taos 1,077
Torrence 654 Union 621 Valencia 1,113 Total 38,425

Last name First name Service
Aael Alberto L. Army
Abreu Alex P. Army
Aguilar Jose L. Army
Aguilar Jose Abenancio Navy
Aguilar Jose O. Army
Alcantar Guadalupe Army
Anaya Antonio I. Army
Anaya Margarito A. Army
Anaya Ruben Army
Anaya Ruben R. Army
Archuleta Joseph Marines
Archuleta Max Army
Archuleta Rafael Army
Arellano Adan Navy
Arellano Celso Marines
Arellano Hernando J. Army
Arellano Jose P. Army
Arguello Clarence Army
Armijo Clark Army
Armijo Waldo Army
Avila Frank Navy
Ayers Ralph Navy
Barela Adolfo Marines
Barela Benito Army
Barela Eddie Army
Barela Harry Army
Barela John Army
Barela Preciliano A. Army
Beals Donald L. Army
Beimer Sam L. Army
Bernal Louis F. Army
Bernal Paul J. Navy
Blumenschein Helen G. Army
Bolander Loyd L. Navy
Borrego Frank E. Army
Bragg W.W. Navy
Brazel Arbury G. Army
Brazel James C. Navy
Brink Alfred E. Army
Brito Adolfo A. Army
Candelario Jose Army
Cardenas Ben A. Army
Cardenas Mario Marines
Casados Valentino E. Army
Casias Jose M. Army
Chacon Al Navy
Chacon Esequiel Army
Cisneros Cristobal N. Army
Cisneros Emilio Navy
Cisneros Ernesto Army
Cisneros Manuel J. Army
Cisneros Medardo Army
Cisneros Ramon B. Army
Coca Joe L. Army
Coca Jose A. Army
Concha Agapito Navy
Concha Fernando Army
Conklin Albert M. Army
Cook Thos. M. Army
Cordova Adonais Army
Cordova Candelario Army
Cordova Faustin Army
Cordova Filadelfio Army
Cordova Jose Army
Cordova Jose B. Army
Cordova Jose P. Army
Cordova Jose R. Army
Cordova Manuel Army
Cordova Melaquiades Army
Cordova Willie Army
Cortez Presentacion Army
Cruz Jose C. Army
DesGeorges Louis J. Army
Dominguez Benjamin Army
DuBor John Jr. Army
Duncan Paul Army
Dunton Vivian E. Army
Duran Benito Army
Duran Dennis Navy
Duran Eligio Army
Duran Felix Leroy Army
Duran Joseph A. Navy
Duran Pedro E. Army
Duran Telesfor E. Army
Dwire Bill Army
Espinosa Don Army
Espinosa Don Army
Espinosa Ralph Army
Esquibel Joe S. Army
Esquibel Leandro Army
Fernandez Alicio E. Army
Fernandez Bonifacio D. Army
Fernandez Clarence Navy
Fernandez Jose O. Marines
Fernandez Juan B. Army
Fidel Elias Alfonso Army
Fresquez Jose B. Army
Fresquez Salomon Army
Gallagher Lavern C. Navy
Gallegos Crisiforo Army
Gallegos Fidel F. Army
Gallegos Gonzalo Army
Garcia Albert Army
Garcia Alfredo Army
Garcia Donaciano F. Army
Garcia Jose S. Navy
Garcia Nefi B. Army
Garcia Rumaldo Army
Garcia Tomas Army
Garduno Jose E. Marines
Garduno Jose Gilberto Army
Gomes Juan Army
Gomez Ruben Navy
Gomez Virgilio Army
Gonalez Rosendo Navy
Gonzales Antonio Army
Gonzales Bences A. Army
Gonzales Elfido Navy
Gonzales Ernest A. Army
Gonzales Eugenio Army
Gonzales Fares Navy
Gonzales Jose D. Navy
Gonzales Jose F. Army
Gonzales Jose F. Navy
Gonzales Juan A. Army
Gonzales Patricio E. Navy
Gonzales Raymond Navy
Gonzales Ricardo R. Army
Gonzales Telesfor Army
Gonzalez Donaciano Navy
Graham David N. Army
Guara Enrique Army
Guara Louis A. Army
Guara Luis Army
Hammer Carlos O. Marines
Hammer George C. Army
Hartt Bennie Army
Hawk Gregory K. Army
Helne Albert M. Navy
Hernandez Andres S. Army
Herrera Conrado J. Army
Herrera Ismael Army
Herrera Jose D. Army
Heston Robert K. Army
Hopkins James Army
James Johnnie Navy
Jaramillo Celestino Army
Jaramillo Hernando Army
Jaramillo Nazario E. Army
Jaramillo Sarafin Army
Jeantet Feliberto P. Army
Jenkins Thos. H. Navy
Johnson Sidney W. Army
Jones Ralph C. Army
Keahtone George C. Navy
Keeney Kenneth A. Navy
Keesing Walter J. Army
LaCome Alonso A. Navy
Lavadie Samuel P. Army
Leon Richard Navy
LeRoux Blas Army
Lobato Victor C. Army
Lopez Antonio Army
Lopez Antonio J. T. Army
Lopez Charlie S. Army
Lopez Estevan Army Air Corp.
