Buffalo Soldiers of New Mexico
By Janet Wasson 

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What is a Buffalo Soldier? By the end of the war 180,000 Black Americans had served in the Union army and taps had sounded over the bodies of 33,380 of them. Yet, they didn't fight only in Union Blue.
Sadly, little has ever been written of the African Americans that served in the Confederate Army, so we know little of their reasons for fighting for the Confederacy or the outcome of these efforts. Source

After the Civil War, Black American continued to serve. They were the Buffalo Soldiers. This list is an attempt to record all known Buffalo soldiers in New Mexico. Send us any additional data and it will be entered here. A list of Buffalo Soldiers from the 1880 census. Here is the 1880 census extraction of Buffalo Soldiers, not a complete list, but its a start. The first group is of Fort Stanton
in Lincoln County.

Last name                  First name      Age     Occupation         Place Born      Father Born     Mother BornJames                      Isaac           31      Gvt. teamster      NJ              DE              NJWilliams                   George          34      Gvt teamster       LA              LA              LACooper                     William         28      Gvt teamster       LA              LA              LABurnside                   John            29      Gvt teamster       GA              KY              KYWilliams                   Frank           32      Serg't USA         MS              ME              MEWilliams                   Sarah           26      Wife               KY              KY              KYWilliams                   Laura           10      daughter           TX              MS              KYWilliams                   Mattie          7       daughter           TX              MS              KYWilliams                   Francis         1yr     daughter           NM              MS              KYJohnson                    Daniel          28      Serg't USA         VA              VA              VAAldridge                   James           31      Soldier USA        MD              MD              MDAdams                      Lewis           31      Soldier USA        MD              MD              MDBrooks                     Williams        24      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VAJones                      Thomas          21      Soldier USA        MD              MD              MDBlack                      Oliver          26      Soldier USA        MD              MD              MDCornish                    Solomon         27      Soldier USA        MD              MD              MDJackson                    Richard         22      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VANickerson                  William         23      Soldier USA        NC              NC              NCHolmes                     Charles         23      Soldier USA        NJ              NJ              NJReed                       James           26      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VAWooden                     James           22      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VAWright                     Charles         22      Soldier USA        MN              VA              VAGreen                      Thomas          26      Soldier USA        RI              RI              RISpady                      Lewis           27      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VAAlexander                  Albert          26      Soldier USA        SC              SC              SCNanc                       William         31      Soldier USA        NC              NC              NCMorgan                     Jerry           22      Soldier USA        AL              AL              ALJones                      Thomas          26      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VALyle                       George          28      Soldier USA        KY              KY              KYKirkley                    Samuel          31      Soldier USA        SC              SC              SCConner                     Franklin        22      Soldier USA        PA              PA              PARussell                    Julius          29      Soldier USA        West Indies     W Indies        W IndiesCandda                     Albert          27      Soldier USA        KY              KY              KYJones                      James           21      Soldier USA        PA              PA              PAKey                        James           27      Soldier USA        AR              MS              MSMoore                      George          22      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VACross                      Monroe          30      Soldier USA        NC              NC              NCHillsboro-Dona Ana CoWashington                 Jeff            24      Co.M 9th Cav       Boil Co.,KY     VA              KYBriscoe                    W.H.            22      Co C 9th Cav       Woodford Co KY  NC              KYBush                       W H             22      Serg't Co C 9thCav Amherstberg Ca  KY              KYWashington                 George          41      Co M 9th Cav       VA              VA              VAWright                     Tom             28      Co M 9th Cav       KY              KY              KYKenney                     Tom             27      Co M 9th Cav       KY              KY              KYWashington                 William         23      Co M 9th Cav       VA              VA              VACollins                    William         23      Co C 9th Cav       MD              MD              MDBrooks                     Irving          22      Co C 9th Cav       MD              MD              MDNuman                      Frank           34      Co C 9th Cav       Washington DC   W-DC            VABolt                       Benjamin        38      Co M 9th Cav       LaFayette IN    VA              KYSimmons                    Joe             31      Co M 9th Cav       Raleigh NC      VA              NCSmith                      William         29      Corp'l. Co M 9thCa KY              KY              KYSmith                      John            21      Co M 9th Cav       Chicago IL      IL              ILSanta Fe-Santa Fe CoJohnson                    Amos            34      Soldier USA        MD              MD              MDMarshall                   Joseph          31      Soldier USA        LA              VA              LADoane                      Samuel          29      Soldier USA        KY              KY              KYCampbell                   George          29      Soldier USA        MD              MD              MDLee                        William         25      Soldier USA        KY              KY              KYLee                        Edward          25      Soldier USA        OH              OH              OHWhite                      James B         22      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VARobinson                   Alexander       27      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VAStrong                     Patrick         31      Soldier USA        AL              AL              ALPhillips                   Marshall        34      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VAAstbury                    Samuel          29      Soldier USA        PA              PA              PAReed                       Richard         32      Soldier USA        MO              KY              KYBooth                      A.H.            23      Soldier USA        SC              SC              SCStamberg                   Nicholas        28      Soldier USA        KY              KY              KYNorris                     Stephen         35      Soldier USA        TN              TN              TNCroft (wounded)            Atwood          34      Soldier USA        SC              SC              SCWise                       James           29      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VACunningham                 Charles         33      Soldier USA        PA              PA              VACanada Alamosa-Socorro Co.Brown                      Oscar           31      Soldier USA        VA              VA              VAButler                     John William    27      Soldier USA        MD              MD              MDGwyn                       George          34      Soldier USA        PA              PA              PAPalomas-Socorro CoCampbell                   Thomas          35      Soldier USA        TN              TN              TNMcFemmick                  Charles         31      Soldier USA        TN              TN              TN