Kayser Eastview Cemetery
Torrance County, New Mexico
NMG, Vol XI, No 3, Sept 1972, page 47
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Kayser Eastview Cemetery is located three miles north of Mountainair on State Road 14, seven miles west and one half mile north.
Credit source: Members of NMGS 1972

Blevins, William R. d. 30 Oct 1937 age 71 years

Brown, Ida Mac Kayser 26 May 1889; 27 Apr 1939 dau of August Kayser VI

Kayser, Bert 1900 1943 son of August VI

Kayser, Freda Josephine 27 Apr 1910; 15 Feb 1911 dau of August

Kayser, Ruth Ellen 15 Jan 1908; 18 Apr 1908 dau of August Vi

Kayser, Mary Elizabeth 1888 1956 w of August Vi

Kayser, Paul Frederick August VII 1887, living son of August Vi

Vaughn, Lutric C. 1972 1972 age 1 day gr gr gr son of August VI

Wiseman, Cheryl Ann 1954; 1956 gr gr dau of August V

Wiseman, Dorothy D. 5 Aug 1897; 26 Dec 1964 dau of August VI

Wiseman, Reuben E. 21 July 1879; 27 Dec 1970 M Sgt USAF

others buried here but no markers:

Blevins, Mrs. W. R. 

Kayser, Charels Aloise 22 Apr 1895; 4 Oct 1924

Dayser, Flora E. 18 Apr 1891; 8 Jan 1989

Kayser, Lucinda Wiseman Frielof 3 Oct 1856; 18 Sep 1929

Kayser, paul Frederick August VI 15 Aug 849; 4 Oct 1905

Osgourne, William H.