Lopez Hubencio Army
Lopez Sam Army
Lovato Juan B. Army
Lowe Ben A. Army
Lucero Alfonso Army
Lucero Antonio J. Army
Lucero Carlos G. Navy
Lucero Gustavo R. Army
Lucero Jerry Army
Lucero Joe Benny Navy
Lucero Jose P. Army
Lucero Lupe Army
Lucero Marvin J. Army
Lujan Elifas Navy
Lujan Fred C. Army
Lujan Jimmy Army
Lujan Joe I. Army
Lujan Miguel Army
Maes Carlos Army
Maes Jose A. Army
Maes Manuel E. Army
Maestas Jose R. Marines
Mares Charles M. Army
Mares Frank D. Army
Mares George Army
Martinez Alfonso Army
Martinez Anastacio Navy
Martinez Andres Army
Martinez Benito Navy
Martinez Bernie Navy
Martinez Damacio Army
Martinez E. Army
Martinez Edmundo G. Navy
Martinez Eleuferio Navy
Martinez Elfigo Army
Martinez Emilio E. Navy
Martinez Epifanio Army
Martinez Epifanio J. Navy
Martinez Feliciano E. Navy
Martinez Felipe E. Army
Martinez Felipe E. Army
Martinez Felix D. Army
Martinez Fermin Army
Martinez Francisco Manuel Navy
Martinez Ismael J. Army
Martinez Joe E. Army
Martinez Joe E. Navy
Martinez Jose A. Army
Martinez Jose D. Army
Martinez Jose M. Army
Martinez Jose O. Navy
Martinez Jose R. Army
Martinez Jose V. Army
Martinez Juan R. Navy
Martinez Julian F. Marines
Martinez Leopoldo U. Army
Martinez Louis Army
Martinez Louis A. Navy
Martinez Luciano S. Army
Martinez Luis E. Army
Martinez Manuel F. Navy
Martinez Mardoqueo Army
Martinez Margarito Navy
Martinez Melecio Army
Martinez Nabor H. Army
Martinez Nabor H. Army
Martinez Octaviano Army
Martinez Onesimo G. Army
Martinez Pasquel P. Army
Martinez Polito Army
Martinez Robert M. Navy
Martinez Rogerio Army
Martinez Rutilio A. Army
Martinez Selso Navy
Martinez Thos. Navy
Martinez Thos. M. Army
Martinez Tomas Army
Mascarenas Alfonso Army
Mascarenas Ernesto Army
Mascarenas Jesus M. Army
Mascarenas Jose E.T. Army
Mascarenas Jose L. Army
Mascarenas Rudolfo Army
Medina Demetrio Army
Medina Eloy W. Army
Medina Joe A. Army
Medina Jose A. Navy
Medina Procopio Army
Medina Rudolfo Navy
Merrell Willard W. Coast Guard
Miera Feladelfio A. Marines
Miera Jose A. Army
Miera Moises Army
Miller George J. Navy
Miller John W. Army
Mirabal Manuel Army
Mirabal Ventura Army
Mondragon Amadeo C. Army
Mondragon Andres C. Army
Mondragon Bonifacio Navy
Mondragon Howard Navy
Mondragon Jose A. Army
Montoya Andres A. Army
Montoya Eli D. Army
Montoya Eloy G. Army
Montoya Ernesto F. Army
Montoya Esequiel Kelly Navy
Montoya Jose I. Army
Montoya Jose V. Navy
Montoya Jose Vidal Navy
Montoya Polito V. Navy
Montoya Rafael P. Army
Montoya Raymundo Navy
Montoya Theodoro J. Army
Moore Susan J. Navy
Mossman Eloy J. Army
Mossman Wm. C. Army
Murrieta Satilo Army
Neal J.C. Army
Nelson John C. Army
Niles George Alva Navy
Oakeley Patrick E. Navy
Olivas Candido L. Army
Olonia Joe D. Army
Ortega Rubaldo Army
Ortega Salomon Navy
Ortega Santiago E. Army
Ortiz Antonio A. Army
Ortiz George A. Navy
Ortiz Jose P. Army
Ortiz Luis B. Army
Ortiz Ricardo Navy
Pacheco Arsenio Army
Pacheco Delfina Navy
Pacheco Enrique Army
Pacheco Epifanio Marines
Pacheco Epifanio Marines
Pacheco J.D. Navy
Pacheco Joe Army
Pacheco John E. Army
Pacheco Jose D. Army
Pacheco Jose Elisardo Navy
Padilla Benigno E. Army
Padilla Filadelfio Army
Padilla Jake J. Army
Phipps Joseph R. Navy
Pineda Orlando F. Army
Price Dan Army
Quintana Bert Navy
Quintana Conrado P. Army
