Regiments ~ Spanish American War, New Mexico 1898

The regiment gathered and was organized at San Antonio, Texas. The bulk of the regiment was made up of men who came from New Mexico, Arizona. Oklahoma and Indian Territory. "They were a splendid set of men, these south westerners," wrote Colonel Roosevelt, "tall and sinewy, with resolute, weather-beaten faces, and eyes that looked a man straight in the face without flinching. They included in their ranks men of every occupation: but the three types were those of the cowboy, the hunter and the mining prospector, the man who wandered hither and thither, killing game for a living, and spending his life in the quest for metal wealth. In all the world there could be no better material for soldiers than that afforded by these grim hunters of the mountains, these wild rough riders of the plains. They were accustomed to handling wild and savage horses; they were accustomed to following the chase with the rifle, both for sport and as a means of livelihood. Varied though their occupations had been, almost all had, at one time or another, herded cattle and hunted big game. They were hardened to life in the open, and to shifting for themselves under adverse circumstances. They were used, for all their lawless freedom, to the rough discipline of the round-up and the mining company. Some of them came from the small frontier towns; but most were from the wilderness, having left their lonely hunters' cabins and shifting cow-camps to seek new and more stirring adventures beyond the sea. Read more...

The names of the Rough Riders from New Mexico, as obtained from the muster-out roll, are as follows:

Field and Staff
Major, Henry B. Hersey, Santa Fe
First Lieutenant and Quartermaster, Sherrard Coleman. Santa Fe
First Lieutenant and Adjutant, Thomas W. Hall, Lake Valley, on account of disability tendered his resignation, which took effect August 1, 1898.

Hospital Corps
First Lieutenant. James A. Massie, Santa Fe
Steward, James B. Brady, Santa Fe
Steward, Herbert J. Rankin, Las Vegas

Troop A

Corporal, George L. Bugbee, Lordsburg
Fred W. Bugbee, Lordsburg*
William Bulzing, Santa Fe
Lawrence E. Huffman. Las Cruces
Harry B. Pierce, Central City
*Wounded in head in battle of San Juan, July 1, 1898

Troop B

James A. Butler, Albuquerque
Robert Day, Santa Fe
John C. Peck, Santa Fe
George C. Whittaker, Silver City
Wallace W. Wilkerson, Santa Fe

Troop D

Charles H. Green, Albuquerque
Emmett Laird, Albuquerque
Eugene Schupp, Santa Fe
Theodore Folk*, Oklahoma City, N. M.
*Transferred to Troop K. U. S. V. C, May 11, 1858.

Troop C

Field and Staff
Captain, William H. H. Llewellyn, Las Cruces
First-lieutenant, John Wesley Green, Gallup
Second-lieutenant, David J. Leahy, Raton*
First-sergeant, Columbus H. McCaa, Gallup
Q.-M. Sergeant, Jacob S. Mohler, Gallup
Sergeant, Rolla A. Fullenweiden, Raton
Sergeant, Matthew T. McGehee. Raton
Sergeant, James Brown, Gallup
Corporal, Henry Kirah, Gallup
Corporal, James D. Ritchie, Gallup
Corporal, Luther L. Stewart, Raton**
Corporal, John McSparron, Gallup+, 1
Corporal, Frank Briggs, Raton
Corporal, Edward C. Armstrong, Albuquerque
Corporal, William S. Reid, Raton
Corporal, Hiram E. Williams, Raton
Farrier, George V. Haefner, Gallup
Saddler, Frank A. Hill, Raton
Wagoner, Thomas O'Neal, Springer
Trumpeter, Willis E. Somers, Raton
Trumpeter, Edward G. Piper, Silver City
*On sick list from July I to Sept. 3, from wound received in San Juan battle
**Wounded in battle June 24
+Wounded July


