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Jan. 13, 1922-Aug. 17, 1923

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Tailors - (1/5/23) Luther Jolly, who has 10 years experience tailoring, has bought the equipment of the Carrizozo Cleaning Works

- (4/28/22, 5/5/22, 5/12/22, 5/19/22) E.H. Sloan advertised sheet iron tanks
- (10/20/22, 10.27.22) The Barber wants to trade cattle to someone to do tanking

- (1/5/23) Nick Russell, local shoemaker plans to open a tanning plant just across the railroad track east of the depot, Earl Eaton and J.B. Drennan helping with construction
- (1/19/23) Nick Russell's tannery is going up
- (2/2/23) if the new tannery fails, the building can be used as a jail

Tariffs - (4/27/23) of Roswell, Vice President of the Southern Tariff Association was in Corona to organize Lincoln County Tariff Club to "remove tariff question as apolitical issue"

Tax Assessor - (1/20/22) John L. Bryan

- (1/19/23) Homer Barnett will be at Varney School to assess 1923 taxes
- (5/5/22) County Commissioners reduce tax on farmland from $20 per acre to $6 per acre

Taylor, Bob - (9/1/22) Democratic candidate for Lincoln County Commissioner, District 3

Taylor, Glenn R.
- (9/15/22, 9/22/22, 9/29/22, 10/6/22, 10/13/22, 10/20/22) of Cedarvale, witness for Harry D. Smith homestead
- (9/22/22) truckdriver (busdriver) for Corona school

Taylor, R. F. - (10/27/22) Re. Twyeffont preached at the home of R. F. Taylor of Cedarvale

Taylor, Reps F.
- (4/28/22) of Cedarvale, witness to Calvin L. Fletcher homestead - (5/5/22) of Cedarvale, witness for Calvin L. Fletcher homestead
- (8/18/22, 8/25/22, 9/1/22, 9/8/22, 9/15/22, 9/22/22) of Cedarvale, witness for John W. Donaldson homestead
- (9/15/22, 9/22/22, 9/29/22, 10/6/22, 10/13/22, 10/20/22) of Cedarvale, witness for Harry D. Smith homestead
- (7/27/23) of Cedarvale, witness for Nathan Dunn

Taylor, W.
- (4/28/22) of Duran, witness to Marcella W. Coca homestead

- (5/5/22, 5/12/22) of Duran, witness for Marcella W. Coca homestead

Taylor, W. W. - (5/11/23) and wife had baby girl May 11

Taylor, Will - (8/25/22) of Gallo Canyon moved to Roswell to go to school

- (1/20/22) Corona school teachers Mrs. Argenbright, Mrs. Vaughn
- (1/27/22) Miss Sweeney teacher at Corona school
- (4/28/22) W. F. Irvin teaches school in Estancia; Ina Berry returned from teaching in Springerville, Az; Miss Sweeney is teacher at Corona School
- (5/5/22) will take pay cut due to state budgetary constraints; J. H. Hims teaches at Baca Canon school; Mrs. Wilbur Cow teaches at Glencoe School
- (8/25/22) W.F. Irvin back from Estancia where he taught school
- (9/1/22) Otho Fox will teach at Gallinas; teachers salaries cut due to state budget difficulties; Nanelon Sweeney began teaching at Corona
- (9/15/22) Mrs. P.H. Kersey teaching at Ancho; Mrs. R. J. Vaughn will teach primary grades at Corona; Clara Fritz from Capitan is new teacher at Corona
- (9/22/22) for Corona school include Mrs. W.W. Ward, Clara Myers, and Beulah Belzer
- (10/6/22) Naelou Sweeney resigned as teacher at Corona school, Mae Hester will replace her; Ruby Hylbert, Corona teacher
- (10/13/22) Bertha Collins teaching in Corona school in place of Ruby Hylbert who is campaigning for County School Superintendent
- (10/20/22) Cedarvale teachers attended a teacher's meeting at Estancia
- (11/3/22) Georgie Slover is teacher at Ancho; Hersey Babcock is a teacher at Baca Canyon
- (11/24/22) teachers at White Oaks school are A.T. Pfingsten and Katherine Spence; Mrs. W. W. Ward, teacher at Cedarvale spent weekend at Center Valley
- (12/8/22) Bertha Collins filled in for Ruby Hilbert while she was at a convention; Edith Rockwell resigned from Jacks Peak school due to poor health
- (12/29/22) Mrs. P. H. Kersey principal of Ancho school; Otto Fox teaching at Gallinas
- (3/16/23) Mrs. R.J. Vaughn is ill and Mr. Carson will relieve her of her school work; The modern equipped domestic science room at Corona High School is under the direction of Ruby Hylbert
- (3/23/23) L. A. Carson, Superintendent of Corona schools, with E. W. House and Ruby Hylbert, attended Lincoln County Teachers Association
- (3/30/23) entire staff of Corona teachers went to Lincoln County Teachers Association in Carrizozo