Quintana Cristobal Army
Quintana Dominicio Army
Quintana Julian Army
Rael Melicio Navy
Rael Antonio R. Navy
Rael Everto E. Army
Rael Ira Aron Navy
Rael John B. Navy
Rael Silviano J. Navy
Rendon Jose D. Navy
Reyna Antonio Army
Reyna Delfino Navy
Reynolds George T. Army
Rivera Armando A. Navy
Rivera Porfiro Army
Rodarte Eli Army
Rodarte Enrique Army
Rodriguez Joseph L. Navy
Rodriguez Medardo I. Army
Rodriguez Rudolfo Army
Romero Alberto J. Army
Romero B.T. Army
Romero Donecimo A. Army
Romero Eugenio M. Army
Romero Joe C. Army
Romero Jose E. Army
Romero Juan Army
Romero Juan F. Army
Romero Juan F. Navy
Romero Julian A. Army
Romero Macario Army
Romero Oliverio Army
Romero Richard G. Army
Romero Timoteo Army
Romero Victoriano Army
Roybal Albert F. Navy
Roybal Esquipula Army
Salazar Maclovio Army
Salazar Timoteo E. Army
Samora Virgilio Army
Sanchez Delfino Army
Sanchez Eduardo Army
Sanchez Eliseo E. Army
Sanchez Frutoso Army
Sanchez Joe A. Navy
Sanchez Joe D. Army
Sanchez Jose S. Army
Sanchez Mauricio C. Army
Sanchez Moses Army
Sanchez Octaviano Army
Sanchez Pete Army
Sandoval Aloysius G. Navy
Sandoval Ambrocio J. Army
Sandoval Arthur Army
Sandoval Bertram P. Army
Sandoval Joe A. Army
Sandoval Jose T. Army
Sandoval Juan V. Army
Sandoval Theodore Army
Santistevan Alfonso M. Army
Santistevan Anselmo E. Army
Santistevan Benerito Army
Santistevan Eli Rosendo Navy
Santistevan Joe A. Army
Santistevan Joe S. Army
Santistevan Thomas Army
Santistevan Willie M. Navy
Schofield Richard R. Navy
Segura Robert M. Navy
Segura Jose C. Navy
Selph Thos. P. Army
Sisneros Luciano Army
Sisneros Jose Bonifacio Navy
Sprague Elfleda L. U.S. Public Health
Stephen H.M. Army
Stevens Ted Army
Struck Abran Navy
Suaso Agustin Marines
Suazo Antonio A. Army
Suazo Antonio C. Army
Tafoya Adelmo Army
Tafoya Juan F. Army
Tafoya Leo H. Army
Tafoya Marcelo Army
Torres Damian E. Navy
Torres George Army
Torres Lauriano Navy
Torres Maria L. Marines
Trujillo Amadeo E. Navy
Trujillo Charles A.. Army
Trujillo Edward Army
Trujillo Frank Jr. Army
Trujillo Gilberto Army
Trujillo John J. Army
Trujillo Jose Eloy Navy
Trujillo Jose L. Army
Trujillo Juan C. Army
Trujillo Martin Army
Trujillo Reynaldo Army
Trujillo Sabino Jr. Navy
Trujillo Vicente J. Navy
Trujillo Victoriano Army
Valdez Eloy Army
Valdez Jose R. Army
Valdez Joseph B. Jr. Army
Valdez Manuel Navy
Valerio Candido Army
Valerio Clodoveo A. Army
Valerio Eliu J. Army
Valerio Elizardo Army
Valerio Jose B. Army
Valerio Jose E. Army
Valerio Jose T. Army
Valerio Juan I. Army
Vallejos Pulidor Army
Vargas Elias Navy
Vargas Esequiel R. Army
Vargas Ezequiel Jr. Army
Vargas Jose B. Army
Varos Frank Army
Varos John B. Army
Varos Meregildo B. Navy
Vasquez Fidencio Army
Vasquez Moises Army
Velasquez Fabriciano Army
Velasquez Jose C. Army
Vickery John M. Army
Vigil Alfonso Army
Vigil Bences Army
Vigil Crestino A. Army
Vigil Eliu J. Army
Vigil Emanuel Army
Vigil Floyd A. Army
Vigil Gasper J. Navy
Vigil Gregorio L. Army
Vigil Joe D. Army
Vigil Jose C. Army
Vigil Jose L. Army
Vigil Jose M. Navy
Vigil Manuel A. Army
Vigil Nick Jr. Marines
Vigil Porfirio John Navy
Vigil Raymundo Navy
Vigil Raymundo Navy
Vigil Vicente P. Navy
Visarraga Abreliano Army
West Milburn Navy
West Milburn V. Army
Wetsel Merrel L. Army
Yates John Army