Alvin C. Ash*, Raton, 
Arthur T. Anderson, Albuquerque
Robert Brown, Gallup
John J. Beissel, Gallup
Cloid Camp, Raton
Marion Camp, Raton
Thomas F. Cavenaugh,**Raton
Michael H. Coyle,** Raton
Frederick Fornoff, Albuquerque
Wm. C. Gibson, Gallup
John Goodwin, Gallup
John Henderson, Gallup*
Albert John Johnson, Raton
John S. Kline, San Marcial
Bert T. Keeley, Lamy
Elias M. Littleton, Springer
Fred, P. Meyers+ Gallup
Daniel Moran, Gallup
John Noish, Raton
T. W. Phipps, Bland
Archibald Petty, Gallup
George H. Quigg, Gallup
Walter D. Quinn, San Marcial
Wm. Radcliff. Gallup
Richard Richards, Albuquerque
Robert W. Reid**,
George Roland, Deming**
Charles M. Simmons, Raton
Charles W. Shannon, Raton
Neal Thomas, Aztec
Grant Travis, Aztec
Richard Whittington, Gallup
Lyman E. Whited, Raton
William D. Wood, Bland
Clarence Wright, Springer
George D. Swan++, Gallup
Frank M. Thompson++, Aztec
Samuel T. McCulloch#, Springer
Eugene A. Lutz, Raton##
Henry J. Haefner*** Gallup
*Absent from July I to Sept. 7 on account of wound received in battle;
**Raton, wounded June 24
*** Killed in battle June 24.

+reduced from 1st Sergeant, to trooper on account of absence caused by wound received in battle July 1
++Discharged on account of disability
#Deserted from camp at Tampa, Florida, August 4, 1898.
##Died in yellow fever hospital. August 15, 1898.
Transferred to Troop I May 12, 1898
Sergeant Henry J. Arendt, Gallup
Henry C. Bailie, Gallup
Wm. J. Love, Raton
Evan Evans. Gallup
Oscar W. Groves, Raton
Wm. H. Jones, Raton
John H. Tait. Raton
Harry Peabody, Raton
Alexander McGowan, Gallup
John Brown, Gallup
Joseph B. Crockett, Raton

Troop E

Field and Staff
Captain, Frederick Muller, Santa Fe
First-lieutenant, Wm. E. Griffin, Santa Fe
First-sergeant, John S. Langston, Cerrillos
Quartermaster-sergeant, Royal A. Prentice, Las Vegas
Sergeant, Hugh B. Wright, Las Vegas
Sergeant, Albert M. Jones, Santa Fe
Sergeant, Timothy Breen, Santa Fe*
Sergeant, Berry F. Taylor, Las Vegas
Sergeant, Thomas P. Ledgwidge, Santa Fe
Corporal, Harmon H. Winkoop, Santa Fe,** 
Corporal, James M. Dean, Santa Fe,*** 
Corporal, Richard C. Conner, Santa Fe
Corporal, Ralph E. McFie, Las Cruces
Trumpeter, Arthur J. Griffin, Santa Fe
Trumpeter, Edward S. Lewis, Las Vegas
Blacksmith, Robert J. Parrish, Clayton
Farrier, Grant Hill, Santa Fe
Saddler, Joe T. Sandoval. Santa Fe
Wagoner, Guilford B. Chapin, Santa Fe
*wounded in arm and sent to hospital July 1, 1898;
**wounded in line of duty and sent to hospital July 2, 1898; returned to duty Sept. 4, 1898
***wounded in left thigh, in line of duty, and sent to hospital June 24, 1898; returned to duty August 31, 1898


Roll Almack, Santa Fe
John M. Brennan, Santa Fe
Jose M. Baca, Las Vegas
George W. Dettamore, Clayton* 
Freeman M. Donavan, Santa Fe
Wm. T. Easley, Clayton
Frank D. Fries, Santa Fe
Joseph Gisler, Santa Fe
James P. Gibbs, Santa Fe
Wm. R. Gibbie, Las Vegas
John D. Harding, Socorro
Daniel D. Harkness, Las Vegas
Wm. M. Hutchison, Santa Fe
Wm. H. Hogle, Santa Fe
Arthur J. Hudson, Santa Fe
John Hulskotter, Santa Fe
Wm. S. E. Howell, Cerrillos
Thomas L. Hixon, Las Vegas
Thomas B. Jones, Santa Fe
Charles W. Jacobus, Santa Fe
Charles E. Kingsley, Las Vegas
Frank Lowe, Santa Fe
Dan Ludy, Las Vegas
Hyman S. Lowitzki, Santa Fe
James E. Merchant, Cerrillos
Wm. J. Moran, Cerrillos
Samuel McKinnon, Madrid
Charles E. McKinley, Cerrillos**
Charles F. McKay, Santa Fe
Frederick A. McCabe, Santa Fe
John C. McDowell. Santa Fe
Amaziah B. Morrison, Las Vegas
Lloyd L. Mahan, Cerrillos
Henry D. Martin. Cerrillos
Otto F. Menger, Clayton***
Wm. C. Mungor, Santa Fe
Adolph F. Nettleblade, Cerrillos
Thomas Roberts, Golden
John E. Ryan, Santa Fe,****
Ben F. Seaders, Las Vegas
Arthur V. Skinner, Santa Fe
Wm. C. Schnepple, Santa Fe
Edward Scanlon, Cerrillos
Wm. W. Wagner, Bland
George Wright, Madrid
Charles W. Wynkoop, Santa Fe
George W. Warren, Santa Fe
*Wounded in line of duty and sent to hospital July 1, 1898
**Wounded in head in line of duty July I, 1898
***Wounded in left side July I, 1898
****Wounded July I, 1898

