Torrance County Early Deaths 1911 to 1934
Torrance County, New Mexico
Re-typed from record by Karen Eddy
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In 1919 New Mexico began recording deaths on a state-wide basis. Some counties had death records prior to that time. Following are the early death
records for Torrance County re-typed by Karen Eddy based on an article in the New Mexico Genealogist December 1996, Vol. 35, No. 4, pg 124, 
by Ann L. Mossman. This record has been modified from the original to fit this format. Scroll right to see all of chart.
Last Name       First Middle     DOD           Place         Age        Born           Parents
Alexander       Allie            3/16/1913     Estancia      33y        WVA
Archuleta       Catalina Chavez  5/27/1922     Torreon       57y1m9d    Valencia       pts: Juan Chavez b.Tome & Francisca Cahabes [sic] b.Tome
Ballew          Bessie (Mrs.)    10/1/1913     Estancia      35y        TX
Brito           Jose             4/11/1914     Estancia      23y        NM
Brown           J. J. (Mr.)      9/30/1911     Estancia      54y        TN
Brown           N. B. (Mr.)      4/13/1915     Varney        61y        TX
Campbell        Olive (Mrs.)     11/7/1922     Estancia      66y4m22d   Petersburg IL
Campos          Hilverto         2/7/1935      Willard       14y                       pts: Alegandro Campos b.Willard & Emilia Gutieres b.Tome
Campos          Maria Melba      ns            Willard       1y4m19d    Willard        pts: Alegandro Campos b.Tome & Emilia Gutiers b.Lincoln NM
Candelaria      Nestor           10/22/1934    Manzano       72y8m19d   NM             pts: Neciolas Candelaria b.Manzano & Apolonita Pireia b.Manzano
Carbajol        Mary H.          12/10/1921    Moriarity     28y        Moriarty       pts: John R.Humphrey b.MI & Dorothy Lavato b.Santa Fe NM
Carter          Elton            4/29/1922     Moriarty      stillborn                 pts: Leonard L. Carter b.AR & Nora Belle Boyd b.AL
Carter          Nora Belle       4/30/1922     Moriarty      27y        AL             pts: F.E.Boyd b.MS & Hassie Pawe b.AL
Caster          (unnamed male)   10/16/1921    Dist. 39      6hrs                      pts: Odes Caster b.TX & Pearl Warnack
Cesne           C. E.            7/10/1913     McIntosh      54y        IN
Chaves y Chaves Delfinia         7/17/1924     Willard       5m                        pts: Feleciano Chavez y Romero b.Manzano & Vernidita Chaves b.Punta
Chaves          Maria del Pilar  8/19/1924     Torreon       2m28d      NM             pts: Antonio O. Chaves b.Torreon & Conception Vigil b.Torreon
Chavez y Salas  Feliciano        5/28/1924     Willard       62y        Manzano        pts: Fernando Chavez b. Anton Chico & Jususita Salas; 
                                                                                         informant: Feliciano Chavez y Romero; see also #262Chavez y Sales  
Feliciano        5/28/1924     Willard       ns
Chavez          (female)         10/19/1934    Duran         stillborn                 pts: Alfredo Chavez b.Pinos Wells & Margarita Chavez b.Duran
Chavez          Antonia          6/1/1912      Duran         2y         NM
Chavez          Bersabe          7/24/1922     Torreon       23y3m14d   Terreon        pts: Antonio O.Chavez b.Torreon & Rocita Luna b.Chasas -Lincoln Co.
Chavez          Francesquita     4/27/1924     Torreon       7m17d      Torreon        dau. of Reyes Chaves b.Torreon & Juanita Aragon b.Tome
Chavez          Isabel           10/24/1923    Manzano       11m14d     NM             pts: Juan Chavez b. Belen & Maria Lopez b. Manzano; 
                                                                                        informant Rev. Jose Gauthier – Mountainair
Chavez          Luceta           1/24/1923     Duran         17y3m5d
Chavez          Luicita          ns            Duran         17y3m5d    Santa Rosa     pts: Jose L. Sanchez b. Luna & Corador Gallegos b. Santa Rosa
Chavez          Pedro            8/1/1922      Willard       3yrs2m     Willard        pts: Max Chavez & Bernardita Campos both b. NM
Chavez          Terecitas        5/5/1934      Palma         9m         Palma          pts: Eugenio & Aurora Chavez
Coffey          Juanita Murl     9/1/1924      Estancia      4y11m14d                  pts: Wm Harrison Coffey b. KY & __Scott b. Tx
Comer           Anna             1/28/1923     Estancia      65y10m28d  IN             pts: Eliga Cook & Rachel Cook both b.IN
Condry          Mary Magdalena   1/5/1923      Mountainair   63y8m7d    Benton Co AR   pts: Jas Gibson b.TN & Madilene Burgess b.AR; informant: Jack Condry
Corbin          (female)         9/28/1922     Estancia      stillborn  NM             pts: John W.Corbin b. TN & Jessie E.Newland b.CA
Corona          Santos           5/8/1924      Willard       ns         Pinos Wells    pts: Alberto Corona b.Chihucha & Florencia Maes b.Manzano NM
Cripe           Edward           11/21/1921    Encino        30y        USA
Cueller         Tomas            5/3/1922      Torreon       ns         Paraje         pts: Celso Cuellar b.Old Mex & Ana Maria Chaves b.Dolores NM
Elgin           J. M.            10/8/1913     Estancia      82y        MO
Garcia          Deserido         11/17/1911    Mountainair   22y        Mex
Guest           Josiah           9/18/1913     Estancia      2d         NM
Gunter          W. C. (Mr.)      9/?1911       died at home  57y        TX
Heal            Willie           9/14/1913     nr Lucia      5y         KY
Ivie            Dillard Hampton  3/22/1914     near Otto     37y        Habersham TX   (married)
Kinsell         Harry C.         11/17/1913    Moriarity     55y        Chesterville OH
Leroy           John             12/24/1911                  stillborn  NM
Lucas           Elmo             12/20/1911    Estancia      37y        TX
Maes            Felisina         6/10/1914     Duran         92y        Santa Fe
Maes            Nicolas          11/16/1914    Willard       27y        NM
Mora            Manuel           8/20/1913     Estancia      1y         Chilili
Patty           Mamie (Mrs.)     9/19/1913     Estancia      44y        Cascade IA
Rodriguez       Maria Miguelita  5/21/1912                   7m16d      NM
Sanchez         Domitilia S.     9/1/1915                    34y        NM
Sena            Guadalupe        10/19/1914    Seniga        22y        Torrance Co.
Shipp           A. M. (Mrs.)     8/15/1915                   47y        IA
Will            Joe              6/?/1914      Duran         60y        MO