Perea's Independent Company, New Mexico Volunteers (60 days, 1862)
New Mexico Mounted Infantry
Submitted by Rob and C. W. Barnum
45 Names

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Last Name First Name Grade Discharge Grade
Alberia Silvestro (Private?) (Private?)
Armigo Cristobal (Private?) (Private?)
Armigo Rafael Sergeant Sergeant
Armigo Salvador (Private?) (Private?)
Armijo James (Private?) (Private?)
Arragon Francisco (Private?) (Private?)
Barela Miguel (Private?) (Private?)
Chaves Arnado Sergeant Sergeant
Chaves Francisco A (Private?) (Private?)
Chaves Pedro (Private?) (Private?)
Chavez Beicente Corporal Corporal
Clark C.B. (Private?) (Private?)
Connelly Henry Sergeant Sergeant
Ewand R.H. First Sergeant First Sergeant
Gulieres Juan R. (Private?) (Private?)
Guteres Guade Ca (Private?) (Private?)
Jaramillo Jose (Private?) (Private?)
Jiron Juan (Private?) (Private?)
Juipe Juan (Private?) (Private?)
Lobato Tomas (Private?) (Private?)
Lopez Jose Rafael (Private?) (Private?)
Luna Antonio Jose (Private?) (Private?)
Luna Bencisalo (Private?) (Private?)
Luna Rafael (Private?) (Private?)
McAteer Patrick Sergeant Sergeant
Montano I. M. (Private?) (Private?)
Montoya I.A. (Private?) (Private?)
Montoya Jose L. (Private?) (Private?)
Montoyo Juan C. (Private?) (Private?)
Mora Jesus H. (Private?) (Private?)
Otero Manuel R. (Private?) (Private?)
Padia Casimero (Private?) (Private?)
Padia Juan (Private?) (Private?)
Padia Santos (Private?) (Private?)
Perea Jose L. Captain Captain
Pino Juan R. (Private?) (Private?)
Romero Jose Ant. (Private?) (Private?)
Romero Jose M. (Private?) (Private?)
Romero Vorencio (Private?) (Private?)
Romero Jose Jr. (Private?) (Private?)
Saf... Ramon (Private?) (Private?)
Safo... ...Manuel (Private?) (Private?)
Salazar Juan (Private?) (Private?)
Valdes Pedro (Private?) (Private?)
Yenorio Eusebio (Private?) (Private?)