New Mexico Censuses continued
By Virginia Gomez Baca Grace©
Submitted November 11, 2010
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Colfax County, New Mexico 1870 Census
Enumerator: Jon B. McCollough
Place/Area Webpage Appx. Count*
Colfax County Index 1870 Pages 1,992(actual)
Precinct 1 Pg1 Pg2 868
Precinct 2 Page 145
Precinct 3 Pg1 Pg2 Pg3 1,113

Dona Ana County, New Mexico 1880 Census
Place/Area Under construction Appx. Count*
Chamberino Pages (part) 150(actual)

Dona Ana County, New Mexico 1870 Census
Enumerator:  M. Cronin
Place/Area Webpage Approx. Count*
Socorro Index 1870 Pages 5,864(Actual)
Garrison of Fort Selden Page 153
Town of Chamberino Page 466
Town of Socorro Pg1 Pg2 736
Town of La Mesilla Pg1 Pg1 Pg3 Pg4 1,593
Town of La Mesa Page 376
Town of Las Cruces Pg1 Pg2 Pg3 1,380
Town of Leasburg Page 27
Town of Los Chulos Page 126
Town of Picacho Page 213
Town of Rio Palomas Page 190
Town of Union Page 287
The Ranches of Tortugas Page 301
Martins Ranch-Jornada del Muerte Page 11
Ranch of San Agustine Springs Page 7
Ranches of Santo Tomas Page 114
Slocum Ranch Water Holes Page 6

Mora County, New Mexico 1870 Census
Post Office: La Junta
Place/Area Webpage Enumerator Appx. Count*
Mora County Index 1870 Pages G.W. Gregg 8,056(actual)
Precinct #1 Pg1 Pg2 G.W. Gregg 1,084
Precinct #2, San Antonio Page G.W. Gregg 470
Precinct #3, Guadalupita Page G.W. Gregg 509
Precinct #5, La Cueva Pg1 Pg2 G.W. Gregg 642
Precinct #6, La Cebolla Pg1 Pg2 G.W. Gregg 903
Precinct #7, Las Golondrinas Page G.W. Gregg 366
Precinct #8, Ocate Pg1 Pg2 Pg3 G.W. Gregg 1,200
Precinct #9, Agua Negra Page G.W. Gregg 415
Precinct #10, El Coyote Page M. Cronin 539
Precinct #11, La Junta Pg1 Pg2 G.W. Gregg 1,107
Precinct #12, Santa Clara Page G.W. Gregg 412
Precinct #13, Loma Parda Page G.W. Gregg 412

Socorro County, New Mexico 1880 Census
Enumerator: Antonio Y.A. Abeytia
Post Office: Socorro
Place/Area Webpage Appx. Count*
Index Pages 7,004(actual)
Canada Alamosa Page 275
Canta Recio Page 146
Contadero Page 141
Cuchillo Negro Page 233
East of River Page 73
Fort Craig Page 141
La Joya Pg1 Pg2 599
La Joyita Page 454
Lemitar Page 426
Luis Lopez Page 276
Milligans Ranch Page 85
Palomas Page 250
Palomitas Page 244
Paraje Page 315
Savinal Page 386
San Antonio Page 463
San Francisco Page 275
San Ignacio Page 59
San Marcial Page 286
San Pedro Page 208
Socorro Pg1 Pg2 Pg3 770
Tularosa Page 77
Valverde Page 337