Second Call for New Mexico Volunteers

Under the second call for volunteers in the war with Spain, a regiment, popularly known as the "Big Four," was organized from Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Indian Territory, and became a part of the First Army Corps, commanded by Major General James H. Wilson, and the Third Brigade, commanded by Brigadier-General John N. Andrews. The New Mexico battalion went to Whipple Barracks, where it was joined by the Arizona contingent, and two months later proceeded to Camp Hamilton, Lexington, Kentucky, where the regiment was completed by the arrival of the Volunteers from Oklahoma and Indian Territory. Thence they were ordered to Camp Churchman, Albany, Georgia, where the fortunes of war caused them to remain until finally mustered out in February, 1899. The renitent was made up entirely of western men, and from every trade and profession. Each company enlisted up to 140 and 150 men, and by selection was brought down to the required number.

Company E of this regiment was mustered in at Albuquerque, July 8, 1898, its officers:

Captain, John Borradaile
1st Lieutenant, L. H. Chamberlain
2nd Lieutenant, L. A. McRae
1st Sergeant, A. H. Norton
Quarter Master Sergeant, John Munn

Company F was mustered in at Las Vegas July 8, 1898.

Captain, W.C. Reid
1st Lieutenant, W. O. Morrison
2nd Lieutenant, A. Luntzel
1st Sergeant, E. Sporleder
Quarter Master Sergeant, G. C. Palmer

Company G, mustered in at Santa Fe July 13, 1898, had the following officers

Captain, William Stover
1st Lieutenant. Page B. Otero
2nd Lieutenant, T. P. S. Mennett
1st Sergeant, D. Pearce
Quarter Master Sergeant, T. F. Kyle

Company H, mustered in at Las Cruces, July 17th, was officered

Captain, A. B. Fall
1st Lieutenant, T. W. Catron
2nd Lieutenant, N. E. Bailey
1st Sergeant, John G. Bagley
Quarter Master Sergeant, Llewellyn A. Herring

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume I, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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