Cedar Grove Cemetery
Near Mountainair, Torrance County, New Mexico
Photos by Penny Giacoletti
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Cedar Grove Cemetery is located five and one half miles south and east of Mountainair
on State Road 10 (14), then one mile east on the Torrance County road.

First Baptist Church in Mountainair View 
Church in Punta de Agua 
Church in Manzano 
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Our Lady of Sorrows Church
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St Vincent De Paul Ingelsia Catholic Church in Punta De Agua 
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Medley   Hugo Abbott   --  July 22, 1917

Medley   Lilly

Morrison   Charles

Nordmeyer   George  Sept. 16, 1881 --  June 16, 1952

Nordmeyer   Nelly May  Dec 21, 1969  --  July 14, 1945

Smith   Betty Yvonne Medley Nov 1923 --  Mar 14, 2002