- (5/18/23) Mr. House will teach chemistry at summer school in Silver City, then go on to Chicago to qualify for shorthand; A.W. Carson will teach summer term in Las Vegas
- (4/27/23) Martin Lucero married Lucia Ortega, they will live in Tecolote

Telegrams - (2/9/23) Earl G. Eaton and Faye Roper tried to elope to Carrizozo, but Faye's father telegrammed ahead saying she was not of age. They went to Socorro where they were arrested

Telegraphs - (5/18/23) W.S. Manning and wife are back in Corona after spending a year in Vaughn as a telegraph operator. He will be the third trick operator.

- (1/20/22) Corona is organizing a telephone company, John Kimmons of Varney wants to sell 10 drop switchboard, Robert Bourne, manager of phone company in Duran will advise
- (1/27/22) proposal for a new telephone company
- (8/11/22) Central Meat Market will charge 10 cents for each phone connection or each box will have to pay $1 per month
- (11/3/22, 12/1/22) Tom Jones has cord wood for sale, contact him by telephone
- (2/2/23) Grasshopper phone line completed to home of Mr. Jiggs of Mesa Canyon

Telfer, Mr. & Mrs. - (12/29/22) Cedarvale news

Telfer, A. G.
- (8/11/22, 8/18/22, 8/25/22, 9/1/22) of Cedarvale, witness for Edward W. Brumbeloe homestead
- (5/18/23) of Cedarvale in Corona, he is growing corn

Tepfer, Walter - (1/12/23) in Cedarvale from Clovis

Terry, Aleene
- (2/9/23) on girls basketball team
- (5/11/23) in school play "A Daughter of the Desert"

Terry, Clinton Otis
- (1/13/22) contested Horace Lee homestead
- (5/19/22) of Lampasas, TX, notice filed by Horace Lee to contest Corona homestead originally filed 1/21/19

Terry, Stuart - (11/24/22) with wife and family of Kemper, Texas, moved to Corona. Mrs. Terry is the daughter of J.P. Jolly

- (1/13/22) L.H. Welborn and wife returned to Corona from Texas
- (8/18/22) Emmett Conley, Bud Glasscock and wife of Stag Mesa visiting in TX; Tommy Colbaugh returned from Texas

- (8/25/22) Ray Thomas brother of Mrs. James Beever returned to Texas
- (10/6/22) Otis Richardson and family visiting Cedarvale from Texas
- (10/13/22) Paul Frame and wife of Texas visited Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Frame of Ancho
- (11/17/22) Paul Owens of Texas in Corona to visit his folks Mr. and Mrs. John Owens; Z.K. Colbaugh car foreman for I&GN Railway Co. visited parents Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Colbaugh on his way to Texas
- (11/24/22) Mrs. C.L. Fletcher of Cedarvale home from Texas where she visited her daughter Mrs. McCloud
- (1/19/23) Zeb Owens moved to Texas ca. 1849, his two children born in Ellis County in 1869 and 1871
- (1/26/23) Mrs. J. F. Butler went to Texas and Oklahoma
- (3/9/23) R.R. Davis went to Texas
- (4/13/23) Mrs. S. Welch of Cedarvale home from Texas
- (5/11/23) Dr. Davis and P.H. Arnold went to Texas
- (5/18/23) G.W. Miller back to Corona after eight months in Texas and Arizona
- (6/15/23) Bryan Hodge moved to Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Atkinson were visited by his sister, Mrs. Harry Hardgraves and her children from Texas