First Sergeant William E. Dame, Cerrillos, discharged per O. reg. commands, August 10, 1898
Sergeant, Frederick C. Wesley, Santa Fe, wounded July 1, 2 or 3, 1898, and discharged on account of disability August 26, 1898.

Troop F

Field and Staff
Captain, Maximilian Luna
First-lieutenant, Horace W. Weakley
Second-lieutenant, William E. Dame*
First Sergeant, Horace E. Sherman
Sergeant, Garfield Hughes
Sergeant, Thomas D. Tennessy
Sergeant, Wm. L. Mattocks
Sergeant, James Doyle
Sergeant, George W. Armijo** 
Sergeant, Eugene Bohlinger
Sergeant, Herbert A. King
Corporal, Edward Donnelly
Corporal, John Cullen
Corporal, Edward Hale
Corporal, Arthur P. Spencer
Corporal, John Boehnke
Corporal, Albert Powers+
Corporal, Wentworth S. Conduit
Farrier, Ray V. Clark++
Farrier, Charles R. Gee
Wagoner, Jefferson Hill
Bugler, Arthur L. Perry#
*Transferred from Troop E to F
**Wounded in action June 24, 1898
+Wounded in action July 1, 1898
++Wounded July 1, 2 or 3, 1898
#Wounded July 1, 2 or 3; all from Santa Fe


H. L. Albers* 
Ed. J. Albertson*
James Alexander
Chas. G. Abbott
James F. Alexander
Tames S. Black
Robert Z. Bailey*
Jeremiah Brennan
Walter C. Burris
John H. Bell
Wm. O. Cochran
Calvin G. Clelland
Edward C. Conley
Willard M. Cochran
Charles C. Cherry
Louis Dougherty
John C. De Bohun
Wm. Farley
Will Freeman**
Henry M. Gibbs**
Wm. D. Gallagher
Samuel Goldberg**
Otis Glessner
John D. Green
Albert C. Hartle* 
Charles O. Hopping
George Hammer
Stephan A. Kennedy
Charles E. Leffert
Guy M. Lisk
John M. Leach
Thomas Martin
John B. Mills
Herbert P. McGregor**
William E. Nickell
Otto W. Nesbit
George W. Newitt
John M. Neal
Charles A. Parmele
Frank T. Quier
Millard L. Raymond
Harry B. Reed
Clifford L. Reed*
Charles L. Renner
Edwin L. Reynolds
Arthur L. Russell
Adolph T. Reyer
Albert Rogers
Lee C. Rice
Louis E. Staub
Wm. G. Shields
Arthur H. Stockbridge
George H. Sharland
John G. Skipwith
James B. Sinnett
Edward Tangen
Norman O. Trump
George E. Vinnedge
Louis C. Wardwell
Paul Warren
Charles E. Watrous
Beauregard Weber
John Walsh
Thomas J. Wells
*Wounded in action June 24, 1898
**Wounded July 1, 1898
***All from Santa Fe
Private James Douglass. Santa Fe, discharged on account of disability.
Second-lieutenant Maxwell Keyes, Santa Fe, promoted to Adjutant August 1, 1898
Privates transferred from Troop F to I, May 12, 1808
Joseph F. Flynn
Hedrick Ben Goodrich
Walter Hickey
Michael Hogan
Harry Bruce King
George M. Kerney
Louis Larsen
John McCoy
Charles A. Nehmer
Leo G. Rogers
Hyman Rafalowitz
Edwards John Spencer
Carl J. Schearnharst, Jr.
Frank Temple
Joseph L. Bawcom

