Farmers Cemetery
Torrance County, New Mexico
Protestant Cemetery In Willard
NMG XXIII, No 2; June 1984 pg 42
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Submitted by Al Cochran
This cemetery is called by some Farmers Cemetery, and also the Protestant Cemetery. Survey taken August 1983; several unmarked graves noted.

William P. Anderson  1882-1961
Sophia Anderson McLane 1888-1946
Carrie C. Anderson 1859-1929
William M. Anderson 1856-1926
Voley (?) May Casey 192(?)
Nellie Settle Davis 1886-1959
John W. Willis 1882-1959
Mrs. S. A. Skaggs 1840-1918
Geo. Powell 1843-1928
John A. Hambrick -1/29/34

Former resident, Bill Fowler, recalls that when he was a boy the cemetery was under the care of the town of Willard.

Willard Cemetery, NM
This use to be on the road between Estancia and Willard but I have heard that it is now in the middle of a farm field and a person needs to see a farmer near by for access.

Benson, William Jefferson "Jeff" b. 11 Apr 1867 d. 12 Oct 1949

Benson, Sarah Ann "Sallie" b.20 Jul 1870 d. 26 Feb 1938

Benson, Roland Clark b. 9 Feb 1909 d. 28 Mar 1943

By Shirley Benson Barber, August 1, 2007

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