- (8/11/22) Rev. J. A. McMillan with wife and son, of Alpine, TX, passed through Corona
- (2/16/23) H.L. Hancock went to Alpine
- (4/27/23) G.H. Yates of Alpine visited his parents Dr. and Mrs. Y.H. Yates

- (5/19/22) J.R. Jenkins and wife in Corona from Amarillo
- (8/11/22) Husie Cosby returned from Amarillo due to a hand injury from harvesting wheat
- (8/18/22) Mrs. W.S. Proctor visited relatives in Amarillo
- (2/16/23) Hollis Smelcher, alias Buck Smelcher, and W.G. Lafaver, alias Bill Morris, of Amarillo were arrested Tuesday 45 miles east of Corona by A.S. McCamant and Jack Chancey after they and an 18 year old girl stole 2 saddles from Graciano Yriart. They were brought to Corona for an examining trial before Justice of the Peace W.G. Chancey, who bound them over to await trial. McCamant and Yriart were taking the unbound prisoners to Carrizozo in a Ford car. 15 miles from Carrizozo the prisoners overpowered McCamant and Yriart and took their guns and car. They drove to Alamogordo where they shot sheriff W.L. Rutherford at a gas station. They ran out of gas at White Sands and were apprehended in Oro Grande after injuring Sheriff Bradford of Alamogordo
- (5/25/23) C. W. Wade and family moved to Amarillo

Arlington - (9/15/22) Annie B. Holmes of Millville, FL, and Emma Reed of Arlington, TX, visiting their sister, Mrs. C. W. Wade

Austin - (10/20/22) Ruby Hylbert endorsed for County Superintendent; she went to college at Occidental College in Louisiana, took courses at the University of Texas, taught at Rock Island, Ill. and San Antonio, TX

Bangs - (8/18/22) Mrs. Bertha White of Bangs, TX, visiting in Cedarvale

Blum - (5/25/23) Mae Hester went to Blum, Texas, to visot her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hester

Brown County - (8/18/22) H.W. Walton of Cedarvale went to Brown County, TX to visit his farm

Brownfield - (3/23/23) Albert P. Andrews of Capitan married Annie Bess Stevens of Corona at Cedarvale, Rev. Graham of Cedarvale officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ballard and son Truett were only guests. Bride's mother was in from Brownfield, Texas

Brownwood - (8/11/22) Mrs. W.E. Hodge returned from visiting her mother in Brownwood, TX

Bryan - (9/15/22) Austin Stuart of Bryan, TX, visiting his parents and cousins, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. McClelen

Crockett - (3/30/23) Mrs. M. J. Wilson went home to Crockett, Texas after spending 6 months in Corona with
her daughter and son-in-law B.C. Ellis

- (11/3/22) J.R. Jenkins and wife of Dalhart were in Corona
- (12/1/22) Anna Durfee went to Dalhart after visiting her mother Mary Beery and sister Miss Amino
- (2/23/23) John Bernard back from Dalhart

Denton - (10/27/22) L.A. Carson new Corona principal from Las Vegas, went to school at Berkeley and North
Texas State

Eden - (8/11/22) Mrs. J.F. Stephens from Eden, TX, visiting her daughter Mrs. A.T. Ballard, along with Hallie V. and Annie Bess Stephens

El Paso
- (5/12/22) Elwood Bond and family with brother-in-law Rudolph Tuveson back from El Paso
- (5/19/22) Mrs. E.J. Gordon went to El Paso
- (8/18/22) Mrs. A.H. Ashe went to El Paso
- (8/25/22) Dick Gardener of Duran went to El Paso and Las Vegas