Troop H

Captain, George Curry, Tularosa
First-lieutenant, William H. Kelly, Las Vegas
Second-lieutenant. Charles L. Ballard, Roswell
Sergeant, Nevin P. Gutilius, Tularosa
Sergeant, Oscar de Montell, Roswell
Sergeant, Michael C. Rose, Silver City
Sergeant, Nova A. Johnson, Roswell
Corporal, Marton M. Morgan, Silver City
Corporal, Arthur E. Williams, Las Cruces
Corporal, Frank Murray, Roswell
Corporal, Morgan O. B. Llewellyn, Las Cruces
Corporal, James C. Hamilton, Roswell
Corporal, Charles P. Cochran, Eddy
Trumpeter, Gaston R. Dehumy, Santa Fe
Farrier, Robert L. Martin, Santa Fe
Wagoner, Taylor B. Lewis, Las Cruces


Albert B. Amonette, Roswell
Columbus L. Black, Las Cruces
John B. Bryan, Las Cruces
Frank Bogardus, Las Cruces
Thomas F. Corbett, Roswell
John S. Cone, Tularosa
Abell B. Duran, Silver City
Jose L. Duran, Santa Fe
Lewis Dorsey, Silver City
George B. Doty, Santa Fe
Frederick W. Dunkle, Las Vegas
Arthur L. Douglas, Eddy
Frank A. Eaton, Silver City
Augustus C' Fletcher, Silver City
James B. Grisby, Deming
James M. Hamilton, Deming
Leary O. Herring, Silver City
Robert C. Houston, Hillsboro
Amandus Kehn, Silver City
Frank H. Lawson, Las Cruces
John Lannon, Hillsboro
Thomas A. Mooney, Silver City
George F. Murray, Deming
Charles H. Ott, Silver City
Lory H. Powell, Roswell
Norman W. Pronger, Silver City
John F. Pollock, Tularosa
Alexander M. Thompson, Deming
Daniel G. Waggoner, Roswell
Curtis C. Waggoner, Roswell
Patrick A. Wickham, Socorro
Sergeant John V. Morrison, Santa Fe
Robert E. Lee. Donahue
C. Darwin Casad, Las Cruces
Numa C. Fringer. Las Cruces
George Schafer. Pinos Altos
Morris J. Storms. Roswell
Edwin Eugene Casey. Las Cruces, died in hospital at Camp Wyckoff. New York. September 1, 1898.
Samuel Miller, Roswell, deserted from Tampa. Florida, June 28. 1898.

Troop I

Field and Staff
First-lieutenant. Frederick W. Wintge, Santa Fe
First-sergeant. John B. Wylie, Fort Bayard
Sergeant, William H. Waffensmith, Raton
Corporal, Numa C. Frenger, Las Cruces
Corporal, William J. Sullivan, Silver City
Corporal, William J. Nehmer, Silver City
Corporal, Hiram T. Brown, Albuquerque
Trumpeter, Robert E. Lea, Dona Ana


Horton A. Bennett, Tularosa
Frank C. Brito, Pinos Altos
Jose Brito*, Santa Fe
Charles D. Casad, Mesilla
George M. Coe. Albuquerque
Henry C. Davis, Santa Fe
Thomas P. Dolan, Pinos Altos
Robert W. Denny, Raton
Evan Evans, Gallup
Joseph F. Flynn, Albuquerque
John R. Gooch, Santa Fe
Oscar W. Groves, Raton
Hedrick Ben Goodrich, Santa Fe
Ernest H. Hermeyer, Roswell
William H. Jones, Raton
Cal Jopling, La Luz
Harry B. King, Raton
Alexander McGowan, Gallup
Ben F. T. Morris, Raton
Roscoe E. Moore, Raton
Harry Peabody, Raton
John P. Roberts, Clayton
Louis Larsen. Santa Fe
Carl J. Scheamhorst, Jr., Santa Fe
George Schafer, Pinos Altos
John H. Tait, Santa Fe
John L. Twyman, Raton
Harry B. Wiley, Santa Fe
Roy O. Wisenberg, Raton
* Added with Enlistment Papers as proof.

Troop K
First-sergeant, Frederick K. Lee, Organ


William C. Bernard, Las Vegas Stephen Easton*, Santa Fe Joseph L. Duran, Santa Fe
*Transferred to Troop H, July 15, 1898

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume I, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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