Time Line of New Mexico History
Arranged by C. W. Barnum
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Recent Events

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1598 Spanish establish colony of San Juan. Santa Fe made Capital. 
1680-1700 Pueblo Revolt against Spanish. Spanish retake NM in by 1700.
1706 Albuquerque became a center for commerce.
1821 New Mexico became a Providence of Mexico. Mexico gained independence from Spain.
1848 NM became United States property. Santa Fe Trail opens to the west
1850-1863 New Mexico became a Territory. Included most of Colorado.
The Gadsden Purchase from Mexico expands Territory in 1853
1880-1904 Years of turmoil: Ranchers, homesteaders, Spanish family landholders, railroads, miners fought legal wars
over deed rights. Deaths were not uncommon.
1912 New Mexico accepted into the Union as the 47th State.

The Longer Trend

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Unknown God created the Universe and all the wonders of the world
25,000 BC Wandering people arrive in New Mexico
10,000 BC Clovis Man rule the lands of New Mexico.
9,000 BC Ice Age ends. Folsom people appear
500 BC Cochice Tribes develop agriculture
300 AD Mogollon people create art and architecture
700 AD Anasazi basket makers achieve high quality crafts
1,200 AD Pueblo Tribes settle the Rio Grande River areas
1536  Cabeza de Baca crosses NM searching for the Seven Cities of Gold
1539 Fray Marcos de Niza and Estevan lead expedition into New Mexico
1540 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado discovers the Grand Canyon
1580 Fray Agustin Rodriquez explored New Mexico
1582 Fray Bernadino Beltran and Fray Antonio de Espejo entered New Mexico
1598 Juan de Ornate established the Spanish Capital of San Juan
1599 Revolt began at Battle of Acoma between Spanish and Indians


1600 San Gabriel became the Capital of New Mexico
1601 Spain sends more colonists / settlers to San Gabriel
1605 Onate expedition occurred to El Mora
1608 Spain ordered arrest of Onate, NM Spanish Governor
1609 New Governor Pedro de Peralta made Santa Fe Capital
1610 Gasper de Villagra published the History of New Mexico
1626 Spanish Inquisition began in New Mexico
1641 Governor Luis de Rosas assassinated in Church conflict government
1680 Pueblo Indian Revolted against the Spanish rulers
1680's  Other Indian Tribes warred against Pueblo people
1692 Don Diego de Vargas re-colonized Santa Fe. Spanish rule returns
1695 Santa Cruz de la Canada was founded
1696 Governor De Vargas put sown Pueblo Revolt


1706 Villa de Albuquerque was founded.
1743 French trappers reached Santa Fe.
1776 Franciscan friars Dominguez and Escalante find route to California.
1786 Governor Juan Baustista de Anza declares peace with Comanche.
1793 Padre Antonio Jose Martinez of Taos printed first school book.


1807 Zebulon Pike brought first Anglos into New Mexico.
1821 Mexico declared independence from Spain.
1828 Gold was discovered in Ortiz Mountains near Santa Fe.
1837 Chimayo Tax Revolt resulted in Governor Albino Perez.
1841 Texas soldiers invaded New Mexico.
1846 Mexican - American War began.
1847 Taos Rebellion killed Governor Charles Bent.
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended Mexican - American War.
1850 New Mexico was declared a Territory.
1851 Bishop Jean Batiste Lamy arrived in New Mexico.
1854 The Gadsden Purchase added 45,000 square miles to The USA.
1861 Confederates invaded New Mexico.
1862 Confederates left New Mexico after battle of Glorieta Pass.
1863 Navajos and Apaches took The Long Walk.
1863 Half of New Mexico was taken for Arizona.
1878 Lincoln County War began. Railroads spurred new commerce.
1881 Sheriff Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid at Ft. Sumner.
1886 Geronimo surrendered.


1906 New Mexico voted for statehood.
1910 New Mexico Constitution was written.
1912 New Mexico became the 47th state.
1916 Poncho Villa raided Columbus, New Mexico.
1920 Women gained right to vote.
1923 Oil was discovered in New Mexico
1930 New Deal Project brought thousands of jobs to New Mexico.
1942 New Mexico became a major military research center.
1945 Trinity Site saw the first Atomic bomb exploded.
1947 UFO stories and rumors began.
1948 Native Americans won right to vote.
1950 Uranium was found in Near Grants.
1966 New state capital was completed.
1969 Voters rejected a new state constitution.
1982 New Mexico got added publicity for its space-related activities. 
1998 Cuarto Centennial celebrated in New Mexico. 1598 - 1998.  
2000 A new Millennium began.

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