- (9/22/22) W.A. Myers of Cedarvale had dance in honor of his son Ed, home from El Paso
- (10/6/22) B.C. Ellis back from El Paso where he was treated for skunk bite
- (10/20/22) J.R. Ball, representative of the El Paso Herald was in Corona
- (12/29/22) E.W. House went to El Paso
- (1/26/23) Dr. S.E. Wilson of El Paso has opened office in the late Dr. Stone's building
- (3/2/23) Max and Huston Penix and Ed Kimmons went to El Paso
- (4/20/23) Mr. and Mrs. T.M. DuBois went to El Paso
- (5/4/23) Obituary: Jonathan E. Ogden was born in Cincinnati, Feb. 2, 1840, died April 4, 1923 at the age of 83 years, 2 months, and 19 days. Spent his boyhood in Cincinnati; joined the Baptist church at 16. Enlisted Oct. 17, 1861 in Co. I, 13th Regiment of Iowa, Veterans Infantry Volunteers, where he remained for 4 1/2 years. He reenlisted Dec. 31, 1863 at Vicksburg, Mississippi. He fought under Grant at the Siege of Vicksburg and was with Sherman on his march to the sea. After the war, he went to Texas where he met his wife, Mrs.
Lily Whitely. He had one son, Edgar W. Ogden. He moved to Corona in 1910 and wintered in Florida. In 1919 he moved to El Paso where he remained until a few months before his death. In January 1920 he fell on ice and was paralyzed for three years
- (5/11/23) Z.K. Colbaugh of El Paso visited parents Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Colbaugh; Elwood Bond and family moved from El Paso back onto their homestead
- (6/1/23) Sallie Mae McCamant is home from El Paso School for Girls;
"Three wagon loads of Negroes passed through Corona Friday enroute from Oklahoma to El Paso, Texas. Negroes being about as scarce as the proverbial hens teeth in this section of New Mexico the little cavalcade attracted quite a bit of attention."

Ellis County - (1/19/23) Robert L. Owens and Mollie Owen born in Ellis County 1869 and 1871

Fort Stockton - (9/1/22) Jasper Thompson and family from Fort Stockton, TX, in Corona to visit his mother Mrs. J. H. Angel

Fort Worth
- (10/6/22) Mrs. S.T. Reed and Mrs. J. H. Holmes with son Arthur of Fort Worth and Millville, FL, returned home after visiting Mrs. C. W. Wade
- (2/16/23) Earl Ott, son of J.F. Ott, in from Fort Worth where he is studying music

- (2/2/23) Rev. W.K. Twyeffort went home to Hamlon, TX
- (5/18/23) Rev. Twyeffort of Cedarvale went to Hanlon, Texas, for the summer


- (4/13/23) Claude Atchison back from Hindes, Texas
- (5/18/23) Claude Atchison went to Hindes, Texas, where his parents are sick

Houston - (5/19/22) Luther A. Jolly of Houston, TX, visiting his father and brother

- (9/1/22) Blythol Jolly visited family in Lampassas and Kemper, TX
- (11/24/22) Stuart Terry and wife and family of Kemper, Texas, moved to Corona. Mrs. Terry is the daughter of J.P. Jolly

Knapp - (9/22/22) R.H. Wellborn in Corona from Knapp, TX

- (5/19/22) Terry O. Clinton of Lampasas, TX, notice filed by Horace Lee to contest Corona homestead originally filed 1/21/19
- (9/1/22) Blythol Jolly visited family in Lampassas and Kemper, TX

Lubbock - (8/25/22) W.I. Vaughn visited his mother in Lubbock

Maria - (9/22/22, 9/29/22, 10/6/22, 10/13/22, 10/20/22) James W. Gillespie, deceased, homestead originally filed 1/23/19, notice filed by wide Emma Denton Gillespie of Maria, TX, witnessed by James F. Butler, James M. Jolly, Luther Jeffries, and Andy B. Scoggins

