McIntosh Cemetery
Torrance County, New Mexico
NMG, Vol. 7, No. 3, page 27, Sep 1968
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New Mexico Internet Cemetery Project is based on the cemetery surveys published in the New Mexico Genealogist, The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society. P.O. Box 8283; Albuquerque, NM 87198-8283. The magazine's volume, date, and and page number is displayed under the cemetery's name. Our appreciation to the New Mexico Genealogical Society and the survey compliers. This material may not be reproduced or copied from this website nor be used for commercial purposes, resale, re-distribution, or used for profit. Re-typed from original by C. W. Barnum 2002 . McIntosh Cemetery is located on State Highway 41, nine miles south of Moriarty in Torrance County. Several graves are unmarked and several unreadable markers.
Credit source: Martha C. Gardner and Sibyl M. Nissan compiled in June of 1968.

Name Date of Birth Date of Birth Selected Remarks
Dugan, Silas W. 22 Jul 1867 4 Mar 1910  
Homan, Burford 1908 1924  
Homan, John E. 1866 1934  
Homan, Raymond Max   1920  only date given
Jantz, Amelia 1875 1948 2 unmarked graves
Kirham, Johnnie A. 1859 1909  
Stump, Alice Bell 1865 1941 widow of David L.
Stump, David L.  1867 1962  
Stump, Floyd L. 15 Dec 1898 3 Oct 1959 PFC US Army ...
Stump, infant   20 Nov 1930 Father: O. F. Stump
Willey, Charles L. 1 Sep 1861 13 May 1909 W.O.W.