Paradise - (1/20/22) Esther Pearl Ward went to Paradise, TX with E. H. Ward

San Angelo - (4/13/23) Mrs. W.J. McAdams was visited by Albert McAdams of San Angelo

San Antonio
- (10/20/22) Ruby Hylbert endorsed for County Superintendent; she went to college at Occidental College in Louisiana, took courses at the University of Texas, taught at Rock Island, Ill. and San Antonio, TX
- (1/19/23) Mae McAdams and A. Stribling left for basketball practice but went to Fort Sumner where they were married, they will live in San Antonio, TX

- (10/20/22) W.A. Woods and family of Cedarvale moved to Seminole, Texas; W.A. Woods and family of Cedarvale moved to Seminole, TX

Sierra Blanca - (7/27/23) J.H. Benson of Sierra Blanca, Texas, bought Gillespie Ranch in Gillo Canyon and the J.R. Jenkins holdings on the Gillo including the two wells known as the Tot and Baker; a total of 60 sections which he intends to fence and run 1000 cattle

Sterling City
- (8/11/22) Myrtle Dunne returning to Sterling City, TX, after a visit to Corona
- (6/1/23) Bill Dunne of Sterling City, Texas, was in Corona visiting his grandmother Mrs. A.W. Colbaugh

Throckmorton - (5/12/22) E. L. Jarnigan's father died in Throckmorton, TX

- (9/29/22) Mrs. C.L. Fletcher and daughter-in-law of Cedarvale are in from Wellington, TX
- (9/22/22) Mrs. C.I. Fletcher of Cedarvale, went to Wellington, TX, to see her son Orville
- (9/22/22) Mrs. C.I. Fletcher of Cedarvale has gone to Wellington, TX, to see her son Orville

Texico - (1/12/23) Charles Jones of Gran Quivera visited Cedarvale on his way back from Texico

Thatcher, J. D. - (4/13/23, 4/20/23, 4/27/23, 5/4/23, 5/11/23, 5/18/23) of Jicarilla, witness for Adley B. Lunn homestead

- (4/28/22) Saturday night at School Theatre showing Eddie Lyons & Lee Moran in 5 reel feature "Fixed by George" and 1 reel comedy and international news
- (5/5/22) School Theatre shows Blanche Sweet in 6 reel film "Simple Souls" and a 1 reel comedy
- (5/12/22) School Theatre shows Herbert Rawlinson in 5 reel "The Scrapper" and Gertrude Olmstead in "The News Maker"

Thompson - (6/1/23) played right field on Corona baseball team

Thompson, Captain - (8/25/22) aviator giving airplane rides at Duran

Thompson, Emma J. (Angel) - (10/13/22, 10/20/22, 10/27/22, 11/3/22, 11/17/22) homestead originally filed 1/23/19, notice, witnessed by James F. Butler, Elbert L. Jarnigan, C.H. Graham, and William A. McClelen

Thompson, Frank - (4/28/22) visited Corona

Thompson, Jasper - (9/1/22) and family from Fort Stockton, TX, in Corona to visit his mother Mrs. J. H. Angel

Thompson, William G. - (2/9/23, 2/16/23, 2/23/23, 3/2/23, 3/9/23, 3/16/23, 3/23/23) homestead originally filed 12/22/19, notice, witnessed by Joe and R.L. Willingham, Dan and Melvin Franks

Thomson, Aubrey
- (8/18/22) Sunbeam Band gave surprise 10th birthday party
- (12/1/22) performed a reading in Thanksgiving program

Thomson, Chancey
- (12/1/22) performed with boys chorus and in a play in Thanksgiving program
- (5/11/23) in school play "A Daughter of the Desert"

Thomson, Gamiliel - (5/11/23) performed reading at school program

Thomson, P. A.
- (4/28/22) and family moved to homestead
- (6/8/23, 6/15/23) Special Deputy, will sell A. P. Oliver's cow to satisfy judgement in favor of A.W. Shartzer at stock corral at old well in northwest outskirts of Corona
- (6/8/23) Gran Quivera played baseball against Corona. Otho Fox pitched and P.A. Thomson was umpire. Irwin hit homerun for three runs

Thomson, P. A., Mrs. - (3/2/23) ill

- (4/27/23) Assistant Forester L.F. Kneipp of Washington, D.C., was in Corona Thursday and Friday with Assistant District Forester J.B. Jones and Deputy Supervisor J.C. Nave of Albuquerque inspecting timberlands northwest of town with a view to opening it to homesteaders. Mr. Kneipp stated tracts inspected would be thrown out of the forest at an early date
- (6/15/23) 50 square miles of timber destroyed in Manzanos by fire

Tinsley, E. R., Mrs - (8/18/22) of Mangum, OK, with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Squire and Mrs. C.M. Stone visited Clara Short. Miss Gene Short went home with them

Tipton, Rev. - (5/4/23) of Gran Quivera preached at the Baptist church in Cedarvale

Tires - (4/28/22) E. C. Martin and G. L. Fox salesmen for Milburn Puncture Proof Inner Tubes

Titsworth, George - (5/18/23) the daughter of Bob Hurt shot George Titsworth, the murderer of her father, in Capitan

Titsworth, Will - (2/2/23) arrested with Hunter Hobbs and Tom Siner for the murder of Bob Hurt in Capitan

Titsworth Title Company - of Capitan advertised in every issue

Tomkinson, Frank
- (12/29/22) Cedarvale news
- (4/13/23) in Cedarvale from Raton

Tomkinson, M. P.
- (9/29/22) was visited by W.E. Smith and family
- (12/29/22) and wife, Cedarvale news
- (1/19/23) and wife of Cedarvale were visited by their daughter Mrs. R.D. Hileman of Sumner, OK and her children
- (3/9/23) of Cedarvale went to Corona
- (3/23/23) was visited by Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Smith at Cedarvale

Tomkinson, M. P., Mrs. - (3/30/23) of Cedarvale ill

- (1/27/22) L.O. Spence in Corona from Torrance
- (5/12/22) Zebb Owen house destroyed by fire
- (9/15/22) B.N. Long and wife of Torrance visited in Corona
- (9/29/22) Mrs. M.E. Penix bought Torrance Hotel from Mr. and Mrs. B.N. Long
- (11/24/22) C.W. Wade and sheriff Ed Harris captured a Buick containing Mexican liquor at Torrance, the driver escaped
- (1/5/23) Corbin Hester awarded new contract to transport school children from Torrance and Varney to Corona in his new Ford truck
- (1/12/23) Mrs. B.N. Long of Alamogordo, formerly of Torrance, resubscribed to the Maverick
- (4/13/23) Faye Roper ran away with Earl G. Eaton, they boarded a train in Torrance and went to Santa Fe where they were married

Torrance County - (5/19/22) Torrance County Singing Convention held at Gran Quivera

Torrance, Everett - (12/1/22) of Denver visited Cedarvale

Torrance, H. S., Mrs.
- (10/6/22) finished building her house at Cedarvale
- (3/23/23) of Cedarvale visited Estancia
- (6/8/23) of Cedarvale is at summer school in Las Vegas

Torrance Hotel - (9/29/22) Mrs. M. E. Penix bought from Mr. and Mrs. B.N. Long

Torres, Pedro - (11/3/22, 11/17/22, 11/24/22, 12/1/22) of Progresso, witness for Daniel Manzanares homestead

Torres, Remijio - (11/3/22, 11/17/22, 11/24/22, 12/1/22) of Progresso, witness for Daniel Manzanares homestead

Tot well - (7/27/23) J.H. Benson of Sierra Blanca, Texas, bought Gillespie Ranch in Gillo Canyon and the J.R. Jenkins holdings on the Gillo including the two wells known as the Tot and Baker; a total of 60 sections which he intends to fence and run 1000 cattle

Town Hall - (5/5/22) residents should promote a town building

Tracey, James R.
- (1/13/22) homestead originally filed 7/6/20, notice, witnessed by William R. Kiem, Jessie C. Richards, Albert H. Reeder, and Thomas F. Jones
- (1/27/22) renewed subscription to Maverick
- (8/11/22, 8/18/22, 8/25/22) witness for Andrew N. Golden homestead
- (4/13/23) of Cameleon Mountain district renewed their subscription to the Maverick

Tractors - (3/16/23) Marshall Atkinson and T. M. DuBois bought a Fordson tractor to use on their ranches

Tracy (Mr.) - (1/20/22) attended Husie Cosby's party

Tracy (Mrs.) - (1/20/22) attended Husie Cosby's party

Tracy, Ethel - (1/20/22) attended Husie Cosby's party

Treat, Ralph M.
- (9/1/22, 9/15/22, 9/29/22, 10/6/22, 10/13/22, 10/20/22, 10/27/22, 11/3/22) endorsement for Lincoln County Clerk

- (10/20/22) County Clerk and Editor Haley of Carrizozo were in Corona for a Democratic rally

Treat, W. C., Mrs - (6/15/23) visited two weeks with her sister Mrs. Fred Atkinson

Trost & Trost - (10/6/22) architect for new $30,000 school at Willard

Trujillo, Bona - (12/1/22) died. He had served with the AEF in France and was gassed, never recovered.

Trujillo, Frank - (12/8/22) Alfredo Fresquez, "Mexican ex-serviceman," was beaten to death with stones in fight at dance in Arabella. Frank & Jose Anallo, Frank Trujillo, and Meliton Sena have been jailed

Trujillo, Prospero
- (4/28/22, 5/5/22) of Cedarvale, witness for Pedro Sanchez y Perea homestead

- (8/25/22, 9/1/22, 9/8/22, 9/15/22, 9/22/22, 9/29/22, 10/6/22) of Cedarvale, witness for Isaias F. Chavez homestead

- (5/5/22) Doughtery and Champagne, of Tucumcari, engineers for EP&SW railroad were in Corona
- (5/12/22) E. N. Crossett went to Tucumcari
- (5/19/22) Paul Tuveson with wife and son Robert, went to Tucumcari to see E. T. Bond
- (8/25/22) Jack Chancey and Henry Killingsworth went to Tucumcari looking for work
- (9/15/22) Stockmans State Bank directors are H.B. Jones of Tucumcari and E.M. Brickley of Carrizozo
- (11/17/22) S.E. Black back from Tucumcari
- (6/1/23) Walter Rector, Jr., from Tucumcari succeeds Otho Lowe at the Stockmans State Bank

Tularosa - (2/9/23) J. M. Shelton in from Tularosa

Turkey - (4/20/23)livestock men of Corona have petitioned forest officials of the Lincoln National Forest for 30,000 acres set aside for a game refuge for the protection of deer and turkey in the main range of the Gallinas Mountains 10 miles from Corona

Turnips - see farming

Tuveson, Paul - (5/19/22) with wife and son Robert, went to Tucumcari to see E. T. Bond

Tuveson, Robert - (5/19/22) went with his mother and father Paul Tuveson to Tucumcari to see E. T. Bond

Tuveson, Rudolph - (5/12/22) with brother-in-law Elwood Bond back from El Paso

Twyeffont, W. K., Rev.
- (10/27/22) of Cedarvale preached at the R.F. Taylor home
- (2/2/23) went home to Hamlon, TX
- (3/16/23) of Cedarvale moving to Collins place north of town
- (3/30/23) of Cedarvale held Sunday school at Varney
- (5/4/23) of Cedarvale, went to Corona with L.W. DeWolf, J.W. Donaldson and Joe Myers
- (5/18/23) of Cedarvale went to Hanlon, Texas for the summer

Tyree, Thomas - (1/20/22) played basketball for Corona team